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 Chapter 71: Dry-Fried Rock Carp

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Qian Bao, who was wearing a brocade robe, was walking with his hands placed at his waist with his belly thrusted out, exposing his belt embedded with dazzling jadeite. The reason he walked in this manner was to feel the envious gaze from others when they looked at his belt, in order to satisfy his vanity.

"Who would be so conceited as to dare say that the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's dishes are not delicious?" Qian Bao was instantly displeased when he heard that someone said the restaurant's food tasted bad.

When he stopped next to elder sister Chun and followed her gaze, he saw Xiao Xiaolong and the others.

"Oh, isn't this our imperial city's prodigy, young master Xiao? It's been a while since you've patronized our restaurant. Oh my, goddess Yanyu and princess Ouyang are here as well. Excuse me for not welcoming you earlier. Eh? This is..."

Qian Bao knew how to conduct himself, or in other words, he knew how to do business. He was excellent when dealing with people. In simpler terms, he was a sly person. Hence, he was able to build up a small restaurant from nothing into Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's current scale.

Obviously, there were many people behind his success. However, Qian Bao's own effort and talent definitely played a part as well.

"You can address him as young master Bu," Xiao Xiaolong smiled as he introduced Bu Fang. He did not dare to announce Bu Fang's name. The black-hearted restaurant was renowned within the imperial city recently and had already become the biggest competitor of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. If he chose to announce Bu Fang's name at that very moment, there was no guarantee that Qian Bao would not erase Bu Fang.

"Young master Bu?" Qian Bao thought as he tried to search his memories. However, he did not recall any notable families with the surname Bu.

However, Qian Bao still smiled as he performed a fist and palm salute to Bu Fang and said, "I see, you're actually young master Bu. I've heard much about you. Are our dishes not to your liking?"

"It's not that they're not to my liking. It's that they're badly cooked. I give a poor rating," Bu Fang expressionlessly said in a serious manner.

"They're badly cooked?" Qian Bao was slightly dumbfounded as he looked at Bu Fang's serious expression. It had been a while since he met someone that dared to find fault at the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

When Immortal Phoenix Restaurant was first built, people from other restaurants would come over to find fault with their food. At that time, there were indeed flaws in their dishes. However, at the moment... As the restaurant expanded, they spent lots of money to hire chefs from all over Light Wind Empire and each of the chef had their own signature dish. This eventually created the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's current reputation.

"Young master Bu, you must be joking. You can ask anyone from within the imperial city. Who would dare to say that the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant's dishes are not delicious?" Qian Bao said with a smile on his face. However, the words he said were filled with arrogance.

"If it's not delicious, it's not delicious. These dishes were badly cooked. You can serve any dish and I can point out the flaws to you," Bu Fang simply said. He could not be bothered to argue with Qian Bao.

Bu Fang's words caused Qian Bao to slightly narrow his eyes as he thought, "This brat is truly arrogant. He actually dared to speak such nonsense? Does he really have so much confidence?"

"Very well! Since young master Bu insists, I'll serve up a dish and let the chef have a face to face confrontation. If you're able to convince my chef, I'll admit it," Qian Bao simply said as the smile disappeared from his face.

"Are they really going to have a face to face confrontation?" Xiao Xiaolong and the others were startled for a moment and then they became extremely excited. Qian Bao might not know the identity of Bu Fang, but they knew him well. Since Bu Fang dared to say those words, then he would obviously be certain since Bu Fang's culinary skills were much stronger than the chefs from the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

"No, I don't need your approval. How about this, let's have a wager. If the flaws that I point out can convince your chef, you'll let me go to the third floor. On the other hand, if I lose, I'll compensate with a hundred times the price of these dishes. How about it?" Bu Fang expressionlessly said.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air. "A hundred times the price as compensation, this Owner Bu is truly prosperous! With so many dishes, the total cost had already exceeded five hundred gold coins. With hundred times the price... that's at least fifty thousand gold coins!"

Even Qian Bao's heart skipped a beat when he heard the wager. His gaze when he looked at Bu Fang no longer contained any trace of belittlement.

How could the identity of someone who dared to use fifty thousand gold coins as a wager be that simple? Furthermore, he was accompanied by Xiao Xiaolong, the son of a court official. Clearly, his background was not simple.

Was the objective of the other party to enter the third floor of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant? Was his desire to taste the dishes of the third floor? Could he be planning to find fault on the third floor?

Within that instant, Qian Bao thought of many things. Finally, his eyes narrowed as he said, "Very well! I agree!"

Bu Fang nodded and signaled Qian Bao to choose any dish as he wished.

Qian Bao placed his hands behind his back as he said, "Elder sister Chun, get someone to serve the signature dish of the second floor, the Dry-Fried Rock Carp!"

When elder sister Chun heard Qian Bao's words, her eyes immediately lit up. She thought, "As expected of the owner! With this dish, let's see whether this brat can still find any fault!"

The Dry-Fried Rock Carp was the best dish within the second floor of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. It was originally supposed to be promoted to the third floor. However, since the owner decided that the third floor would only have three dishes, the Dry-Fried Rock Carp was eventually bumped off.

However, be it the taste or the appearance, the Dry-Fried Rock Carp was qualified enough to enter the third floor!

"Young master Bu, please have a seat and wait a moment," Qian Bao said while smiling. He beckoned Xiao Xiaolong and the others to sit down and wait for the dish to arrive.

Bu Fang did not say anything as he sat down on his seat and quietly waited for the Dry-Fried Rock Carp that Qian Bao mentioned.

Meanwhile, Qian Bao was happily chatting with Xiao Xiaolong and the others.

After a while, they could smell a rich fragrance wafting in the air, causing many of the customers on the second floor to look around for the source.

Elder sister Chun was approaching while carrying a large plate and a large amount of steam was rising from it. This time, she did not even dare to swing her voluptuous hips, fearing that she would spill the dish.

An obese man wearing a chef's uniform was following behind elder sister Chun with a prideful expression.

"The Dry-Fried Rock Carp is here, please enjoy your meal," elder sister Chun charmingly said as she bent and placed the dish onto the table.

"Owner Qian, I heard someone is here to find fault. I came over to see whether this fellow can point out any flaws regarding my dish!" The obese man walked toward Qian Bao and loudly said.

Bu Fang glanced at the obese man and that obese man turned to face him as if he felt something. The muscles on his face were quivering.

"Are you the brat that came here to find fault?" The obese man's perception was quite accurate as he glared at Bu Fang and said.

"Master Chen, this is young master Bu. Don't try to scare him," Qian Bao said while smiling.

Bu Fang remained expressionless as he shifted his gaze away from the obese man and toward the Dry-Fried Rock Carp.

The color was bright and eye-catching, with a mixture of gold and red. A layer of thick sauce which contained many ingredients was releasing a sweet aroma. The fish which underwent deep-frying was exuding a rich fragrance that aroused his appetite.

Just based on the appearance alone, this dish was not bad.

Bu Fang picked up his chopsticks, while everyone looked on, he dipped it within the sauce and then placed it into his mouth.

Xiao Xiaolong and the others held their breath as they fixedly stared at Bu Fang. Master Chen and Qian Bao also swallowed their saliva as they looked at Bu Fang.

After Bu Fang tasted the sauce, he picked up a piece of the fish and placed it into his mouth. After savoring it, he put down his chopsticks.

From the beginning to the end, there was not even a slightest expression on Bu Fang's face. No one could figure out what he was thinking.

Suddenly, the mood became heavy and everyone held their breath.