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 With a loud explosion, Golden Sabre's helmet was instantly shattered into pieces. His fist landed on Whitey's body, and an earth-shattering explosion could be heard.

The two of them flew backwards. As they landed on the ground, clouds of dust rose from the rubble, filling the entire area.

In the distance, red lights constantly flashed. A moment later, both of their figures walked out of the dust cloud.

Whitey's domineering figure appeared, and it seemed as though it sustained no damage at all. With red light flashing in its eyes, the wings behind its body started to shake. Under the sunlight, their brilliance seemed to be blinding.

On the other side, a figure slowly walked out of the settling dust.

A cold voice resounded. "You really deserve to die. You actually dare to hit this Protector's helmet... You leave me no choice!"


A gale was blown up, and in an instant, he left the cloud of dust.

Everyone managed to see him as their pupils constricted. All of them sucked in a cold breath.

This fellow... What in the world was he?

Everyone felt as though a pail of cold water was poured over their heads. They started shivering.

Even Bu Fang, who was leaning against the door of the restaurant, was somewhat shocked at what he was seeing. "This guy... he isn't actually human?"

Indeed, Golden Sabre wasn't a human being.

Since his helmet was blown into pieces, his head was revealed to the world. On his head, there were a pair of furry ears, and fur grew all over his face. His eyes were crimson red, and they were bloodshot. As for his skin, it looked rough.

This was the head of a wolf! A black-colored wolf with sharp teeth. All in all, he looked extremely terrifying.

Looking at his appearance now, it was obvious that Golden Sabre wasn't human. He was a wolf. It could be said that he was a human-shaped wolf.

Golden Sabre shook his head as he exhaled white-colored gas from his nose. He had been hiding his identity all this while. However, he never would have thought that his helmet would actually be blown apart by a Divine Soul Realm chunk of iron.

He had absolutely no idea that his identity would be revealed.

It was unforgivable. Even the other protectors didn't know about his true form.

Rage burned in his heart as he started to release enraged cries.

Whitey stepped forward and placed its fist on the ground, causing the ground to tremble nonstop.

"God-Slaying..." Whitey's eyes locked onto the God-Slaying Sabre, which was in Golden Sabre's hand.

It was very obvious to everyone what he was after. Even Golden Sabre had noticed Whitey's intentions, and it caused him to be astonished to no end.

The God-Slaying Sabre was something that belonged to the Holy-Land. This puppet actually had ideas on it, making him even angrier.



The ground started to shake, and a huge crack appeared. In the next moment, Golden Sabre's body shot out. It turned into a streak of light and charged towards Whitey. A terrifying might appeared in his palm, and his sabre intent filled the area.


The God-Slaying Sabre slashed out and shot towards Whitey's head.

The God-Slaying Sabre was not only able to suppress the Spirit of Netherworld. It was much stronger compared to any divine tool at its level.

It contained the might of a Saint, making it very formidable.

A loud explosion echoed through the sky.

Whitey stood its ground. It simply raised its fan-shaped hands as they ruthlessly grabbed the God-Slaying Sabre.

Sizzle sizzle sizzle...

It was as though there was white smoke rising up from Whitey's palms.

Whitey's scarlet eyes spun around, landing finally on Golden Sabre. Golden Sabre's wolf head changed in an instant, and he released an enraged howl. Sabre energy rolled out from his body continuously.

A moment later, a black hole appeared on Whitey's plump body.

Once the black hole appeared, it was as though all the sabre energy that filled the area started to rush into it.

Whitey's eyes started to shine as it held onto the God-Slaying Sabre. It tilted its head, and in the next instant, its hand formed a fist. It slammed straight into Golden Sabre's face, and with a loud blast, Golden Sabre was smashed silly. A trickle of blood started to flow down his face from his nose.

Despite this attack, Golden Sabre kept his hold on it. He wasn't willing to let the God-Slaying Sabre be taken away in front of his eyes. No matter what, he refused to let go.

He hit Whitey once, and Whitey returned the favor.

The two of them started to whack each other in front of the audience, which stood all around them.

Whitey's eyes shined even brighter, and finally, with a final fist that whistled through the air, Golden Sabre spat out a mouthful of blood.

Whitey wings started to tremble, and its huge hand reached out and grabbed onto Golden Sabre's head. Whitey smashed him into the ground face first.

After that, with a loud ripping sound, the armor on Golden Sabre's body was ripped off by Whitey.


The armor was extremely heavy, so the moment it fell to the ground, a hole was immediately formed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Pieces of golden armor were slowly ripped off by Whitey, landing on the ground with loud thuds.

At that moment, Golden Sabre was somehow placed in a very pathetic state. He didn't try to resist at all as he allowed Whitey to strip him clean.

The onlookers felt somewhat shocked, and some were extremely excited.

The Crazy Clothes Stripping Demon was back!

Indeed, it was him, the Whitey who stripped off numerous clothes!

The familiar smell, the familiar part... The familiar moves of the huge puppet.

Nangong Wuque carried Luo Danqing, who was beaten until he looked like a sorry dog, into the restaurant. The latter leaned against the door, looking extremely weak.

Once they were inside, Nangong Wuque opened his legs wide and sat down on a stool. He watched the battle with an excited expression on his face.

Looking at how Whitey stripped the armor off Golden Sabre piece by piece, he almost jumped in joy.

"Brother Whitey is really a ferocious being! No wonder it is the puppet that I, Nangong Wuque, look highly upon!" He waved his fist around as he cheerfully said that.

No matter who it was, just strip them!


Finally, the God-Slaying Sabre landed in Whitey's hand.

Maybe it was because he was stripped naked that Golden Sabre finally released the God-Slaying Sabre in his hand.

He wanted to escape from Whitey's devil grasp, choosing to let go of the God-Slaying Sabre. He chose to save himself.

However, it was already a tad too late. The armor on his body had almost been stripped clean, and there was only a pair of golden pants left.

The pants seemed as though it was made from a very sturdy material, so it was impossible to rip it open.

Losing the armor, the aura around Golden Sabre's body became more and more terrifying. Even his expression was extremely frightening.

"God-Slaying Sabre... that's the weapon from the Royal Garden Holy Grounds. Every single one of them had been branded by the energy from the Royal Court, so taking them away is impossible. The experts from the Royal Court will definitely come and look for you by tracking down the energy in the weapon. They will kill you for sure!"

Golden Sabre's wolf body was already revealed to the world. The pitch-black body of his was covered with fur except for his abdomen, which was the only white part on his body.

It seemed as though the dark skin and fur made him look extremely sinister.

If the Golden Sabre was a spirit beast, how was be able to talk?

If he wasn't considered a spirit beast, could it be that this fellow was actually wearing the head of a wolf?

The people around them didn't understand this, and even Bu Fang was extremely curious.

It was the first time he saw a beast who can speak like Lord Dog.

"He... He is not a spirit beast... They are from a type of race. The Hidden Dragon Continent is boundless, and many races are living on it. Other than the human race, there are many other races. This Golden Sabre is a race under the spirit wolves. He possesses the intelligence of humans, but he has the appearance of a spirit beast. Compared to spirit beasts, he is much more intelligent," explained Luo Danqing as he slowly opened his eyes. At this point, he seemed as though he was covered in blood.

Bu Fang and the others were shocked. Other races? Not a spirit beast?

"The Pill Palace used to possess records about the existence of these creatures. Even though the Hidden Dragon Continent seems to belong to us humans on the surface, many other ancient races control the place as well. These ancient races live in an area on their own, and it seemed as though they fought in the past because of some unknown reason. They banded together and formed a huge power in the continent. They call themselves the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Many people in the Royal Court don't belong to the human race, and they are the experts who are leading the entire group."

As the Palace Master of the Pill Palace, Luo Danqing knew much about the ancient times, so he explained it to everyone present.

Bu Fang nodded his head, and it seemed as though he suddenly understood something.

No wonder Golden Sabre would hide his appearance! He did not want to reveal his identity!

However, when his appearance was revealed to everyone, it seemed as though everyone thought he was pretty ugly.

Of course, Bu Fang's eyes looked at Golden Sabre with a strange gaze, and his heart slightly shook.

So what if they are from other races? Could a Golden Wolf from another race be eaten?

Bu Fang was more interested in this one point.

Could they be eaten? Naturally, Bu Fang didn't know.

However, at this moment, Golden Sabre, who had just lost his armor, became enraged. He was about to go berserk.

Whitey held onto the God-Slaying Sabre, its eyes landed on the sabre. It studied the sabre carefully.

Golden Sabre, who was in the distance, was threatening Whitey with all his might. Obtaining the God-Slaying Sabre wasn't easy. Moreover, this God-Slaying Sabre was pretty high up in the ranking of the God-Slaying Tools.

"If you take the God-Slaying Sabre, you will definitely be chased down and killed by the experts of the Royal Court!" Golden Sabre glared at Whitey as he tried to talk some sense into it.

However, Whitey didn't care about Golden Sabre's words at all. After examining the God-Slaying Sabre, it raised its head to look at him.

Golden Sabre's mouth twitched. He thought that Whitey actually listened to him and would finally return him the sabre.

However, the smile on his face quickly froze.

Giving it back? Why was he so naive?

It wasn't just Golden Sabre. Even the rest of the spectators were shocked.

Because, in front of them, Whitey raised the God-Slaying Sabre in the air. Under the illumination of the sun, it released a dazzling light.

In the next instant, Whitey's fat stomach started to spin, and a black hole appeared.

Under the dumbfounded gaze of Golden Sabre, Whitey directly stuffed the God-Slaying Sabre into the black hole.

Crunch crunch crunch...

A chewing sound reverberated in the air as the God-Slaying Sabre shattered inside the black hole. Eventually, its shards were swallowed by it.

It seemed as though... Whitey ate the God-Slaying Sabre?

Everyone had a strange expression on their faces.

The Golden Armor Guards, who were standing by the side, were also shocked.

What in the world was happening? The Protector's weapon... It was actually eaten? That was a God-Slaying Tool!

Oh god... Who in the world were they up against? It even dared to swallow a God-Slaying Tool?

As for the God-Slaying Tool's owner, Golden Sabre, he was completely shocked. His eyes were as wide as saucers as he opened his wolf mouth, staring at the black hole in a daze. He stared at Whitey as the God-Slaying Sabre slowly disappeared.

In the next moment, it seemed as though his entire body was about to explode!

"Ah! God-Slaying Sabre... My God-Slaying Sabre!"

Why don't we speak some sense? Why don't we slowly talk about it?

Golden Sabre was about to go insane. The God-Slaying Sabre was temporarily loaned to him by the higher-ups to deal with the Spirit of Netherworld.

Now, aside from failing to deal with the Spirit of Netherworld, a lump of metal had eaten the God-Slaying Sabre.

It even devoured it in front of his face!

This... This was absolutely unbearable!