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 That beautifully violent scene gave people a mental and visual impact to their senses. It was as though Wenren Chou wanted to stab his opponent to death. Compared to the slow and relaxing cooking methods of the other chefs, his cooking method from blade to meat was novel and surprising to many people.

It was the cooking method Wenren Chou had learned from the Road of Gluttony. He had studied and developed this cooking method after so many difficulties, and eventually, this had helped him get out of the tough and tortuous Road of Gluttony.

Today, he used this method to wipe out his disgrace.

This was the dish that he had put in all of his body and spirit to cook-Berserk Fried Fish!

Wenren Chou was absolutely confident in this dish. With the famous Snake Chopper and the experience he had gained from the Road of Gluttony, the taste of this dish would go beyond people's imagination!

It was the strongest dish he had now. The thick smell of oil and the fresh aroma of fish permeated the entire spacious yard, making the audience on the Glutton God's Building salivate.

Everyone thought that it smelled so good. The mellow fragrance came with the smell of the marine spirit fish, and the feeling of standing in front of a vast ocean had enchanted them.

The corners of Wenren Chou's mouth rose as he looked at Bu Fang. Indeed, he was very confident. He felt that he would certainly defeat Bu Fang today!

He wanted to take the knife that was taken from him at the previous cooking battle with his real competence! It was the only way to clean his disgrace and wash away the obsession in his heart.

However, no matter how Wenren Chou provoked Bu Fang, the latter remained calm. He didn't mind Wenren Chou's taunts at all. It felt like Wenren Chou was just a clown dancing in front of him who couldn't get his attention.

With his vermillion robe swaying slightly, Bu Fang elegantly carried his dish with one hand and walked toward the table of the judges.

Wenren Chou's mouth twitched, his eyes turning serious. He single-handedly carried a large, round dish. As it moved, the food aroma expanded immediately.

The fish fillets that looked as though they were made of pure gold still wiggled, releasing a different aroma and enticement. Those fillets were arranged to fan outward like a quietly blooming flower, which looked extremely beautiful.

In the middle, Wenren Chou used the fish bones to make a crystal-like tree, showing a bloody and wild beauty.

The projecting formation in the sky of the Glutton God's Building showed Wenren Chou's dish, and the magnificent food on his plate made everybody lift their heads to behold and admire this vision.

The top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony also focused on his dish with a serious face. Wenren Chou's level had reached the first-grade chef. Moreover, his rank wasn't low in this group. With his dish, he was qualified to challenge any of them, and he would likely get the chance to knock them down of their horses.

Whether it was the food arrangement on the plate or the heat control to cook the fish fillets, it was skillful and perfect. It contrasted to the food Bu Fang showed.

After people saw the image from the projecting formation, they stayed quiet for a moment before bursting out their earth-shaking laughter.

Yeah, right, they laughed at his dish. Their jeers and laughter were some of the worst kind of disdainful insult.

Some of them knew Bu Fang, but most of them didn't.

Some of them might know about Bu Fang's real competence. However, many of them thought that Bu Fang was just acting cool. Compared to Wenren Chou's dish, Bu Fang's was a complete mess.

Bu Fang's dish was a fairly steamed fish that was arranged on a plate. Beside the fleshy and delicious fish was a bowl of fish soup that didn't have any fishy aroma. It was decorated with some colorful spirit herbs that emitted some fragrance.

It wasn't really complicated, and it didn't surprise people much.

"Is that the guy who declared to battle against the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony? With such an ordinary steamed fish dish?"

"Did he smash his head against the door on the way in? Daring to show such a plain dish... He threw his own face himself!"

While the others were mocking and ridiculing him, the great chefs from the Tablet of Gluttony's top ten began to assess Bu Fang's food.

All of them furrowed their brows. Of course, they wouldn't just do a one-sided assessment like those onlookers. No matter what, it was Bu Fang's food. How could it be normal? They all knew Bu Fang's level. If he got the guts to challenge them, of course, he wouldn't be that weak.

"This is my dish, Berserk Fried Fish. Please enjoy," Wenren Chou said with a grin. He placed the round dish on the large table before the judges.

The judges stood up.

Chu Changsheng wore a serious face, standing in front of the Berserk Fried Fish. First, he checked the food arrangement. This dish looked better than Bu Fang's standard steamed fish. However, he wasn't so sure about the taste.

Chu Changsheng picked up his chopsticks and grabbed a fillet. The fish felt as soft as tofu, so much so that he could crack it with just a little force.

It was unusual, indeed.

The moment the fish fillet went into his mouth, the meat cracked. Its juice gushed instantly, as if it was a warm current splashing in Chu Changsheng's mouth, directly attacking his taste buds.


Chu Changsheng was surprised. He seemed to have electricity flashing in his eyes.

How could this fish fillet be so soft and fresh? Unbelievable...

The others followed him and put the fish fillets into their mouths. Instantly, the meat exploded inside their mouths, making their hearts shiver. Indeed, they were so thrilled.

"Delicious!" the Sixth Elder exclaimed.

Yan Yu's eyes narrowed. His slight nod showed his agreement.

Liu Jiali didn't like to talk or smile, but he still gave a nod with a serious face.

Mu Cheng beamed attractively. Her tender and beautiful tongue licked her red lips, and she looked as if she enjoyed it a lot.

They all thought it was really delicious. This dish was, indeed, worthy of the guy who could walk out of the Road of Gluttony with the famous knife. His talent was enough to stand together with the other first-grade chefs, and he could even top that group.

The audience could hear their stomachs growl while looking at the projection. At the moment, the fish fillets were still releasing steam. Since they were stir-fried, they were still moving with sufficient color and taste, and this made many people gulp down their saliva.

It was actually a dish that provoked people's appetites.

Chu Changsheng didn't say anything, but his clothes were expanding.

"My God! The Great Elder's clothes are expanding! Does that mean he recognizes the dish?"

"If it makes the Great Elder's clothes expand, it'll be enough to tell how delicious that dish is. I really want to try it!"

"I want to eat it! No one should stop me!"

The diners were discussing and chirping continually. This dish made them move restlessly.

Wenren Chou felt pleased when he saw the crowd's reaction. It should be like that. Getting out of the Road of Gluttony, Wenren Chou had pledged that his food must not be ordinary. It must make people admire and respect him.

He turned to check Bu Fang's reaction. He expected to see his opponent's surprised face, but he was wrong.

Bu Fang didn't have any emotion on his face at all, and it made the other feel a twinge in his balls.

Bu Fang's calmness confused Wenren Chou. Was his magnificent food not enough to shake the guy?

"Owner Bu, don't you want to taste my dish?" Wenren Chou looked Bu Fang in the eye, his aggressive face looking as if he wanted to provoke him.

Bu Fang looked at Wenren Chou skeptically. When he saw the excitement in the latter's eyes, he was surprised. Frowning, he used the chopsticks to grab a fillet and brought it to his mouth.

His brows rose. Then, he put the chopsticks down, staying silent.

His calm posture agitated Wenren Chou.

What did he mean? Was he looking down on my food?

"It's my turn. Please taste mine," said Bu Fang, pointing at his by-the-book steamed fish on the table.

However, except for the judges and the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, the others were still excitedly talking about the Berserk Fried Fish. Looking hopeful, they really wanted to taste it, and they acted as if they had forgotten Bu Fang's dish.

Bu Fang didn't mind that negligence at all. He calmly watched the judges' eyes move from the Berserk Fried Fish to his steamed fish.

In the next moment, green smoke wound around Bu Fang's arm, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

The kitchen knife spun as Bu Fang calmly flourished it. Then, he forcefully wielded it to cut open the fish's belly.

The knife light looked as though it had just slashed through the night, ripping apart the curtain of darkness.


A clear noise echoed following by the murmuring sound of some water stream.

The entire large square of the Glutton God's Building quieted down at this moment.

Yan Yu and the others gazed at Bu Fang's steamed fish, their eyes widening at the sight.

Beams of light fanned from the fish's belly. The golden light shone on Wenren Chou's face, illuminating his fear.

When the fish's belly parted, a thick and gleaming soup rolled from the fissure. The gemstone-like cubes also rolled out, and flashes like lightning bloomed in each cube.

Everybody felt goosebumps rise on their skin. This image was dreamy, but it actually brought a violent visual impact.

The knife light flashed again, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife turned into green smoke, vanishing in an instant.

Bu Fang's vermillion robe fluttered in the wind as he said casually, "Thunderstorm Steamed Fish... Please enjoy."