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 "Where did that stupid rutting wolf come from? Want to disturb your Lord Dog's nap time?" The male voice drifted out from the restaurant, lingering in the sky and reaching everybody's ears.

It seemed everybody was dumbfounded when they heard the voice.

Some people took a breath of cold air, looking at the restaurant with eyes that seemed to imply that someone has a mental illness.

Golden Sabre, at this moment, had become a rampageous Gold Wolf. His imposing aura rolled with enormous pressure, expanding, which almost made the others slump as their feet felt like jelly.

Many of them had never seen an existence at such a level in their life.

The Divine Soul Realm expert with an eight-step soul ladder... How terrifying he was!

Although the eighth step wasn't real, it spoke of the fact that Golden Sabre had almost reached that level...

The experts at the Divine Soul Realm with a nine-step soul ladder were considered almighty...

Of course, having an eight-step soul ladder wasn't normal at all.

That light voice had a tinge of coldness, which was exactly the kind of cranky mood when someone had just woken up.

My goodness. Where did that person get the balls to talk to an expert with an eight-step soul ladder?

Golden Sabre's howling stopped. Of course, he heard the haughty voice. The fur on his body rose, his eyes filled with anger.

"What did you say?" The red eyes looked down and stopped at Bu Fang, who was leaning against the door.

"What are you looking at? It wasn't me." Bu Fang leaned on the door, giving an indifferent answer with his emotionless face.

Golden Sabre's pupils shrank. He turned to Nethery, who was next to Bu Fang.

However, Nethery was a woman. His eyes moved again, staring at Nangong Wuque, who was sitting on the ground.

Nangong Wuque was bewildered. He hurriedly closed his thighs together and said anxiously, "Absolutely not me. I'm a very humble guy."

Golden Sabre snorted, his wolf's nose exhaling a wisp of white smoke. Looking at that quivering figure, he couldn't be someone with such a haughty tone. Of course, Golden Sabre ignored Luo Danqing, who was soo feeble at the moment.

That sick chicken couldn't cause any threat.


Whitey landed on the ground. Purple and red lights continually twinkled in its eyes.

Shrimpy resumed its tiny size, balling on Whitey's head. Its compound eyes rose, gazing at Golden Sabre as its mouth made some bubbles.

Whitey stood still. As the fragments of the God-Slaying Sabre were being digested in its body, the robot began to change.

Golden Sabre howled, sending his oppressing aura. He stooped, hissing and roaring.

"Who insulted me? Get your ass here!" Golden Sabre's eyes were scarlet as he shrilled. He gazed at the restaurant because he knew that that person must be inside it.

Many people suddenly remembered something, and their expressions changed into excitement.

People who knew the Cloud Mist Restaurant's beginnings wore a face of someone waiting for the comedy. They waited in a far distance, carefully watching.

"It's the invincible dog!"

"Yeah, the fat dog in Owner Bu's restaurant. Even though it's too fat, it got an exploding fighting competence!"

"I know that dog. Every time I come to the restaurant, I see it sleeping. I think it looks fatter day after day!"

The onlookers were whispering to each other. They seemed to know who had talked to the wolf.

The previous time when Lord Dog showed its paws, it shook the entire Pill Palace. Many people remembered that, and now, they became anxious.

Some felt optimistic, while some felt discouraged.

The latter felt that the Gold Wolf in front of them was so formidable. He was an expert from the Royal Gardens Holy Grounds, an existence that had approached the Almighty Realm, so how could that black dog deal with him?

No one was sure, so they were all curious.

Luo Danqing's eyes brightened with a ray of hope. Although Golden Sabre was getting stronger, he didn't have the God-Slaying Sabre anymore. Perhaps Lord Dog could fight against him!

Perhaps... the end wasn't what he had thought!

Everybody was waiting, looking at the restaurant.

Behind the massive bronze doors, some small noises echoed.

Then, a shadow slowly walked out of the door, sauntering with a beautiful feline gait. The rolls of fat on its body were shaking with every step.

It was a black dog.

Many Golden Armor Guards were dumbstruck. They were waiting to see who got the guts to talk to the Protector. No one had expected to see a dog.

And not only that, it was a fat dog!

Where did that fat dog get the balls to yell at a wolf?

Golden Sabre's eyes narrowed, gazing at Lord Dog. However, he couldn't detect Lord Dog's aura.

This fat dog seemed to be immeasurable. But was it really immeasurable, or was it just trying to look mysterious?

Golden Sabre was hesitant with his assumption.

However, today, he was a little stronger as he got the boost from the star of his Holy-Land. At this moment, his fighting power had almost reached the Divine Soul Realm with an eight-step soul ladder. That was why he wasn't afraid.

It was just a dog, so there was no need to be afraid!

Standing upright, Golden Sabre emitted a dim radiance that shook slightly.

"A fat dog dares to ridicule me. You don't want to live anymore!" Golden Sabre grinned, his stinky drool dripping between his fangs.


The ground exploded. Right after that, Golden Sabre turned into a jet of light, zooming toward the Cloud Mist Restaurant. His target was the fat dog that was strolling out with its shaking rolls of fat.

Nethery held a Spicy Strip in her mouth, her eyes brightened as she thought, "Lord Dog wants to take action?"

That stupid wolf was really stupid! He should never disturb Lord Dog's nap!

When someone disturbed Lord Dog's nap time, the consequence would be really dreadful.

And, at this moment, Whitey seemed to stop responding. It stayed put while its eyes continually blinked.

Bu Fang raised his brows, the corners of his mouth convulsing. "Unbelievable! You're sick of your food again? You got some illness last time because of eating the God-Slaying tools!"

The previous time Whitey encountered some error, it had slept for a long time. Would it stop working again because of that God-Slaying Sabre?

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

Golden Sabre moved pretty fast as he was boosted. Immediately, he appeared in front of the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

He didn't get to see that restaurant. And now, all the surroundings were leveled, leaving that restaurant intact.

How could he allow this?

"Die!" Golden Sabre bellowed. He rose his claw, and the sky darkened. Strong winds were rising!

The claw patted on the restaurant, trying to smash it and everyone inside!

Lord Dog's eyes looked begrudging. He lifted his head, his hanging fat shaking under the pressure.

"I told you you're stupid, but you don't believe me." Lord Dog opened its mouth again, its tender voice resonating.

Golden Sabre was bewildered as he was moving fast forward. What did that dog mean by that?

Then, he saw the fat, black dog open its mouth!

A deafening dog bark!


Golden Sabre shivered, his sleek fur dimming. His zooming figure halted, then fell hard on the ground.

The invincible pressure bursting at that moment frightened him.

What happened? He was so near to the eight-step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm. Why he was still like a... mole cricket in front of this black dog?

Lord Dog's mouth slowly closed. After that bark, it yawned as if it had finally woken up.


Golden Sabre crawled up. His wolf mane rose as he was standing on all-fours. It seemed he had transformed into a real Gold Wolf.

The strip of energy above his head continually pumped energy to him. He could feel his power rocket unceasingly.

Fear and hesitation disappeared from Golden Sabre's eyes, leaving only his crazy rampage as his animal instinct finally took the lead!

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

He was running on all-fours in the middle of flying rocks and dust. In an instant, the Gold Wolf appeared in front of Lord Dog.

The ferocious mouth opened wide, attempting to swallow Lord Dog at once!

The Lord Dog's mouth slightly parted as it swayed, lifting the clever and nimble paw.

Then, the dog's paw wielded forward.


Golden Sabre's mouth was pushed away...

A dog paw was condensed in the void, powerfully patting. Golden Sabre's eyeball was almost pounded out. The wolf's stinky saliva was struck, splashing from its mouth.

Of course, one paw wasn't enough.

This stupid wolf wanted to eat Lord Dog!

Naturally, Lord Dog wasn't pleased at all.

Thus, it flipped its exquisite paw, pounding one more time.


Another paw hit Golden Sabre on the other side, which made it swell immediately. The eyeball was almost struck out, and several teeth were broken, flying away with some drops of blood.

He hadn't thought that the black dog in front of him was so awesome!

Receiving two paws, he was dizzy already.

Moreover, looking at the other, his opponent hadn't used all of his power yet.

This drifting-cloud posture was...

"Spirit of Netherworld?" Golden Sabre swayed and landed far away. His wolf's head was swollen, screaming in surprise.

That motherf*cker... How could this Spirit of Netherworld be so strong?

How could such a powerful Spirit of Netherworld appear on this Hidden Dragon Continent? And, isn't it true that... something would prevent the mighty Spirit of Netherworlds?

It was unbelievable when they saw a Great Void, and now, it was a fat dog that was even more intimidating than that Great Void.

But the important point was... why was it a fatty?

All dogs were awesome, so why couldn't you be a little more handsome?

Golden Sabre's mouth was bleeding. He knew he wasn't stupid. Of course, he found out how terrifying that dog was.

He wasn't pleased at all. The God-Slaying Sabre was eaten. If he ran away without any achievement, Amethyst Elder would punish him!

No, he must risk his life!

With the boost of energy from the star of the Holy-Land, he must have the power to fight once!


After that deafening roar, the star moved above his head. The giant phantom reappeared, pointing one finger at the Gold Wolf.

Golden Sabre was so excited while waiting for the baptism from the star's energy.

However, a second later, he was stunned.

A dog's paw had appeared as it covered the sky, smashing the phantom without any hesitation.

Not only that, but the star of the Holy-Land above his head was effortlessly grabbed by the dog's paw.


Golden Sabre spurted blood. His swollen eyes gave a look of disbelief.

It was a Holy-Land's star!

Lord Dog retracted its paw. On its exquisite paw was a bright, spinning star.

"Eh? A model of the Heavenly Spring Star? Well played..." Lord Dog was curious, observing the object for a while. Mumbling, it casually threw the star into the sky.

The image of the star in the sky reflected in Golden Sabre's eyes. A moment later, it fell into the dog's mouth.

The dog chewed, rolls of fat shaking on its face.

"What the? Tastes really bad," Lord Dog grunted in a disgusted voice.

Golden Sabre slumped on the ground, his swollen face full of desperation. From now on, he couldn't live anymore.

Bu Fang leaned against the door, curiously looking at Lord Dog. "How did it taste?"

"Not as delicious as your Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs..." Lord Dog chewed and swallowed, his face disdainful.

"Alright, then you should handle gently. Don't make it mushy. The wolf wouldn't taste good if it's mushy..." Bu Fang said with an emotionless face.

Lord Dog's fat shivered. "Oh, so we will have Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs with wolf meat tonight? Okay, Lord Dog will handle it with great care..." His eyes were full of anticipation as he studied Golden Sabre far away, brightly shining.

"What the heck is Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs with wolf meat? What are they talking about? Why I can't understand a word?" thought Golden Sabre, bewildered and shivering.