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 Chu Changsheng switched his eyes from Xiao Ya to Bu Fang when he saw a glimpse of the Black Taotie.

The Black Taotie's soul wasn't a strange thing to him. At first, the soul was sealed in Xiao Ya's body. As the girl was growing, the seal was getting weaker. And, at the Glutton God's Banquet, it finally collapsed and released the Black Taotie's soul.

Although he didn't know why or how Bu Fang could absorb and subdue Taotie's soul, it was a good thing, wasn't it? At the peak time of the Black Taotie, it wasn't weaker than the White Taotie. Compared to the White Taotie, it was much more brutal.

It was also the reason why the White Taotie was only sealed, while the Black Taotie was destroyed, leaving only the soul.

At that moment, the Taotie's soul emerged, and Chu Changsheng could feel its fear. That fear made him skeptical.

What could make the Taotie's soul so restless and anxious? Chu Changsheng didn't have a clue, and neither did Bu Fang. However, he frowned and checked the far area in the sky where terrifying energy was rippling.

That energy and aura... Bu Fang found it somehow familiar.

Lord Dog was about to saunter back to the Path-Understanding Tree to nap. However, it seemed to feel something. It opened his eyes and looked at the far void.

Nethery slightly wrinkled her exquisite nose, gazing at the sky.

Whitey stood behind Bu Fang. Its mechanical eyes had turned red with some moving light. As for Gold Shrimpy, it remained balled up above the robot's head.

A small and exquisite chicken head poked out between Bu Fang's legs, its small eyes rolling around. Eighty was so curious, watching around. However, Lord Dog shot a look at it, and the chicken's head retracted.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Chu Changsheng was bewildered. He furrowed his brows then stood up. He turned and watched the area in front of the restaurant. Bu Fang and Lord Dog did the same.

The space over there twisted and collapsed as the terrifying energy emerged. It seemed something very horrible was about to get out from that void crack.

"Hm? This aura... Crossing the void with the body directly? Could it be some Almighty expert from the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds coming to take revenge for Golden Sabre's death?" Chu Changsheng's pores shrank. He thought it was unbelievable.


The high echelon from the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds couldn't know that Golden Sabre was killed here that fast! What was that thing after all?

Only the mighty experts could use the real body to tear the void and travel. The breaking void in front of them was the scene where an Almighty was creating the space passage.

When the Valley of Gluttony was in its peak of glory, it had many almighty experts that could do the same.

Bu Fang's eyes twinkled as he thought, "It's strange. The void's shattering... Is it some trouble coming again?"

Was this the reason why the Black Taotie's soul was restless? Bu Fang contemplated, his face emotionless.

An animal roar came from the broken space. The entire space was shaken, sending rocks and dust everywhere.

Chu Changsheng panicked. He took a deep breath. It was familiar. That roar was familiar...

"Is that... the White Taotie?"


The void exploded, and a white figure wormed out of the broken space.

The white fur flew in the air, making the beast imposing and beautiful. The scarlet eyes rippled boundless, shocking energy.

Boom! Boom!

The broken void gathered and mended.

White Taotie's body fell on the ground. Its sharp claws sparkled with radiance as it landed.

The beast's mouth opened wide. Inside, the white vortex revolved as if it wanted to swallow people's souls.

The White Taotie seemed to emit divine light.

Everybody was astounded. No one could think that a terrifying spirit beast would come out from thin air.

How could it get out of thin air?

Many people didn't see the White Taotie's eyes, but it didn't affect them from feeling the imposing aura and energy from it.

The murderous aura filled the air, spreading everywhere. No doubt, it was a peerless brutal beast!

Chu Changsheng's pupils shrank, his hair rising. He thought he was dizzy...

White Taotie? Wasn't this beast sealed in the Sunset Lake? It's the seal cast by the Valley of Gluttony's Master... How could this fellow get rid of it?

Without the seal, the White Taotie... was an existence at the Almighty Realm.

This existence brought danger, which was simply unfortunate for everybody!

Why was the White Taotie's here?

Chu Changsheng knew clearly. It came for the Black Taotie's soul. The White Taotie needed to swallow the Black Taotie's soul to ascend.

The White Taotie had reached the bottleneck. Due to its impure bloodline, it needed to fuse with the other to create a pure bloodline, which could help it break the restraint.


White Taotie fumed white smoke from its nostrils, its eyes scarlet. As the beast's four legs stomped the ground, the ruins were wrecked even further.

The bestial eyes moved through everybody, then finally landed on Bu Fang, or the Black Taotie's soul in Bu Fang, to be exact.

The Black Taotie's soul seemed very frightened and restless. It knew what the White Taotie wanted. It was the obstacle to the White Taotie now.


If White Taotie could enter Bu Fang's spirit sea, everything would be alright. No matter what, this kid kept a bunch of monsters in his spirit sea!

However, the problem was that the White Taotie had a tangible body. It couldn't enter Bu Fang's spirit sea that easily.

Lord Dog titled its dog's head, looking at the White Taotie. It opened its mouth and said in a calm voice, "Hey, this long toy looks ugly."

It didn't even bother to conceal its voice. Everybody could hear it.

Chu Changsheng remained quiet.

The corners of Bu Fang's mouth twitched. He nodded in agreement.

Whether White Taotie's appearance was good-looking or not, where did the dog with rolls of fat on its body get the courage to comment on the other like that?

"This toy's strength isn't bad..." Lord Dog continued.

At some distance away, the White Taotie roared. It finally saw its target. The fur on its entire body fanned, fluttering.

When it saw the Black Taotie's soul, its eyes turned greedy.

Get it! Eat it!


A claw patted on the ground.

White Taotie dashed toward Bu Fang at breakneck speed. Moreover, it brought the formidable pressure along.

The terrifying pressure came with a cluster of black clouds.

Black Taotie wound around Bu Fang's arm. Seeing the White Taotie coming, it cried, then vanished, turning into the black bandage on Bu Fang's hand.

Chu Changsheng's body tensed up. His white hair and beard flew with the strong gusts, moving in the air.

It was the White Taotie's attack at the Almighty Realm...

He was almost desperate.

Bu Fang stood behind Whitey, his eyes bright. The latter's figure shot up, and the two metal wings on the back opened. The body changed into its savage form.

Crossing through the air, it transformed into the God-Slaying Whitey.

Spikes jutted from its back. The sharp spikes on the head scared Shrimpy, which was balling its body on Whitey's head.

Shrimpy rolled in the air, its body enlarging all of a sudden, as though it was molded out of dazzling, shiny gold.

Whitey hauled the God-Slaying Stick from its belly. The patterns glowed as its energy surged up.

The God-Slaying Stick looked like a red-iron stick. All of a sudden, it rolled, turning into thousands of stick illusions. It brutally pounded the White Taotie over and over again.

White Taotie roared and screamed. The white vortex in its mouth revolved. Instantly, a twisted flow of energy rose and erupted.

Boom! Boom!

It exploded in midair. White Taotie's rippling energy and Whitey's stick clashed head-on.

A blast of wind scattered in all directions.

A moment later, a giant body emerged from the waves of air. The claw pounded grumblingly, blowing both Whitey and Shrimpy away. The two couldn't resist. They hit the ground, digging another deep ditch on the already-wrecked ground.

In one strike, Whitey was subdued! A single claw strike could blow God-Slaying Whitey away!

The White Taotie's fighting competence was no small matter. Indeed, it was an existence at the Almighty Realm. Although the White Taotie couldn't recover all of its power, at least, it was an existence at the Divine Soul Realm with a nine-step soul ladder!

Sending Whitey away with one claw, White Taotie roared furiously and deafeningly.

The body zoomed like a white lightning bolt as the wide mouth opened, showing the revolving white vortex.

The beast wanted to swallow the entire restaurant. That way, the Black Taotie's soul couldn't run anywhere!

With legs crossed at the ankles, Nangong Wuque leaned against the restaurant's door. The excitement on his face was apparent.

After Golden Sabre was killed, a peerless spirit beast appeared! It's really exciting!

Nangong Wuque was so excited he wanted to cry.

As for Luo Danqing, he didn't have a bit of color on his face. White Taotie... The White Taotie without the seal. It was an existence that could blow off the entire Pill Palace, as easy as flipping a hand!

It showed up!

Look at it... It wanted to kill them all. It could swallow the Black Taotie's soul now!

White Taotie was so excited, roaring and crying unceasingly. However, a moment later, its roaring stopped.

Right in front of the restaurant, a fat dog slowly rose its clever and nimble paw, patting at the void.

That move... In White Taotie's eyes, that move was very familiar.

Shortly, an energy dog's paw appeared in the air.

That dog's paw... White Taotie had carved it deep in its memory! Seeing that dog's paw, the beast's fur all rose up!

Back then, that paw had hindered him from eating the Black Taotie's soul. It showed up again! Unforgivable!


However, it was no use. Even though White Taotie wanted to dodge, it couldn't.

The dog's paw slapped its head.

This familiar image... This familiar feeling...

It made White Taotie remember the fear when it was controlled by the dog's paw.