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 Big waves rose high all of a sudden, splashing on the sea surface. The salty sea wind blew hard.

In an area of the Boundless Ocean Territory, a giant fish spirit beast was swimming fast. Its fins and tail pounded in the sea, rising the silver-white seawater. Rolling with terrifying power, it moved forward rapidly. The seawater was parted on its two sides, splashing high into the sky.

The giant beast opened its eyes wide, and its mouth was kept open to breathe hard. It seemed that it was trying to grasp for its breath.

It was moving so fast that it seemed like an arrow darting across the sea.

Sometimes, fish spirit beasts would leap up into the sky. However, they were scared by this furious spirit beast, crouching and falling back into the sea.

Nether King Er Ha, who was wearing black garments, was sitting on the fish spirit beast, dangling his legs. Wind blew his hair, fluttering in the air. His eyes conveyed his excitement.

"Hey, old whale, swim faster. I think I can smell the Spicy Strips already!" Nether King Er Ha screamed.

While talking, he squinted and sniffed, taking in the salty smell of the sea.

The giant spirit beast underneath batted its eyes, thinking, "If your power isn't really strong, let's see if I will swallow you at once or not! What the heck is that Spicy Strip anyway? How could I know?"

"Old whale, swim faster. I'm bothering you now, but later, when I got the Spicy Strips, I will give you one stick to try."

"You know what? The Spicy Strips are super delicious!"

"It's something that makes people happy, like meeting your first love. It's like love at first sight..."

Nether King Er Ha was swinging his legs while talking unceasingly. The whale's eyes couldn't help but blink continuously.

It was so regretful. Why did its flithy mouth have to catch that fellow falling from the sky? Only God knew why that fellow was so strong and so talkative... If it knew that, even if it had to die, it wouldn't open its mouth!

From a far distance, waves rippled gently on the surface. All of a sudden, a long and narrow coastline emerged. That coastline was shiny under the sparkling foam.

The old whale was so happy it wanted to cry. Tears lingered in its eyes, though. Finally, it can see the shore! If they can't reach the shore soon, even if it won't die from exhaustion, the fellow above it can still annoy it to death.

Really, was his mouth an artillery?


After a long roar, the giant whale finally reached the shore. Wielding the tail, it patted the shore, smashing a lot of rocks.

Nether King Er Ha's eyes brightened. He leaped up from the whale's head, landing on the shore with a loud thud.

Falling on the shore, the Nether King felt like he had finally seen the sun again. He turned around, raising his hand to pat the old whale.

"Old whale, do you want to go with me? I'm treating you to Spicy Strips."

Treating, your sister...

The old whale batted its eyes. I'm not dumb. I'm not going to follow a fool to the land...

Rumble! Rumble!

The old whale had a column of water shooting from the hole in its head, reaching the sky. It fell like a shower on the ground.

The Nether King raised his hand, feeling drops of warm water. His eyes became brighter.

"Indeed, old whale, you love me. That means you agree to go with me?" The Nether King flipped his sleek black hair as he looked at the old whale with his sincere face and blurry eyes.

The old whale kept silent for a long moment. Then, it waved its giant tail, hitting the shore, then swam away. It looked like it was running wild in fright.

Nether King watched the old whale swimming away, wiping the corners of his eyes.

He gently exhaled. "How cute that old whale is... I will bring Spicy Strips to you!"

Then, he turned around and walked toward the vast land.

"Cloud Mist Restaurant, His Highness, the Nether King is back!"


People became a little skeptical when they saw the meat in Bu Fang's hands.

No comparison causes no pain. Meat Demon Harry had brought a giant spirit beast, and this haughty little chef had just taken out a piece of steak. Who knew what level this spirit beast's meat was!

Of course, as the others didn't know about that meat, it didn't mean Chu Changsheng didn't know.

He wanted them to win because he needed Xiao Ya to open the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance to continue the Valley's glory. However, the moment he saw the meat in Bu Fang's hands, his solemn face had soon darkened, as though he got constipation.

He didn't want to lose, but that kid Bu Fang had taken out the Taotie's meat... Do they still need to f*cking battle?

They weren't even the same level of cooking ingredients...

Meat Demon Harry had excellent skills in meat cuisine. The difference between their cooking ingredients was enough to make him desperate.

However, Chu Changsheng thought it's not going to be a suspense-filled cooking battle, as opposed to others' optimism and anticipation. He could guess the result right from the start.

Nonetheless, no matter how upset he was, his face didn't reveal anything.

He stood up, looking at Bu Fang and then Meat Demon Harry deeply in the eyes. Then, he said, "And now, the cooking battle officially begins..."

As soon as Chu Changsheng finished his announcement, Meat Demon Harry took action. He laughed, his fat on his body shaking as he pulled out a butcher knife.

Of course, his kitchen knife and this butcher knife looked different. The butcher knife had a dagger at the tip, which looked very sharp.

"It's Meat Demon Harry's big chopper!"

"It's not a famous knife, but Meat Demon has used that knife to knock down many chefs!"

"If we're talking about a knife that is stronger than a famous knife, it's that chopper!"

When the audience saw the big chopper in Meat Demon Harry's hands, they began to talk boisterously.

Meat Demon Harry's face wore a strange but excited smile. He patted his belly, bringing the big chopper to the giant spirit beast.

"Hehehe... I'm good at eating meat. I know where a spirit beast got the best and softest meat... and where the chewiest part is!"


Meat Demon Harry laughed while running. All of a sudden, he dragged the big chopper, stomping on the ground. The ground shook when the fat body leaped like a fairy.

He fell on the spirit beast's body while wielding the giant chopper. With a swift blow, it cut through the beast's skin and fur effortlessly. Blood splashed.

Meat Demon Harry guffawed as he dragged the chopper along the bloody giant spirit beast's body. Shortly after, the kitchen knife in his hand moved, and a block of blood-dripping steak flew out of the beast.


Meat Demon caught it. Fresh blood from the meat rolled, dripping on the floor. His expression looked so passionate as he brought the meat to his nose and sniffed.

"This steak smells so good. Cooking this kind of meat could make people excited," said Meat Demon Harry before he burst out laughing.

Bringing the massive chopper, he jumped off the beast, falling next to his station.

Clean water was prepared. He threw the blood-dripping steak into the pot.

What a coincidence... Meat Demon also chose the spirit beast's steak!

Everybody was bewildered. Then, they broke into an uproar. Their faces became so excited!

Steak? They both chose steak?

They planned to fight each other with equal harshness!

Everybody took in a breath of cold air.

They saw Bu Fang's steak. However, since it was just a block of meat, they didn't know what kind of spirit beast it was.

But... was there anything that could compare to the steak of a spirit beast at the Divine Soul Realm? There wasn't such a thing, and so, they thought that Meat Demon Harry would absolutely win.

Of course, things couldn't be absolute. Perhaps, it was going to be a tit-for-tat cooking battle with the same intensity!

People were looking forward to it.

Chu Changsheng's face didn't change when he saw Meat Demon Harry cut a steak from the beast. The corners of his mouth twitched as he criticized inwardly.

Steak? You motherf*cker, you could choose many things. Why did you have to cut and choose steak?

If he had chosen any other type of meat, he would have been able to create a miracle. But now...

Miracle, my balls!

It would be a merciless battle by mistreating and killing. He felt sorrowful for Meat Demon Harry.

Deeply sorrowful...

Swish! Swish!

Meat Demon Harry rinsed the meat and cleaned the blood. Afterward, it was revealed to be a Heavenly Shocking Deer's red-and-white steak.

It was a recipe that he had mastered. Even if Bu Fang didn't choose steak, he would still decide to cook steak.

There were good meat and bad meat, even though they grew on the same body. Thus, Meat Demon Harry had to choose the most delicious meat to cook.

He suddenly grabbed the chopper on his shoulder.


The chopper slashed the chopping board. The steak was divided, sending pieces of meat into the air.

Meat Demon Harry grinned as he cut the irregular-shaped steak round. He put the chopper on the chopping board, his aura fierce.

Red Braised Pork Rib!

It was Meat Demon Harry's favorite dish. However, he rarely cooked this kind of high-level spirit beast, unless he had to subdue the opponent's spirit.

It was obvious that Bu Fang's presence had given Meat Demon pressure.


The flames rose high as oil sprinkled. Under the great fire, the black wok was burning red.

The spirit herbs were resolutely minced, then added together with the processed steak into the pan. Instantly, hot steam rolled.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

As soon as the cooking ingredients got into the pan, white steam rose high together with the permeating meat fragrance. The heat seemed to expand entirely, bringing a meat fragrance that could make people drown!

Meat Demon Harry's excited laughter arose amid the hazy white steam.

Bu Fang cast a sidelong glance at that stupid Meat Demon Harry inside the white steam, thinking, "Is that fella sick? Why he's laughing crazily while cooking?"

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in Bu Fang's hand, then he began to pat the steak with the spine of his knife.

Originally, he planned to cook Sweet 'n' Sour Taotie's Ribs, but to cook this kind of meat, one's depth of taste must be good.

Bu Fang's meat cuisine wasn't bad. However, to cook well, it was really difficult. Some chefs had been busy for several days, even ten days, to cook one dish.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife in Bu Fang's hand spun. A moment later, the knife light flashed. On the steak he had just patted, meat lines appeared.


Meat Demon Harry's guffaw echoed again, making the fat rolls on his body shake. White steam was absorbed by some energy, and the food in his hand seemed ready to be arranged and decorated on a plate.