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 The changes in the Taotie's pledge made everybody dumbfounded.

It announced the pledge the same way, but it was different from the original one. The original Taotie's pledge stated that once one failed the cooking battle, his kitchen knife would be taken, and his right to cook would be deprived, unless someone from the high echelon of the Valley of Gluttony agreed to break the pledge for that person.

And now, the pledge had changed to be more benevolent. Although the chef's knife would still be deprived, he could still have his right to cook. If he lost his knife, he could have a chance to take it back. However, if he didn't have the right to cook, it would be the cruelest torment to a chef.

Chu Changsheng frowned. The pledge did change. How did it come about?

What Bu Fang had said in the restaurant still lingered in his ears, but he didn't think it would matter at that time. He didn't expect that the pledge would actually change.

Was this kid the Taotie's illegitimate son?

Chu Changsheng couldn't help but think. The fact that he had taken the souls of the Black and White Taoties, together with the change in the Taotie's pledge...

All of a sudden, thick mist emitted from the young chef.


The voice of the pledge faded, and a moment later, an array emerged under Bu Fang's feet. The glowing array made Bu Fang's face whiter and more outstanding.

A crystal knife cabinet rose from the array.

Bu Fang placed one hand on the crystal knife cabinet. It felt so cold, making Bu Fang cast it a sidelong glance. He opened the cabinet where he kept several kitchen knives he had won from the previous cooking battles.

Seeing the knife cabinet, many people widened their eyes.

This fellow even prepared the knife cabinet. Did he really want to level their Valley of Gluttony?

They all took a deep breath as their eyes, which were staring at Bu Fang, slowly turned sharper. No matter what, they were the Valley of Gluttony's citizens. Bu Fang's act had provoked them.

Bu Fang was a chef from outside the valley, and he dared to provoke the Valley of Gluttony. They must teach him how to behave!

Wenren Chou was frightened out of his wits.

A knife cabinet. That knife cabinet!

His gaze rose, and he saw the Ice Soul Kitchen Knife lying quietly inside it. It used to be his kitchen knife, and now, it had become one of Bu Fang's spoils of war.

He felt so aggrieved since the knife he had just gotten would become part of Bu Fang's spoils of war and be placed in that cabinet. To him, it was the greatest blow.

Of course, he got good news, too. The Taotie's pledge had changed. After one month, he would have the chance and be qualified to challenge Bu Fang on another cooking battle to win his kitchen knives back!

Taking a deep breath, Wenren Chou felt a vigorous fighting spirit rise in his chest!


The famous knife Snake Chopper flew up. A moment later, it turned into a jet of light, darting toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang rose his bandaged arm, catching the so-called famous knife. Once he grabbed the knife, Bu Fang was touched.

It was worthy of being called a famous knife. It seemed to have a knife spirit that didn't fail its reputation. Of course, it was also a good choice to collect a famous knife.

Bu Fang opened the knife cabinet. Cold air diffused from it before he placed the famous knife on the rack inside.

The light shining in the crystal knife cabinet reflected on the Snake Chopper, which was too beautiful to behold.

Wenren Chou's heart shivered. It felt so painful he couldn't breathe.

Looking at the two kitchen knives, he had almost lost his courage. However, to get his knives back, he gazed at Bu Fang and said, "After a month, I will come and challenge you. On that day, I will win back my famous knives!"

Bu Fang kissed the knife cabinet and patted it, and the cabinet disappeared into the array at once. He relaxed his arms, giving the other a faint look before saying, "I won't lose, and I can't lose. I hope... you wouldn't be so desperate."

Wouldn't be so desperate...


The moment Bu Fang said that, everybody felt irritated. He didn't respect the Valley of Gluttony's chefs at all. He arrogantly said that he wanted to do a cooking battle against the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, and he even said that he wouldn't lose.

Did he mean he will absolutely win?

This wild arrogance made Yan Yu's eyes narrow. He didn't like arrogant people, and the best response is... to give him the ultimate attack!

"Good. The first cooking battle has ended. You guys, whoever comes for the next cooking battle, don't worry. Everybody got a share. Sooner or later, it will be the same." Bu Fang's vermillion robe slowly billowed in the wind as his eyes raked through the chefs standing around the arena.

Hiss! Hiss! Hiss!

The onlookers took a breath of cold air. How dare he say that!

"Chef Yan Yu, teach that haughty kid a lesson!"

"You think your cooking tops the world? You dare to look down on our Valley's chefs? Noodle King, Chef Ouyang, use your knife to teach him manners!"

"Oh, motherf*cker! It's the Valley of Gluttony's dignity you guys are protecting! Mu Cheng, beautiful goddess, let that little chef kneel at the hem of your dress!"

The audience booed and shouted through the windows of the Gluttony God's Building until their voices turned hoarse. Provoked by Bu Fang's words, their eyes turned red.

Many people were clamoring boisterously, which eventually turned into a terrifying and rolling uproar. Under such an uproar and pressure, ordinary people would have their feet like the shaking jelly.

However, Bu Fang stayed calm. He lifted his head, scanning around the entire Gluttony God's Building to look at those people. He indifferently rose the corners of his mouth.

Many people caught that smirk. Immediately, the crowd became angrier, filling the place with ear-piercing yelling and booing. Their roaring seemed endless.

Mu Cheng and the others didn't know whether they should cry or smile. What was going on?

However, their anger was understandable. That kid was really arrogant, not to mention his calm face that made people want to punch him. It was simply enough to make people hate him, and even assault him once they got the chance!

Liu Jiali was still calm, his meticulous face somewhat serious. As for the others, they just watched Bu Fang and gently exhaled.

The uproar from ten thousand people had risen their spirit as light sparkled in their eyes. Of course, because of the changes in the cooking battle's rules, their scruples were less serious. Although the failed battle would still generate a harsh consequence, it was much better than being deprived of one's cooking right.

Anyway, the new rules gave them hope of taking back the kitchen knives.

Yan Yu was thinking whether he should battle first or not. However, as he ranked number one, would it be considered "losing his face" a little if he made a move first?

While he was still deciding, a figure walked out of the group.

That figure was a little fat. He was holding a block of raw meat while smiling tenderly.

He grinned while sauntering toward Bu Fang, showing his white teeth that sparkled under the sunlight. However, through the sparkling light, people could see pieces of meat stuck between his shining teeth.


The fat man shoved the fresh meat into his mouth, tearing it. Then, he immediately chewed, making munching and squishing noises unceasingly.

"Grinding and chirping, so annoying... You little chef, fight me! Watching your performance, I feel so antsy," The fat man talked while chewing.

Bu Fang was a little surprised. He felt the pressure rising from that fellow, which somehow seemed to suppress him.

A second later, he gently exhaled, then his stern eyes observed the fat man before saying, "Who are you? What is your rank on the Tablet of Gluttony?"

"Me? I'm called Harry. I love meat the most, that's why people call me Meat Demon. My level is a little substandard... Rank number five on the Tablet of Gluttony."

Meat Demon Harry tore another piece of meat using his teeth. His chewing noises made people shudder.

His tender eyes studied Bu Fang, as though he was assessing his prey.

"Rank number five on the Tablet of Gluttony?" Bu Fang's brows twitched. This fat man ranked fifth. No wonder he felt a little pressure.

When Ouyang Chenfeng and the others saw Harry stepping out, they all forced a smile.

This fellow couldn't wait...

Do not be fooled by Meat Demon Harry's sincere and innocent look. He was actually a cooking battle maniac.

It was true that he was a cooking battle enthusiast. Before he became famous, he had often challenged people on cooking battles. Also, he loved to collect the losers' kitchen knives.

He also had a knife cabinet, which was much more colossal than Bu Fang's cabinet. It was stacked with kitchen knives, with at least several hundred of them!

Several hundred knives. What did that mean, exactly? It meant hundreds of chefs had had their dreams smashed in Meat Demon Harry's hands. One of those chefs was even a former member of the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony!

He was truly a ruthless person!

As soon as Meat Demon stepped out, the screaming and yelling instantly vanished. Everybody was somewhat afraid of watching the Meat Demon.

Meat Demon Harry's fame was said to be the worst among the top ten chefs.

Of course, no matter what, Harry was still their Valley of Gluttony's chef, so some of them still cheered him in a low tone. After a short while, when one person had begun to cheer, the cheering increased, rolling like the rising tide. In the end, they all supported Harry.

Harry was surprised, tearing another piece of raw meat. He pouted his lips and said, "I can't believe that I, Meat Demon Harry, would be cheered and supported like this one day. Since you brought this luck on me, I won't go easy on you... "

He chewed and swallowed before adding, "Don't worry, I'll make it quick. I won't let you suffer for a long time. Anyway, it's my hobby to see the pain in the faces of arrogant chefs when their knives are taken." He then grinned and stuck his tongue out to lick his lips. His gaze on Bu Fang was like a predator checking his prey.

Bu Fang was a little surprised, but still, his face was emotionless. A moment later, he raised his bandaged arm and said bluntly, "Good. It's you then."

Meat Demon? Who has Bu Fang ever feared?