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 Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Five-colored mountain range, Heavenly Spring Holy-Land.

The ear-piercing, grumbling noises reverberated from a valley inside the mountain range. A moment later, sounds of falling rocks echoed.

The entire mountain range shook as a giant monster slowly flew up. It was a metal warship, a very colossal one with the flag of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land fluttering in the wind.

The Heavenly Spiring Holy-Land's Golden Armored Guards packed the front deck of the giant warship. They were wearing golden armor, and all of their faces were serious with an imposing aura.

A white-haired old man stood on the front deck, his eyes cold and lifeless. The garment on his torso was torn, and even half of his arm was exposed. He was carrying a massive axe with a red blade on his back. This axe had so many mysterious and complicated carvings, which could confuse and make people dizzy.

It was the God Slaying weapon of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land, the God Slaying Axe.

Every Holy-Land got their own God Slaying tools. However, because of the different practices of the blacksmiths in each Holy-Land, the carvings, drawings, and functions of these tools were different.

The only similar point was that during the forging process, they all used the materials with divine nature. It was the key point in producing such tools.

"Destination, the Valley of Gluttony... Go!" The old man's aura had changed as he said that, looking sterner with a sharper aura.

The moment he said 'Valley of Gluttony,' his voice got a murderous aura that could make people's scalp numb. It seemed to contain his deep grudge.

This time, Amethyst Elder had given him the chance. He must get the inheritance. If he failed another time, he had to face Amethyst Elder's brutal punishment.

Since he knew how Amethyst Elder would punish people, naturally, he didn't want to receive such a punishment, which was to make a living person receive insane torment.

The formation on the warship boomed, releasing scorching white air.

A graceful body flew out of the mountain range. Her body soared upward, then elegantly fell on the deck of the warship.

The old man was slightly startled. He turned aside to look at that figure.

"Saint Daughter, Your Highness?" The old man furrowed his brows, becoming more solemn.

The woman had purple hair, but her eyes had a strange blue color. Her fair skin looked as if it could be broken by the wind, accompanying her sultry body and her exquisite face. She got a foreign character and style.

This woman was the Saint Daughter of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land, Zi Yun.

Of course, Saint Daughter was just a title. This woman actually had a high position. She was Amethyst Elder's only daughter, the treasure in his hand.

The old man didn't know why Saint Daughter Zi Yun came here.

"We should go now. Don't mind me. I'm just taking a ride," answered Zi Yun. She was wearing tight black fighter clothes, which gave her a formidable and heroic bearing.

Taking a ride...

The old man's mouth twitched. Their warship was going to level the Valley of Gluttony to steal the inheritance. What fun this Saint Daughter wanted to see there?

The rumor said that Saint Daughter Zi Yun was really rebellious. She had run away ninety-nine times, and Amethyst Elder had captured her all the time. And now, she wanted to take a ride to fulfill her big one-hundredth runaway from the Holy-Land?

Look at her. She must go...

"If you dare report to Amethyst Elder, I'll make sure you won't get out of this valley alive!" Saint Daughter Zi Yun rolled her eyes, talking.

The old man changed his expression. This was his last chance, so he would never give it up. That was why he became hesitant.

"Our Holy-Land's Sacred Son was killed, right? His resentful soul needs me to save him," said the Saint Daughter with a serious face.


Everybody in the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land knew the rotten relationship between the Sacred Son and the Saint Daughter.

What did her excuse mean?

Oh, well... It did mean something...

Light sparkled in the old man's eyes. At least, it was his chance to depart his warship.

"Saint Daughter, please get into the small cabin. We will depart right now."

The brows on Saint Daughter Zi Yun's exquisite face rose. "You old fogy... Not bad! You will go places!" She then patted the old man's shoulder before marching to the small cabin.

The old man's mouth twitched.

No matter what, Saint Daughter Zi Yun would be captured soon. It wasn't really important to give her a ride.

"The Valley of Gluttony is our target this time. Do not make any mistakes!" Exhaling a mouthful of musky air, the old man's eyes became sharp again. His voice grew colder as he finally said, "Go!"

Meanwhile, many experts departed from the Holy-Lands in the center of the Hidden Dragon Continent.

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed in a terrifying, diffusing aura.

Those people shared the same target-the Valley of Gluttony.


Gluttony Square

At this moment, the entire square was deluged with a thick meat fragrance, which made all people look blissful and satisfied.

"Smells so good..."

"This Meat Demon Harry's character isn't good, but I have to say, his cooking attainment is excellent!"

"I want to eat! This aroma is very tempting!"

The audience moaned and discussed among themselves as they watched the images from the projection. Some of them even drooled.

Down on the square, the judges were using their knives to cut pieces of the steak with thick gravy.

Chomp. Chomp.

As soon as they got the meat in their mouths, they gawked as if a jet of electricity had just flashed in their eyes. This feeling shocked them indeed.

"This sensation..."

Every one of them was chewing fast. The swishing and chomping noises didn't cease. After a moment, they swallowed the meat down.


It felt like there was an erupting mountain within them, making their hair rise. Their skin blushed as disbelief seemed to appear in their eyes.

Spicy, fragrant, and pure! The three flavors mixed thoroughly!

The spicy meat, the fragrant meat, and the pure-tasting meat... The moment the meat got into their mouths, these three feelings burst, becoming like an ice chain that locked their taste buds. In just a split second, it felt like they were standing in front of an erupting volcano.

The heat waves attacked them unceasingly, and they had to chew to the pinnacle and swallow right away.

The eruption of the volcano had reached its peak. It boomed, and the flames rose up into the sky, sending sparks everywhere! This feeling thrilled people, making them convinced!

This was Meat Demon Harry's Heavenly Shaking Mountain Pass Steak!

The savor of this meat was worth Meat Demon Harry's reputation...

Everybody looked convinced as they admired him. Meat Demon Harry's competence was truly excellent.

Unfortunately, Meat Demon Harry understood only meat dishes. If he had to cook something else, his level would be around an ordinary first-grade chef. He could rank one level higher on the Tablet of Gluttony if the difference wasn't so serious.

Chu Changsheng dropped the knife, exhaling. With a complicated look, he wiped the grease around his mouth as he praised inwardly, "This dish is really good."

However, after having Bu Fang's grilled Taotie's hoof, his sense of taste had increased to a nitpicking level.

Although this meat wasn't bad, it was... way behind Bu Fang's Taotie's meat. Otherwise, this dish could burst his clothes.

But it didn't.


The judges quieted down. They wanted to say something, but they were much baffled when they saw Chu Changsheng's calm face.

What's going on? Why did Chu Changsheng's clothes not burst?

It was a delicious dish, but the Great Elder didn't have any reaction.

At least, his clothes should have billowed by now...

Meat Demon Harry and the others also noticed that.

After a while, the clamor subsided. The audience, who craved for this dish, settled down as they saw Chu Changsheng's calm reaction. They were now whispering to each other.

Anyway, they could only see the dish, and the judges down there were the ones who actually tasted it.

So... That dish didn't taste good? It didn't even billow the Great Elder's clothes?

Meat Demon Harry's smile disappeared from his face. He looked at Chu Changsheng, his eyes skeptical. He didn't bother asking as he knew there was something you don't need to ask to know.

Step. Step. Step.

At the moment, everybody seemed to stop breathing. The stepping sounds broke the silence, and people turned to see the source of the sounds.

Bu Fang slowly walked out of his stove station. He was holding a dish concealed in a semicircle cover, preventing people from seeing his food.

Bu Fang looked really calm, as if nothing could break his tranquil mood. His face showed nothing, so basically, he didn't have a bit of a worry at all. He was full of confidence in his dish.

He indifferently swept his gaze over the place, the corners of his mouth rising. His eyes then fell on the judges. He opened his mouth as he nonchalantly said, "You tasted his dish. Now it's my turn..."

After placing the plate on the table, he added, "Judges, here it is. Please do not blink..."

Chu Changsheng looked at the iron cover and stopped breathing for a moment.

The Taoties meat! This is it!

Although the others didn't know what Bu Fang had cooked, his way of talking and the strange iron cover made them very curious. Indeed, they all look forward to tasting it.

The same happened to the audience. Some of them even craned their necks to have a better view.

They were curious to see what astonishing dish was under that iron cover!

Bu Fang raised the corners of his mouth as he gently opened the iron cover...

Sizzle. Sizzle. Sizzle.

The moment the iron cover was opened, rolling white steam shot out. Along with it was the ultimate meat aroma!

That meat aroma seemed to almost materialize. Instantly, it became ripples, expanding to the entire Gluttony Square from the dish.

A light beam shot out from the white steam. Next, two beams shot out, then three beams. Then four beams...

A moment later, light bloomed thousands of meters away. It was magnificently dazzling!

Everybody was shocked, amazed at what they were currently seeing!