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 Bu Fang returned to the kitchen while the others waited outside. Similarly, he was full of anticipation.

Taotie meat was, so far, the highest level cooking ingredient he had ever encountered. He needed to exert effort to cook such an excellent ingredient well. That was why he thought that he shouldn't use the usual cooking methods to cook it.

Bu Fang rubbed his chin as he sauntered around the kitchen. He was wondering how he should process Taotie's meat.

"What dish should I cook?"

The Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was a must, but he wasn't in a rush to cook that. Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was a dish that Bu Fang had already mastered, cooking it routinely and with ease. It wouldn't take a lot of time, and it would be a big waste if he cooked only Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs using such a precious cooking ingredient.

Although the Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs wasn't a bad dish, it wasn't the best way to cook Taotie meat.

Bu Fang leaned against the stove, his finger gently tapping the kitchen countertop, creating some noises. He rubbed his chin as he squinted, thinking of what to cook.

Taotie's meat, Taotie's tail, Taotie's ribs, Taotie's hooves, Taotie's head...

Wait a minute!

Bu Fang was thinking and calculating. All of a sudden, his eyes shot out dazzling light. The corners of his mouth rose, and his hand suddenly patted the stove.

"Taotie's hooves! I will grill the Taotie's hooves!" Bu Fang's stiff face seemed excited as he grinned.

Grilled Taotie Hooves seemed like a good choice!

"Alright then, I will cook this dish!"

For Lord Dog's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, it would have to wait until he's done with this dish. Anyway, it wasn't easy to grill Taotie hooves. The process would be a little complicated.

His thought flickered as he hauled out the White Taotie's hoof from the system storage bag.

With the system storage bag, Bu Fang just needed to think of the part he wanted to cook, and it would appear to him. Indeed, it was convenient, but the ingredient was not prepared yet.

The Taotie's hoof still had hair.

It was really big, like a giant tree log. The white fur on it still had bloodstains. Its leg had a hoof at the bottom, and claws were growing out of the hoof.

The claws were used to attack, while the hoof was used to stomp on the ground for the Taotie to move.

And this time, Bu Fang selected only the hoof.

Green smoke fumed, and the ancient-style, shiny, black Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged in Bu Fang's hand.

Spinning the knife in his hand, Bu Fang played with it for some time before slashing out. The knife light twinkled continuously, and before long, white fur was peeled off the hoof.

After cleaning off the hair, Bu Fang took a deep breath. Then, his true energy flooded the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The knife enlarged, becoming the Gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on his shoulder.

The kitchen knife slashed all of a sudden, cutting the Taotie's hoof into eight pieces.

After cutting, Bu Fang retrieved his true energy, and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife resumed its black color.

He played with the knife, picking up each piece of hoof. He used a special method to massage the hoof to tenderize the meat. It was a complicated process, but he had done every step meticulously.

After massaging each piece of Taotie's hoof, Bu Fang placed all eight of them into a big basin.

He poured the cool Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water to wash the hoof, cleaning the blood stains away. At the same time, after massaging the meat, some dirt oozed out, which was washed away as well.

Bu Fang had cleaned and rinsed the meat several times until the water was clear.

The black-and-white bandage on his arm swirled around. Instantly, the hefty Black Turtle Constellation Wok arose, settling on top of the stove with a thud.

This kitchen stove had a special spot for the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Putting eight pieces of the hoof into the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, Bu Fang added the cool Heavenly Mountain Spirit Water, but he didn't ignite the stove yet.

He raised his hand and took out an orange-yellow spirit herb from the system storage bag, which looked like ginger. However, it was bigger than ginger and had richer spirit energy.

Cutting several slices of the ginger-like spirit herb, he threw them into the wok. Next, he took out a porcelain jar, pouring the wine in the jar into the wok too.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

The liquor flowed, blending with the Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water instantly.

Bu Fang stepped back. He parted his lips and blew a cluster of crimson Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. This flame wasn't the Ten Thousand Bestial Flame anymore. After fusing with the Valley of Gluttony's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, its power and heat had become more formidable.

Boom! Boom!

As soon as the flame joined the wok, the temperature in the kitchen rocketed.

Since Bu Fang could control the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, he could adjust it with just a flicker of his thought. It was really convenient, to say the least.

This time, Bu Fang decided to blanch with a big fire.

After the time taken to burn a joss stick, the water in the wok boiled up with some light yellow foam, floating on the Gluttony surface.

Bu Fang wasn't idle. He skimmed off all the floating foam.

The Taotie's hoof in the wok slowly changed. Bu Fang sent his powerful mental energy, covering the Black Turtle Constellation Wok to sense how the ingredients changed inside the wok.

Bu Fang's mental energy could sense that the pieces of Taotie's hoof were now like bombs full of spirit energy. If any of them exploded, the spirit energy contained in the meat was enough to cause one person to explode!

The energy in the meat was unusually terrifying!

It was worthy of being called the cooking ingredient he had ever met!

Bu Fang exhaled deeply. However, he didn't dare to relax his mental energy, which was now like a stretched bowstring.

He could feel that it was almost the right time.

Bu Fang retrieved his mental energy and carried out the next step.

When grilling the Taotie's hoof, the pre-processing was very important to make it a delicious dish. If the pre-processing weren't done well, after that, it would be very difficult to make the taste seep deeper.

And, to be more tasty, it required a thick marinade.

Bu Fang got a marinade, but it was used to cook Stinky Tofu. Since it got a strange taste, he couldn't use it to marinate the Taotie's hoof.

Thus, Bu Fang had to buy marinade from the system with a lot of crystals.

Bu Fang walked to the cabinet, where he took the marinade he had just bought from the system. Opening the cabinet, he saw a box with several cubes of frozen marinade inside.

Well, the cubes of marinade weren't bad.

Bu Fang took a cube of marinade then walked back to the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. He didn't change the wok. Instead, he cleaned almost all of the foam and carefully placed the cube of marinade into it.

In just a blink of an eye, the soup rose and engulfed the cube. The color of the soup began to change.

As the frozen marinade cube melted, the brown soup tumbled in the wok. The aroma of spirit herbs and spirit materials blended together and seeped into the Taotie's hoof.

Foam appeared in the wok again, and Bu Fang continued to skim off the foam diligently.

Of course, this time, while cleaning the foam, he also trimmed off the excess ingredients with abundant spirit energy.

Next, he added a bit of Abyssal Chili Sauce. It would make the Taotie's hoof tastier.

After cooking for a while, he skimmed off the foam one more time. When it boiled again, there was no foam anymore. Bu Fang took out some ice crystals that looked like crystal rock sugar and added them into the wok.

Next, he added a bit of soy sauce to make the color of the soup richer, making it more attractive. After that, he waited for it to boil again.

The process of treating the Taotie's hoof before grilling it was a long project. Of course, after spending a lot of time, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok started to diffuse the irresistibly rich cooked meat fragrance.

This meat fragrance seemed to have magic that drew in and settle people's souls. Eventually, its rolling aroma slowly permeated from the kitchen into the dining area.

Those who were sitting at the table were dazed. They wrinkled their noses, taking in the mouth-watering fragrance in the air.

Lord Dog was leaning against the Path-Understanding Tree, snoring. But, soon, it opened its eyes and sniffed. Its eyes looked thrilled after smelling such an aroma.

"Wow, so good! This meat aroma... How could it be so rich? It's lingering in people's hearts and just won't melt away!" Yang Meiji rubbed her big fists as she said this, talking with an enchanted face.

Sorceress An Sheng's ample breasts bounced as she blushed. The smell was so good that she didn't want to let it out after inhaling.

Nethery's eyes brightened as she gazed at the kitchen.

Nangong Wuque's worn-out appearance changed, and his mouth watered. "It smells so good! Too enchanting!"

Luo Danqing opened his eyes and paused the recovery of his injuries. Just like the others, he began to sniff the meat aroma in the air.

Chu Changsheng acted with restraint. No matter what, he was the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony. What food he had never seen? What kind of fragrance he had never smelled?

He looked at the others, who didn't mind their public image, and his white beard raised. Such a bunch of kids that haven't seen enough of society...

Gulp. Gulp.

Chu Changsheng swallowed hard several times. He rubbed his nose and took a deep breath.

The meat aroma attacked his nostrils, making his eyes bright with glee!

"The Taotie's meat is, indeed, worthy of its praise! According to the records of the Valley of Gluttony, it's an amazing delicacy!" Chu Changsheng said in a delighted voice. Now, he was really looking forward to it.

Taotie meat was a high-quality cooking ingredient. Naturally, not any chef could cook it. Without sufficient competence, they would suffer loss from cooking this grade of dish.

Even the First-grade Chefs of the Valley of Gluttony were so sure of being capable of processing this kind of cooking ingredients!

What other dishes Bu Fang could cook?

Chu Changsheng somewhat looked forward to it. He came here to bring Xiao Ya to the Valley of Gluttony to receive the inheritance. But for now, he should taste first the Taotie's meat before leaving.

If he missed that delicacy, it would be a serious mistake, and he would surely regret it.


Meanwhile, inside the kitchen, Bu Fang added a bit of crystal salt into the boiling Black Turtle Constellation Wok, making the dish tastier.

After the soup had been boiling for a while, he retrieved the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

Taking back the flame, he added several drops of specially-made sauce. It wasn't the typical sauce to stir-fry vegetables. It was Bu Fang's special sauce to keep the food fresh and tasty.

At that moment, the first part was done.

He fished out the now orange and cooked pieces of Taotie's hoof, drained them from the soup, and carefully placed them on a fancy, large porcelain tray.

Bu Fang stepped back and took a deep breath.

After the pieces of Taotie's hoof cooled down to a warm temperature, he meticulously smeared each piece with well-prepared syrup.

Bu Fang was now about to start the final step.

He set up the stove, preparing to grill the pieces of Taotie's hoof!