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 Bu Fang pointed at Meat Demon Harry, calmly saying his name.

At this moment, everybody took a deep breath. This haughty little chef would face Meat Demon Harry, the cooking battle maniac. The audience was so curious and interested to see how the battle would be.

Chu Changsheng strolled forward. His senile face accompanying his muscular body gave people an awkward feeling.

He checked Bu Fang and Meat Demon Harry. Harry was wearing a warm smile, looking like he was harmless to both humans and animals. However, he was holding a block of raw meat, tearing and chewing.

Chu Changsheng indifferently looked at Bu Fang and Meat Demon and said solemnly, "The next cooking battle will be held tomorrow, and the theme is... Meat!"

"The battle will take place tomorrow? I got one night to prepare?" thought Bu Fang as he squinted, gazing at the old man Chu Changsheng. He's somewhat careful, indeed.

Anyway, it was a chance for him to rest, even though he didn't actually need it.

Naturally, Meat Demon Harry didn't oppose it. It was the cooking battle's rule, after all. Sometimes, they agreed to do a cooking battle, but it actually happened one year later.

No matter what, the cooking battle was a life-changing event. Once one failed, his kitchen knife would be taken, and so would his cooking right. Although the rule had just been modified, perhaps there was a mistake in changing it? Well, who knew?

Thus, no chef dared to use their future to bet. Frankly speaking, it couldn't be better as they got a whole night to prepare for the cooking battle.

Meat Demon Harry, the cooking battle maniac, felt the same. Although he loved battling, he did need to prepare. Otherwise, if he were careless and made an absurd error, he would be certainly done!

"Good then, Sixth Elder, you take Bu Fang to his accommodation. We'll continue the cooking battle tomorrow here," Chu Changsheng said in a serious voice.

The Sixth Elder's boastful mustache rose as he arched his brows, giving Bu Fang a meaningful look with a nod.

Bu Fang didn't say anything. He turned around and left the arena.

And so, the first cooking battle ended just like that, with people still gawking and dropping their jaws. Actually, they were waiting for the second cooking battle to begin at that moment.

Meat Demon Harry wanted to fight against the arrogant little chef who wanted to challenge the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. Since the cooking battle today had widened their vision, everybody anticipated this next battle.

It wasn't likely that they could watch a cooking battle between the two first-grade chefs every day!

Even when they were walking out of the Gluttony God's Building, many of them were still so excited that they couldn't calm down yet. That feverish feeling made their bodies shiver with anticipation.


The night fell silently.

In the central area of the Hidden Dragon Continent, a brilliant five-colored radiance blossomed in a mountain range.

A figure wearing a purple robe was sitting on a sacrificial altar made of colored stone. Powerful waves of energy swirled around him. As he was breathing in and out, a white ribbon moved back and forth.

Sometimes, waves of booming noises echoed.

Far from the altar where the man in purple was sitting stood a beautiful, noble woman. She was watching the venerator in purple, her long eyelashes shivering.

All of a sudden, the man in the purple robe opened his eyes where the radiance was moving. Instantly, an array emerged above his head, moving and releasing a dazzling halo.

The sky in this faint night had so many twinkling stars.

Suddenly, a star's radiance bloomed to its peak, resonating with the purple-robed venerator on the altar. A beam of starlight shot from the sky and hit the array, and in an instant, the entire mountain range was covered in starlight.

Being purified by the array, a jet of starlight like a faint blue snake got through the formation and entered the man's glabella.

Amethyst Elder bloomed in dazzling radiance. Eventually, the light subsided and dispersed.

The light in the beautiful women's bright eyes vanished. A sense of disappointment she couldn't describe came to her.

"Did he fail?" Sighing, the beautiful woman spun and disappeared by the altar.

Amethyst Elder exhaled a mouthful of murky smoke. His breakthrough failed again.

Why was it so hard to break through?

The Divine Soul was truly the most difficult realm in the Divine Realms. Each of its minor realms was much more challenging to break through than the previous major realms.

The man in purple got up, his eyes turning sharp as he did so.

"I don't have much time left. If I can't break through, I can't subdue that filthy animal. I should attack the Valley of Gluttony and get the inheritance from the first Valley Master with personal records. Perhaps the information on how to break through fast would be mentioned there."

After the first Valley Master of the Valley of Gluttony with supernatural cultivation base disappeared, he had left a crucial inheritance to the Valley of Gluttony, which many people had laid their eyes on it.

Because of this inheritance, many Holy-Lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court were watching the Valley of Gluttony.


Light bloomed in Amethyst Elder's eyes as he stood up.

From afar, a shadow dashed toward him and kneeled immediately in front of him.

"Amethyst Elder, sir..."

"Yes? How's the Valley of Gluttony? Did we get the inheritance?" asked Amethyst Elder, his hands clasping.

The shadow shivered. Then, he said bitterly, "I attacked the Valley of Gluttony, but Chu Changsheng had beaten us back... We haven't gotten the inheritance yet."

"Got beaten? Didn't you bring the Golden Armored Guards with you? Golden Sabre was there too. Even if Chu Changsheng is powerful, he can't resist the two of you. Unless he has become the Almighty."

"Golden Sabre... Golden Sabre didn't join me during the operation. He went to find the Netherworld creature... It seemed that he... was dead!" The white-beard man shivered as he was so scared.

He was really afraid of Amethyst Elder, who was standing in front of him now.

Except for the Sacred Master of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land, this Amethyst Elder was the one with the supreme power to control the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land. He was incomparably mighty and cold.

However, at this moment, Amethyst Elder's eyes shrank.

Golden Sabre had almost reached the Almighty level. How could he be killed? There were Peak of Great Void Realm Netherworld creatures in this Hidden Dragon Continent?

Impossible. The Hidden Dragon Continent had a barrier. It was impossible for those creatures at such level to come here, unless...

Amethyst Elder's eyes sparkled, then he shook his head.

Impossible. He couldn't even imagine that sort of thing.

"Let's not talk about Golden Sabre for now. The Valley of Gluttony's inheritance is the most important matter. All parties are ready to take action, so we can't be left behind. I have bestowed you divine weapons. Go to Valley of Gluttony and bring the inheritance to me."

Amethyst Elder paused for a moment before adding, "To make up for your mistake..."

Each of his sentences made the old man shook, his eyes showing his fear. Indeed, he was very afraid of what the next words would be.

"It's likely that the other holy lands would take action too. They've been laying low for a long time, and they can't hold it anymore. So, this time, you will confront the experts with the God Slaying weapons from the other holy lands. Anyway, you must remember that we don't yield. All of this is for the inheritance."

Hearing Amethyst Elder's words, the old man nodded, then left at once.

Starlight twinkled in Amethyst Elder's eyes as he lifted his face to look at the sky. He seemed to see a jet of light shooting across the starry sky.


The next day, Bu Fang woke up and brought Whitey and Xiao Ya out of the hotel the Sixth Elder had arranged for him.

This hotel had a private kitchen, so Bu Fang could practice his cooking skills.

Last night, the thick-skinned Sixth Elder had asked Bu Fang to return his Mysterious Earth and Heaven Flame. Of course, Bu Fang refused. Then, he tried to recruit Bu Fang by saying that if he didn't return the flame, he must stay in the Valley of Gluttony.

Bu Fang was speechless. At that time, he wanted to let Whitey hit the Sixth Elder to make him stop.

However, that old man had soon slid away, leaving Bu Fang annoyed.

Anyway, last night's event didn't affect Bu Fang's mood today. After his practice session in the kitchen, he left the hotel, walking toward the Gluttony Square.

The square had soon filled with people and their chattering noises.

Compared to yesterday, the atmosphere today seemed to be more exciting and feverish. They were all here to watch the cooking battle. After all, today's battle was what they had waited for a long time.

Bu Fang came from outside the Gluttony God's Building. Through the open great gate, radiance shot in. It shone on his figure, making him a little mysterious.

Besides Meat Demon Harry, the other top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony had gathered on the Gluttony Square. They all looked at Bu Fang with serious eyes.

Whether Bu Fang was able to threaten them or not, the battle yesterday wasn't enough to tell. But today, if Bu Fang defeated Meat Demon Harry, it would be no doubt that the young chef was a big threat to them. A cooking battle against him wasn't a joke.

Every one of them was a little tense.

On the spacious Gluttony Square, two exquisite stations appeared on the arena. Just like yesterday, five seats were arranged in the center.

Chu Changsheng sat quietly on his seat. Every time he breathed, his spirit energy rose. After breaking through to the Divine Soul Realm with an eight-step soul ladder, his fighting capacity could become on a par with the Almighty level. With such impressive pressure, he had become so strong indeed.

Doong! Doong! Doong!

Bu Fang walked to his stove, his face emotionless. All of a sudden, he felt the entire arena shake. With a curious expression, he turned his head around to check.

He saw a giant shadow at the entrance, coming with pressure. That shadow was so huge like a small mountain.

The Gluttony God's Building's gate was enormous. However, seeing that shadow walking through the entrance, everybody had to take in a breath of cold air.

Under that giant shadow was a little figure-Meat Demon Harry.

Rolls of fat on Meat Demon Harry's body shook as he carried a giant shadow on his shoulder, stomping into the Gluttony Square from the outside.

"It's... Oh my! It's a spirit beast at the Divine Soul Realm!"

"That spirit beast is so huge! What a suppressive aura!"

"Will Meat Demon Harry use that giant beast as his ingredient?"

With loud gasps, the audience caused an uproar as they discussed amongst themselves.


Meat Demon Harry hurled the mountain-like shadow on the arena. The entire arena was shaken.

"I'm sorry, I'm late. Our cooking battle should start now." Meat Demon Harry smiled while talking. The kitchen knife in his hand moved, cutting off a blood-dripping block of meat from the beast, tearing and chewing it with his teeth.

Bu Fang glanced at that giant spirit beast. The beast hadn't died yet. Its aura hadn't vanished as it was still breathing feebly.

It was Meat Demon Harry's meat, a Divine Soul Realm spirit beast.

A worthy ingredient for the Meat Demon. Indeed, he had money to burn!

"That's a Heavenly Shocking Deer. It's equal to the Divine Soul Realm with a three-step soul ladder. Even though it's huge, it moves very fast. It's really hard for Meat Demon Harry to catch it. To win, he did spend a lot," Wenren Shang said as he leaned against the wall. He poured himself wine from a bamboo tube, smiling faintly.

"My cooking ingredient is ready. Where's yours? This time, the participants have to prepare the ingredients themselves. I hope you won't fail me. My kitchen knife... is too hungry!" said Meat Demon.

Oh? Prepare the cooking ingredients themselves?

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched on his indifferent face. He cast the mountain-like spirit beast a sidelong glance.

His hand shook once, and an exquisite block of steak appeared in his hand. The steak had abundant spirit energy and essence energy. It looked quiet but noble.

Many people were bewildered because they couldn't recognize what kind of meat that steak was.

However, sitting at his seat, Chu Changsheng had his eyes shrunk. The moment he saw the steak, he took a deep breath.

"That little chef is going to use the Taotie's meat? That's better than a ball!"