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 Outside the Pill Palace, the wind was blowing, bringing up the leaves that fell as autumn left and winter was welcomed.

A figure was draped in a robe, his sleeves fluttering in the wind as he firmly stepped on the ground.

He wore a conical bamboo hat, covering his face. However, the white hair that draped down exposed the elderly's age.

"The Pill Palace..." He stood at the gate and raised his head, looking at the majestic city walls in the distance. He was chewing on a grass stalk, and when his mouth moved, so did the grass.

"How pitiful and lamentable. The Pill Palace is still a Holy Land of the alchemists. A pity that it fell to this state today, and even targeted by the Hidden Dragon Royal Court..." Sighing, he raised his head, and his face was finally revealed from under the bamboo hat.

It was Chu Changsheng, who had rushed over from the Valley of Gluttony.

He looked at the majestic city wall, and a trace of pain flashed across his face. Compared to the Valley of Gluttony, this Pill Palace was too much weaker.

Maybe in the near future, this Pill Palace would be utterly controlled by that group of people from the Royal Court.

"Forget it. The Valley of Gluttony, as of today, already find it hard to protect itself. This senior will not care too much. After finding that girl, I'll just bring her back. Protecting the legacy is the most important after all. The Royal Court, group of bastards..."

Chu Chang Sheng let out a sigh, then continued moving on. In an instant, he reached the majestic city.


The Golden Armor Guards were smashed into a mess. Some were injured, while some were dead. The armor on everyone's bodies were all broken and shattered.

They looked at Whitey, who seemed to be like a demon god, and their eyes filled with horror. He was too terrifying! This big thing was really too frightening!

The Golden Armor Guards specialized in forming arrays, but their magic array had been shattered by Whitey's violence!

Moreover, that horrifying thing's huge palm-leaf palms harshly slammed down and shattered the armor on their bodies, causing their bodies to be exposed.

At that moment, the Golden Armor Guards felt indignant. Their golden armor was their pride, but this puppet had effortlessly ripped it up.

Their heads could be cut and their blood could flow, but their armor could not be ripped!


Whitey's figure suddenly vanished, and in the next instant, he rushed over like a berserk demonic beast.

A few Golden Armor Guards were sent flying everywhere. The armor on their figures shattered in the air, revealing their glaringly white figures.

A Golden Armor Guard chopped down on Whitey's body with a single blade, his eyes filled with the color of blood. They were the army of the Royal Court Holy Grounds, the models of bloodhounds.

Even if they were unable to defeat the opponent, they had to display a fierce image, like biting off a piece of flesh from their enemy's body.

With a clanking sound ringing out, that blade chopped at Whitey's body. The latter's scarlet-red eyes swept, instantly landing on that Golden Armor Guard's body.

Turning its neck, the horns on its head faced that Golden Armor Guard.

"Rip his clothes..."


Its huge palms heavily smacked down, and in a flash, that Golden Armor Guard's long blade was shattered. Its shrapnels scattered all over the sky.


The armor was instantly ripped, and a moment later, that Golden Armor Guard was sent flying naked. His figure drew a beautiful arc in the air while coughing out blood.

Pinching the golden armor in its hands, Whitey's round belly suddenly spun, instantly revealing a black hole.

Grabbing the golden armor, he stuffed it into the black hole, and with a cracking sound, the golden armor was swallowed.

The fifty Golden Armor Guards had all been beaten like dogs, mournfully crying out as they languished on the ground. Some did not bring clothes, so they awkwardly covered their crotches, looking extremely miserable.

While coughing blood, one had to cover their embarrassing areas...

What type of enemy did they encounter?

Could they just directly receive a blade? Was there such a need to humiliate them like this?

Meanwhile, the nether energy began to dissipate from Nethery's body.

Although Lord Dog's fur let her utilize a huge portion of her ability, there was a time limit, so the nether blue flame seemed to be utterly burned up.

Once the dog fur was completely used, Nethery's ability would once again be under the restrictions of the Hidden Dragon Continent. As she thought about this, her pitch-black eyes showed a trace of solemness.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Her strands of hair were like long spears, constantly whistling as it cut down.

"Nether's Might!"

Nethery's hair fluttered, her eyes ice-cold and expressionless.

Raising her hand, she sent it at the constantly moving Golden Sabre, who was slashing his golden sabre continuously.


A wave of formless fluctuation instantly spread open.


Golden Sabre's traversing body instantly froze as he felt a huge wave of pressure falling from the sky.


Golden Sabre's expression shifted, feeling as if his figure had descended into a swamp. At that moment, he found it difficult to move.

Furthermore, the terrifying attacks constantly rained down, making it even more difficult for him.

"This is a mystical energy attack. This Great Void's identity is definitely not ordinary!

Golden Sabre's scarlet eyes shone even brighter. The soul ladder on top of his head let out a radiance. It reflected the light from the star, dispersing quite a bit of the pressure.

Not all Great Void of the Netherworld knew how to attack with mystical energy. Only the twelve races of the Netherworld in the legends had that sort of strength, and it seemed that this woman before him was definitely one of the descendants of a huge race in the Netherworld!

Thinking about this, Golden Sabre's eyes instantly revealed a fanatical gleam. He did not think that this trip would bring another surprise.

If he could capture a person from the twelve races of the Netherworld, it would be a huge contribution to the Royal Court!

Hence, Golden Sabre became even more violent. Around his figure, a wave of energy suddenly exploded. It was shaped like a circle, blocking the Nether's Might.

The ground under his feet shattered as he dashed towards Nethery, who was floating in the sky.

Even if his opponent was a beauty, in Golden Sabre's eyes, that beauty was no more than a pink-colored skeleton!

"Kill!" He shouted with all his might, as if he were a roaring beast. The mysterious runes that covered the God-Slaying Sabre shined as his blade that slashed past.


The veins on the side of Nethery's eyes became deeper by quite a bit, and the entire nether energy in her hands exploded.

"Nether's Ghost Rush!" Nethery's gentle voice roared. Raising her palm, a blurry figure appeared behind her back. That person's figure was noble and seemed to look down on the common people.


Golden Sabre's eyes instantly widened. The golden sabre had yet to cut down, and he had already been sent flying by such an immense strength.

He was unable to block it. It was actually another Mythical energy attack.

This lady...

Golden Sabre's figure froze for a moment, then exploded towards the ground like a cannonball. His eyes stared at Nethery unwaveringly.

In the next instant, a huge figure suddenly flew over.

Golden Sabre seemed to have felt a wave of terrifying energy, causing his armor to shake.


He felt that he had clashed against a terrifying demonic beast. He, who had been smashed down just now, was once again sent flying.

A domineering steel puppet that was filled with savageness floated in the air. The metal wings on its back spread out, as if it were a roc spreading its wings.

After that, a loud clanging rang out as Golden Sabre's figure smashed into the ruins.

Smoke drifted everywhere.

Whitey tilted its head, causing the horns on top of its head to let out an ice-cold light.

Everyone was shocked.

Bu Fang was also pretty shocked. His gaze was strange as he looked at Whitey, who looked incomparably domineering above him.

Was this still the Whitey he knew? How come after the upgrade, it had become so violent?

"Whitey, you changed," thought Bu Fang.

"God-Slaying..." Whitey's robotic voice resounded.


The ruins exploded, and from it, Golden Sabre was seen taking several steps. Holding the God-Slaying Sabre, his eyes became even more savage.



However, before he had finished his words, a huge figure suddenly descended from the sky. It smashed on the ground, bringing with it a terrifying pressure.

Once again, Golden Sabre was sent flying.

"Goddamn..." Golden Sabre's face looked constipated. Could you let one finish acting big?

Whitey's metal wings slightly spread open, and the malevolent horns on its back shook.


In the next instant, Whitey then once again exploded forth.

Golden Sabre flipped his body. He straightened his figure as his ice-cold eyes watched the huge metallic ball dashing towards him.

The golden armor on his body was cracked, and cracks could be seen all over it.

"You dared to wreck my golden armor! Unforgivable!" Golden Sabre waved his God-Slaying Sabre, roaring at Whitey.

High up in the sky, Nethery was looking curiously at Golden Sabre, who had suddenly changed his opponent. Her long hair rolled down, and her veins dissipated, once again regaining her beautiful appearance.

She slowly descended, landing at the front of the restaurant gate.

She seemed to look slightly tired.

She looked at Bu Fang, who was leaning against the gate. Her eyes moved as she said, "Bu Fang, I'm hungry."

At that moment, Bu Fang was watching the fight above him. Hearing Nethery's weak voice, he was slightly stunned. He immediately turned and looked at Nethery, whose face was as white as paper. His brows then furrowed.

He pulled out three chili strips from the system's storage space, then dripped a Crystal Core's Violet Marrow on each strip.

Crystal Core's Violet Marrow contained dense spirit essence. This spirit essence should be enough to help Nethery recover.

"Here, eat this chili strip first to appease the hunger."

Nethery looked at the chili strip, then opened her mouth. The moment it touched her tongue, she ate it in relish.

Bu Fang turned his head and resumed watching the fight. The improvement in Whitey's ability had made him slightly curious.

"System, what exactly is the level of Whitey's combat level after its upgrade?" Bu Fang asked.

The system did not reply immediately, but after being silent for quite a while, it opened and said in a solemn voice, "Whitey swallowed the God-Slaying Weapon of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, obtaining the divine powers within it. As of today, its ability is comparable to a seven step soul ladder Divine Soul Realm expert. After this, every upgrade will require the consumption of two God-Slaying Weapons."

Bu Fang's face was instantly filled with curiosity.

God-Slaying Weapons?

Could it be the sabre in that golden-armored expert's hands?

No wonder Whitey kept wanting to pick a fight with others.

Also, the system mentioned that in the future, when Whitey wanted to upgrade, it required God-Slaying Weapons to swallow. The God-Slaying Weapons were something that only the Hidden Dragon Royal Court possessed, so did that mean that he was bound to be against the Royal Court?

Bu Fang stroked his hair. He initially thought that one lazy dog was already hard to please, and now the originally obedient Whitey had become so picky with its food.

"Life, why was it so tough?" Bu Fang lamented.

At that moment, Whitey once again spread open its metal wings. They clasped Golden Sabre's neck, dragging him along the ground.

This was Whitey's iconic fighting style-the fighting style of friction!

Golden Sabre roared. However, he was raised up by Whitey and was harshly flung into the distance again.

Clink! Clank! Clink! Clank!

Whitey was able to grab the God-Slaying Sabre from Golden Sabre's hands. The palm leaf-shaped palms clashed against it, letting out many sparks.

Seeing this, Golden Sabre's eyes widened. He suddenly understood Whitey's objective!

"You metal puppet dare to covet this Protector's God-Slaying Sabre! Die!" Golden Sabre roared.

However, before he finished roaring, he was immediately grabbed in the head by Whitey's massive hands.

Five fingers crushed the helmet, causing it to be covered in cracks.

"Troublemakers... Ripping clothes off to display to the public!"


It's palm suddenly put in more strength, and in the next instant...

The helmet was shattered!