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 It was a pair of sad and deep eyes. His black eyes were like the starry sky, as though they were missing and desiring something.

When Saint Daughter Zi Yun saw those eyes, it felt like she got an electric shock. The electricity was moving around her body, making her tingle and numb.

The sleek, black hair flipped across his face, which was so handsome and charismatic. The lazy and dejected pose, together with the dark circles under his eyes, looked so lovely and adorable. All in all, he was so attractive.

"You..." Saint Daughter Zi Yun parted her red lips. Her cheeks blushed, making her face shy and somehow blurry.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes were half opened, as though he was still drowsy. He looked so feeble with the expanding dark circles under his eyes.

If Bu Fang saw Nether King Er Ha at this moment, he would be shocked. It was as though he was meeting a heavenly being. He would think that this sharp brother had crossed over the Earth.

"Are you alright? Crossing spaces can't be done recklessly. If you're careless, the furious space can slash you into pieces. When that happens, your soul will helplessly wander in the immense space alone..." Nether King Er Ha said lazily. Without a Spicy Strip to eat, he couldn't even summon enough energy.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun bit her lip, her eyes blurry.

So attractive... He cares about me?

He knew I had just crossed spaces... So powerful!

Saint Daughter Zi Yun could only open her mouth, trying to say something. "Y-You..."

Nether King Er Ha let out a long sigh before saying, "You're not Spicy Strips. If you were Spicy Strips, it would be so good. Just imagine, Spicy Strips falling from the sky! Sounds exciting!"

He raised his hand and covered his face. His black hair cascaded through the gaps between his fingers.

This move...

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was stunned.

It's simple and not pretentious at all. Much better than the Heavenly Spring Sacred Son!

"Young people these days... Don't commit suicide. Life has so much to treasure. The Spicy Strips' price is higher. Come with me. Once you tasted those Spicy Strips, you will know the true meaning of life." Nether King Er Ha gently exhaled after saying this.

"Okay! I'm going with you!"

Hearing the Nether King, Saint Daughter Zi Yun's eyes brightened. She stood upright in front of him with a rosy and smiling face.

Nether King Er Ha was much surprised. This young woman... agreed so fast.

All of a sudden, a restrained booming explosion echoed from the sky. A terrifying energy expanded, rippling and reaching far away unceasingly.

Nether King Er Ha was dumbstruck. He tried to open his eyes and watched the sky.

Up there, a white light shadow stomped through, and terrifying energy expanded from it.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's excited face vanished and was replaced by a worried expression.

"You should go now. He will kill you!" She said reluctantly. She thought that she had finally escaped her father, and she didn't think that he would find her so soon.

Her one-hundredth runaway failed.

Unfortunately, the man in front of her was with her at the moment. She couldn't let her father kill him...

Thus, she seized the time and told the Nether King to leave. Otherwise, when the light shadow saw and targeted him, this handsome young man would be snatched to death.

It was really hard to find a young man she liked, so she couldn't let him be killed just like that. Although she wasn't willing to part with him, she had to warn him so he can escape...

"Is he coming for you?" Nether King Er Ha yawned, scratching his disheveled hair as he asked indifferently.

"Ah? Quick, you should go. He'll kill you!" Saint Daughter Zi Yun's face paled, sighing eventually.

"Huh. Seems you don't want to go with him? Then you should go with His Highness..." Nether King Er Ha rubbed his hair, revealing a charming smile.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun was baffled. What did he mean by that?

A moment later, when she saw the Nether King's move, she dropped her jaw in disbelief.

Nether King Er Ha raised his hand feebly, pointing at the light shadow in the sky, before saying, "Hey, buddy up there, listen. His Highness protects this young junior."

The light shadow slowly approached. The terrifying energy gathered, and the entire sky seemed to glow in heat, illuminating the entire sky.

The light shadow's head looked a little deformed, as though it had invisible eyes. It gazed at the Nether King as it thought, "Is this man an idiot?"

A moment later, the light shadow made a step forward. Thousands of energy wisps congregated, turning into a giant pair of legs that shadowed the entire sky. Formidable energy boomed as the phantom legs stomped.

It wanted to tramp the Nether King to death. Like killing an ant.

At that moment, Zi Yun's face turned ashen.

Gusts of wind blew at Nether King Er Ha's hair, making it flutter. The dark circles under his eyes set off his crystal-clear, deep eyes. He sighed and said, "Without the Spicy Strips, I'm not really in a good mood..."

A moment later, an average palm slapped out.


In the sacrificial altar at the five-colored mountain range, Amethyst Elder's closed eyes opened all of a sudden. A phantom of some spirit bird appeared in his eyes.

"The light clone I sent to pick up Yun'er was smashed open... Who did that? Was it some moron from the other Holy Lands?"

"Damn... Seems they have some move! We have to hurry and get the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance!"


"I lost." Meat Demon Harry slumped on the ground, dispiritedly admitting his defeat.

Chu Changsheng didn't announce anything, and the judges hadn't decided yet. However, everybody stayed silent because Meat Demon Harry had admitted his defeat himself.

Everybody had thought that he would absolutely win since he had used a Divine Soul Realm with a three-step soul ladder spirit beast as his ingredient. Only God knew his opponent would use Taotie meat.

Holy moly! A Taotie steak! The meat of the Almighty spirit beast at the Peak of Divine Soul Realm!

Everybody couldn't help but feel the urge to bury their faces in their hands.

Now, the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony didn't dare to look at Bu Fang with disdainful eyes anymore. As Meat Demon Harry was defeated in his best expertise, the others now felt the danger.

Anyway, the reason behind that kid's victory was actually his superior cooking ingredient...

It seemed that they had to regulate the cooking ingredients for the next cooking battles. Otherwise, if that kid used ingredients that went against heaven's will like that again, what else could they use to compete?


Bu Fang looked at Meat Demon Harry indifferently as radiance glowed underneath his feet. Wind swept through, making his hair float. A crystal knife cabinet slowly emerged from the formation.

The knives in the cabinet released a dazzling light.

"The cooking battle has ended. The winner is... Bu Fang." Chu Changsheng found it really hard to announce the decision. The muscles in his face twisted as he now felt something dangerous coming.

He got a premonition that Bu Fang would challenge all the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony.

Not good!

Chu Changsheng's eyes turned sharper. He couldn't let Bu Fang continue to win. Xiao Ya must stay in the Valley of Gluttony.

The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance needs her!

Chu Changsheng's heart was shaken because he was scared. He could feel the danger coming closer, and that danger made him shudder.

He must find a solution to defeat Bu Fang in the next cooking battle.

Meat Demon Harry was absent-minded. It was the first time he tasted defeat in a cooking battle.

Rolls of fat on his body shook, his eyes watery. He felt so humiliated. It was his first defeat, and he found it so hard to accept.

Not only that, but his kitchen knife was now gone.

Previously, he was the one who took people's kitchen knives. And now, his knife was taken from him. It was so, so cruel!

"I can't bear this great grievance..." Tears rolled from Meat Demon Harry's eyes, the fat on his face trembling.

However, Bu Fang didn't mind him, shaking his hand once. Instantly, Meat Demon Harry's chopper flew toward him.

This kitchen knife was so big and hefty. However, Bu Fang held it effortlessly.

It wasn't a famous knife, but its spirit wasn't weak. Apparently, Meat Demon Harry had taken care of it very well.

Admiring the kitchen knife for a while, Bu Fang placed it into the rack inside the cabinet.

The moment Meat Demon Harry saw the knife cabinet disappearing, he thought he heard his heart shatter. It was so annoying.

At this moment, everybody else became absolutely silent. They gasped, gawking as they couldn't believe their eyes.

This... How come he lost?

Although the young chef's food was magnificent-a dish that was so noble and dazzling that they admired it-no matter what, Meat Demon Harry ranked fifth on the Tablet of Gluttony. How could he lose like that?

They didn't know if it was a happy or sad moment? Yeah, it was really sad...

This time, their Valley of Gluttony had been slapped in the face. They lost the cooking battle again.

Meat Demon Harry wasn't upset for a long time. He stood up from the floor, wiping his tears and sniffling his nose. He stared hard at Bu Fang.

The cooking battle was merciful this time as it took only his kitchen knife but not his cooking right altogether. He would still have a chance to win back his knife.

"I won't give up!" said Meat Demon Harry. He took out a block of raw meat, forcefully tearing it with his teeth. Then, he turned around to leave. Before leaving, he grabbed and put the giant spirit beast on his shoulder, carrying it away with him.

Seeing Meat Demon Harry leaving, the rest of the top ten chefs had complicated looks.

Wenren Chou lost yesterday. Although they were nervous, they weren't really worried. No matter what, Wenren Chou wasn't from the top ten of the Tablet of Gluttony.

But today, Meat Demon Harry was defeated. It was enough to make them recognize the fierce aura of that little chef!

Meanwhile, Bu Fang patted the kitchen knife, and it slowly sank into the formation. He rubbed his bandaged arm. Lifting his head, he turned to see the other nine opponents.

No one spoke a word. Their eyes met and sent sparks at each other.

Suddenly, Bu Fang exhaled. With an emotionless face, he raised one hand and pointed at them.

"This pace is too slow. We should try something more exciting," Bu Fang said sternly.

The others were a little perplexed, looking at him.

Chu Changsheng raised his brows as he looked at Bu Fang, wondering what trick this young chef wanted to play.

Bu Fang cocked his head, moving his finger as it pointed at Ouyang Chenfeng. In a calm voice, he said, "You."

Next, his finger moved, pointing to a middle-aged man who carried a basket on his back. "You."

Bu Fang's face remained indifferent as his finger eventually pointed at a man with a clean chef coat. "And you."

"You three go at once. I will battle the three of you at the same time."

Bu Fang's words stunned the other three.

They ranked tenth, ninth, and eighth respectively on the Tablet of Gluttony.

Bu Fang wanted to fight against the three of them at the same time? Is this fellow too haughty he's lost his mind?

Chu Changsheng's eyes shrank. A moment later, his eyes radiated shining light, shooting in every direction.

"Ouyang Chenfeng, Wang Tong, Lu Tao, the three of you, go!" Chu Changsheng's muscles bulged as his gaze remained at Bu Fang. He desperately wanted Xiao Ya to stay in the Valley of Gluttony. Thus, he had to do whatever he can to win. No matter what, Bu Fang had chosen the opponents himself.

Chu Changsheng's words stunned everybody else.

Ouyang Chenfeng and the others were dumbstruck. They looked at Chu Changsheng disbelievingly.

The Great Elder really wanted the three of them to battle at the same time?

Would it look like bullying?