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 "At last, we reached the Heavenly Mist City."

Within the spirit vessel, a man, whose entire body was covered with golden armor, walked out. Even his head was protected by a golden helmet. In the quiet surroundings, all that could be heard was the clanking sound when the armor collided together.

He let out a sigh. Looking at the majestic Heavenly Mist City, his scarlet eyes shined.

Moving out from the Valley of Gluttony, without going through the Transport Array and relying solely on the speed of the spirit vessel, he had finally reached the Heavenly Mist City.

The Heavenly Mist City was prosperous. From outside the wall, one could see the tall buildings and the light flashing within them. Outside those structures, there were many people around.

That armored man slowly walked, and the guards on the city walls did not even dare to let out a loud breath. Some even plopped down on the ground, their legs turning into jelly. They were so frightened by the terrifying pressure that they couldn't stop trembling. Their figures seemed to freeze, unable to move.

Such a terrifying energy. It was a kind of energy that made one stand rooted on the spot.

As if with just a casual thought, that energy would kill them!

The spirit vessel slowly moved, and soon, it reached the city wall. The man covered in armor walked out from within that spirit vessel and stepped onto the walls. With a cracking sound, the bricks were shattered with just a step from this armored man.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I accidentally used too much strength." The golden-armored man's apologetic voice came out, but there was not a trace of remorse in it.

The man then pulled out his feet from within the brick, then his other feet stepped down. After adjusting his strength, he treaded on the flat ground with great control.

After the golden-armored man walked off the spirit vessel, another huge group of golden-armored experts surged out from within. These experts were also covered in golden armor, but they were not as detailed as their leader's. That man had a gaze like a savage beast, and it was extremely terrifying.

Golden Sabre's gaze swept over the weak guards curiously, a shade of disdain flashing past his face.

So, this was the strength outside the Royal Court. It was pathetically weak. No matter the true energy cultivation or the vitality energy on their body, there was too much of a difference compared to the powers of the Royal Court.

The Golden Armor Guards of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds were formed from experts of the Divine Soul Realm and even Divine Spirit Realm experts who had experienced hundreds of war. Their combat strength was frightening. Being able to form a mysterious combat array, they could kill their enemies without any hindrance.

This time, fifty Golden Armor Guards were brought along, enough to form a scaled-down combat array. Once the combat array was deployed, no matter how domineering the Great Void existence was, it would be a bloodbath!

The energy of every single Golden Armor Guard was as violent as a savage beast, causing the minds of the guards of Heavenly Mist City to shake.

The gazes of these Golden Armor Guards were like thunder, and every time it swept past, it made the guards of the Heavenly Mist City feel like they were pricking them like needles. They shifted their gazes. On grandeur alone, they were lower by not just grade.

These Golden Armor Guards, compared to the original huge army of Shura, were fiercer by quite a margin.

Golden Sabre slowly walked forth, walking to the side of the chief of the guards.

The chief's entire body was trembling. He was completely unable to move from the pressure, and he did not dare to move either.

Golden Sabre lifted his hand. The palm that was completely covered in golden armor gently patted on the chief's shoulder, causing the latter to crouch on the ground with a thump. It also caused the brick that he was crouching on to shatter, the cracks on the ground spreading outward.

"Watch over the city wall properly. If you are not supposed to talk, then do not talk," Golden Sabre lightly said. He then raised his other palm and brushed off the other that had just touched the chief's shoulder.

Wasting no time, he left and walked down the city wall.

The guards shook.

As for the chief, even he was unable to stand. His pupils were enlarged, and sweat steadily dripped from his face as his figure trembled.

Terrifying! It was really too terrifying!

The chief only felt that he had been locked onto by a peerless savage beast. If he had even moved a little, he would be ripped into shreds by that expert!

Where exactly were these people from? Why are they here in Heavenly Mist City?

The chief's heart was filled with curiosity. His professional integrity told him that he needed to inform the Pill Master of the Pill Palace.

However, he was unable to move his body.

How annoying!


Luo Danqing crossed his arms. The evening breeze blew over, causing his hair to flutter. He walked on the streets on Heavenly Mist City, smelling the aroma of elixirs and the fragrance of snacks that lingered in the air.

His face revealed a satisfied smile. This type of peaceful lifestyle was not too bad.

The combination of dishes and elixirs caused the Pill Palace to display a completely different aspect. The previous dullness seemed to be gone forever, causing the Pill Palace to once again light up with vitality.

Because the original Pill Palace only delved into elixirs, it was a little extreme and heavy with death energy.

But ever since the addition of dishes, it seemed to give an entirely new vitality, causing the entire city to appear revived.

This type of feeling was not too bad.

Now, the hawkers were trying to think of innovative ideas, combining elixirs and dishes.

They would grind the elixirs that they had refined, scattering on the snacks that were already cooked. Using this method caused one to obtain the benefits of the elixir and being able to enjoy the dish at the same time.

Although this would weaken the effectiveness of the elixir by quite a bit, this method was more welcomed than the previous Condensed Grain Elixir.

The one who came up with this seemed to be the Nangong Family, who initially used selling Condensed Grain Elixir as their main business.

As of today, the Nangong Family had long shifted to the center of the industry. Although the Condensed Grain Elixir was still being produced, new innovations were constantly being pushed out.

This was a great idea. If it continued on like this, the Pill Palace might have a day when it regained its vigor.

At that moment, Luo Danqing was standing on the arch of a bridge. The bridge towered over a river that was passing through the Heavenly Mist City, its gleaming waves were clear. At times, there would be fishes swimming out to reveal their heads, spitting out bubbles.

A gust of wind blew on the surface of the river, stirring up his long green robe. It caused him to involuntarily sigh.

All of a sudden, his pleased face stiffened, his gaze staring fixedly at the surface of the water.

On the surface of the river, ripples spread out, as if there was some kind of heavy object heading over, causing the surface of the river to shake.

Luo Danqing's heart suddenly went on alert, and his head turned immediately to look at the surroundings.

It was as if the sky spun, and the earth went round.

He looked around, then instantly noticed something on the left side, his head turning right away in that direction.

From there, under the light of the setting sun, a group of figures slowly walked over.

It was neat and orderly. Every step was made at the same time, and the sound of footsteps was like stepping on people's hearts, making them increase the frequency of one's beating heart. It caused one to be so uncomfortable that they wanted to spit out blood.

What's this?

Luo Danqing felt a wave of domineering power rushing from the front. At that point, the originally gentle evening breeze became a violent gale, blowing against him until the flesh on his face was trembling with a flapping sound.

The savage sun was like blood, shining on the armor of these people. The golden light that bounced off their armor was glaring, piercing and blinding one's eyes.

The clanking sound brought along the energy of steel, rushing from the front.

Luo Danqing crossed his arms. His eyes widened as he held his breath.

"Hey, isn't this the Pill Master of the Pill Palace, the Jade-face Alchemist Luo Danqing? Is the evening breeze still comfortable and satisfying?"

The one who was leading was a man who has completely clad in golden armor. His energy was domineering like a savage beast, causing Luo Danqing to feel a wave of pressure.

Looking at his entire body covered with golden armor, Luo Danqing finally realized who they are.

"You guys are the Golden Armor Guards of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds!" Luo Danqing took in a deep breath as he slightly retreated a step.

When did the Golden Armor Guards of Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds enter the Heavenly Mist City? Why did he not hear a single report about it? What were the guards doing?

At that moment, Luo Danqing felt a little jittery. He knew that an expert of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds would appear, but he did not think that they would appear so quickly.

He was completely unable to prepare anything.

He had just informed Owner Bu, and these Golden Armor Guards had already appeared. They did not even give him time to breathe.

"Oh, Pill Master Luo actually recognize us. That does make me a little shocked." Golden Sabre laughed as he said that. However, his laughter actually made Luo Danqing's scalp numb.

"You Golden Armor Guards are not staying in the Royal Garden Holy Grounds, so what did you come to my Pill Palace Pill City for?" Luo Danqing's face sunk as he shouted with energy.

Golden Sabre's scarlet eyes lightly gave Luo Danqing a glance. "There's no use acting dumb. You know why we're here. Before the experts of my Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds holding the God-Slaying weapons fell in the Pill Palace, you should have known the consequence. Originally, I wanted to leave your Pill Palace a chance to catch a breath, but it's such a pity. You did not take the chance. The Amethyst Elder naturally sent me to conquer the Heavenly Mist City and snatch away the Star Tower."

Golden Sabre said those words slowly, but it made Luo Danqing's face suddenly change.

"You group of bandits! The Star Tower cannot be passed over to you guys!" Luo Danqing shouted. A green sword appeared his hand, his energy suddenly spiking.

With a swing of his sword, thousands of sword energy flew in the air everywhere!

A terrifying sword energy spread out, flying towards Golden Sabre.

Luo Danqing's face was ashen. On top of his head, a three step green soul ladder appeared, and a terrifying true energy revolved around his body, as if forming a cyclone.

"Simply a weakling that condensed a three step soul ladder dares to act tough in front of this protector? Who gave you that confidence?" Golden Sabre's scarlet eyes looked at the sword energy that gushed over, opening his mouth while mocking.

In the next instant, a frightening blade energy surged forth. As that blade energy spun, thousands of sword energy scattered from it.

With a swing of his hand, the blade energy swept towards Luo Danqing, shattering the entire bridge. At that moment, the river water was sent flying, surging and spilling over its banks.


Luo Danqing's green long sword blocked the blade energy in front of his chest. With a clanking sound, the long sword shattered, sending shrapnels everywhere in the sky.

A mouthful of fresh blood was spat out. Luo Danqing's face was as pale as paper.

Strong! Too strong!

One of the thirteen protectors of the Golden Armor Guards was terrifying indeed!

As expected of the troop that the Holy Land sent on expeditions!

Run! At that moment, Luo Danqing only had this thought.

His figure landed on the ground. The tip of his feet tapped, gently floating, then dashed off into the distance.

"Lord Protector, do we make a move to kill?" The incomparably ice-cold golden armored guard transmitted over, asking Golden Sabre respectfully.

"No need. Leaving him alive is of no great matter. Just see where he escapes. It's best if he leads us to that little chef," Golden Sabre nonchalantly said.

After saying that, the group once again advanced with clanking sounds, slowly chasing after Luo Danqing's figure.

Luo Danqing's mouth was filled with blood. His body was as light as a swallow as he ran. He originally wanted to find Bu Fang, but after thinking it through, he gave up on finding him. Instead, he turned and ran towards the Star Tower.

"I hope we can drag this for as long as possible. I can only hope that Owner Bu will take my words seriously." Luo Danqing's heart lightly sighed.


Cloud Mist Restaurant

Bu Fang, who was lying on a chair, was enjoying the evening sun. His originally closed eyes moved, opening them as he looked into the distance.

The evening sun was like blood. It was ice-cold beyond compare.

Bu Fang's heart moved, as if there was a strange feeling within it. Rubbing his nose, he closed his eyes again and enjoyed the rare tranquility.

Lord Dog, who was resting under the Path-Understanding Tree, opened its eyes. It then opened its mouth to yawn, then gazed into the distance. It was as if he was thinking about something. After closing its mouth, its body flipped as it continued to sleep.