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 "Having sensed the God-Slayer Tool, the God-Slayer Whitey shall return..."

As Golden Sabre waved his gleaming golden sabre at Bu Fang, the system's austere and solemn voice resonated in Bu Fang's mind.

Bu Fang was slightly taken aback. Whitey the God-Slayer? Could it be that Whitey? Bu Fang was reminded of Whitey, who suffered from a bout of food poisoning the last round. Had he been revived?

To Bu Fang's astonishment, a silhouette started to form right before him as soon as the system's voice came to a halt. It was as though someone had sketched a figure on the sky, releasing a figure from out of nowhere.

Golden Sabre wielded his sabre, slashing a golden brilliance at Bu Fang. The terrifying energy exploded instantly.

The power of the God-Slayer Tool was formidable. Not only did it allow the energy to escalate, but it could also render a great blow to the spirits from the Netherworld. Golden Sabre had been cornered to such exasperation by Bu Fang that he decided to draw out his God-Slayer Sabre against him immediately into the fight.

With the joint strengths of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok and the soul of Taotie, Bu Fang's true ability might not pose a challenge to Golden Sabre. However, he was on par with him in terms of combat and defensive prowess. When matched against such a worthy opponent, one had to act ruthlessly swiftly, wiping out the opponent before he could respond.

Meanwhile, the crowd took a deep breath. They were intimidated by the outburst of the imposing presence, thinking that it would have crushed Bu Fang into minced meat. The grounds were collapsing, but alas, everybody squinted their eyes as they found a huge figure standing in front of Bu Fang. Amongst the rumbling dust and debris, that figure was serving as a barricade.

It was an enormous and rotund figure, shielded by a bronze armor. The weirdly-engraved armor fully enshrouded the ball-like torso, making it rather comical for the plump figure. However, the crowd felt a terrifying pressure effusing from that figure.

The blood-red eyes of Golden Sabre brightened from within his golden helmet. As the dust and rumbling settled, he had a clearer picture of the current situation.

His God-Slayer Sabre was restricted by the fat heap of steel. Unbelievable! How could his 'sure-kill' golden sabre be blocked by a heap of steel that had appeared from nowhere?

Behind the rumbling and the heap of steel, Bu Fang was holding his pitch-black wok, sweeping his eyes dispassionately at Golden Sabre.

"What on earth is this?" said the baffled Golden Sabre.

He tried pulling, but the God-Slayer Sabre was stuck and could not be moved an inch. The bowed head of the heap of steel raised slowly, and a pale gleam shot out from the iron puppet's skull, shooting straight at Golden Sabre.

Golden Sabre shuddered under his armor.


Before Golden Sabre could respond and tilt his head fully, he saw a black figure rushing towards him. The thick black energy smacked his head, and with a roaring howl, Golden Sabre tried to pull out the God-Slayer Sabre locked by the heap of steel.

Within the thick black energy, a soft white foot came sticking out. The milky-white skin was smooth as silk, and the well-defined calf gave a start. The foot tapped on Golden Sabre's chest before he could wave his sabre. A second later, horrifying energy exploded from it.

Golden Sabre was propelled afar from that move, and the brute force of his landing shattered the ground into crumbles.

Everyone, including the Golden Armor Guards, stood aghast at the sight of Golden Sabre hurled to a great distance. It was unimaginable for them to see the fall of Golden Sabre, so they were horrified and cast their glance afar when Golden Sabre landed by their feet.

A moment later, the black energy dissipated, revealing the aloof face of Nethery, a cold but attractive figure. With the help of Blacky's fur, Nethery's combative prowess recovered tremendously.

As the haze around Whitey disappeared, his full form became discernible to all. God-Slayer Whitey had transformed drastically. His chubby head had a gruesome spine protruding from it, and the metallic wings on his back exuded an icy luster. In the middle of each wing was a row of sharp thorns, giving him an air of bossy dominance.

If Whitey had given the impression of a gentle puppet before, he had now adorned a sharper image. He was like a sword out of its sheath, ferocious and ruthless.

Bu Fang stood behind Whitey and stared at the piercing sharp thorns. He gingerly touched the thorns and mumbled, "God-Slayer Whitey has become rather... brutal."

Nethery was not expecting Whitey too. Her energy exploded, and her long tress wavered as her eyes turned pitch-black. Green veins spread across her face, starting from the ears. If she had known that Whitey would appear, she would not have borrowed the fur from Blacky. However, since the fur was already in her hands, she might as well put it to good use at once.

A buzz reverberated. The next moment, Nethery's physique catapulted across the air at an alarming speed. At the same time, her mane gathered and transformed into a long spear.


The transformed long spear headed ruthlessly towards Golden Sabre and savagely pierced through him. Nethery was now a Great Void.

Golden Sabre rose from the ground. There was now a clear dent on the armor around his chest. His scarlet eyes twinkled as he coldly said, "The Spirit of Netherworld? I did not come for you, yet you dare appear?" A moment later, his physique vanished. He reappeared in the air and was seen pulling the sabre and whacking it towards Nethery.

The God-Slayer Sabre's destructive force was much more effective and was especially designed against the Spirit of Netherworld. Being the Great Void from the Spirit of Netherworld, her combative prowess was good. Although it was contrary to what Golden Sabre had thought, he was, after all, real. That was why he had total control over the God-Slayer Sabre.

The fifty Golden Armor Guards finally joined the battle. They did not expect Golden Sabre to be drawn into such a tough fight without any advantage against a small fry, the little chef. It was totally unimaginable! They pulled their long knives from their backs and charged towards Whitey and Bu Fang, who were standing at a good distance.

The long knives were dragged across the ground, which had already turned into shambles by then. The contact of the surfaces created sparks and loud metallic sounds. All in all, the energy of the Guards was strong and terrifying.

"Kill the troublemakers!" Whitey's mechanical and cold voice resonated as the ashen white in his eyes turned bloody red. The metallic wings behind him became more gruesome. If one were to look from afar, Whitey would appear as brutal and tyrannical as a demonic monster. He had become more and more imposing, so much so that he would have asked for those troublemakers' clothes to be stripped away. But, alas, how arrogant could he get now? Therefore, his first word was "Kill!"

As he flapped his wings, the oppressive pressure permeated the air around him. Whitey held on to his fat torso and charged, as fast as lightning, towards the Golden Armor Guards.


Time seemed to have slowed to a halt. Whitey stepped on the ground as the redness in his eyes brightened. In a flash, his puppetry punch went out.


The long knife of a Guard sliced across Whitey's armor. Sparks flew, but surprisingly, there was no injury incurred. Whitey's blow landed on the Golden Armor Guard. His armor shattered and disintegrated, and his body was thrown afar. His long knife dropped on the ground, creating a clanging sound.

In the next instant, two Guards' long knives were draped across the surface of the ground as they tried to prop Whitey up with them. Whitey responded by grasping the two guards' heads with his clawed fan-like hands. With an abrupt swipe, the two Guards were sent colliding at each other, and blood could be seen spurting out of their mouths. After that, they were swung out by Whitey.


The charging Golden Armor Guards were flung out one by one, much like chickens and dogs being thrown out. The upgraded Whitey had combat prowess that was more fearsome than before.

Meanwhile, Bu Fang held his Black Turtle Constellation Wok as he watched the fight from a distance.

He heaved a sigh.

It was the same scent-the same concoction. His lips twitched as he thought that fighting was a very tiring job. Frankly speaking, he was pleased that Whitey was doing it instead.

He kept his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and strolled into the restaurant. He pulled out a chair and sat on it, right at the entrance of the restaurant. Others might mistake him for a bystander or an audience upon seeing his relaxed mood. In fact, that was close to the truth. Everyone was baffled, not comprehending the swift change of events that had turned slightly out of control.

With a bossy and savage puppet, coupled with the Spirit of Netherworld, it had to be said that there were quite a few cards in the restaurant's hands.

At this moment, all the Guards charged towards Whitey.

Immersed in the crowd, Nangong Wuque walked slowly towards Luo Danqing, who was bathed in a pool of blood and was as good as dead. Luo Danqing was too feeble as Golden Sabre was too overbearing and too strong a match for him. Fortunately, he was not killed.

Nangong Wuque sneakily piggy-backed Luo Danqing, ensuring that he was unnoticed in the process and sprinted in the direction of the restaurant. Unfortunately, he was noticed by a Guard, who immediately showed his killing intent by changing the direction of his knife, slashing at Nangong Wuque.


Whitey threw his powerful punch at the Guard who was about to attack Nangong Wuque. His fiery punch sent the Guard crashing to the ground. The poor half-dead Guard was hoisted up again by Whitey, and blood could be seen oozing out from the corner of his mouth. With another fling of his arm, Whitey hurled the Guard away to a great distance.

Most of the fifty Golden Armor Guards were either brutally killed or wounded by Whitey. The remaining Guards looked at each other briefly and started to move in unison, following the steps on the mystifying engravings. Their outburst of energies synchronized at the arch of heaven, forming a magic array. A moment later, it culminated into a humongous Golden Armored Giant. It held a big chopping knife and roared ferociously at Whitey.


Golden Sabre, with fanatical eyes, grasped his God-Slayer Sabre and attacked Nethery relentlessly.

The God-Slayer Tool was too powerful in suppressing the Spirit of Netherworld. Even with the help of Blacky's dog fur, Nethery felt a moment of suppression. The spear that was transformed from her black hair was snipped to shreds. Without diminishing its pressure, the God-Slayer Sabre targeted straight at Nethery.

Whitey rolled his blood-red eyes and stared at Golden Sabre, who was floating in the sky. The moment he set his eyes upon the God-Slayer Sabre, he became agitated.

"Discovered the God-Slayer Tool... Kill!"