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 That magnificent sight quieted down the entire Gluttony Square. The beams that shot up into the sky reflected in every person's eyes.



Too beautiful to behold! This food can shine!

Everybody took a deep breath. The thick soup oozing from the fish's belly with cubes of gemstone-like ingredients simply made them gawk and drop their jaws.

The Thunderbolt Steamed Fish gave people a startled feeling. Indeed, it was like a thunderclap that had just assaulted their senses.

People lifted their heads to look at the projection on the air. The shining, sparkling soup flowing from the fish's belly was so beautifully touching that it was breathtaking to many people. The cubes of food looked like precious stones that seemed to have lightning flashing and moving through them.

At first, the steamed fish was plain like a virgin, but when it was opened, it was like the whole universe flowed out of its belly. It gave people a strange feeling that was different from the previous dish.

This feeling made them took a deep breath.

The thick fragrance rolled together with the steam, and the soup seemed to boil.

Chu Changsheng and the others stared hard at it. Their eyes looked as if they couldn't believe it.

"What is this?" asked Chu Changsheng curiously as he furrowed his brows. He took out a porcelain spoon and scooped the thick soup together with some cubes that seemed to flash with lightning. The soup was boiling hot with permeating aroma.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

It seemed that the little cubes had a moving electric arc.

Chu Changsheng took a closer look at the little cubes. Those transparent and shiny gem-like cubes indeed piqued his curiosity because, at this moment, he didn't know what kind of ingredients they were made out of.

He poured the spoon of food into his mouth.

The moment it touched Chu Changsheng's mouth, the hot steam rolled and came with the fragrance, flooding his mouth. His eyes stagnated as his face changed.

His white hair and mustache were about to rise upward. He even shuddered.

Gulp. Gulp.

His throat moved as he swallowed the food. The beautiful taste rolled from his throat to his stomach, and the heat flowing inside him surged.

"So good..." Chu Changsheng cannot help but open his mouth to let out the relaxing steam. He had a complicated and thrilled look on his face as he stared at Bu Fang, his gaze full of surprise and disbelief.


Without any warning, Chu Changsheng's clothes burst off, revealing his dragon-like, bulging muscles.

"I didn't expect that those little cubes are fish meat. I didn't recognize it instantly." Chu Changsheng used his chopsticks again to grab the fish meat. He flickered gently, and the paper-like, thin fish skin was ripped open.

This by-the-book steamed fish had only a layer of skin! Bu Fang had taken out the fish meat and cut it into pieces.

This kind of knife skill was peerlessly shocking!

He had dug out the meat without affecting the skin. The fish skin was just a cover as the thick soup was used to replace the fish meat.

Moreover, that soup wasn't ordinary. It was a mixture of many spirit herbs cooked with cubes of fish meat. Although it looked transparent and watery, the savor of fish meat and the tingling feeling of lightning were all released inside the mouth.

This dish was actually a dish prepared by an extremely skilled chef! From a normal look to a shocking one, Bu Fang used only one second to change their opinion.

Chu Changsheng's reaction caught people's attention, and many of them took in breaths of cold air.

"Was that some special... knife skill?"

"He took out all the meat but didn't tear the fish skin!"

"Not only that, but he put them back inside the fish and steamed them all!"

Indeed, this knife skill had dazzled people's eyes. They didn't see the actual process, but the result made them think hard and thrilled nonetheless.

Yan Yu and the others had shrunk their eyes. Apparently, they were frightened.

"He had taken out all the fish meat without affecting the fish skin. How could he do that? How fast his knife was?" Yan Yu asked himself. It was impossible for his knife skills to do that... Perhaps only Liu Jiali, that super meticulous guy, could compete knife skills with him once!

He didn't think that as soon as Bu Fang made a move, he could make all of them tense.

A flow of pressure slapped their faces, making them inhale the cold air.

No wonder he dared to declare a Chef's Challenge against the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. With only his knife skill, it was enough to make them respect him.

If Wenren Chou's knife skills were a violent beauty, Bu Fang's knife skills were the finely crafted, exquisite words of God! Between the two, Wenren Chou's knife skills paled by comparison. It was thoroughly inferior.


The porcelain spoon scooped the transparent soup with cubes of fish meat, and a long thread was pulled when the soup was taken. It was steaming hot, thick, and transparent with attacking aroma.

Yan Yu's face turned serious. When the soup was poured into his mouth, the fish meat cubes also melted.

His face seemed to have the faint cyan light of lightning. The hair on his entire body rose, and his pores shrank as a heatwave flooded down his stomach from his throat. He could not help but exhale a long, hot breath.

It felt like all of his depressed feelings were vented out with that exhale!

"This dish is delicious!" Yan Yu exclaimed inwardly. His eyes were complicated as he licked the porcelain spoon.

Looking at Bu Fang, Yan Yu had so many thoughts lingering in his head. He had to admit that he somewhat underestimated this young chef.

The others also grabbed their spoon and took a spoonful of soup.

Mu Cheng was also curious. Even she had to scratch her head to think as she didn't know how to take all the meat out without tearing the fish skin.

Perhaps it was because of her gender, she was very meticulous, and her knife skills were also exquisite. That was why she was wondering how Bu Fang could even stuff the fish meat back and steam it, and made it look as though it had never been touched.

Filled with curiosity, she opened her red lips, taking in the thick soup into her mouth.

"Hmm... Ahh..." The instant numbing feeling made Mu Cheng's body almost convulse. Her skin reddened immediately as the steaming hot soup and fish meat exploded in her mouth. The numb attribute in the fish meat made her clamp her legs.

Her hair fluttered, her face blushed, and her eyes went blurry. She had a feeling that she was stripped off and rising with the sea waves! The fish meat cubes, which emitted thunderbolts, were swimming around her, making her feel numb continuously.

There was only one word to describe Mu Cheng's feeling now-pleasurable!

Her groaning subsided. Under people's curious looks, Mu Cheng's eyes were like the autumn lake amidst a blushing face. She was unexpectedly embarrassed-it was truly a dish that made people lose control.

Her complicated eyes observed Bu Fang, taking in his vermillion robe, his black-and-white bandage on his arm, and his emotionless face.

She couldn't help but sigh. He didn't come with goodwill.

The diners around looked at the projected image, gulping their saliva continuously as they watched. Seeing that the judges had different colors on their faces after tasting the dish made their hearts itchy.

"Is his dish really magical?"

"His knife skills are astonishing, but does it really taste good?"

Many people reined in their excitement. However, in the next moment, they were in an uproar.

"My God! Goddess Mu Cheng's stance... I'm so falling in her hands!"

"Clothes explosion! The Great Elder's clothes exploded! Did you see that? It's the legendary clothes explosion!"

"Simply amazing! Simply exquisite! That knife skill is so terrific!"

The clamorous uproar boiled the entire Gluttony Square in just a moment.

Watching this scene, Bu Fang was calm. In his opinion, it's just a normal reaction.

Victory or defeat... It's already determined.

Wenren Chou had clearly improved. Through the Road of Gluttony, he had grown up a lot and changed dramatically. His cooking skills were more enhanced, and he had even formed his own style, which was the most important element of a first-grade chef.

However, if he was thriving, so was Bu Fang.

In this Chef's Challenge, he was defeated.

Chu Changsheng also knew this, and he could not help but sigh. It was really distressing to think that Wenren Chou fought against Bu Fang and lost again.

At this moment, Wenren Chou was dumbstruck. A second later, his eyes moved and were filled with disbelief.

He lost again? Why... What just happened?

He had painstakingly crossed the Road of Gluttony and became a first-grade chef, so how come he didn't win? Why did he still lose?

His eyes turned wild. They swept over the entire place and saw the others giving him pitying looks.

Oh, f*ck your sympathy! I don't need it!

Wenren Chou roared in his heart. Those people didn't know what he had experienced on the Road of Gluttony!

"I don't believe it!" Wenren Chou's face twisted as he crazily shouted at Chu Changsheng and the others.

"Calm down, you must learn to get used to it..." Bu Fang said calmly. A moment later, he raised his bandaged arm and pointed at the Thunderbolt Steamed Fish before adding, "Why don't you try it?"

Wenren Chou's eyes focused on Bu Fang's dish. He strode to the table and took a spoon, scooping the soup before putting it into his mouth.

As soon as his tongue tasted the thick and aromatic soup, he froze. He stayed put, motionless.

His emotions also came to a halt and subsided.

The audience held their breaths. Wenren Chou's lack of emotion was beyond their estimation. People who knew the situation also gave him sympathetic looks.

The result was clear. Wenren Chou lost.

Wenren Chou's body was stiff, but his hand that was holding the spoon shook hard. Eventually, he couldn't hold the spoon, and he let it drop to the floor, breaking into two.

He lifted his head. His eyes became watery as tears emerged, rolling down his face.

The moment he got the thick soup in his mouth, he knew he was defeated. He felt so numb he didn't know whether he should talk or not.

God had sent this Owner Bu here to torture him!

Sadness deluged his heart as he questioned his very existence. He had just gotten this famous knife and hadn't even warmed it, and it would be taken from him now! How infuriating!

Chu Changsheng looked at Wenren Chou. He sighed before saying, "And now, let's determine the result. Everybody got a vote. Let's vote now."

The audience was speechless. Waiting for the result wasn't really suspenseful.

Wenren Chou came insolently and recklessly, and eventually, Bu Fang had mercilessly subdued him.

As for the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, they all felt a sense of pressure. All of them thought that Bu Fang really didn't come with good intentions!


All of a sudden, a giant beast phantom appeared in the sky. It was the Taotie.

Compared to the White Taotie and the Black Taotie, this Taotie was much more terrifying. Perhaps it was the phantom of a purebred Taotie, which had existed since ancient times.

"Wenren Chou failed the Chef's Challenge. For his penalty, his kitchen knife will be taken from him. But the Chef's Challenge's rule has changed. Wenren Chou can still have his cooking rights. After one month, he is qualified to challenge Bu Fang for another Chef's Challenge..."

The colossal Taotie phantom's booming voice was like a thunderclap in the absent-minded Wenren Chou's ears. A moment later, Wen Renchou's eyes moved.

Everybody was bewildered.

What the...? The rules of the Chef's Challenge didn't sound right. What was happening?