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 Xiao Ya clutched Bu Fang's thigh. Two people and a robot stood inside the array, enduring the roaring wind. They were about to teleport.

Bu Fang said that after three days, he would take Xiao Ya back to the Valley of Gluttony. Thus, Bu Fang came there to fulfill the quest, and he brought Xiao Ya along because of the promise with Chu Changsheng.

The wind howled and roared, rolling the dried leaves on the ground into the sky.


By the Sunset Lake

A while halo emerged, and a moment later, an array appeared in the void. Inside, three figures were visible amidst the shifting space.

Xiao Ya was small and cute, while Bu Fang looked slender. As for Whitey, it appeared colossally fat.

Oh, Shrimpy was balling and bubbling above Whitey's head.

As the array vanished, the wind subsided. Bu Fang took Xiao Ya, who was standing by the Sunset Lake, while Fatty Whitey stood behind them.

The bright and beautiful sunlight shone from the sky, making the Sunset Lake sparkle. The radiance on the lake surface looked like broken gold here and there as a gentle breeze brushed over it, bringing cool air and water vapor.

Rumble! Rumble!

The lakewater rose high. A moment later, a giant head emerged from the water surface.

Gurgle. Gurgle.

Bubbles surged. The head was really massive, with a pair of sharp eyes with sickle-like pupils. It was the Ancestral Alligator, who was lurking in the lake.

After the White Taotie broke the seal and ran away, it was now the 'boss' in this lake. Since it topped the food chain here, it could do pointless things as it pleased.

Then, it saw Bu Fang, who looked very familiar...


Ancestral Alligator opened its mouth wide. The lake boiled, booming as if it was showing its prestige.

Bu Fang glanced at the big head inside the Sunset lake. He couldn't help but raise the corners of his mouth as he thought, "The White Taotie's meat was so delicious. This Ancestral Alligator's meat shouldn't be worse, though..."

A moment later, an enormous aura permeated from the black-and-white bandage on his arm. As it diffused, the Ancestral Alligator shivered. It burped a bubble then quietly sank into the lake.

You didn't see me... You didn't see me...

It must be the Ancestral Alligator's soliloquy right now.

Since Bu Fang had fused with the Black and White Taoties, he naturally got the aura of the White Taotie that had subdued the Ancestral Alligator for so many years.

The Ancestral Alligator didn't dare to act recklessly when it sensed the familiar aura. It didn't dare to mess around. The White Taotie was really formidable! What would it do if it got eaten? Thus, Ancestral Alligator plunged itself immediately into the waters, not even daring to leave a fart behind.

Bu Fang didn't mind that toy. He patted Xiao Ya's head, then headed toward the Glutton God City. Today, he came here to challenge the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. He was in no mood to do anything else.

Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled, following Bu Fang.

Shortly, they arrived at the Glutton God City.

As the Glutton God City had just experienced a great battle, its defense was now tougher. More guards were walking back and forth on the city walls.

When those guards saw Bu Fang, they were surprised. Then, they came over to stop him. The patrol leader was wearing war armor, squinting as he walked toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang's face was indifferent. He pulled Xiao Ya's hand and kept moving forward.

The guard rolled his eyes angrily. He was about to chase after Bu Fang, but a senile voice arose in his ears before he could shout.

"Great... Great Elder?" The guard was bewildered. That voice surprised him.

"Don't stop him. Let him pass," Chu Changsheng ordered. His voice was soft and hoarse, but it was like a thunderclap in the guard's eyes, making his heart shiver.

Without a single doubt, Bu Fang was given a pass. He brought Xiao Ya, entering the Glutton God City.

The Glutton God City was still lively and bustling as usual.

Although Xiao Ya had visited this city before, she was still attracted by the colorful goods and eye-catching food.

On the other hand, Bu Fang didn't stop. He brought Xiao Ya toward the Glutton God's Building. This time, the Chef's Challenge would be held there, just above the Gluttony Square.


Road of Gluttony

A space crack appeared in the void. Slowly, shadows began to walk out of it.

Yan Yu got out the first. He didn't look different from the time before he had entered the road. To many people, it was a life or death challenge when they walked on the Road of Gluttony. However, to him, it was just like a relaxing walk.

Behind him were Mu Cheng, Liu Jiali, and the others.

It was just three days, but their auras had significantly changed. They gave the impression that their lazy disposition had changed in an earth-shattering way.

When the last person finally walked out of the space crack, Chu Changsheng's eyes shrank.

That man's long hair was disheveled, his eyes indifferent. His expanding aura seemed to be boundless.

As soon as he got out of the crack, he glanced at Chu Changsheng, speaking haltingly from the corners of his mouth. However, he made no sound.

"Wenren Chou..." Chu Changsheng murmured.

He had assumed that Wenren Chou was dead in the Road of Gluttony. He actually didn't expect to see him get out. Moreover, if one were to look at his posture, he seemed to gain something. He must have made some progress.

"Teacher, I'm back!" Wenren Shang looked at Chu Changsheng and finally opened his dry mouth. His voice was hoarse, which made people's minds tremble.

Chu Changsheng sighed with emotion inwardly. Then, his eyes flashed with radiance.

"Didn't expect that you could get out. Good. Didn't you say that you wanted to defeat the one who had defeated you in a Chef's Challenge? Your chance... is coming," said Chu Changsheng calmly.

Wenren Chou's soulless eyes moved. A second later, they became crazy!

"I will definitely defeat him!" Wenren Chou roared, clutching his head. His eyes turned even wilder as he said that.

"You'll get the chance. Follow the others," said Chu Changsheng.

They turned around, heading to the light of the Glutton God's Building. After a while, they reached the Gluttony Square. The Road of Gluttony wasn't far from it.

At the moment, Bu Fang hadn't shown up yet.

No one spoke. After experiencing the Road of Gluttony, they realized what was called difficulty. The three-day special training was a mental baptism to them.

"Hey, that arrogant little chef hasn't come yet?" Wenren Shang was a little impatient, walking to the Glutton God's Building. He was also the one with the slightest change. He was still reeking of alcohol, still wanton and unrestrained.

Chu Changsheng shot him an indifferent glance, saying nothing.

All of a sudden, their eyes turned to the crossroad in front of the Gluttony Square.

The great doors of the Gluttony Square slowly opened, squeaking heavily. Sunlight came through the open doors.

In their sight, they could see three black figures, whose shadows stretched long under the sunlight.

In the silent scene, the faint stepping sounds lingered in their ears.

Everybody pulled themselves together. Their eyes became sharp, watching.

The haughty kid who wanted to challenge the ten of them finally appeared?

After their eyes had adjusted to the sunlight, they finally saw the three clearly-a little girl, a slender young man, and a... chubby iron puppet.

This bizarre combination made people look askance at them. They all thought that the challenger would be an absolutely intimidating chef.

However, who would ever think that the figure in front of them... looked familiar?

Was that the dark horse chef who competed against Wenren Shang in the Glutton God's Banquet with an unexpected result?

When Wenren Shang competed against that young chef, it was greatly astonishing to the others. Many people were shaken by Bu Fang's cooking skills.

"Why is it... him?"

Ouyang Chenfeng was shocked. He didn't think that it was Bu Fang because he had never assumed that the challenger who wanted to defeat the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony would be him.

Er... Bu Fang's competency wasn't sufficient!

Bu Fang's cooking skills weren't bad, but he was just around the first-grade chef, and he wasn't even the peak one. The peak first-grade chef like Zhou Cheng would have more than enough to battle Bu Fang.

This kid who issued the Chef's Challenge... Did he have a death wish?

Wenren Shang's eyes focused. His hand froze while he was about to pour liquor into his mouth. He arched his brows, looking skeptical.

That kid again...

"Interesting..." Wenren Shang pursed his lips. He laughed and got up, taking several swigs of liquor.

Yan Yu's eyes squinted, falling on Bu Fang. He wore a cold smile. That kid didn't give him face, so in this Chef's Challenge, he must teach the boy to behave. Anyway, it's a problem whether this kid could endure until he battles him.

When the Sixth Elder saw Bu Fang, he couldn't help but sigh, realizing that it's that boy again. A moment later, flames were burning in his eyes.

That kid has swallowed my Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame!

In the ground, Wenren Chou gazed at Bu Fang and didn't say anything. However, his breathing became stronger, and his eyes turned bloodshot!

Chu Changsheng looked at Bu Fang indifferently. Bu Fang pulled Xiao Ya, walking to Chu Changsheng's team not far from them. They seemed to be locked in a confrontation.

However, generally speaking, his imposing manner wasn't strong enough. Compared to the bright moonlight-like top ten chefs' aura, Bu Fang's aura was like the light of a firefly. It would be smashed by the bright moon.

"Here you are," said Chu Changsheng naturally.

"I said I would come. I hope the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony won't fail me." Bu Fang wore the Vermillion Robe. Under the pressure, his robe slowly fluttered.

Instantly, Bu Fang's aura came out. That aura was like a fiery flame that soared high!


Green smoke fumed from Bu Fang's hand. In the next moment, the Gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. He then placed it on his shoulder and shot them a glance, saying in an indifferent voice, "Come. Who will be the first chef to do the Chef's Challenge with me?"