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 Sweet 'n' Sour Wolf Ribs?

"What's that? Why am I shuddering? Why am I scared?" Golden Sabre rolled his eyes as he sat on the ground. The star above his head was taken away and eaten by a fat dog as if it was only candy. Without that bright star, his aura declined fast, and the eighth step on his soul ladder disappeared.

His cultivation base resumed, and it was even weaker than it was. His soul ladder flashed, as though he couldn't maintain it.

The star template was the treasure the Holy-Land had given them to increase their power and competence. Under the starlight, they could take the energy from the Holy-Land.

However, right now, his energy was taken away, and the star was eaten...

Golden Sabre saw the world in front of him turned gray. That fat dog didn't look different from a pig. Why was is so formidable?

That power was absolutely not the Great Void Spirit of Netherworld. Although the Great Void Realm experts were strong, because of the Hidden Dragon Continent's rule, their power would be reduced, which would be equal to the Divine Soul Realm with a seven-step or eight-step soul ladder. With that kind of power, it shouldn't be able to smash him that easily.

Moreover, how could a Great Void Realm take his star?

It wasn't that he had never met any Spirit of Netherworld at the Great Void Realm. He had even killed some of them. However, he had never encountered anything so terrifying like this.

A Spirit of Netherworld at a realm higher than the Great Void... My God!

If the Royal Court were to receive this news, they would be shaken hard, and the Holy-Lands would be shocked.

No matter what, the Royal Court had always assumed that the strongest experts from the Netherworld, who could set foot on the Hidden Dragon Continent, had only the Great Void Realm.

And now, there was someone at a greater realm...

Drip! Drip!

Golden Sabre broke out in a cold sweat. They rolled off his forehead, falling to the ground.

He must send this information to the Holy-Land of the Royal Court at once.

Golden Sabre's eyes shrank. He had never been this fearful before. He couldn't believe that he had just found an earth-shaking secret when coming here to deal with that young chef.

All of a sudden, Golden Sabre turned stiff.

Lord Dog and Bu Fang were bewildered.

Lord Dog didn't raise its paws, as they were all looking at Whitey.

Whitey's red and purple eyes had subsided after a period of blinking. This time, its eyes turned pale. However, the horn on its head seemed to be sharper.

The symbols on Whitey's round belly moved. Then, a black hole appeared.

Golden Sabre shuddered. He turned around and saw the moving black hole on Whitey's stomach.

What did that iron puppet want to do now?

Golden Sabre focused. He wasn't afraid of this metal chunk. Although this iron chunk was tough, it was equally strong. If he got the star, he would beat this iron chunk easily.

But now, even though the star was taken from him, he could at least resist it.

That fat dog was a pain in the ass. It gave him such immense pressure that even he couldn't lift his wolf claw.


Some buzzing sounds echoed.

After a moment, something wiggled out of Whitey's black hole. It was a metal stick.

The stick was neither big nor long, but it was carved with many strange patterns. Those patterns were familiar to Golden Sabre. He gawked as if his eyeballs were about to fall out of the sockets.

"Hey... Those are the Divine Patterns on the God-Slaying Tools!" Golden Sabre was shocked. His wolf mouth drew in a breath of cold air.

Oh f*ck! How could a God-Slaying Tool appear here? Although there was a stick-class among the other God-Slaying Tools, they were totally different from the stick the iron puppet was holding.

In other words, the God-Slaying Stick in that puppet's hands wasn't the God-Slaying Stick from the Holy-Land.

What's that thing in his hand then?

Whitey's huge hand grabbed the stick and threw it, blinking. The short stick soared up in the sky. Next, Whitey's two metal wings expanded, clanging as it also soared up in the sky. It grabbed the long metal stick, and it vibrated and spun in Whitey's hand, sending radiance everywhere.

How could the short stick grow long that fast?

Whitey hovered in midair. The light in its mechanical eyes scanned and locked onto Golden Sabre on the ground.

The two wings shook, and the robot plunged like a shooting arrow.

Golden Sabre was stunned for a moment, but he recovered his senses and became ferocious!

"You want to die?" Enraged, Golden Sabre forcefully drew the Bone Sabre from his back.

Swish! Swish!

The Bone Sabre sent many jets of sabre energy into the sky.

Whitey didn't slow down. Instead, he moved like a cannonball, wielding the long stick as radiance sparked from it. It created many illusions as it grew longer, sweeping towards Golden Sabre.

The patterns on the stick glowed, and in the next moment, radiance bloomed magnificently from it. The sabre energy was then scattered by the stick as it continued to parry with the Bone Sabre.

Crackle! Crackle!

The Bone Sabre had so many fine cracks like a spiderweb. As for Golden Sabre, he got a big lump on his head. His eyes opened wide, looking at the Bone Sabre with so many cracks. His heart shivered at the sight of it.

What the...


Without warning, the Bone Sabre exploded.

Whitey's hand shook, and the long stick returned to it. The two metal wings moved, leaving a fading shadow. It disappeared, and in a flash, the robot reappeared behind Golden Sabre. With a grumble, the stick pounded his head.

Bu Fang and the others dropped their jaws. Whitey's rampage was much beyond their imagination. No one had expected to see the robot, after staying idle for half a day, take out a metal rod that could change the length as it wanted.

The stick had just smashed Golden Sabre's Bone Sabre, and now, it was aiming at Golden Sabre's head?

Bu Fang was dumbstruck, his mouth trembling. If Golden Sabre were to take this attack, his head would explode.

Bu Fang thought that it was possible. No matter what, Golden Sabre's body wasn't as tough as his Bone Sabre.

But he told him not to beat the wolf mushy...

Lord Dog knew what Bu Fang was thinking. It shot Bu Fang a glance, which seemed to say, "None of my damn business. Lord Dog didn't smash it."


The metal stick swept over. The patterns on the stick glowed, making it look like a burning red iron stick.

Golden Sabre couldn't dodge. He just felt a danger that made his entire body stiff. The sensation of death engulfed him. Then, everything was black in his eyes.

From a distance, a figure stepped from the void. Seeing that scene, his face changed instantly.

"Spare the wolf!" The figure shouted. He accelerated, as though he could shrink the distance.

The man was wearing a bamboo hat, his body tall and muscular. His white hair flew in the wind with his white beard. He was Chu Changsheng.

Killing a Protector from the Holy-Land was a big problem!

If the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land took revenge, this little restaurant couldn't bear it.

Count on the Spirit of Netherworld? Impossible. The Hidden Dragon Royal Court got the resources to cope with the Spirit of Netherworld.

Count on that iron puppet? He could deal with a Protector, but how about all the twelve Protectors taking action at once? Could that iron chunk handle them all?

The Holy-Lands were really dangerous. Being the Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony, he understood that clearly. Otherwise, he didn't need to run thousands of miles away to come and take the little girl Xiao Ya back for the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony!

Whitey's gray eyes flashed. It could hear Chu Changsheng's voice. However, the stick in its hand didn't know how to stop. It hit Golden Sabre's head instantly, breaking it!

As the stick swept over, Golden Sabre's body was blown away.

Whitey held the stick, thrusting as if it was a spear.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

Many lights and illusions bloomed, bombarding Golden Sabre's body. Golden Sabre's shattered body continued to shiver and fly in the sky.


The stick was retrieved and sent horizontally. The terrifying pressure came with a gust of wind, pounding all rocks on the ground into dust.

At the moment, it seemed even the air stopped moving.

Many people gawked and dropped their jaws after witnessing such a scene.

On the ground, many Golden Armor Guards were naked and dumbfounded. They were so scared they forgot to cover their private areas.

Some stayed silent for a long while, their faces aghast. They took in the savage image of the iron chunk, shivering hopelessly.

Their lips trembled.

"Protector Golden Sabre... Died... Died?"

"An iron chunk smashed his head with a stick?"

"My God, this place is hell! I'm sure it's hell..."


The surviving Golden Armor Guards of the Holy-Lands were so frightened, shivering in fright. They stood up, naked, trying to flee away.


Chu Changsheng landed in front of those Golden Armor Guards, his aura cold and harsh.

He lifted his head, and his old face was revealed under the bamboo hat.

The Golden Armor Guards saw him, their eyes narrowing.

With a hesitant voice, one of them said, "Chu Changsheng, you...?"

Chu Changsheng indifferently looked at those people. Then, he reached out his muscular arm and patted the guard's head.

Boom. The guard's head exploded.

His fingers flickered, sending gusts of wind.

He killed all the surviving guards. No witness could leave alive.

Whitey's eyes blinked. It didn't feel the hostility from Chu Changsheng, nor did it take action. The long stick shrank, and Whitey put it back into its stomach through the vortex.


Whitey's savage look subsided. The spikes on its body disappeared, and its eyes turned back to purple as the robot resumed its normal appearance.


Golden Sabre's shattered body fell on the ground, dust rising.

Whitey strolled towards the restaurant. Shrimpy's gold light sparked as it curled up on Whitey's round head.

"Bu Fang, boy... Lord Dog intended to handle him gently, but that chubby kid didn't give me a chance," Lord Dog said regretfully. It did want to taste the Sweet 'n' Sour Wolf Ribs.

Despite this, Bu Fang was all smiles as he looked at Whitey in its normal form. The metal stick was really tough-it smashed the Bone Sabre with one hit.

"That War-God Stick was created by Whitey after it had swallowed the God-Slaying Tool. The more God-Slaying Tools it got, the stronger the War-God Stick will become." The system's serious voice arose in Bu Fang's head, giving him an explanation about the stick.

A little far from him, Chu Changsheng had killed all the frightened Golden Armor Guards to prevent them from disclosing any information. After that, he walked to the restaurant.

While walking, he adjusted the bamboo hat on his head. His eyes turned bright when he saw Bu Fang and Xiao Ya.

"Finally, I found you..."