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 "This is the Star Tower?"

Golden Sabre looked at the dazzling tall tower in front, involuntarily laughing out gently. The eyes that were wrapped by the golden helmet revealed a trace of shock.

As expected of the Star Tower that the Amethyst Elder wanted to obtain. As the holy land of the alchemists, this Star Tower was indeed important.

Meanwhile, Luo Danqing coughed blood as he returned to the Star Tower. His energy was incomparably dispirited, his face as white as paper.

One of the thirteen protectors of the Golden Armor Guards was really too strong. The pressure that he gave off made him unable to breathe. His methods against him were completely useless.

Only existences like Senior Chu Changsheng of the Valley of Gluttony would be able to deal with this type of protector rank expert.

The other side hadn't even brandished his weapon, yet he had shattered his full-powered attack in one blow. Against this type of opponent, he had no hope.

"I'm already at your door. Are you not going to invite me in to take a seat?"

Looking at the Star Tower's steel gates that were tightly shut, Golden Sabre raised his head as he lightly said.

His voice was not loud, but it transmitted over the entire Star Tower in an instant, causing the many cultivating alchemists in the Star Tower to open their eyes. Under the resounding voice, they felt their blood undergo a huge fluctuation, as if it was about to jump out of their bodies. It made everyone inside feel extremely uncomfortable.

What was going on?

Everyone's faces were filled with shock.

Who was it? They were within the Star Tower, so why was something like this happening?

Many people opened their windows, sticking out their heads to see what was going on.

The moment they saw the group of guards wearing golden armor, they felt shocked-the energy of these people was terrifying!

"What kind of people are you? Don't you know that the Star Tower is an important place of the Pill Palace? It's a heavy offense to disturb refining!"

An alchemist, whose beard was unshaven, was furious. He had reached the important part of his refining process, and because of this interruption, he directly exploded his furnace. Naturally, this made him angry.

Hence, he stuck his head out of the window and roared. Many alchemists were people with strange tempers, so naturally, one would get mad because their refining was disrupted. It was understandable for them to throw out abuse roundly.

However, before this elder finished shouting, his voice suddenly stopped.

A Golden Armor Guard, upon hearing the alchemist throwing out abuses, raised his head. His eyes surging with killing intent, he instantly let out his blade from behind his back, forming a blade light that flashed past.

With a splat, that alchemist's head fell from the window, landing on the ground with a dull thud.

Everyone was shocked. In the next moment, they sucked in a cold breath.


Who exactly were these people? To dare to act so wild in front of the Star Tower unrestrainedly, this was completely not putting the Pill Palace in their eyes-not even putting Luo Danqing in their eyes.

Were they not afraid of the punishment of the expert of the Pill Palace?

"Palace Master Luo, if you still won't open the gates, are you allowing me to charge in?"

Golden Sabre did not care about the elderly man whose head had been chopped off. He only looked calmly at the big gates of the Star Tower, opening his mouth as he asked.

However, that big gate remained tightly shut.

Golden Sabre shook his head. He sneered, then let out a laugh.

In the next instant, the long blades of the Golden Armor Guards behind him all rushed towards the heavens. The thousands of blade energy seemed as if they were forming a long roaring dragon, rushing towards the heavens and cutting towards the spectating experts of the Star Tower.

Heads fell, and fresh blood splattered everywhere, flowing in the glittering lights of the Star Tower. It caused the originally celestial-like Star Tower to become covered in fresh blood, looking sinister and extremely horrifying.

Horror began to spread over in an instant.

Such a horrifying scene caused the minds of the alchemists to almost break.

What.... What exactly was going on? Why were these Golden Armor Guards so rude and unreasonable?

Within the Star Tower, after a period of silence, someone finally let out a helpless sigh.

With a creaking sound, the great gates of the Star Tower slowly opened.


Bu Fang shut the gates of the restaurant, turning his neck as he did so. He then walked towards the silent kitchen-Yang Meiji and An Sheng had already left.

Bu fang began to practice his culinary skills. Once he had free time, he would always practice cooking new dishes. Although this practice would not have any obvious impact on his culinary skills, at least it would leave a clear memory of cooking for him.

On the arc of the sky, the Star Tower slowly rose, hanging on the night sky as it flashed. It let out a dazzling radiance.

When Bu Fang finished practicing, he promptly returned to his room.

At that moment, the entire Cloud Mist Restaurant became quiet. The only sound left was on the basin, the gentle dripping of water droplets.

Meanwhile, on the opposite side of the Cloud Mist Restaurant, the Star Tower was far from peaceful. The originally tranquil and gentle looking Star Tower was experiencing a shock as of this moment.

The moon fell, and the sun rose.

A night had passed.

From within the tightly-shut great gates of the Star Tower, fresh blood was flowing out. When it finally opened, a group of figures slowly walked out.

Golden Sabre was the first to step out. Behind him were fifty Golden Armor Guards-these were the golden guards of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Everyone's vitality energy was terrifying.

Their eyes were like sharp blades. Sweeping past, they would give one a bone-chilling sensation.

And behind these golden guards, a group of terrified alchemists followed. They looked as if they had seen ghosts, their entire bodies shaking as they walked. Their footsteps were constantly trembling with every step.

These people were literally demons. How could they treat such respectable alchemists like them this way?

However, they didn't dare to show and voice out their anger. Some of their faces even revealed sorrow.


In the middle of the group of Golden Armor Guards, there was a figure covered in blood. That person was their Palace Master, Luo Danqing.

The Palace Master of the Pill Palace, Luo Danqing, a Divine Soul Realm expert, had actually ended up in this state.

This made the alchemists' minds about to shatter. They really were unable to provoke these people in front of them!

"You, lead the way. Lead well, or else... You know what will happen."

Golden Sabre turned his head and said to an alchemist. That alchemist was trembling. His eyes were filled with fear, unable to reject.

An Sheng was mixed in this group as well. Her heart was beating violently, worry appearing in her eyes. This group of people... wanted to find trouble for Owner Bu!

What do they want with Owner Bu? Why are they here causing trouble?

These people were even able to beat the Pill Palace Master until he had such heavy injuries. If they could do that, it would be effortless to kill Owner Bu, right?

As Bu Fang's apprentice, An Sheng naturally would not allow that situation to happen. She felt that she needed to find a chance and escape. She needed to inform Owner Bu and let him escape as soon as possible.

As she thought about this, her face was filled with anxiousness.

Under the pressure of Golden Sabre, the alchemist naturally did not dare to disobey. After bringing them to the Cloud Mist Restaurant, Luo Danqing, whose entire body was covered in blood, slightly raised his head. Fresh blood flowed down his forehead, rolling over his eyes, causing him to be unable to open his eyes.

He let out a sigh. It was inevitable in the end.

Bu Fang's restaurant in the Heavenly Mist City was very famous, so to find it was not difficult. Many alchemists had been there to eat before.

They were all clear of the way.

The sun slowly rose, gradually letting out its radiance with its full strength. The light that scattered down made one feel warm.

A group of people walked on the huge street of the Heavenly Mist City, walking towards the Cloud Mist Restaurant.

Many people were on the streets already, and when they saw Golden Sabre and the rest of his group, they all retreated in fear. Their faces were filled with horror and shock.

They also recognized the alchemists, who lowered their heads in fear.

They were all alchemists of the Star Tower. Why were these alchemists walking out in the open today? And carrying such looks?

Many people did not understand, but those who were smart saw through the strangeness in an instant, shock and horror leaking in their eyes.

This group of alchemists was kidnapped by this group of Golden Armor Guards?

And the direction that they were heading... Wasn't that the direction of the Cloud Mist Restaurant?

These people wanted to go eat at Owner Bu's restaurant?

Nangong Wuque hid within the crowd. Taking in this scene, he narrowed his eyes. His mind slightly shook when he saw Luo Danqing covered in blood and An Sheng, whose face had turned ashen.

He couldn't believe it. What exactly happened?

How did, in the span of a night, something so horrifying happened?

As Nangong Wuque looked at this group of people, his face became solemn. He followed the direction where they were heading. Could they be going to Owner Bu's restaurant?

Was this group of people here to find Bu Fang?

Wow, Old Bu's connections were indeed vast. Even people like them wanted to come and find him.

Nangong Wuque smashed his lips.

Suddenly, within the group, a figure darted out, dashing towards a narrow street by the side.

An Sheng had finally found a chance. Under the cover of such a huge crowd of onlookers, she hid and blended herself among them.

"Asking for death!" A Golden Armor Guard instantly let out killing intent from his eyes. His long blade shook as he sent a cut towards the direction that An Sheng had run off to.

As this blade released a terrifying energy, an overwhelming blade energy suddenly exploded.

The people spectating instantly let out gasps, and some even let out sorrowful cries. Those in front were directly killed by this one blade.

Fresh blood splattered over the entire ground.

An Sheng's figure flashed as she escaped, as if dodging this blade. She dashed further and further away into the distance.

"Stop. Let her go. She might have gone to inform that little chef. Looks like the two have some kind of connection. When the time comes, we will kill this woman in front of the little chef. That should be quite interesting." Golden Sabre held his subordinate back, smiling as he said.

His subordinate obeyed, not saying anything.

"You should walk faster, or else the outcome is... death." Golden Sabre finished smiling as his gaze landed on that alchemist, causing the latter's legs to tremble. He then raised his hand, and a blade energy instantly appeared.

That alchemist's eyes shrunk, and in an instant, his speed exploded.

The Golden Armor Guards and the rest all followed him.

In a while, the Cloud Mist Restaurant appeared in front of Golden Sabre and the rest.

It was not a very magnificent restaurant. Compared to the golden and shining restaurants in the Valley of Gluttony, Bu Fang's restaurant could even be said to be sloppy.

However, Golden Sabre did not care about these.

In front of the restaurant, there was a long queue.

The woman that was coughing blood dragged her body as she dashed towards that restaurant, causing the diners that were queuing up to exclaim.

"All scram, or else... die!"

Golden Sabre stamped down with one foot, shattering the ground with this stomp. Letting out a cracking sound, his roar was ear-shattering.

The diner's faces all showed terrified expressions as they ran away, exposing An Sheng, who was dragging her body while carrying heavy injuries.

"Run? Let's see where you can run to...." Golden Sabre smiled calmly.

His hand trembling, the green broadsword on his back then landed in his hand, and with a harsh swing, that blade energy flew towards An Sheng.

Once it landed, it would definitely rip An Sheng's body into shreds.

The Golden Armor Guards behind him all showed excited expressions.

Murder made them excited.

A beauty with quite a great figure was going to fall under their blade, and this made them a little excited for some reason.


Some Golden Armor Guards even lowly roared.

An Sheng also felt the terrifying blade energy behind her back. She had nowhere to run, so she would definitely die without question.

Coughing up blood, she was already heavily injured, and she had no strength to dodge. With an ashen face, she swayed on the spot and turned her head to look at the blade energy in front of her.

In the next instant, the blade energy chopped down.


However, just as this blade energy was about to utterly shred An Sheng, a black wok fell from the sky, suddenly smashing in front of An Sheng.

That blade energy then cut down on that black wok.