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 The Sixth Elder was a little bewildered. What kind of savage kid would want to do a Chef's Challenge against the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony? That young fellow either got his brain sucked out or his head clamped on the door.

Even though he got skills, he could battle against one chef, but ten chefs? Was he underestimating their top ten chefs or the Valley of Gluttony itself?

The Valley of Gluttony was the Holy Grounds of all chefs in the Hidden Dragon Continent. They got all the top chefs of the continent, and the top three were all chefs at special grade level. That was why it would be extremely difficult to challenge one of these existences, let alone challenging all of them.

Moreover, it was the brutal, cruel Chef's Challenge. Once a person failed the Chef's Challenge, there would be no turning back.

That little fellow got the confidence to do a Chef's Challenge against all the chefs? Only a crazy person would do that.

Thus, the Sixth Elder assumed that Chu Changsheng was scaring all of them. How could an awesome chef like that exist in this continent?

Even if they asked Yan Yu, who was ranked first on the Tablet of Gluttony, to challenge every one of the top ten chefs, he couldn't do that. Every Chef's Challenge would cost a lot of effort, so even the special grade Chef Yan Yu couldn't do that.

If the special grade chef who was ranked first on the Tablet of Gluttony couldn't do that, who could?

All of a sudden, the Sixth Elder widened his eyes even further, as though he had just thought of something shocking. Looking at Chu Changsheng's face, a figure emerged in his mind.

Impossible... The fellow Chu Changsheng mentioned... was he Bu Fang, the young chef?

The Sixth Elder recognized Bu Fang. Not only recognizing, even if Bu Fang had become dust and ashes, he could still f*cking recognize him.

Not because of anything else, but because Bu Fang had swallowed the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame he had treasured for years.

Even if he died, he would still remember Bu Fang.

If it were that kid, who didn't know the immensity of earth and heaven, he could be able to think and do something as absurd as this Chef's Challenge.

Anyway, that little chef's cooking talent wasn't bad. However, his cooking skills weren't enough to deal with the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony. If it were that kid, no wonder he wanted to get beaten up.

"You don't need to think much. Call Yan Yu and the others for me. Even though the opponent is weak and just boastfully arrogant, we can't make any mistakes in this Chef's Challenge. It's for the sake of the Valley of Gluttony's future," said Chu Changsheng earnestly.

The Sixth Elder's face shivered. If Chu Changsheng sounded serious, then this matter was really grave indeed.

He didn't ask further. He stood up and disappeared directly in Chu Changsheng's sight.


Noodle King Establishment, Glutton God's City

Ouyang Chenfeng was sitting inside his restaurant, drinking wine and eating his Knife-Shaved Noodles. These nice and chewy noodles were like springs striking against his mouth wall. He enjoyed them a lot.

This Knife-Shaved Noodles was what Bu Fang had cooked. After watching once, Ouyang Chenfeng could cook the noodles. The Noodle King, who ranked tenth on the Tablet of Gluttony, had an absolute understanding of wheat-based food that no one could compete.

All of a sudden, Ouyang Chenfeng gave a look of surprise. He lifted his head to check the door, sensing a familiar figure that was slowly approaching him.

It was the Sixth Elder.

When the Sixth Elder saw Ouyang Chenfeng, he didn't say much. He just nodded then said, "Come to the Gluttony Square. The Great Elder wants to tell you something."

Ouyang Chenfeng's face turned serious. If the Sixth Elder had to come and notify him personally, then it would be something important.

"Come at once."

Ouyang Chenfeng clasped his hands to greet the Sixth Elder. Then, he rolled on his chef coat, finished his wine and his Knife-Shaved Noodles, and strode out of the noodle restaurant.

Rank Ten Chef of the Tablet of Gluttony, Noodles King Ouyang Chenfeng, check.


Inside a tattered bamboo house

The Sixth Elder slowly walked in. As he pushed the gate of the house, the bamboo leaves rattled and fell. Many bamboo leaves scattered, flying and landing everywhere on the ground.

"Sixth Elder must have been in a good mood. Why did you come and visit my elegant but humble little bamboo house?"

Inside the house stood a young man wearing a bamboo hat. He was wearing a rain cloak and a bamboo basket on his back. He smiled at the Sixth Elder while holding a hoe that still had some dabs of fresh soil, while his other hand was clutching a shiny, gem-like bamboo shoot.

The bamboo shoot had some fresh dew on it, which were crystal-clear and indescribably beautiful.

"The Great Elder has something urgent to tell you guys. Please come to the Gluttony Square immediately," said the Sixth Elder.

The young man was surprised. Then, he clasped his hands respectfully.

Rank Nine on the Tablet of Gluttony, Jade Bamboo Shoot Wang Tong, check.


A small, tranquil cottage situated by the Sunset Lake


The door was pushed open, and three little kids ran out, laughing boisterously. The Sixth Elder smiled lovingly, signaling them to be careful.

In response, the kids made a face at the Sixth Elder, then continued running and chasing each other around.

The Sixth Elder walked into the small house and saw a beautiful woman, who was about to serve steaming hot food. When she saw the Sixth Elder, she seized the time and greeted him.

"Sorry for disturbing you, Madam Zhou. Could you tell me where Zhou Cheng is now?" asked the Sixth Elder.

The beautiful woman was surprised, then she answered, "My husband is fishing by the Sunset Lake. He's studying some new dishes."

The Sixth Elder nodded. "When he comes back, please tell him to come to the Gluttony Square. The Great Elder has something important to announce." After saying that, he turned and left.


Since the top ten chefs were all eccentric beings, the Sixth Elder had run around the entire Glutton God's City.

They had astonishing cooking skills, together with an arrogant disposition. Some loved to cook meat only, while some wanted to collect and cook elegant, natural herbal ingredients.

They all had different styles.

Of course, there were omnipotent chefs like Wenren Shang, but they weren't many.

To gather those chefs, the Sixth Elder had to exhaust himself. Luckily for him, Chu Changsheng's reputation was big enough. As they knew Chu Changsheng wanted to summon them, they didn't dawdle. All of them came at once.

The imposing and luxurious Glutton God's Building stood tall after the great battle. After the protection array had fixed the building for a while, it moved and protected the Glutton God's Building from being demolished.

The Gluttony Square was fixed with brand new bricks, stones, and tiles.

A figure was standing in the middle of the spacious Gluttony Square, his cloak billowing. He stood there, but he seemed able to link up the world.

When Ouyang Chenfeng and the others arrived, they saw Chu Changsheng from a distance. After first glance, they all felt his intimidating aura. The pressure had scared them out of their wits.

He was, indeed, worthy of being called the Great Elder, the current pillar of the Valley of Gluttony!

Ouyang Chenfang came first. Following him was a man wearing a bamboo hat and a bamboo basket on his back. On his feet was a pair of straw sandals, and he strode with a smile on his face.

Walking behind this young man was a man with a bamboo hat and a basket of fish.

Ouyang Chenfeng seemed close to them. They nodded and exchanged greetings.

Wenren Shang came, reeking with liquor. He was drinking while walking at the moment.

Next was a fat man who was nipping and chewing a block of raw meat. His eyes squinted, as though he was somewhat contented.

As time flew, the chefs from the top ten of the Tablet of Gluttony had all arrived.

The Sixth Elder came with three people behind him. Those three had special auras. Yan Yu, who ranked first on the Tablet of Gluttony, was one of them.

Two figures walked behind Yan Yu. One of them was shrouded in black, and his face was also black.

The other was an elegant woman with purple hair and ample bosom. Although she wasn't extremely beautiful, she got the aura and style that attracted people's eyes.

These people were the top three of the Tablet of Gluttony.

Rank One, Yan Yu. Rank Two, Mu Cheng. Rank Three, Liu Jiali.

The three of them had completely different auras. As they were special grade chefs, they had been recognized by the Great Elder and many other Elders of the Valley of Gluttony. Their cooking talents were astonishing, and they all had their specialties!

Eventually, all the top ten chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony had gathered.

They looked at the mountain-like and imposing Chu Changsheng, whose back was facing them, with skeptical eyes. They didn't know why the Great Elder had summoned them.

After a while, Chu Changsheng slowly turned to them, his face extremely solemn.

"In the next three days, you guys will be facing a brutal Chef's Challenge."

They were bewildered at first. Then, they burst out laughing.

Chef's Challenge? In the Valley of Gluttony, who dared to carry out a Chef's Challenge with them?

However, shortly, their smiles vanished. Chu Changsheng was wearing a serious face. It didn't look like he was joking.

Someone actually dared to battle against them? Moreover, all of them? Including those Top Three monsters?

Thinking about that, many of them furrowed their brows in surprise.

Wenren Shang swigged his wine and wiped his red face. He raised his hand, and the fuming smell of liquor spread around him. "Can I refuse? I don't want to join a meaningless Chef's Challenge."

Chu Changsheng shot him a faint glance. "No. If the challenger chooses you, you must agree. The result of the Chef's Challenge... relates to the Valley of Gluttony's future."

Everybody shivered, becoming sterner. Chu Changsheng's words were serious and heavy.

Wenren Shang pursed his lips but did not say anything else.

"I know what you are thinking about. You probably think that the challenger is some lunatic. I don't care what you think, and I don't care if a lunatic challenges you in a Chef's Challenge. I just need you to fight against him! You must defeat him! Only by defeating him will you guarantee the future of the Valley of Gluttony!"

Yan Yu gently stepped forward. "Great Elder, don't worry. I will let this arrogant challenger know what desperation means."

Chu Changsheng's eyes were like electricity as he said, "What I need is a hundred percent guarantee. No mistakes should be tolerated! So, in the next three days, I will give you special training! It will ensure your victory in the Chef's Challenge three days later!"

Special training? Everybody clamored. At their level, do they still need a special training course? How funny. Was the Great Elder looking down on them?

"The Road of Gluttony has opened. Get in there. After three days, it's time to show your real techniques!" Chu Changsheng announced in a deep voice.

Everybody was bewildered.

Road of Gluttony? The extremely dangerous Road of Gluttony?

They all took a deep breath of cold air. Is that the so-called special training?

"After three days, let's destroy that arrogant kid!"


Cloud Mist Restaurant, Heavenly Mist City

Three days had passed slowly. During these three days, Bu Fang's restaurant remained open. In this big heaven, doing business was the most important as the profits were actually his cultivation base.

However, at night time, Bu Fang would seriously carry out cooking practices for himself and the special training for Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng.

During these three days, his two apprentices' cooking skills had advanced amazingly, so much so that they couldn't believe it themselves.

When they saw Bu Fang practice his cooking skills, they smacked their tongues in admiration. They finally realized why Owner Bu's skills were so formidable. It was because he had never missed or skipped practicing-he wouldn't let his skills wear out.

The third day came fast.

Opening the restaurant's bronze doors, the warm autumn sunlight shone on the restaurant and Bu Fang's body.

Today, they were still open for business. However, Bu Fang wasn't the chef.

The chefs would be Yang Meiji and An Sheng.

After a three-day training, Bu Fang had helped them grasp the restaurant's menu. Their techniques weren't weaker than Bu Fang, and they could cook and sell his dishes now.

At that very moment, Bu Fang was going to take Xiao Ya to the Valley of Gluttony to meet the appointment they made three days ago.

System's mission: Battle against the Top Ten of the Tablet of Gluttony!

Until now, it was the most difficult mission Bu Fang had ever taken. It was also the most exciting and challenging mission. He could even feel his cells shiver.

He patted the little girl's head. Lifting his head, his eyes were resolute.

Standing behind him, Whitey's mechanical eyes twinkled.

The teleportation array above his head began to move. Shortly, winds roared, and the teleporting process began.

Valley of Gluttony, second entry!