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 Bu Fang carried the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on his shoulder, looking at the White Taotie's body on the ground.

He suddenly felt a little excited. This White Taotie was the cooking ingredient with the highest level he had ever met, so naturally, he wondered how it would taste like.

Bu Fang thought that since White Taotie was said to have been eating a lot of things, its meat should be delicious and nutritious.

The corners of his mouth rose into a grin.

Meanwhile, the White Taotie's soul and the Black Taotie's soul were attacking each other in the void. As they were in the soul form, they were equally strong.

Since White Taotie's soul had just gotten rid of the body, it was in peak condition. And, at the same time, even though the Black Taotie's soul had been confined for a long time, it was refined and had become very intimidating.

The two of them seemed to have equal power.

Naturally, Bu Fang couldn't be bothered with the two clashing souls.

Chu Changsheng looked at Bu Fang, who was so excited. His eyes narrowed as he thought, "Would this kid have any plans with the Taotie's meat? It's the spirit beast at the Almighty Realm... Does he really want to cook it?"

However, seeing the way Bu Fang eye the beast, Chu Changsheng thought this possibility was very likely.

Oh no... This kid did want to do that.

Anyway, Chu Changsheng always felt that Bu Fang wasn't afraid of earth or heaven, so why would this kid be afraid of eating Taotie's meat?

Moreover, Chu Changsheng was a little moved.

Being the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, he had read a lot of books and scriptures stored in the valley's library. As it was the holy land of chefs, most of the books were about food and cooking ingredients.

It was no surprise that he had read some records about Taotie meat.

Actually, the Masters of the Valley of Gluttony were all foodies. They understood the cuisines and many things to a profound level.

Back then, the Master had killed Black Taotie, sealed its soul, and cooked its meat.

The description of Taotie meat in the book would be carved deep into one's memory after a single reading. Of course, Chu Changsheng could still recall the book's contents. Although he hadn't eaten Taotie meat, he knew all about it, based on his knowledge from the book.

And now, thinking about this, his mouth couldn't help but water.

It's the genuine gourmet food!

Since Bu Fang wanted to butcher the Taotie, Chu Changsheng was very moved. Perhaps he could take this chance and enjoy the feast, couldn't he?

Lord Dog lazily walked into the restaurant and crouched under the Path-understanding Tree. After a big yawn, it drifted away in a nap.

Nethery leaned against the door. She also guessed that Bu Fang wanted to cook the Taotie, so she was a little excited too.

That big beast was very powerful, so of course, its meat wasn't ordinary. She wondered how Bu Fang would cook it.

Under everyone's curious gazes, Bu Fang shouldered the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Frowning, he observed the giant body in front of him.

Today, Bu Fang's strength was enhanced. He grabbed the White Taotie and pulled it hard to get it out of the deep ground.

Rattle! Rattle!

Broken rocks fell, scattering around him.

In the void, the White Taotie's soul was fighting against the Black Taotie's soul. Somehow, it could feel its body was moved. Instantly, it roared mournfully.

The beast showed its fangs and claws, attacking Bu Fang.

Although it was just a tattered soul, it wouldn't allow anybody to touch its noble body!

Anyone who dared to touch it... must die!

White Taotie's rampage made many people scream and retreat in fright.

Chu Changsheng's pupils shrank. He was about to take action.

On the other hand, Bu Fang's reaction was really calm. It seemed he wasn't afraid of the Taotie's soul.

As Chu Changsheng was taken aback, Bu Fang raised his arm that was covered in a black bandage.

The Black Taotie paused his pursuit of the White Taotie the moment it saw what was going on. Smirking, it watched the White Taotie's soul dash toward Bu Fang.

That man was hiding three monsters in his body!

You want to die? Okay, go ahead...

Crack! Crack!

The bandage on Bu Fang's arm began to loosen. His arm full of black patterns suddenly released a strong suction force.

Right after that, the White Taotie's soul was pulled into Bu Fang's spirit sea.

The following event was something to be done routinely and with ease.

This time, the three wayward souls didn't show up. However, as Bu Fang used to receive energy boost from the Black Turtle, it was easy for him to crush the White Taotie's soul in his spirit sea.

Eventually, the White Taotie's soul surrendered. It was simply no match for Bu Fang.

In Bu Fang's spirit sea, the White Taotie's soul was tortured pathetically. If it didn't surrender, this kid could actually smash its shattered soul.

Bu Fang opened his eyes. The Vermillion Robe on his body flapped in the wind, and an earthy-colored light flashed in his eyes.

Right after that, Bu Fang gently exhaled.

His right arm changed. His arm that had a lot of black lines now had more white lines. The two sides struggled and burned each other, moving continually.

Crash! Crash!

The black bandage that tied itself tightly on Bu Fang's arm somehow turned slightly white. Eventually, the bandage had transformed into a black-and-white pattern.

The two annoying beasts finally quieted down.

Bu Fang raised his brows. He could feel that the Black Taotie and White Taotie were still fighting and tearing each other inside his arm. Anyway, the Black Tiaotie seemed to get the upper hand. It was devouring the tattered soul of the other little by little.

Perhaps, soon, the Black Taotie would swallow the White Taotie completely.

Glancing at the black-and-white bandage on his arm, Bu Fang pouted his lips reluctantly. He could feel that he was much stronger.

His pure energy had reached an extremely terrifying level. At the very least, it was much beyond the body's strength of a Peak Divine Physique Echelon Realm expert.

Dragging the White Taotie's corpse with one hand, Bu Fang gave it a quick glance before hurling it. The White Taotie's body disappeared as he had stashed it into his system storage bag.


In the void

Wind and clouds seemed to lose their color.

Right after that, it seemed like a pair of invisible eyes appeared in the sky, watching everything that was happening on the ground.

That pair of eyes saw the scene when the White Taotie died. It also saw Bu Fang put its body into the system storage bag.

Right after that, wrath appeared in those eyes.

"Useless White Taotie... You couldn't do anything. I wanted to give you a chance to ascend, but you didn't have this fate."


An indifferent voice resounded in rage. Many sensitive people became vigilant.

Bu Fang was astounded. He thought someone had just called him handsome. However, he turned around to see and found nothing.

Chu Changsheng took a deep breath, his lightning-like eyes shooting up into the sky. He saw the illusion of a pair of eyes slowly vanishing.

That move... He felt that it was somehow familiar! However, he couldn't figure out who did that. He was old, anyway.

Chu Changsheng didn't linger there. He sighed, shaking his head as he focused on Bu Fang.

This kid kidnapped the White Taotie's soul too?

This time, Chu Changsheng looked at Bu Fang with a more... eccentric look.

That look alone was enough to give Bu Fang the goosebumps. He thought, "Why is he looking at me like that?" He wore an impassive face, but he was actually skeptical.

After several steps, Bu Fang seemed to remember something. He turned to the crowd of onlookers and said, "Please leave. We're closed today. We will open tomorrow as usual."

Those people were surprised, but they complied and dispersed immediately. They understood that Owner Bu wanted to ask them to leave.

This Owner Bu was a formidable existence that could torture an expert at the Divine Soul Realm to death.

The air still reeked of blood. And the owner of that blood was... an expert at the Divine Soul Realm with a seven-step soul ladder. He was the sort of expert that they wouldn't even think about in their daily life, and today, he was killed right in front of them.

And who would forget about that giant beast? Although they didn't know what it was, it had shown up imposingly. It had made them shiver, so of course, it wasn't something ordinary.

What a pity, it was killed. A living beast was slapped to death by Lord Dog's paw!

Everybody felt sorry for that giant beast. Why would it have to mess up with Lord Dog? Now, it became a cooking ingredient in Owner Bu's hands.

Many people sighed. They had an eternal regret that they didn't have a chance to eat the dishes cooked with that giant beast's meat. Really regretful.

That giant beast's competence, spirit, and energy in its meat were enough to make people crazy!

"We'll talk inside," said Bu Fang casually as he threw Chu Changsheng a glance. He then walked into the small restaurant.

After a loud boom, the bronze gates closed.

The surroundings were in ruins, leaving the Cloud Mist Restaurant standing alone and intact in the middle of it.

The wind rattled by, rolling sand and dust from the ruin. Several smashed corpses and dark bloodstains were left there.

The array on the ground slowly moved and began to fix the land.

A moment later, indistinct eyes appeared in the sky. They gazed at the Cloud Mist Restaurant in a deep but indescribable way.


Inside the restaurant, Nangong Wuque slumped on a chair, his legs open as if he was extremely tired.

Luo Danqing's wounds were treated and bandaged. No matter what, he was an expert at the Divine Soul Realm. His body was tough enough to endure some beatings.

Nethery stood quietly, her face beautiful but cold.

Chu Changsheng was curiously assessing the restaurant, looking pensive.

At this moment, Xiao Ya was chasing Eighty around the restaurant, giggling and laughing cheerfully.

Eighty looked as if it was encountering a ghost, running wild and clucking unceasingly.

Whitey had returned to the kitchen. Standing by the kitchen entrance, its mechanical eyes continually twinkled.

These people were waiting for Bu Fang to cook the White Taotie's meat. They wanted a real treat.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't deny them this treat. After all, it was a giant White Taotie, so there was definitely enough for everyone to eat together.

Anyway, Bu Fang didn't say anything. He turned around and walked into the kitchen as he yawned.

He was about to cook Taotie meat.