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 Terrifyingdog's energy gathered quickly, and a massive dog's paw illusion was created in the sky.

White Taotie, with its open mouth, slowed down. It looked at the dog's paw, its eyes widening in fear as soon as it recognized it.


The dog's paw crossed the sky, slapping White Taotie's head.

With a loud rumbling noise, White Taotie was patted and pounded into the ground. The entire earth was shaken, sending rocks and dust everywhere.

White Taotie was dumbstruck. Then, it was enraged once again. Opening the mouth wide, the beast rolled once and got up from the ground as murderous intent flashed in its eyes.

That dog's paw again!

Back then, that paw had also stopped it from swallowing Taotie's soul. But now, he would make sure it won't happen again.


The white, spinning vortex released a terrifying suction force.

Lord Dog watched White Taotie get up from the ground. The latter roared, rolling its white eyes as it faced the sky.

Right after that, the exquisite power slapped White Taotie's head one more time.

However, this time, White Taotie didn't dodge. Instead, it ran fast toward that paw, as though it couldn't resist it.

White Taotie flashed, and it looked hard to catch the beast in the void due to its fast speed.

Throughout this, White Taotie even had the urge to swallow the dog's paw in one bite.

The white hole revolved fast in its mouth. Then, White Taotie actually bit the dog paw energy that was being wielded in the air. Unexpectedly, it wanted to turn from being passive to active and devour that dog's paw.

However, the idea is fat, but the reality is bony.

White Taotie couldn't bite the dog's paw because the other side of its head was slapped. After another resounding boom, White Taotie fell on the ground once again.

Chu Changsheng was dumbfounded.

After watching White Taotie get up and being pounded to the ground one more time, he couldn't help but feel astonished. The corners of his mouth convulsed as he couldn't believe his eyes.

After White Taotie got rid of its seal, it was so intimidating-it could be considered Almighty. But at this moment, White Taotie the Almighty was like a dead dog. It was slapped by the dog's paw in the sky, leaving it no dignity.

Holy sh*it! What? That dog's paw again?

Of course, Chu Changsheng knew this paw. If it weren't for this dog's paw, White Taotie had already swallowed the Black Taotie's soul.


Whitey soared up from the ruin. The God-Slaying Stick in its hand glowed iron-red again.

However, seeing White Taotie lying beaten on the ground, its eyes became skeptical. It retrieved the God-Slaying Stick, scratching its round head suspiciously. The spikes on its body retracted.

Bu Fang was indifferent, watching White Taotie being pounded to the ground twice.

The beast had come to him deliberately. It still wanted to... Didn't the old fogy Chu Changsheng say that this toy was sealed?

Last time, White Taotie had shown off a lot. This filthy animal had screamed at Bu Fang's face many times. Today, in the Cloud Mist Restaurant, this dude was still fierce. Did he really want to court death himself?

Lord Dog walked its feline gait, rolls of fat shaking on its entire body.

White Taotie stomped on the ground, struggling to get up with an open mouth. Countless wisps of energy congregated in front of its mouth, creating a formidable, brutal energy ball.

That energy ball contained extremely terrifying energy. As soon as it had started to condense, the void began to twist, and its eyes flashed with a savage gleam.


However, the dog's paw came again, hitting its head before it could shell the energy ball. The energy ball was dissolved immediately, vanishing into thin air.


The dog's paw disappeared, and instead of the paw, a super fat black dog with a feline gait sauntered over.

The black dog gracefully walked, and shortly, it came to White Taotie.

Naturally, Lord Dog was much smaller than the White Taotie's giant body. However, the calm and lazy poise from that fat dog was something so disbelieving to the latter!

"Since we don't have the Sweet 'n' Sour Wolf Ribs, can we have a bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Taotie's ribs instead?" Lord Dog stuck its tongue out, panting with eagerness.

White Taotie stood up and tilted its head down to look at Lord Dog, its eyes cold. The spinning energy in the white hole was really frightening. It was the unique intimidation of Taotie.

Too bad that this White Taotie was too weak.

As Chu Changsheng and the others heard Lord Dog, their brows twitched.

This fat dog wanted to eat the White Taotie? Was he going to show the real body of that dog's paw?

Many people gasped and had to take in a breath of cold air.

Bu Fang leaned against the door, looking at the giant Taotie with bright eyes. He had never had Taotie meat before. He wondered what it would taste like. It wouldn't hurt to try it once.

"Perhaps Taotie meat won't be bad," Bu Fang smacked his lips.

When Lord Dog heard Bu Fang's answer, its eyes brightened. At this moment, its lazy poise slowly disappeared.

White Taotie looked at the fat dog like a filthy ant, roaring as if it could shake the entire sky. It now had an urge to swallow the opponent immediately!

Lord Dog slowly raised the dog's paw, patting again.

Another loud boom reverberated. White Taotie was pounded to the ground, making a large dent.

"You filthy animal. You got a lot of meat in you. Not bad..." Lord Dog said.

Everybody was speechless.

Well, looking at the rolls of fat everywhere on Lord Dog's body, where did he get the courage to say that White Taotie had a lot of meat?

White Taotie sensed the ridicule in Lord Dog's words. However, being hindered from ascension by a black dog, White Taotie was very indignant.


Its mouth opened wide, roaring like the morning bell and evening drum, and the surrounding ground blasted. White Taotie howled crazily at Lord Dog. As it couldn't sense Lord Dog's aura, it still dared to scream and roar.

However, Lord Dog's response to White Taotie was simple but savage. Arching its brows, its mouth opened wide, as though it had become a massive shopping bag.


A dog bark came with intimidating aura and pressure. A strong gust of wind rose. It rolled so many rocks and chips on the ground up into the sky, scattering them everywhere!

White Taotie had to take several steps backward because of Lord Dog's barking. The beast felt dizzy as it continually heard the buzzing noises.

"That... Dog... Too powerful!"

Watching the White Taotie being subdued single-handedly, Chu Changsheng's expression became more solemn.

White Taotie wasn't willing at all. Today, it had just broken the seal. It was in its best condition. It just needed to find the Black Taotie's soul and eat it to ascend.

However, it couldn't believe that it had messed with this Devil incarnate dog before it could even touch the Black Taotie's soul.


The exquisite dog's paw shook, and White Taotie's head was slapped to the ground again. Rocks and bricks cracked around it.

Lord Dog indifferently wielded its paws. Well, if one paw didn't work, two then.

If two paws didn't work, then three...

The dog's paw patted one time after another. The ground shook hard, cracking and collapsing under Lord Dog's might.

White Taotie's head was pounded deep into the ground. It couldn't even gather a bit of strength to struggle.

More than ten paws were struck, and Lord Dog thought it was almost enough. It could feel the White Taotie's feeble breathing from the ruin.

That breathing was extremely exhausted and desperate.

"Hey, no matter what, you should resist a little bit. If you don't move, it's not fun anymore," Lord Dog said, as though he was somehow speechless. He hovered in the air, licking his paws.

Then, it rose the paw one more time.


The paw smacked down, and energy gathered in midair, becoming a dog's paw.

The earth shattered. White Taotie's body didn't even move.

Dark blood slowly oozed from the ground.

Lord Dog's nose wrinkled as it mumbled something. The dog turned around and walked elegantly back to the restaurant.

"Bu Fang, boy, it's your turn. Later, give me a hot bowl of Sweet 'n' Sour Taotie Ribs." Lord Dog's lazy but magnetic voice arose.

Everybody was silent as they watched the giant body of the White Taotie with its head pounded deep into the ground.

"Crossing thousands of miles to deliver the ingredient... Except for this one, no one would do that!" Nangong Wuqe suddenly burst out laughing, breaking the tense atmosphere.

Chu Changsheng's mouth convulsed. Crossing thousands of miles to deliver the cooking ingredient... You could even think like that. It's the White Taotie, the formidable beast at Almighty Realm!

How could this spirit beast become a cooking ingredient delivered to your door?

Everything... was just a misunderstanding and a coincidence!

He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. But it was true that the tremendous, lively White Taotie was pounded to death by a fat dog's paw!

Chu Changsheng took one step forward and leaped up into the sky. Hovering, he looked at White Taotie's head buried deep into the ground, his pupils shrinking.

The White Taotie's body had some dark energy, like a lingering black smoke.

It was the Spirit of Netherworld's attack!

That dog... is a Spirit of Netherworld!

Too frightening!

Bu Fang answered Lord Dog, then his energy was released a little bit. After one step, he appeared above White Taotie's body.

So, the White Taotie was pounded to death?

Green smoked fumed from Bu Fang's hand. The bandage opened, turning into the Black Taotie's giant soul.

As soon as the beast appeared, it gazed at the White Taotie's corpse underneath. Roaring, the Black Taotie's soul dove, rushing toward the White Taotie's body!!


A chain of roaring came from the White Taotie's body. Next, a flow of white light rolled together with the beast's roaring. It was the White Taotie's soul.

Facing the White Taotie's soul that had just escaped, Black Taotie didn't show mercy. It came tearing and biting!

Two flows of souls, one white and one black. They twisted and tangled with each other.

If the Black Taotie were the chance for the White Taotie to ascend, why would the White Taotie not become a chance for the Black Taotie to evolve?

Previously, the two were sealed in different locations, so they couldn't reach each other. That's why they grew in peace.

But now, the two Taoties were facing each other, biting and tearing. If someone didn't die, it wouldn't end.

Of course, Bu Fang didn't bat an eye on the battle between the White Taotie's soul and the Black Taotie's soul. His eyes brightened like the twinkling stars as he studied the White Taotie's body.

"The cooking ingredient that's equal to the Almighty Realm..." Bu Fang mumbled. His muscles bulged as he felt it was hard to wait any longer!

Compared to the cooking ingredient Gold Wolf, this White Taotie satisfied Bu Fang much better!


Green smoked fumed, and the gold Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife emerged. Bu Fang shouldered it as his bright eyes studied the White Taotie's corpse.

Red Braised Meat? Hotpot?

Or... Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs?