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 The black wok that suddenly fell from the sky smashed in front of An Sheng, as the horrifying blade energy smashed on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Letting out a violent bang, the terrifying energy then scattered.

Everyone's heart all jumped. After swallowing, they looked at that heavy and simple black wok in disbelief.

Golden Sabre's blade energy slammed on the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, but it did not leave a single crack on it.

It was inconceivable. This was definitely not an ordinary wok.

Golden Sabre slightly raised his brows. The light in his scarlet eyes bloomed, staring at that black wok as he let out a 'humph.'

A single blade from him would cut through a wok. Even if it were ten black woks, it would still cut through them easily, unless the material of this black wok was very different.

An Sheng's face was ashen as she looked at that wok. Her eyes instantly shrunk as she wondered, "Wasn't this Owner Bu's black wok?"

She turned her head and saw Bu Fang, who had pushed open the bronze gates in his usual manner.

Bu Fang was wearing a Vermillion Robe. The red and white spaces were like bundles of burning flames. Overall, it was attractive and dazzling.

Bu Fang's right hand slightly dropped, and a corner of the black bandage hung down from his arm, slightly swaying under the blowing wind.

This was the little chef?

Golden Sabre looked at Bu Fang, who walked out of the restaurant with a calm face, and the light in his eyes bloomed.

So, this was the kid that caused the fall of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son...

Bu Fang looked at An Sheng's face, who was as pale as paper, and furrowed his brows. He slowly took steps, walking in front of the dumbstruck An Sheng.

The arm that was wrapped in black bandages was raised, floating on top of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

A booming sound resounded.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok shrunk, then held by Bu Fang. He raised his head to give Golden Sabre a glance.

His face remained calm as he turned to An Sheng. With furrowed brows, he asked, "Who gave you these injuries?"

An Sheng still hadn't recovered from the shock, and she was astounded by how domineering Bu Fang's appearance was.

Up until now, the feeling Bu Fang had given her was a type of cold but warm-hearted person. He was not very good at expressing himself and had a rustic type of existence, so who would have thought that Owner Bu would have times when he was so domineering?

However, it was not the time to act like that. The opponent was really strong and not easy to deal with.

Didn't he see that even the Palace Master, Luo Danqing, had been beaten down by that golden armored man?

"Owner Bu! Quick, run!" An Sheng recovered her senses, shouting as she warned him.

"Run? You just need to tell me who injured you." Bu Fang swung his Black Turtle Constellation Wok, and a gust of wind blew up, causing his hair to flutter.

"Very brave, little chef. I was the one who injured her, so what about it?" Golden Sabre felt a wave of flame surging up within him as he looked at Bu Fang, who was holding a wok while acting big.

Did this chef not know that he was facing the Protector Golden Sabre?

Even if it was Senior Chu Changsheng of the Valley of Gluttony seeing him, he would also have to stay on alert. However, this little chef had a carefree and bold face, as if he was above him.

This was really asking for death!

"So, it's you?" Bu Fang raised his head. He looked at Golden Sabre, whose entire body was clad tightly in golden armor, with a deadpan expression.

How unsightly was this guy? Did he really wrap himself so tightly?

Bu Fang grabbed his Black Turtle Constellation Wok and gently exhaled. "Bullying the chef's apprentice? You really think I have a good temper?"

His eyes narrowed, and in the next instant, he took a step out.

The energy on his body began to continuously climb, as if there were shackles swaying behind his back.

The five shackles were very eye-catching, swaying as a horrifying energy spread from his body.

Everyone froze, including An Sheng.

Nangong Wuque, who was hiding in the crowd, twitched his mouth.

Old Bu, Old Bu, you really are funny...

You are looking at Golden Sabre, an existence that can cause the Palace Master to be covered in blood. What did you, a weakling of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, come out to do?

It was not even worth the other party's slap!

As for An Sheng, despair appeared in her eyes. With how domineering Owner Bu talked, she initially thought that he would have some trump card. However, in the end, he stood out there just like a fool, and exploded with.... the energy of a Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

Even if it was at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, was he even a match for Golden Sabre?

The difference was simply too great!

Puff, puff, puff!

A pitch-black energy rose from the bandage on Bu Fang's arm, then covered his entire arm.

"Really asking for death! Even if it was Chu Changsheng, he would not dare to act big in front of me. You, a little chef, count as what? Just a plaything!"


A scarlet-red energy exploded from Golden Sabre's eyes, rolling forth from his body.

A horrifying pressure instantly dispersed, causing everyone's figure to shake. It seemed like a massive mountain was weighing down on their bodies.

The golden armored guards were sturdy and did not move. However, the group of alchemists behind them felt their legs shaking, directly kneeling on the ground with a dull sound.

Some people were unable to handle it even more. That terrifying energy made them retreat while spitting out blood.

Everyone's eyes were filled with shock and horror.

This was the energy of the Divine Soul Realm! Furthermore, it was not just an ordinary Divine Soul Realm expert. That white soul ladder had one step, two steps, three steps.... Seven steps!

A full seven steps soul ladder! This type of existence.... Why would he appear in the Pill Palace?

Everyone's faces changed.

They had never seen a Divine Soul Realm expert in their lives, and today one appeared. Not only that, but it was an existence that had seven steps soul ladder.

He was even mightier than Palace Master Luo! And this little chef was up against this type of frightening existence!

The energy of Golden Sabre rushed towards the sky.

The seven steps soul ladder let out a dazzling radiance, and at the top of the seven steps soul ladder, a reflection was formed, light descending from it.

This was the unique trait of experts that belonged to the Royal Court Holy Lands, the Star Reflection.

Because the seven great holy lands of the Royal Court each represented a star, it was able to receive the power of the stars, causing their combat ability to become even mightier.

Golden Sabre, as the Protector of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds, naturally received the power of the Heavenly Spring Star above the Heavenly Spring.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Many people felt waves of pressure, as if the ground was going to collapse.

"Divine Physique Echelon Realm..... An existence like an ant, daring to act big in front of this Protector. If you have the ability, then continue acting big!" Golden Sabre coldly said.

His eyes were like blades, and with the surging of his energy, blade energy covered the surroundings. That sharp blade energy seemed to be slicing the ground, causing the ground to continually crack.

Within the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Nethery was holding a porcelain plate full of Dragon Blood Rice, eating it using the other hand. She was standing at the door, watching Bu Fang and Golden Sabre as if it was the most interesting show.

Little Lass also learned from Nethery's example. With one hand holding a plate, she scooped and ate some Egg-Fried Rice while staring at the scene before her with widened eyes.

As for Lord Dog, he did not care about this. Puffing against the porcelain plate, he just kept on eating the delicious Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs.

Nothing could interfere with Lord Dog eating his Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs. Even if the sky fell, it was simply impossible.

Bu Fang tilted his head, calmly looking at Golden Sabre. He had the system with him, so the pressure that Golden Sabre gave him did not affect him in the slightest.

Gently letting out a breath, Bu Fang turned his head to look at An Sheng, whose entire body was shaking.

"Go inside the restaurant first. Let Yang Meiji deal with the injuries," Bu Fang said.

An Sheng froze, as if Bu Fang's gaze had just told her not to refuse.

An Sheng slowly stood up and staggered towards the restaurant. The moment she stepped inside, Golden Sabre's pressure gradually weakened. This made An Sheng's heart freeze, feeling shocked.

Looking at Nethery and Xiao Ya, who was eating while leaning at the gate, An Sheng's mouth involuntarily twitched.

At this moment, she seemed to realize that she had become an apprentice of an outstanding place.

Seeing An Sheng entering the restaurant, Bu Fang then turned his head around. His gaze swept over, landing on Luo Danqing, who was covered in blood and on his last breath.

It was hard to imagine that just yesterday, this person was fervently advising him to run away. Who would have known that Luo Danqing would end up in this sorry state?

Without a doubt, all this was done by the golden-armored guy in front of him.

"You, little chef, are involved with the fall of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son. You even accepted a Netherworld creature, so your crimes cannot be pardoned! Kill him!" Golden Sabre solemnly said.

As his words fell, a killing energy rushed towards the heavens.

Golden Sabre took a step, and his figure seemed to instantly appear in front of Bu Fang as the ground had sunk into an inch.

A terrifying pressure stirred up a surging wind, which caused Bu Fang's hair to flutter. The string that held his hair was also scattered along with the wind.

Golden Sabre raised a palm, wanting to kill Bu Fang in one strike. He simply could not stand watching this little chef act big any longer!

With his ability that had condensed a seven steps soul ladder, to kill a weakling of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm was simply too easy.

The air seemed to be so squashed at this moment that a cracking sound rang out.

A palm heavily fell.


A loud sound reverberated, and everyone's eyes shrunk at this moment, their breathing stopped.

Even Golden Sabre himself felt shocked.

Looking over in disbelief, he realized that his one palm was not able to smash that chef into pieces. Instead, a black wok blocked it.

Even with this palm that he had sent out with his full strength, it was still unable to leave a scratch on that Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

But from within the black wok, there seemed to be a roar of a savage beast that was terrifying to the extreme, causing Golden Sabre to step back and feel frightened.

Bu Fang's true energy entered the Black Turtle Constellation Wok as it violently shook.

That Black Turtle Constellation Wok then shook off Golden Sabre's palm. After that, the wok was swung towards Golden Sabre's head.

Bu Fang, when using his black wok, really liked to smash others' heads. The feeling of the black wok smashing against the head made Bu Fang feel very satisfied.

The Taotie arm that was wrapped in black energy let out a horrifying aura, so when this wok was swung, its power was immense and terrifying.

Golden Sabre seemed to have felt a wave of danger. His arms and hands blocked in front of his chest in a cross shape, but when that black wok smashed down, he felt a wave of terrifying energy exploding forth.

With a resounding boom, Golden Sabre was sent retreating a couple of steps by Bu Fang.

With every step, the bricks on the ground were directly smashed into pieces.

Everyone saw Golden Sabre retreating, and they were all stunned.

With the strength of a Divine Physique Echelon Realm, he sent the Divine Soul Realm expert retreating. What the heck? What monster was this Owner Bu?

The arm that was wrapped in black bandages seemed to let out a low howl, and Bu Fang felt his palm feel a little numb. Obviously, Golden Sabre's palm was not ordinary.

"If I knew this will happen, I would have plucked a fur off that lazy dog...." Bu Fang sighed. After all, there was a huge gap between him and a Divine Soul Realm expert.

If that lazy dog was able to directly make a move, it would be great. However, that lazy dog would not lend a hand that easily. Only when he was close to death, and its Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs was in danger, would that lazy dog then move its paws.

Normally, Bu Fang was unable to move it. Of course, if Whitey was here right now, it would also be a lot easier.

Bu Fang sighed. Fighting... was tiring.

But sometimes, fighting could not be helped. What was given out must be returned?

Golden Sabre, who was sent retreating by that one wok, exploded in anger. A terrifying energy spread out, and streams of blade energy cut down towards Bu Fang. It looked as if it was going to cut him into pieces!