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 Boom! Boom!

The warship moved slowly as the formation on the ship's chassis revolved. Abundant energy surged, pushing the ship forward to cross the void. It left enormous shockwaves on its trail.

It was the Heavenly Spring Holy Land's punitive expedition warship, the top-quality warship on the Hidden Dragon Continent. The formation on the ship was created by the Formation Master with magical functions and powers. It could even cross the void like the Almighty experts.

However, the energy required to cross the spaces was greatly enormous. Thus, if it wasn't a special situation, they wouldn't use this ability.

However, today, the old man couldn't wait anymore. He directly asked the operator to use this space-crossing ability. They needed to come to the Valley of Gluttony as soon as possible to accomplish the mission Amethyst Elder had assigned. They must get the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance.

Amethyst Elder said that the competition to vie for the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance this time attracted not only the Heavenly Spring Holy Land but the other Holy Lands. They had been ready to make trouble for a long time. It made the old man more regretful that he hadn't joined Golden Sabre to capture that stupid Chu Changsheng.

If they had captured that old fogy, there wouldn't have been so many troubles.

However, regret could do nothing. The most important thing now was to get the inheritance. They couldn't afford to let the other Holy Lands take it at any cost.

"Use the space-crossing ability! Head to the Valley of Gluttony." The old man stood upright at the warship's front deck, his grave voice spreading to the entire warship.

Immediately, the warship boomed as many formations on it glowed magnificently. Those lights were so dazzling that they made people's eyes tear.


A terrifying energy rippled, as though it wanted to tear the space to create a thorough passage.

On the warship, a tornado rose, billowing people's hair.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's blue eyes looked curious. She eyed the changes on the warship, feeling somehow excited.

Her one-hundredth runaway finally worked!

Boom! Boom!

However, right after that, a white shadow shot out from the five-colored mountain range, crossing the void rapidly. He was like a jet of light, zooming toward the warship.

The moment Zi Yun saw the light shadow, she jolted.

"Hurry! Accelerate!" shouted Zi Yun.

She was very familiar with that light shadow. Every time she ran away, that light shadow captured her back home. Every time she saw that light shadow, she was fearfully vigilant.

She wanted to ditch that light shadow. However, it was one of her father's clones, with a special task of capturing her.

"Your Highness, we can't rush as we cross the space." The old man's face shivered, but he talked solemnly.

Zi Yun snorted indignantly. She knew that this old man had plotted against her. Turning around, she saw the clone flying fast like an angel dashing through the void.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun's eyes sparked angrily. Then, she raised one hand and pulled the old man's beard.

The old man was dumbfounded.

"You stinky fogy! I will remember what you've done to me today! When I come back, I will pluck every single hair of your beard!" Saint Daughter Zi Yun threatened.

The old man was so bewildered.

Right then, he saw the Saint Daughter raise her straight legs, stomping on the deck. Her long legs stretched like a spring before she jumped. Her body shot forcefully, entering the space crack that was twisting open.

It was the area the warship was about to go through...

The old man's expression changed instantly.

The light shadow zoomed over, thrusting into the formation with surging, imposing aura.

The old man paled as he hurriedly said, "This space passage hasn't been built yet. The Saint Daughter has gone? What if she'll be ripped apart by the terrifying energy?"

The old man's face turned ashen with that thought.

After the space crack had shaken several times, it turned stable and didn't shake anymore.

The old man exhaled.



The void cracked.

A figure fell from the sky, her purple hair fluttering.

Below that falling figure, Nether King Er Ha, who had two dark circles under his eyes, was walking dispiritedly. With both of his arms hanging down, he looked so cold, empty, and lonely.

He needed Spicy Strips. He needed a lot of Spicy Strips.

Right now, he just wanted to hug a Spicy Strip, lick it, and eat it.

Suddenly, his mind moved. He lazily lifted his handsome face and saw a shadow falling fast, zooming bigger and bigger in his vision.

Someone's falling?

Nether King Er Ha was surprised. He raised both arms to catch that shadow.


It was a really loud thud. Dispirited Nether King looked at the deep hole in front of him and then his empty hands. He rubbed his head in embarrassment-he didn't mean it.

Without the Spicy Strips, his eyes were a little blurred.

A shadow crawled out of the hole. She got dust all over her body, and her purple hair was disheveled as if it had just exploded.

Saint Daughter Zi Yun felt her joints were about to detach. After crawling out, she lifted her head and caught a glimpse of Nether King Er Ha.

That stunning face...

Saint Daughter Zi Yun became dazed. Those black eyes were so deep and sad that they could make people sink in their depths.

You are the wind, and I am sand, crazily entangled with each other to the end of the world! *

How could such a wonderful person exist in this world?

And, at that moment, Saint Daughter Zi Yun had fallen for him.

(*) A verse in the song "You are the wind, I am the sand," an OST in a very famous TV drama called "Return of the Pearl Princess" in the 90s. It's so famous that they've shown it almost every summer ever since, just like "Journey to the West." The original verse is "continuously tangling," and the author modified it a little bit to "crazily entangled."


Valley of Gluttony

Uproars continually reverberated throughout the spacious Gluttony Square. Everybody wore a thrilled face as they were watching the dish shooting light in the middle of the square. It looked like the holy light, though.

It was like a veil covering a secret treasure was slowly lifted right in front of them.

Is it real food?

Many people were skeptical and surprised.

Some were thrilled, while some were unconvinced. The light they saw from the projecting formation made them bewildered because of its magnificent beauty.

The moment Bu Fang revealed the cover, the rolling, thick aroma rippled. After each wave, the aroma would become thicker, attacking people's taste buds.

"Smells so good!"

"My mouth waters! I can't control myself just taking in the smell."

"That dish is really tempting!"

After a moment of silence, the audience broke out into earth-shaking shouts.

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.

The white steam slowly dispersed.

Chu Changsheng and their others had their eyes focused as they solemnly observed the dish on the porcelain plate. After the light subsided, the steaming hot food revealed its real appearance.

It was a transparent, brilliant steak. The steam and fragrance swirled around it, covering it in a misty haze.

The colors were beautiful, vivid, and lively. Even though Bu Fang had cooked it, it still looked lifelike. The bright colors of the vegetables set off the beauty of the steak, and it touched many people's hearts.

It was like a noble person had slapped their faces. Indeed, they were very surprised. How could a dish be that arrogant?

Meat Demon Harry's complexion froze. His eyes became blurred as he dropped his jaw, and the meat in his hand had almost slipped off his hand.

He was stunned speechless. He felt it unimaginable, and he could even feel goosebumps rising on his skin.

He didn't expect to see such a perfect steak in this world!

The texture, color, smell, and spirit energy of the meat... All of it was perfection!

Meat Demon Harry took in the smell, looking engrossed. He was so infatuated with meat, but it was the first time he saw such a beautiful and noble steak...

At that moment, he knew he was defeated.

Even though his cooking ingredient was a Divine Soul spirit beast, it was tasteless and faint compared to this steak. It couldn't be compared to the other.

The others were also frightened of Bu Fang's secret recipe, Seventy-percent Cooked Taotie's Steak.

Hold on! Taotie meat?


People seemed to remember something. Their expressions all turned shocked and fearful. They were also in disbelief.

Taotie meat? How could this Bu Fang get a noble thing like Taotie meat?

Knives were served.

Chu Changsheng looked Bu Fang deep in his eyes. He looked as if he got a twinge in his balls.

Only ghosts knew this kid wanted to use Taotie meat. It was some sort of cheating. If there weren't any Divine Spirit spirit beast's meat, what could they use to deal with that kind of meat?

However, no matter what, Chu Changsheng was looking forward to this Taotie steak. Besides, it looked so beautiful. It was as exquisite as an art masterpiece.

While holding a knife, Chu Changsheng walked toward the Taotie steak. Slowly, he cut the steak.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

As soon as the knife touched the steak, its oily juice splashed, bringing a pleasant wine smell. It was so rich it could make people drunk.

Although it wasn't easy to cut the meat, it was so fragrant. The aroma of this steak made Chu Changsheng fascinated. He put some garnish on the meat and forked them all with his knife, bringing the food to his mouth.

The oily juice dripped, and its fragrance permeated everywhere. This provoking aroma made Chu Changsheng's pores shiver. As soon as the meat got into his mouth, the tender steak burst out instantly.

The medium-rare steak was so delicious. It felt a little chewy, but it was so aromatic. The outer layer was a little crispy, but the meat inside was so fair and tender that nothing could compare to it. Its smell was very, very good.

The others also used their knives to cut a piece of meat. As soon as they got the meat in their mouths, they were all shaken.

Yan Yu felt he was facing an earth-shaking Taotie. He shivered, his face fearful and convinced. In his head, a god-like, good-looking Taotie was roaring, showing its mouth like a black hole sweeping everything away.

Mu Cheng ate a bit. Her face flushed red as the aroma flooded her, making her so hot. Her legs clamped and twisted, and her breathing became short and loud.

She closed her eyes, feeling the Taotie steak in her mouth. Then, she swallowed. It felt like a scorching hot cube of energy deluged her insides, making her breathing undulating.

Opening her eyes, Mu Cheng looked at Bu Fang gravely. No doubt, he was a great rival. She erased her disdain for him. To an opponent that could cook such food, she must be vigilant and stern.

Everybody who had tasted the food turned silent.

Chu Changsheng's clothes had soon burst off, showing his muscular torso. Facing the Taotie steak, he couldn't help but billow his clothes.

"Alright, since everybody has tasted the food, let's decide. Who is the winner in this cooking battle?" Chu Changsheng's muscles bulged as he talked with a solemn face.

Hearing him, the atmosphere became heavy and serious.

Chu Changsheng's face was dark as the judges exchanged looks.

As for Bu Fang, he was quite calm. Standing aside, he clasped his hands behind his back as the wind blew at his Vermillion Robe, making it gently flap.

The entire scene fell into a strange silence.

After a long moment, Meat Demon Harry's trembling voice arose. He took one step backward, slumping on the ground.

The fat on his face shivered as he hesitatingly said, "I lost... this battle."