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 Under Bu Fang's precisely controlled slash, the sharp Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife cut the big Taotie's hoof in half. After that, he contentedly gnawed on his grilled Taotie's meat, not caring about splashing oily juice around his mouth.

Chu Changsheng calmed down. Looking at half of the hoof, his face was neither happy nor upset. Indeed, there was no need to feel bad.

However, compared to the others' big pieces of hoof, Chu Changsheng felt that it was so unfair.

Anyway, he had been cultivating for so many years, so his state of mind wasn't bad. Although he was full of regret, he still picked up his piece of hoof.

The steaming hot hoof released a thick fragrance. Even though it was halved, the sense of aesthetic wasn't affected. And, about his feelings, Chu Changsheng hadn't eaten yet, so he didn't have many things to comment on.

Even though it wasn't a purebred one, the White Taotie's meat was really precious since the entire Hidden Dragon Continent didn't even have several Taoties.

The purebred Taoties were actually the ominous beasts from the Ancient Time. It was really hard to imagine how strong they were. With bits of bloodline, the Black and White Taoties were already very strong, so what would happen if a purebred Taotie appears? Who would win the competition?

The Valley of Gluttony didn't have any official records of the purebred Taoties. That kind of existence might just exist in legends.

Chu Changsheng sighed. The White Taotie was possibly the only Taotie alive in the Hidden Dragon Continent, and now, it became this grilled hoof in front of him. Chu Changsheng couldn't tell whether he was happy or upset.

He bit into it at once. The moment his mouth and teeth touched the meat, oily juice gushed from it, which had an indescribably beautiful golden, sparkling hue. Its thick fragrance also diffused, tickling his senses.

As soon as he got the meat in his mouth, the crispy feeling made the pores on Chu Changsheng's body slightly shrink. His eyes looked panic-stricken.

This feeling... This taste... The amazing fragrance...

So delicious!

Chu Changsheng's heart soared. His mouth began to chew more. This meat texture made them chew more, but it wasn't really tiresome. At the same time, the fragrance continued to expand from the meat. Together with the meat itself, this heady combination made people euphoric.

First, it was too delicious. Second, it was too aromatic.

This type was not similar to any other spirit beast meat. Chu Changsheng, even though he got used to eating delicacies, couldn't help but shudder.

Being the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, his cooking talent was not ordinary. He was a special grade chef of the Valley of Gluttony. Even with his excellent and exquisite cooking attainment, facing the grilled Taotie's hoof made him deeply attracted to it.

Chu Changsheng's eyes brightened. He couldn't help but continually munch, chew, and swallow the Taotie's meat.

All of a sudden, his clothes rose, as though it was billowed out by some invisible force.

"Hahaha! Delicious! It's the best dish I've tasted recently! Haha!" Chu Changsheng looked crazy as light shot everywhere from his eyes and his mouth. As he laughed, oily juice scattered in all directions from his lips.


Chu Changsheng's clothes blasted outwards, turning into pieces of ragged clothes, scattering and falling.

After that, he looked at his ragged clothes and flexed his vigorous muscles. He was baffled.

How long had it been since his clothes last exploded?

Chu Changsheng shook his head, his face emotional. This young chef did possess talent. Only the special grade chefs can cook dishes that made his clothes exploded.

Of course, he didn't take into account the ingredient Bu Fang used for his dish. Because of the excellent ingredient, his delicacy had been enhanced by one more level such that it could explode Chu Changsheng's clothes.

Meanwhile, no one talked as the others were busy gnawing and chewing and on their own Taotie's hooves. They ate until oily juice covered their lips and mouths.

Luo Danqing was eating slowly. Although he looked extremely haggard, his eating manner was really elegant.

No matter what, he was the Jade-Faced Alchemist. His elegant moves were ingrained in his bones.

Elegantly biting at the Taotie's hoof meat, Luo Danqing's exhausted eyes brightened as soon as he got the meat in his mouth.

Of course, the Taotie's meat was too delicious. That fact was indisputable. However, what made him pay more attention was not the deliciousness of it but its spirit energy.

As soon as it got to his stomach, the Taotie's meat had become a swelling spirit energy and essence.

The two kinds of energies immediately became a tonic and healed his wounds.

Luo Danqing felt his wounds itchy. Under the abundant spirit energy, his wounds were healed at a speed naked eyes could observe.

His internal wounds were also slowly healed, and his true energy level had even increased!

It's... the Taotie's meat effects!

Luo Danqing's eyes brightened. From that moment, he didn't mind his elegant manner anymore. Clutching his Taotie's hoof, he chomped and chewed continuously.

At the same time, Nethery had already finished her portion. Since she got the first piece of big Taotie's hoof, it was not surprising that she was already done.

Wiping her greasy mouth, Nethery pouted her lips. There was an excited expression in her eyes.

The swelling essence energy from the Taotie's hoof made her feel so satisfied and comfortable. That comfortable feeling made her sink into it and desire another hoof.

What a pity, there was no more.

With an envious look in her eyes, she watched the others eat theirs.

Lord Dog was focused on his Taotie's hoof. The rolls of fat shook hard on his entire body as he munched. All of a sudden, he sensed a look brimming with anticipation. Glancing, he found that Nethery was looking at his grilled hoof.

That little girl wants to mess with my hoof!

Lord Dog shook his rolls of fat, showing his fangs at Nethery as if he was warning her not to approach its grilled hoof. However, the stuck fibers of excellent Taotie's meat between his teeth were visible, so it made him look a little funny.

Nethery rolled her eyes, her face indifferent. Then, she turned to Bu Fang.

Bu Fang was bewildered as he returned her glance. Both of them wore an emotionless look.

Keeping his deadpan face, Bu Fang ate the Taotie's hoof faster.

Nethery snorted, and a wisp of white smoke shot out of her nose. She didn't bother with the man, turning away to look at Xiao Ya.

Xiao Ya, at this moment, was waving her hands as she had already finished the hoof to the bone.

Good. Although this little girl was tiny, her appetite is big.

Nethery's indifferent look moved, falling to Nangong Wuque, who was not far from her.

Nangong Wuque felt Nethery's look. His pupils shrank. Without a word, he immediately opened his mouth wide and lashed his tongue all over the grilled hoof.

Once that was done, he grinned contentedly afterward.

The corners of Nethery's mouth convulsed. She hated that she couldn't slap that moron to death with her palm.

Without more food to eat, Nethery crawled back to her Netherworld Ship, her heart full of anger. She took a nap shortly after.

The entire restaurant was filled with thick fragrance as the rest continued to gnaw on their Taotie's hoof.

After a long time, everybody was full.

As they got a big chunk of Taotie's hoof into their stomach, they were almost filled to the point of bursting. Leaning against their chairs, they rubbed their bellies with satisfied smiles.

After eating such a delicacy, their happiness was indescribable.

While Yang Meiji and An Sheng leaned against their chairs, the latter's ample breasts gently shivered, attracting people's eyes.

The two of them were Bu Fang's chef apprentices, and now, since they had just tasted the excellent food, they were unceasingly excited. Could they be able to cook the same delicacy in the future?

Both of them really looked forward to it. If they could eat delicious food like this every day, what happiness it would be!

Bu Fang crouched on his chair. He also felt satisfied.

That delicious dish was rare to achieve. Indeed, good quality cooking ingredients would produce more delicious dishes.

"Seems I have to search for more excellent cooking ingredients," Bu Fang thought.

All of a sudden, strong winds arose inside the restaurant.

Chu Changsheng, who was sitting on a chair, got surprised. He sat upright immediately.

His face looked so stunned as he opened his mouth to breathe.


A small whirlpool appeared above his head. It was spinning fast and growing bigger.

If someone stood outside the restaurant at this moment, he would see a spirit energy whirlpool that was around a dozen miles in diameter above the restaurant.

As the enlarging whirlpool continued to gather spirit energy, Chu Changsheng's body glowed and radiated.

Energy dissipated.

Many people were bewildered. Was he about to break through?

A moment later, everybody's expressions shifted.

Nangong Wuque felt the energy in his body wanting to burst out. He sat cross-legged, his clothes billowing without the wind. His energy fluctuated.

Yang Meiji and An Sheng had the same experience. They were all about to break through.

Luo Danqing had soon entered his cultivating mode. Not only his wounds were healed, but his cultivation base had improved a little more.

On the other hand, nothing strange happened to Xiao Ya.

"This little girl has a key in her body that absorbs all the spirit energy. That's why she couldn't break through." Lord Dog said tiredly while watching the scene.

Those people's breakthrough wasn't beyond its estimation. No matter what, the White Taotie was an Almighty Realm spirit beast, so the essence energy and spirit energy in its meat were enough for them to break through.

Moreover, since the meat was cooked well, those people wouldn't be burst off by the abundant spirit energy. The accumulated spirit energy in their bodies would continually and unknowingly change and merge with their cultivation base during their cultivating time.

Thus, within a short time, those kids would get a crazy harvest when they cultivate.

Of course, it happened the same to that old man.

The essence energy and spirit energy from the Taotie's meat was enough for him to support his breakthrough. However, his breakthrough was beyond the ordinary.

No matter what, this old man's cultivation base had reached the Peak of Divine Soul with Seven-step Soul Stair. He almost got the eighth step.

And now, with the support from the Taotie's meat, he had completed his breakthrough.

A spirit energy whirlpool spun above his head. The steps of his Soul Stair emerged one by one...

It looked like he was about to ascend to heaven!