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 Thousands of wisps of spiritual energy came. The parting steam moved again as it was absorbed, congregating above the steak before seeping into it.

The steak was arranged on the plate. Meat Demon Harry sprayed some minced spirit herbs. Then, his ladle scooped the steaming hot gravy and poured it on the steak.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

While the gravy was being poured, the steak moved. The entire steak shivered as if it was still alive.

"Hehehe... Heaven Shaking Mountain Pass Steak! Done..."

Rolls of fat on Meat Demon Harry's body shook hard as he chuckled. His eyes narrowed into slits, where light was sparkling.

He was holding a round plate with the ruddy steak in the middle, which was soaked in brown-red gravy. The hot, thick sauce slowly flowed on the sides and around it.

The steak swelled up, fanning in an irregular semicircle with twinkling light that looked a little strange. It looked like a rising volcano that gave people pressure.

Meat Demon Harry had finished the dish first, and it made many people cheer in surprise. He was indeed worthy of being the ranked fifth chef! At first glance, his dish astonished people much.

However, on the other side, Bu Fang had just got on his right track.

Bu Fang parted his lips, spraying a cluster of gold-and-red flame under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Instantly, the temperature inside the Black Turtle Constellation Wok rocketed.

Neither fast nor slow, he added the spices he had prepared well. He blanched them, then began to stew. At the same time, he started to prepare the Taotie's steak.

Previously, he had used the spine of his knife to pat the Taotie's steak for a while. It was how he relaxed the meat texture, making it elastic. It was also done to facilitate the spirit energy and essence energy inside the steak.

Bu Fang raised his black-and-white bandaged hand, where the souls of the Black and White Taoties were being kept. Snapping his fingers, a fire spark appeared on his other hand. After this, his bandaged hand made a cutting gesture, and the flame covered his entire arm instantly.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife moved, sending the well-patted steak into the air. It rolled once, then fell. With a thud, the steak fell onto Bu Fang's hand, supporting it with his palm.

What did Bu Fang want to do?

Many people were a little puzzled as they had no idea what Bu Fang wanted to cook.

Chu Changsheng was astonished and anticipating at the same time. Even with his broad knowledge, he didn't know what Bu Fang wanted to cook.

He got a wok there. Why did he want to cook with his hand?

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The Mysterious Earth and Heaven Flame in Bu Fang's palm scattered, turning into a fire vortex before lifting up the steak. The steak was hovering above the fire vortex, rolling as it was being cooked by the flame.

He used his hand to cook...

It looked interesting. It was the first time people saw such an interesting cooking method.

Using the palm to cook, they could do that with their power. However, this cooking method consumed a lot of true energy and mental energy. If they were careless, they would exhaust themselves. Similarly, when their true energy wasn't supplied continuously, the ingredient would be destroyed instantly.

Thus, if they wanted to use their palm to cook, they must be very confident in their energy control.

However, in the case of a serious cooking battle, no chef would choose this risky and unstable cooking method. That was why even though many people thought that Bu Fang's cooking method was new and interesting, most of them believed that Bu Fang was going to trap himself and get himself defeated.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The flame in Bu Fang's hand quietly burned the Taotie's meat hovering above it.

Bu Fang closed his eyes. A moment later, his powerful mental energy surged immediately, and the air around him seemed to stagnate.

As his mental force surged, Bu Fang's heat control became more skillful. For this particular dish, it was the most important.

The steak slowly changed, looking more magnificent in ruddy hue. The golden oily juice began to ooze from it and drip before being evaporated by the flame.

During the roasting process, Bu Fang's other hand didn't stay idle. He continually sprayed more spices onto the steak. Those powder-spice spirit herbs had an astonishing fragrance. As soon as they touched the steak, they were absorbed instantly.

It made the steak more vivid and mouthwatering.

The rolling aroma continually surged, tantalizing and whetting people's appetites.

Bu Fang's hand shook once. The steak was sent into the sky, rolled half a round, then fell. After that, it was being roasted again.

The side that got roasted well with oil looked tender and had white steam lingering on it. As the heat waves entered the meat, it slightly shivered.

Incredibly attractive!

The projecting formation zoomed in, captured the image, and projected it.

Many of the audience sensed a thick and meaty aroma attacking their nostrils. They smacked their lips and tongues as they did want to eat it.

Bu Fang's closed eyes slowly opened, his face still emotionless. Heat control wasn't a tough matter to him.

Originally, he intended to cook the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs or the Red Braised Meat as they were the dishes he had already excelled in. However, after one night of mulling over it, Bu Fang decided to cook the steak-a recipe he wasn't really familiar with-because he suddenly remembered a meat dish in his previous life.

The meat became all ruddy, and the color of raw meat was all gone.

Bu Fang's eyes focused to sense the meat, detecting that it had been cooked around sixty percent. Then, his other hand shook once, picking up the porcelain jar on the station. He opened the seal, allowing the sweet aroma of the wine to escape.

He poured the murmuring wine in that porcelain jar.

At that moment, the cool wine was like pure water. It looked like a lively silk ribbon that crossed the air and tangled with the steak in his hand.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

The wine covered the steak, and its fragrance emitted at once. The misty steam coming from it covered Bu Fang instantly, hindering people from seeing him.


The surging white steam was absorbed. After a while, it swirled up.


The white steam diffused from the meat when it fell on a blue-and-white porcelain plate. It seemed to become a ball, revolving between Bu Fang's hands. It was shrinking as he was compressing it into a small ball. Eventually, he tucked it under the steak.

Next, he took out a red spirit fruit. The knife moved, and in an instant, the spirit fruit was minced and scattered.

A vivid and life-like miniature Taotie emerged with astonishing aura.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was opened, and thick fragrance immediately soared up into the sky.

After taking out the garnish from the wok and placing it around the steak, people heard something crackling.

White steam surged from underneath the steak, and the blue-and-white porcelain plate underneath it set it off, making it look like it had immortal energy.

Next, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in his hand moved, gently touching the steak to feel its response.

"Okay, it's good. Seventy percent cooked."

Bu Fang took a step back, exhaling gently. He untied the velvet rope to release his hair before saying, "Bu Fang's secret recipe, Seventy-percent cooked Taotie's Steak. Done."

Actually, Bu Fang didn't spend a lot of time to cook. Not long after Meat Demon had done, Bu Fang also finished his dish.

And, at this moment, Meat Demon was bringing the dish to the judges' table.

Chu Changsheng and the others left their seats, walking to see the steak.

Meat Demon Harry's steak slightly rose with faint twinkling light. It had astonished many people.

As for Meat Demon Harry, he was grinning in a smug manner.

"It's called Heavenly Shaking Mountain Pass Steak! I used the sirloin of the Heavenly Shaking Deer, a spirit beast at the Divine Soul Realm with a three-step soul ladder. It's cooked with my special recipe and spices. I hope you like it."

After saying that, the chopper in Meat Demon Harry's hand slashed at the steak as fast as lightning. The sudden action made people gasp.

What did Harry want to do? He wanted to destroy the dish he had just finished cooking?

The judges also had their eyes shrunk, looking at Meat Demon Harry skeptically. The chopper was really sharp. With one slash, it could even break the china plate!

However, Harry just smiled.


Shortly, the chopper stopped, right about one inch above the dish. This move made many people's hearts squeeze.

A wisp of blade energy emerged. The chopper rose above the steak, and the steak immediately got a cut...

In just a wink, sizzling steam soared up into the sky from the steak!

The steak was halved directly. Various sauces flowed through the enticing meat texture, which was too beautiful to behold.

The meat aroma diffused, flooding the entire place. Everybody gasped in excitement and admiration.

Chu Changsheng took a deep breath. His entire mouth was filled with the smell of meat.

Indeed, in the Valley of Gluttony, Meat Demon Harry ranked among the best in studying meat. Not many people could become his rival.

The knives were brought to the table. Chu Changsheng took one, then cut a small piece from the steak. He directly forked the steak with his knife before bringing it to his mouth.

As soon as the meat entered his mouth, Chu Changsheng's brows twitched.

His serious eyes immediately radiated essence radiance!