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 Crack! Crack! Crack!

The broken pieces of the God-Slaying Sabre rubbed together as Whitey slowly digested it.

Hearing those sounds, coupled with how Whitey had devoured it, Golden Sabre gawked as his jaw dropped.

Around them, many people stood dumbfounded as well. Even the half-dying Luo Danqing couldn't help but open his eyes wide, his face looking as though he was seeing a spooky ghost.

It... was the God-Slaying Sabre. The Royal Gardens Holy Grounds' God-Slaying Sabre!

It was incomparably sharp and tough. It could break metal and burst stone. It was superb and intimidating!

However, at this moment, the divine weapon was being chewed by an iron puppet.

That fellow... What the heck is it?

When he saw it the first time, it wasn't really scary. It had not been a long time, and this iron puppet... wanted to go against the Heaven's will!

Golden Sabre's entire body shook. He was so indignant that his fur rose.

My God-Slaying Sabre... My God-Slaying Sabre... It was really eaten up. How could he explain this when he got back?

Back then, when several God-Slaying weapons were gone, it was already a tremendous loss to the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds. This time, the famous and imposing God-Slaying Sabre was gone... That day, the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds was defeated badly.

Of course, if he could kill the Great Void Spirit of Netherworld and bring the Taotie's soul back home, he could make up for that loss.

Golden Sabre's eyes became scarlet.

He slowly took off his remaining armor, hurling it on the ground.


He had dug up a hole with his armor.

The weight of his armor was beyond imagination. Many people had to take a deep breath when they saw that.

Turned out that Protector Golden Sabre was wearing a hefty armor all the time.

"You've forced me. My secret technique hasn't completed yet, but at this moment, you forced me to use it, you broken little trouble. I will shred you and break every joint on your little body!"

Golden Sabre rose. After the armor was gone, his aura drastically changed.

His body suddenly enlarged, swelling and growing continuously.

The wolf's head became so ferocious, and some lines began to stretch from its forehead. The formidable pressure exuded, almost suffocating people.

As Golden Sabre's body grew, he slowly stretched his sharp claws. His hands reached at his back and inserted his claws into his own fur.

Crack... Crack... Crack...

A chain of strange noises were heard as Golden Sabre hauled a Bone Sabre from his back. The Bone Sabre was white, but it felt so cold.

The soft Bone Sabre had many pieces joining together, which actually looked like Golden Sabre's spine.

When he wielded the Bone Sabre, whipping it downward, the ground cracked, and rocks and dust scattered.

At that moment, Golden Sabre was several meters tall. He was really big and muscular. Even though he got a wolf body, he was standing upright like a human. His limbs moved with bulging muscles, his aura expanding.

Crackle! Crackle!

Whitey didn't listen to Golden Sabre's threat. It continued to push the God-Slaying Sabre into the black hole, chewing before swallowing.

Eventually, the black hole shrank and disappeared.

"Full?" Golden Sabre's cold eyes glared at Whitey, his voice booming and shaking.

Whitey patted its round belly, then lifted its round head to look at Werewolf Golden Sabre, its eyes twinkling.

"He's not full yet, I suppose. If you still have extra God-Slaying something, you can give them to him." Leaning against the door, Bu Fang gazed up at the giant Golden Sabre.

Everybody was bewildered.

Golden Sabre squinted. He turned to Bu Fang, his horrible pressure expanding downward.

After Golden Sabre got rid of his golden armor, he had become more intimidating. His pressure wasn't weaker than the White Taotie.

"Did I ask for your answer? I will smash this chunk of iron. I will kill the Spirit of Netherworld, and next, I will squeeze you to death, you little stinky ant!" As Golden Sabre said this, the corners of his mouth rose, showing his thick fangs.

Everybody shuddered. This monster... has become more savage!

Whitey seemed full, and a burp just sounded from its round belly. After a moment, the metal wings extended, and terrifying air swept upward!


He stomped on the ground, sending rocks and dust into the air.

Golden Sabre disappeared. In a flash, he reappeared right in front of Whitey like a bolt of lightning.



Whitey's mechanical eyes flashed. Instinctively, it raised its two hands to parry. However, he got hit and slammed on the ground, sending waves of broken rocks and dust.

Golden Sabre grinned, showing his shining sharp teeth. He stomped on the ground and soared up into the sky. He hovered high, his back covering the sunlight.

The Bone Sabre in his hand squeaked, dangling. Then, it stiffened, becoming as sharp as a spear. It enlarged in the sky, thrusting downward all of a sudden!


The ruin where Whitey was at got smashed again. Terrifying shockwaves rose and rolled as broken rocks scattered everywhere.

The Cloud Mist Restaurant seemed to have an invisible protection. It flashed and stopped the rock, preventing the gusts of wind.

A head-sized rock flew, hitting the protection circle before falling on the ground, right at the space between Nangong Wuque's parted thighs. When he saw this, his forehead broke out in a cold sweat.

"Trash! You get up and fight! Dared to eat my God-Slaying Sabre! I want to make you puke out my capital and profits altogether!" Golden Sabre hissed in the sky. He wielded and whipped the Bone Sabre on that hole in the ground again and again.

Many people saw that scene. They shivered in fright and didn't dare to say a word.

The ground was cracked continually. Except for the Cloud Mist Restaurant, the surrounding area was now in ruins.

Suddenly, Golden Sabre's Bone Sabre stopped moving. His face went stiff as he realized a formidable force had just grabbed his Bone Sabre.


A figure grabbed the Bone Sabre, swirling up into the sky. Whitey's fan-like hand rose, patting on Golden Sabre.

Golden Sabre grinned, raising his fist to counterattack.

Their confrontation shook the entire place.

Whitey was struck to the ground one more time.

"Weak chicken!"

Golden Sabre burst out laughing. At that moment, he looked reckless and arrogant with a wild instinct of an animal.

Perhaps it was because of his real shape after taking off the armor.

A pure white halo rolled.

Then, from the ruin on the ground, an energy artillery was shot, directly hitting Golden Sabre.

Golden Sabre got struck. Trembling, he stumbled several steps back. His fur was burned and charred with a wound.

Although his wound was recovering fast, this ugly situation had turned his eyes scarlet!

Whitey crawled up from the ruin, showing an artillery formation in front of its round belly.

Holding the artillery, Whitey aimed at Golden Sabre. The energy artillery was really fast. While piercing through the air, it even made the air explode.


Bu Fang and the others watched the match excitedly. All of a sudden, a gold thread shot out of the restaurant.

Bu Fang was surprised. Wan't that Shrimpy?

As Whitey was leveling up, Shrimpy had been sleeping for a long time. Today, it finally woke up.

Shrimpy had turned into a jet of gold light, zooming toward Whitey. Shortly, it reached the latter, and its eyes twinkled as it raised its hand before jumping high.


Shrimpy swelled up, turning into a giant monster-a giant gold shrimp.

The shrimp's gold shell was so dazzling that nothing could compare to it. Under the sunlight, it reflected the magnificent light.

Whitey landed on Shrimpy, and the two metal wings opened majestically.

Knight Shrimpy attacks again!

Golden Sabred steadied his body. He scanned the shrimp with a disdainful smile.

"You mob! You're like filthy ants!" The Bone Sabre swept over, and in an instant, sabre energy crossed the sky.

With formidable pressure and fast speed, a slash descended from the sky!


It seemed like Whitey and Shrimpy were cut open. However, they slowly turned into light dots and vanished.

In a far distance, Shrimpy's feet were gliding as fast as a beam of gold light.


Energy shells came from every direction, hitting Golden Sabre.

Golden Sabre wielded the Bone Sabre, shielding himself from the energy artillery.

He became more outraged. This shrimp moved so fast he thought it was over his reflexes.

His eyes rolled as he landed.


The entire ground shook. Indeed, he was faster on the ground.


The rocks on the ground were blown away. The rough earth now had one more deep hole.

Golden Sabre's muscular body disappeared. When he reappeared, he was in front of Whitey and Shrimpy.

Looking at the shrimp, a blow full of sharp claws came.

Shrimpy couldn't dodge, and it was struck to the ground. Whitey's eyes twinkled. The two metal wings swept over, turning into sharp knives, stabbing at Golden Sabre.


Blood splashed!

Boom! Boom!

Golden Sabre was shoved to the ground as Whitey bombarded him with punches, pounding on Golden Sabre relentlessly.

However, Golden Sabre was still ferocious. The wolf's mouth opened wide. Instantly, a bunch of energy beams hit Whitey, sending it away.

Whitey rolled once in the air and steadied itself, blood dripping from its two metal wings.

Shrimpy got up from the ruin, shaking its head indignantly. It then gave Golden Sabre a hostile look.

Golden Sabre got up on his feet. The wounds on his body were healing at speed naked eyes could observe. His muscles were wiggling as it recovered.

"A spirit beast at the Divine Soul Realm dares to dance in front of me. Are you prepared to be roasted now?" Golden Sabre's aura became more frightening.

A Soul Stair rose above his head with a bright star.

Golden Sabre retrieved the Bone Sabre, crouching on the ground like a golden wolf. He then lifted his head and howled!

It looked like he was talking to the star above his head.


An imposing phantom rose from the star. A current of energy was sent from the finger of that phantom, entering Golden Sabre's glabella.

Inside the restaurant, Blacky had just finished eating. As soon as it laid down, it suddenly opened its eyes. Rolls of fat on its face trembled as it showed its fangs.

Boosted by the mysterious energy, Golden Sabre seemed to be more intimidating. Vaguely, the eighth step emerged on the soul ladder above his head. His power rocketed!


Golden Sabre stood upright and pounded his chest with his fists. His howl seemed to pierce everyone's ears.

However, before he finished howling, a firm but lazy male voice was heard from the restaurant.

"Where did that stupid rutting wolf come from? Wanna disturb your Dog Lord's nap?"