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 The entire Heavenly Mist City seemed to surge at this moment. A spirit energy whirlpool appeared above the Heavenly Mist City, hiding the city entirely.

As the enormous spirit energy was moving, the entire Heavenly Mist City became dark, and the clouds seemed to lose their colors.

Many people didn't know what was going on. They had just endured a terrifying war, and today, a strange phenomenon appeared. The residents of the Heavenly Mist City thought that doomsday came again.

However, some with a vision didn't think like that.

Some expert was breaking through!

Some admired inwardly, while some were excited. Some spread their arms, immersing their bodies in the spirit energy that was so thick it was almost in liquid form.

They crazily absorbed the spirit energy and felt the fresh, comfortable feeling when the spirit energy flooded them and cleaned them.

Some peerless expert was breaking through, and they also benefited from it. It was the principle: You can ride on someone else's success.

This glory would affect many people in a good way as it would give them a significant advantage. Also, when the spirit energy whirlpool appeared as the peerless expert was breaking through, it would thicken the spirit energy in the area several times more.

Cultivating in such a level of thick spirit energy, they could earn more than what they had worked for!


In the restaurant, Chu Changsheng's entire body was blooming with radiance as the white soul ladder emerged above his head.

The seven steps of his soul ladder looked extremely special with some moving lines. Each step was square, and the higher they reached, the more mysterious they would become.

The steps radiated a dazzling white light. The beautiful jade-like light wound as energy surged.

Chu Changsheng became solemn. He opened his mouth, and energy gushed out. His body glowed with sparkles as he was receiving the earth and heaven spirit energy baptism.

It looked like his bones were shining too, which was really magical.

With Chu Changsheng at the center, Nangong Wuque and the others were around him, sitting cross-legged with their eyes closed. They were about to break through as well.

Spirit energy twirled around them. Chains hovered in the air.

After eating a piece of Taotie's hoof, many of them were breaking through at the same time.

Xiao Ya looked at them skeptically. Bu Fang pulled the little girl, rubbing her head with his bandaged hand.

"Bu Fang, boy, you owe me a dish of Sweet 'n' Sour Taotie Ribs. Don't think about forgetting your debt. I'm going to take a nap. When you're done cooking, wake your Lord Dog..." Lord Dog opened his mouth and yawned. He then walked to the Path-understanding Tree to take a nap.

To the dog, the energy inside the Taotie's meat was better than nothing. It was enough for Chu Changsheng and Nangong Wuque to break through, but if Lord Dog wanted to break through with it...

It was impossible, actually.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. This lazy dog had gone too far. He had just eaten the Taotie's hoof, but he still remembered the Sweet 'n' Sour Taotie Ribs.

Bu Fang sighed as he exclaimed inwardly, "Where is the handsome, mighty Lord Dog he used to be?"

"Those kids make a lot of noise to break through... Too noisy." Lord Dog's magnetic voice arose. Then, it laid under the shade of the Path-understanding Tree, drifting away to a nice nap.

Since Bu Fang's breakthrough wasn't similar to theirs, nothing happened to him after having the grilled Taotie's hoof.

Unknowingly, Xiao Ya wasn't affected, either.

As the others were having their breakthrough, Luo Danqing's injuries seemed to be cured. At the same time, his aura was rising unceasingly and immensely. His energy was increasing fast too.

Boom! Boom!

Countless wisps of spirit energy gathered in the sky. The powerful mental energy rose.

Chu Changsheng furrowed his brows, sitting cross-legged. Both of his hands were making strange hand seals as his mind shivered.

Bu Fang's eyes were bright. This was the first time he saw the Divine Soul Realm expert breaking through.

Because of the system, Bu Fang's breakthrough was always silent. It was the first time he saw such a magnificent breakthrough. He was curious, indeed.


After a buzzing sound, Chu Changsheng's body quivered.

Right after that, the mental energy quickly gathered above his head, turning into a little person. It was Chu Changsheng himself.

His white hair and mustache billowed in the wind.

Chu Changsheng's pupils looked earnest and focused. At the Divine Soul Realm, every breakthrough was a challenge.

In the Divine Soul Realm, there were nine steps of the soul ladder. After making each step, the mental energy would grow stronger, and the divine soul would become more intimidating.

That was why a Divine Soul Realm expert with an eight-step soul ladder was considered a top competence in the Hidden Dragon Continent. They were also considered Almighty. They could open the space and travel through it. Simply put, this sort of existence was really powerful!

Since their divine souls were formidable, the space wouldn't erode it. And, with the nourishment from the divine soul, their bodies were much more tenacious than those in the Divine Body Realm!

If the Divine Body Realm were the foundation, the Divine Soul Realm would be the high-story building that was built on that foundation.

The nine-step soul ladder was the tall building. Once the building was completed, they could stand there and watch the creatures below...

The existences at the Divine Soul with a real nine-step soul ladder were the Almighty!

The Almighty, even when they were in the holy lands, were existences that could subdue or protect an entire region. That was why in the other organizations of the Hidden Dragon Continent, their existence was considered pillars.

Above the Divine Soul Realm was the Divine Spirit Realm. To reach that realm, one should step on the nine-step soul ladder and ignite the divine flame in his divine soul. That's how they could become the existence at the true Divine Spirit Realm!

Once they have entered the Divine Spirit Realm, they would become an existence at the sect-founder level. They would be the peak existence of the entire Hidden Dragon Continent!

The White Taotie was a spirit beast at the Almighty level. Of course, strictly speaking, this Almighty wasn't worth the title. Because the White Taotie had just escaped from the seal, it hadn't had time to recover its full power.

Since that was the case, its fighting competence was equal to the experts with the eight-step soul ladder. That's why it was slapped to death under Lord Dog's paw!

No doubt, that fat black dog in the Cloud Mist Restaurant was the spirit beast at the true Almighty level!

And, no doubt that it was also a peak existence at the Great Ethereal Realm among the Spirits of Netherworld.

The tiny person above Chu Changsheng's head wore a stern face. Facing the sky-filling pressure, he began to walk toward the jade soul ladder.

Pressure spread everywhere.


He stepped on the first step.

He didn't cease. He rose his leg, stepping on the second step...

The third step, the fourth step...

On the latter steps, he needed more time to prepare. The higher he got on the soul ladder, the bigger the pressure applied on his mental energy. Also, the impact on his divine soul grew after each step.

Under such terrifying pressure, his steps naturally slowed down.

Eventually, under the harsh conditions, he had stepped on the seventh step.

And, in front of the seventh step was a spirit energy tornado, which looked like a ferocious beast with an open mouth, trying to swallow everything.

Chu Changsheng didn't cease. He continued as one foot of his stepped on the void.

Energy moved. Countless wisps of energy and spirit energy gathered and materialized under his foot. His immense mental energy surged.

Chu Changsheng could feel his energy seethe and boil in his body. The light he was radiating became more dazzling.

Boom! Boom!

The spirit energy whirlpool above the Heavenly Mist City continued to spin with lightning and thunderclaps!

Under Chu Changsheng's feet, white halo congregated and materialized, becoming his new eighth step of the soul ladder.

It was pure white and so dazzling that nothing could compare to it.

The Divine Soul Realm with an eight-step soul ladder. He had finally finished his breakthrough!

Above the eighth step, it was a chaotic black area. The tiny person Chu Changsheng had created watched it for a while then vanished into dots of light...

He couldn't create the ninth step yet.

His cultivation base wasn't enough, and his innate talent couldn't reach it at that moment. Different from many spirit beasts that just needed to survive, he needed to accumulate earth and heaven energy to break through.

One could depend on the bloodline of the Ancient spirit beasts to enter the higher realm. However, human beings couldn't do that. They needed to strive and exert efforts, using their innate talents and astonishing willpower...

And good opportunities.

Chu Changsheng was considered an outstanding character. However, when he reached this level, he was a little confused and dejected.

If he hadn't had a good chance to eat the grilled Taotie's hoof, he didn't know how long it would take to create the eighth step of his soul ladder!

The eight steps were now one, releasing the warm and comfortable light. It shone on people, comforting them.

Light bloomed on all eight steps of the soul ladder. And, from the eighth step, a flow of formidable mental energy shone right at the space between Chu Changsheng's brows. Shortly after, it slowly disappeared as it got absorbed.

Chu Changsheng's eyelids twitched. He slowly opened his eyes, and a light flashed across them. His entire spirit, soul, and energy had become so different.

Parting his lips, he exhaled a mouthful of murky air. It seemed Chu Changsheng looked much younger.

Although he still had white hair and white brows, the gleam in his eyes wasn't less vigorous than a young person's.

Chu Changsheng was really powerful. At the Divine Soul Realm with a seven-step soul ladder, he could confront an existence with Divine Soul Realm with an eight-step soul ladder. He could compete against the real Almighty experts.

And, some monstrous experts with astonishing talents could be called Almighty at the Divine Soul with an eight-step soul ladder because they could travel through spaces.

Boom! Boom!

Everybody retrieved their aura.

Nangong Wuque opened his eyes, which now contained his excitement. He broke through, and his breakthrough wasn't bad. Today, he got rid of the fourth shackle. Just another one, and he could reach the Peak of Divine Body Realm.

This progress made him felt a little crazy.

Today, he could secure his position as the Master of the big first-class family of the Heavenly Mist City. With his competence, he would make the Nangong family thrive fast.

"Unfortunately, Wan'er wasn't here. It's really regretful that she missed this opportunity." Nangong Wuque was a little upset. He should have brought Nangong Wan here today.

Even if he had to use his toe to think, he knew Bu Fang would never sell the Taotie's meat. Thus, it would be impossible for Nangong Wan to have that delicacy and break through!

Of course, he could be thick-faced and beg Bu Fang. Anyway, according to Bu Fang's character, only the Devil knows if he would agree or not.

What if he let Wan'er stick to Bu Fang? Nangong Wuque continued to embrace his idea of having Bu Fang as his brother-in-law. However, thinking and glancing at the Netherworld Ship anchored by the Path-understanding Tree, he dismissed that thought.

Luo Danqing also finished his breakthrough. He had healed his wounds, and his cultivation base increased. He now had the Divine Soul Realm with a four-step soul ladder. Indeed, it was a surprise to him.

Yang Meiji and Sorceress An Sheng had also broken through, and their breakthrough wasn't much different from Nangong Wuque. When they opened their eyes, they were both joyful.

Chu Changsheng's mouth got essence energy. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Bu Fang. For this sudden breakthrough, he had to thank Bu Fang a lot.

However, now that he had eaten, he should take care of the main business.

Chu Changsheng stood up, and his eyes fell on the little girl, Xiao Ya, beside Bu Fang.

Xiao Ya had just eaten a whole piece of grilled Taotie's hoof, but she didn't look like she was about to break through. It made Chu Changsheng's mouth twitch.

Indeed, the Master had placed that thing in the little girl's body! No wonder her petite frame could seal the Black Taotie's soul. And, since the girl got the tonic from that thing, she could endure the harsh attacks from the Taotie's soul and grow up well.

Otherwise, she would have been torn apart by the Taotie's soul!

Not everybody could be a monster like Bu Fang to subdue the Taotie's soul easily. After all, the human body and the spirit beast have big differences.

"Thank you for your generous treat, Owner Bu. But this time, I came here... to bring Xiao Ya back to Valley of Gluttony. Our Valley of Gluttony needs her," said Chu Changsheng with bright eyes.