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 Bu Fang's eyes were indifferent, carrying the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, which now looked like a chopper after receiving his true energy. He glanced through the scene, his voice cold and harsh but filled with boundless confidence.

Bu Fang's haughty stance astounded the people around him, their eyes disbelieving.

This kid actually dared to challenge the Top Ten of the Tablet of Gluttony single-handedly! Too crazy!

Bu Fang shook his head faintly. He didn't think it was crazy. If he wanted to become the God of Cooking that topped the food chain in the fantasy world, he had to be daring and confident. If he didn't, he might as well give up on it.

Contrasted to Bu Fang's haughty appearance, many people on the Valley of Gluttony's side were enraged by his arrogance. However, even though they were angry, no one stepped forward. If anyone of them made a step forward, it meant they accepted the Chef's Challenge.

As chefs of the Valley of Gluttony, they weren't unfamiliar with the Chef's Challenge. To that sort of match that they had to bet their future on, of course, they wouldn't dare to have the slightest bit of carelessness. Thus, no one wanted to stand out.

Of course, someone disdained the other, so he didn't want to take action. Yan Yu narrowed his eyes, his handsome face wearing a smirk.

He was a special grade chef. He was absolutely confident of his innate cooking talent. Since he ranked first, his cooking level wasn't something that that young chef could compare with. Thus, he disdained to take up the Chef's Challenge against Bu Fang.

If the Great Elder hadn't insisted, he wouldn't have appeared in this Chef's Challenge in the first place.

Mu Cheng, ranked second, also had superb talent. She was the only female chef out of the top ten on the Tablet of Gluttony. However, she was stronger than many chefs, which solidified her position on the tablet. Although she wasn't extremely beautiful, she got the charm of a mature woman.

She looked at Bu Fang, pursing her red lips. She hadn't said anything, but her eyes were teasing him. This was the first time she ever met such an arrogant person who dared to challenge the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. She was, indeed, curious.

After talking, Bu Fang remained silent for a long time. Everybody was clamoring, but they didn't pay attention to him.

Ouyang Chenfeng looked a little disappointed. He didn't understand why Bu Fang wanted to come here and do the Chef's Challenge. Anyway, this little fellow's cooking skills weren't bad. He cooked good noodles, though. Also, during the Glutton God's Banquet, he had almost defeated that famous chef. However, in that match, Wenren Chou didn't perform his best.

Bu Fang frowned, thinking, "These people... No one wants to battle?"

"I will! If you don't want to fight, let me come! I must take revenge! I must wipe out this insult!"

At that moment, while the ten chefs were still hesitating, an almost-crazy voice bellowed through the crowd.

Everybody was surprised. They turned and saw crazy-faced Wenren Chou!

Disheveled Wenren Chou gazed at Bu Fang, his eyes bloodshot. He walked out of the crowd, step by step, grinning like a venomous snake.

Bu Fang's first Chef's Challenge was with Wenren Chou.

And, as Wenren Chou was defeated, his kitchen knife and cooking rights were deprived from him. Chu Changsheng had helped him relieve the Pledge of Gluttony and made him remember his insult. Afterward, he entered the Road of Gluttony to cultivate his cooking skill ascetically.

And today, he walked out of the Road of Gluttony together with the other ten chefs. No one knew what level his cooking skills had reached.

Even Chu Changsheng didn't know.

Seeing Bu Fang as soon as he got out of the Road of Gluttony, it was understandable how excited Wenren Chou was. Since he had persisted and survived the severe Road of Gluttony, where had buried a lot of white skeletons, Wenren Chou had depended on his wrath and wish to take revenge.

Indeed, just like what he had just yelled, he wanted to take revenge. He wanted to wipe out that disgrace!

The others didn't expect that the first one to come was Wenren Chou. However, they thought that it was good to let him test that kid's foundation. Since he had survived the Road of Gluttony, his cooking skills could reach first-grade. Even though he couldn't catch up with the top ten chefs, he was qualified for a battle.

Bu Fang carried the Dragon Bone Kitchen knife, his indifferent eyes moving, falling on Wenren Chou.

Wenren Chou looked helter-skelter, but he got ferocious eyes, which made Bu Fang slightly frown.

"You, what's your rank on the Tablet of Gluttony?" Bu Fang asked with an unconcerned face.

People were bewildered.

Wenren Chou was also bewildered. Then, his face turned furious. "Owner Bu, you have forgotten me! I will never forget you! Even though I'm not on the Tablet of Gluttony, my competence won't let you off this time around!"

Hiss... Hiss...

Wenren Chou was excited. He stuck his red tongue out, licking his red lips, as his crazy eyes glared at Bu Fang. "Come! They don't want to fight you, but I do!"

"Ah... You're not one of the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony." The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched as he cocked his head and looked at Wenren Chou. "Since you're not in the top ten, I don't want to challenge you. You're not qualified..."

Hearing Bu Fang say that deliberately, everybody was perplexed.

Wenren Chou's excited face froze in shock. A second later, a furious expression replaced it as he shouted crazily, "What right do you have to look down on me? To defeat you, do you know what I had to endure?"

"Because you are not one of the top ten," said Bu Fang, his face emotionless.

Wenren Chou went almost insane. Bu Fang didn't accept his challenge simply because he wasn't in the top ten? He had missed the Glutton God's Banquet. If he wanted to challenge the top ten chefs, he would have to wait for a long time. Naturally, Wenren Chou didn't want that.

The chefs of the Valley of Gluttony couldn't help but furrow their brows.

Ouyang Chenfeng's eyes darkened. It seemed that Bu Fang was very determined in this Chef's Challenge. If that's the case...

Ouyang Chenfeng took one step forward, looking at Bu Fang seriously as he said, "It's not impossible to carry out a Chef's Challenge, but you have to show us that you're qualified to challenge us. Therefore, you must show your power. Defeating Wenren Chou will be the chance for you to showcase your real competence."

"Not bad." Standing in the distance with his thick aura, Chu Changsheng smoothed his white beard. He nodded his head as he agreed with that suggestion.

Yan Yu wore a mocking face, looking at Bu Fang.

Mu Cheng, the beautiful lady, acted the same. As they were the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, they got their pride and arrogance. Each of them got heaven grade talents-the true top chefs-so how could they accept the Chef's Challenge so casually?

Liu Jaili was a slim, brown-skinned man with tied blonde hair. He was wearing a black chef robe, which somehow made him quite aloof. With exquisite cooking skills, he ranked third on the Tablet of Gluttony. His deep eyes were studying Bu Fang.

At this moment, it seemed every chef was looking at Bu Fang the same way.

So, he wanted to challenge them? He must show that he was worthy first, or else, why would they waste their time to battle a little chef?

"Come here!" Wenren Chou opened his mouth, his eyes turning crazy. A Chef's Challenge against Bu Fang had become his obsession. This time, he must defeat Bu Fang to wipe off that disgrace!

As for Bu Fang, he wore an indifferent face as usual. Despite their mocking expressions, he looked forward to their challenge. He knew that if he wanted to challenge those chefs, he must defeat that extremely insane Wenren Chou first. Well, so be it then.

"We better get this done quickly. I'm in a hurry." Bu Fang glanced at Wenren Chou. His fingers moved, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in his hand. "The first Chef's Challenge... will be you again!"

As the kitchen knife spun in Bu Fang's hand, the shiny gold hue slowly dimmed. The knife returned to the form of an ancient-style, shiny-black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. He then pointed the knife at Wenren Chou.

Wenren Chou rolled his eyes, his mouth cracking a crazy smile. He clutched his disheveled hair, facing the sky and laughing. "Come! I'm so thirsty I can't stand it anymore!"


Red light bloomed in Wenren Chou's eyes. In the next moment, a sword light slashed, cutting through the air in just a wink.

A slender, silver kitchen knife emerged from Wenren Chou's hand. It was crystal-silver, square, and sparkling with radiance. It was bright enough to reflect the chef's appearance. The tip of the knife was sharp like a twinkling star, which was buzzing unceasingly.

"I suffered so much on the Road of Gluttony to get the famous knife, Snake Chopper! This time, I'm using this to chop off that insult!" Wenren Chou laughed crazily. His kitchen knife moved, sending knife radiance everywhere.

Listening to Wenren Chou, the others took a deep breath. This fellow obtained fortune in his misfortune. Indeed, he was lucky to get the famous knife from the Road of Gluttony!

The entire Valley of Gluttony had around ten famous knives.

Even the top ten chefs controlled around five knives. Chu Changsheng got one, and the Valley Master got one. The other three were lost somewhere in the Road of Gluttony, so only the lucky ones could see and get them.

No one had ever thought that the God of Luck would come to Wenren Chou. He, a loser, got one of the famous knives! With that knife, his cooking skills could reach the level of the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony!

"Good, don't talk nonsense then. We better start quickly," said Bu Fang. He had no fear for the famous or excellent-something kitchen knife.

The God of Cooking's set, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, would be enough to crush anything that was called a famous knife!

"Good. As you guys got a mutual agreement. We will do the Chef's Challenge. It'll start in one hour. The theme of this battle is... fish."

Chu Changsheng checked the two of them. Then, his meaningful eyes fell on Wenren Chou as he said the last word with emphasis.

Wenren Chou shivered. Fish?

Back then, the theme of his Chef's Challenge against Bu Fang was also fish. And he... lost that battle.

Chu Changsheng wanted to help Wenren Chou wipe out his frustration. Only by gaining victory in this would help redeem the latter and remove his shame.

Bu Fang glanced at Chu Changsheng and pouted his lips. Of course, he understood the old fogey's idea, but he didn't object anyway. Just as he had said earlier, he wasn't afraid, so nothing could stop him!

"You got the time it takes to drink a cup of tea to think about your dish and declare the ingredients you want. An hour later, the Chef's Challenge will start," Chu Changsheng said. Then, his thought changed.

In the next moment, the entire Gluttony Square began to shake hard.

Boom! Boom!

The arena split, and two exquisite, separate stoves arose. The closed windows of the Glutton God's Building rattled open.

Many people in the Glutton God City were surprised. A moment later, they were astonished.

Somebody is having a cooking battle in the Glutton God's Building?

After being surprised, they stood up excitedly, rushing toward the Glutton God's Building. In one hour, the entire place was packed. People surrounded it just like the lively atmosphere of the recent Glutton God's Banquet.

The news that Bu Fang wanted to challenge the top ten chefs had been spread wide and fast, passing from one to ten, and from ten to a hundred.

Thus, the onlookers began to surround and densely pack the Glutton God's Building.


An hour later, Bu Fang and Wenren Chou walked to their own stoves. The ingredients they had told Chu Changsheng were all transported there.


A bell resounded.

With eyes like lightning, Chu Changsheng announced the Chef's Challenge to begin.

Rumble! Rumble!

Indifferent Bu Fang and crazy Wenren Chou began to pull off the sheets that covered their cooking ingredients.

Instantly, they revealed the fish they had chosen to cook...