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 Valley of Gluttony

The Sixth Elder sat cross-legged on the Gluttony Square, which had just been repaired. He looked a little anxious as he had to chair the challenging competition.

People had packed the Glutton God's Building. While watching the matches on the Square, all of them were discussing clamorously and excitedly.

Some of them noticed that the Great Elder wasn't here, and instead, the Sixth Elder was in charge. Anyway, it didn't affect their joy of watching the championship.

No matter what, it was the Glutton God's Banquet. They just needed to care about the championship rather than who the judge was.

Moreover, the championship was getting more interesting. Some dark horses had appeared in the cooking challenge for a slot on the Tablet of Gluttony.

As Bu Fang had left, his quota was canceled. However, Jun Qingxiao had become a new dark horse.

He had continuously challenged two experts from the Kitchen Stele. The first one was in the Top 100, and the second one was in the Top 50.

It could be said that he was lucky in the first match. However, he still won the second match, which had surprised people, making them acknowledge his real competence.

And now, it was his third chance to challenge. He wanted to challenge someone in Top 10 of the Tablet of Gluttony.

Ranked number 8 on the Tablet of Gluttony: Reverie Knife, Lu Tao.

The opponent was an expert in using the kitchen knife. He was good at carving, and he could make his dishes and table look like a fantasy dream to the diners.

Not only looking charming, but it would be more surprising when they ate his food.

As he was one of the Top 10 Chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony, Lu Tao did have real competence.

Lu Tao also found Jun Qingxiao interesting. Thus, he joined the cooking battle with the young man, with the intention to show him something good. And, of course, he won in the end.

Although Jun Qingxiao got good innate talents, it was still a dream to defeat the Top 10 chefs.

Jun Qingxiao understood that. Although he was a little regretful, he wasn't really discouraged.

However, the moment he descended the arena, he looked a little lost. He then thought about Bu Fang, the interesting young chef with a shocking cooking attainment.

That young chef was really a rock! Thinking about that, Jun Qingxiao exhaled gently.


Sunset Lake

By the edge of the lake, all the elders sat cross-legged. They faced the calm Sunset Lake, but their eyes looked like they were enduring a storm.

As the White Taotie was sealed in this Sunset Lake, did it mean the inheritance was also in the Sunset Lake?

Those Elders came from different Holy-Lands. They stayed without fear in the Valley of Gluttony because of that inheritance. It wasn't a problem that the Taotie's soul disappeared. They could have a chance to get the inheritance.

One should know that at the time of their peak condition, the Valley of Gluttony was equally strong or even slightly stronger than the other Holy-Lands.

Such a force wouldn't have a weak inheritance.

During their glorious times, the Valley of Gluttony did have many Divine Spirit Realm experts to guard the place. The Master of the Valley of Gluttony belonged to the supreme group of experts on the Hidden Dragon Continent.

At the moment, the Valley of Gluttony was desolate, and it was all because the current Valley Master had gone missing. Consequently, the Valley of Gluttony's inheritance became a thick block of delicious lard in the eyes of many Holy-Lands.

All of a sudden, as all the elders were still sitting cross-legged, the calm sky began to stir with strong winds.

The sky shook continually as a massive formation arose. A moment later, a figure created by the light appeared from the formation.

"Who is that?" An Elder with a seven-step soul ladder stood up, rolling his eyes at the light shadow in the sky.

However, the figure just gave him an indifferent look, which was cold and disdainful. That look from the true body of that light clone that sent shivers down that elder's spine, making him petrified.

As soon as the light shadow appeared in the sky, terrifying aura began to emit from his body.

That aura wasn't less than a Divine Soul Realm existence with a five-step soul ladder.

All the Elders took a deep breath. It was just a light clone, but it had that cultivation base. If the true body were to show up, how intimidating he would be?

Who was the true body after all? Was it an Almighty at the Divine Soul Realm? Or was it some sect founder at the Divine Spirit Realm?

The Elders didn't even dare to breathe aloud. Although they could beat that light shadow, they were afraid of the light shadow's real body.

If they provoked him, and he came to take revenge, they couldn't stop him.

Whether he was a Peak Divine Soul Almighty or a Divine Spirit Realm expert, he wasn't someone they could touch.

As the aura of the light shadow expanded, the Sunset Lake surged all of a sudden.

Gurgle! Gurgle!

The lake water rolled upward. A moment later, a series of explosions echoed.

With loud clanging of metal chains, a terrifying figure soared up into the sky from the waters.


White Taotie stormed out, its face ferocious and furious. The big mouth opened as the white vortex was spinning, trying to eat that light clone.

However, in the middle of the water bubbles, chains wound around its body. It couldn't accelerate anymore, and eventually, it stopped.

Right in front of the light shadow.

The light shadow gave a faint smile then gently raised one hand, poking the White Taotie's big head.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. You filthy animal. You're still savage," said the light clone.

White Taotie's red eyes were filled with wrath and murderous aura. All of a sudden, it screamed.

The Elders were scared out of their wits.

The light shadow spoke calmly, "Don't be hasty. I'm here to set you free. You want the Black Taotie's soul to ascend, right? I'm not stopping you. Off you go..." The light shadow smiled, reaching his hand to rub White Taotie's fur.

The White Taotie was bewildered. Its rage slowly subsided.

A moment later, the light shadow raised his hand, and a small moving array emerged. He then patted the array on White Taotie's head.

Dazzling light blasted. The entire Sunset Lake was shaken hard, sending high waves into the sky.

White Taotie opened its mouth wide, roaring crazily.

As it was roaring, the chains on its body were broken. They became pieces of rusted iron falling into the Sunset Lake one by one.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

When the main chain was broken, White Taotie's aura became more threatening. Its suppressed energy was recovered.

The light shadow remained floating in the sky. The formation above his head began to absorb his light.

"Go find the Black Taotie's soul. I look forward to seeing your ascension. I hope you won't fail me..." said the light shadow calmly.

Since White Taotie wasn't confined anymore, its spirit rose high in its red eyes. It opened its savage mouth and roared at the light shadow.

Its roar came with terrifying energy, cracking the light shadow. However, the light shadow's voice still lingered in the air. A moment later, the formation in the sky closed and turned into a jet of light, disappearing into the horizon.

White Taotie hovered arrogantly in the sky. Shaking its body, its white fur spun and sprayed water everywhere.

By the Sunset Lake, all the Elders were shivering in fear. Watching the God-like handsome White Taotie, their bodies shook even harder.

White Taotie had broken the seal...

Without the seal, White Taotie would be the Almighty at the Peak of Divine Soul Realm! If it got enough time, it could enter the Divine Spirit Realm!

No matter what, this animal... was extraordinarily terrifying!

Without any second thought, the Elders ran away. Only a fool would stay there.

As for White Taotie, it didn't mind those sick chickens. Its sharp red eyes twinkled as it opened its mouth. The white vortex inside the mouth spun fast.

Buzz... Buzz...

Finally, the beast got a direction. White Taotie's white fur rose. It bit the void open, then got into the crack.


Pill Palace, Heavenly Mist City

Bu Fang saw Chu Changsheng approaching, his brows rising.

Why did this old man come here? Why didn't he stay in the Valley of Gluttony? What did he want to do here?

Chu Changsheng glanced at Bu Fang, then his eyes laid on the little girl, Xiao Ya, who was clutching and eating a bowl of egg-fried rice.

The wrinkled face revealed a smile. "Finally, I found you..." Chu Changsheng smiled emotionally.

Bu Fang arched his brows. Why did this old fogy smile despicably like that? He's gazing at the little girl...

Bad intention?

Abnormal mind?

After the frightening battle, the surroundings of the Cloud Mist Restaurant were all in ruins. If they wanted to repair, it would take a lot of time. However, it didn't stop the customers from coming to their favorite restaurant.

Their business still went on.

With the Pill Palace's transport array, the ruins would be rebuilt soon. It would save them from many troubles.

Lord Dog was very bored. It thought that it would have a chance, but the chubby Whitey had rampaged all of a sudden and smashed the enemy in a single strike. It would be alright if it killed the enemy, but at least leave the body intact. Turned out that that chubby chunk had smashed the Gold Wolf mushy.

The body of the dead Golden Sabre was actually a giant black wolf. It might have looked good at first, but after Whitey's beatings, its appearance had been completely altered.

The stink of blood lingered in the air.

Many people didn't dare to come near the restaurant. They stayed far away, watching.

Luo Danqing didn't think it would end like this. Oh no... His pupils enlarged. It wouldn't end just like this!

A Holy-Land's Protector was dead! He was a Protector! His position in the Holy-Land wasn't low!

When an existence at his position was dead, the Holy-Land would definitely notice. At that time, the Holy-Land would send some elite force to clear this... Would Lord Dog and Whitey be able to stop them?

The Royal Court's Holy-Land's intimidating existences weren't something Luo Danqing could imagine. Although the battle had ended, Luo Danqing had started to worry.

Nangong Wuque opened his mouth and laughed. That fellow gave him a lot of pressure. Luckily, he got Lord Dog and Whitey!

Chu Changsheng had come to the front. He lovingly looked at Xiao Ya, his eyes bright.

Xiao Ya recognized Chu Changsheng. She wasn't afraid of him, but she looked curious. She thought, "Why is this white-haired old man giving me a silly smile?"

Bu Fang secured the black bandage on his hand, then rubbed the little girl's head. He knew Chu Changsheng came here to find the little girl, so he gave them some space to talk.

All of a sudden, Bu Fang raised his brows. He could feel the black bandage around his hand getting hotter and hotter.

That scorching heat... The Black Taotie's soul seemed restless.

Wait, restless? Why did it feel that way?


Thick black smoke rose from the bandage, forming White Taotie's shape. The beast opened its mouth, as though it wanted to tell Bu Fang something.

Bu Fang narrowed his eyes, seeing it anxious and restless.

It seemed that something's going to happen.