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 Bu Fang put down the kitchen knife, then flung his hands to get rid of the residual water. After that, he turned his head to look at Yang Meiji and An Sheng, who were working furiously behind him.

Both of them were focused on practicing the cutting technique and cooking the dishes.

They were not taking and serving the diners' orders. Instead, Bu Fang assigned them a task that would allow them to practice and familiarize themselves with cooking.

In fact, one's culinary skills could be perfected through practice. With more practice, one's culinary skills would naturally increase. In order to attain a higher level, attention should also be paid to certain details.

Certainly, Bu Fang expected more than that. He was very strict with his apprentices and would not allow both of them to pass so easily.

With his expressionless face, Bu Fang nodded his head as he hovered around their stoves,

Seeing them engrossed in their work, Bu Fang could not help but think of the two chef's apprentices in the faraway Light Wind Empire's Fang Fang's Little Store, Xiao Xiaolong and Yu Fu.

He wondered how high their culinary levels were now.

Rubbing his temples, Bu Fang stopped thinking about these. Now was not the time to return to Light Wind Empire, but he was looking forward to the kind of surprise the two chaps would give him when he returned.

He walked out of the kitchen and entered the restaurant.

Outside, the setting sun hung in the western sky.

The number of diners in the restaurant slowly dwindled as they knew that Owner Bu was about to close his shop.

Even then, Luo Danqing continued to sit in the restaurant quietly. In an elegant and dignified manner, he looked at the jar of white wine in front of him. It was the Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew.

He squinted his eyes in satisfaction as he held a porcelain cup and poured the cool and clear alcohol into it. The rich wine fragrance permeated the air and wafted into his nostrils, causing him to eagerly take a deep whiff.

As a self-proclaimed outstanding and inexperienced scholar, Luo Danqing naturally loved wine, and he did not expect to find such good grade wine at this restaurant.

He enjoyed the wine to the extent that he almost forgot to return home.

Unfortunately, only one jar of this wine was available each day, so he cherished and savored every drop of the wine.

Bu Fang immediately spotted Luo Danqing and raised his eyebrows, then walked over to the table and pulled a chair to sit down.

Earlier on, when Xiao Ya informed him that Luo Danqing was looking for him, he was very busy, so he could not attend to Luo Danqing right away. But now, he was able to do so.

At the Glutton God's Banquet, Bu Fang also naturally spotted Luo Danqing.

At the start, when Bu Fang met with some trouble, Luo Danqing did not offer to help. Bu Fang, however, did not blame him. Anyway, Luo Danqing's strength was too weak.

Although Bu Fang did not blame him, his impression of Luo Danqing was solely based on that incident, so it was neither too good nor bad.


Luo Danqing drank the cup of Frost Blaze Path-Understanding Brew in one go. His face scrunched as he let out an exclamation of praise. His eyebrows then relaxed, as if he was experiencing something very pleasurable.

"This wine tastes good." Luo Danqing opened his eyes, and his seemingly blurry gaze landed on Bu Fang as he smiled.

"Of course." Bu Fang's face was expressionless as his hands sprung out and reached for a small porcelain cup, helping himself to a cup of wine.

Raising his wine cup, he clinked his cup with Luo Danqing's.


In the next moment, Bu Fang consumed his wine in one shot. It slipped down his throat, and in the next moment, the hot feeling extended straight to the heart, transforming into a cooling sensation that penetrated deeply. Bu Fang could not help but exhale a breath.

Cheers? Luo Danqing was caught by surprise, but a moment later, a smile spread across his face. He, too, consumed the wine in one shot.

"If I had known earlier that Owner Bu's restaurant had such good wine, I would have been a daily patron. Such good wine is truly unforgettable," Luo Danqing exclaimed.

"This is our best wine, but there might be better ones in the future," said Bu Fang. He helped himself to another cup of wine, feeling pleased.

Luo Danqing watched as Bu Fang drank the wine, and the corner of his mouth twitched. There was not much wine left, so he hoped Bu Fang would leave some for him.

"I shall not beat about the bush. That day when I saw you in trouble at the Valley of Gluttony, it was my mistake that I did not offer to help. However, you should clearly know that if you provoke the Royal Court Holy Grounds, which takes great pride in its reputation, you will not be let off easily, so..." said Luo Danqing respectfully.

Bu Fang consumed his wine and cupped his chin, lightly gazing at Luo Danqing.

"So what?" Bu Fang casually asked.

Bu Fang's tone made Luo Danqing crease his brows, and his heart turned cold. He knew that Bu Fang probably did not take the impending danger seriously.

However, this was typical as well. Why would Owner Bu be intimidated since he had two Spirits of the Netherworld that were watching over him?

In addition to that, Bu Fang was powerful with the black wok that he possessed. He was able to smash the White Taotie silly, so it was obvious that he was skilled and bold.


Luo Danqing took a deep breath. No one knew better than him the horrors of the Royal Court.

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court had governed the Hidden Dragon Continent for a long time, so they have accumulated countless experts, and the treasures they collected were bountiful. They were oppressive and often destroyed faction after faction, and then robbed them of their treasures.

After so many years, the Hidden Dragon Royal Court had evolved into an unfathomable state, and no one knew what was up their sleeves.

Back then, the death of the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was due to pure carelessness and egotism.

If not for the girl's extremely unexpected transformation into Black Taotie, the Heavenly Spring's Sacred Son would not have died at all.

The death of the Heavenly Spring's Sacred Son was equivalent to stirring up a hornets' nest, so naturally, the experts of the Royal Court would not leave the matter at that.

Even though the Heavenly Spring Sacred Grounds was only one of the many sacred lands in the Royal Court, the present Royal Court was still significantly more powerful than the Valley of Gluttony, even if it was just a sacred land.

A saint within the Royal Court was definitely not the cream of the crop.

If a strong figure were to fight against Bu Fang, even two Spirits of the Netherworld would not be enough to protect him.

With a long sigh, Luo Danqing looked at Bu Fang and warned," That's why I would like to advise you to escape. The Royal Court is something you should never provoke."

As he was saying this, Luo Danqing seemed like he aged quite a bit. People were bound to experience situations at some points in their lives, where they would feel helpless and unable to take control of it.

If he were to face the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, he would feel both helpless and hopeless.

The Royal Court only lightly governed the Ancient Shura City and almost had the Pill Palace destroyed. If not for Owner Bu's presence in the Heavenly Mist City, the latter would have been under the reign and power of the Royal Court.

Frankly speaking, he was just a loser.


Bu Fang was stunned. He listened to Luo Danqing for half a day, only to hear the other party spurt out such ridiculous ideas.

"Why should I escape? I opened my own small restaurant. Did I hinder them in any way?" Bu Fang took a sip of his wine and asked nonchalantly.

"No, you have already provoked them. If you do not escape, the Heavenly Mist City would be destroyed, and you too, will die a terrible death," Luo Danqing said in a desolate voice.

If Bu Fang also left, Pill Palace's last Pill City would also fall into the enemy's hands, and by then, Pill Palace would have nothing left to its name.

"Die a terrible death? Be optimistic. If it is truly impossible, let this black wok do the talking," Bu Fang said nonchalantly.

The black wok could talk? Luo Danqing's mouth twitched. His gaze landed on Bu Fang's arm, which was wrapped in a black bandage. Previously, Owner Bu used this hand to hold the black wok and smash the extremely frightening White Taotie.

Truthfully, he could not really fathom the amount of fighting strength Bu Fang had.

He obviously only broke through one layer of shackle in the Divine Physique Echelon Realm.

Wait, was it? No, wrong! Luo Danqing was astonished. With liberated senses, he realized that Bu Fang's energy had undergone a shocking transformation.

A few days prior, he had only broken through one shackle in the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, but now he had broken through five shackles and reached the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm?

What on earth happened?

Did Owner Bu break through?

However, this sudden jump was especially dubious.

Others broke through layer by layer, but did Owner Bu break through five layers straight away?

Luo Danqing's expression was a little weird. He realized that anything pertaining to Owner Bu was complicated and confusing.

"Owner Bu, what happened to your strength?" Luo Danqing stammered.

Bu Fang consumed all the wine in his cup and looked at Dan Luoqing with slanted eyes, saying, "Strength? Yeah, I accidentally broke through yesterday."

Accidentally broke through? How infuriating.

Luo Danqing noticed that Bu Fang had no sense of danger at all and felt like an idiot for being the only one feeling frantic.

Moreover, he noticed that he could no longer convince Bu fang.

He sighed, then said, "Owner Bu, I can only say this much. If the Royal Court Holy Grounds really attack, I will not retreat. Anyway, without Owner Bu, the Pill Palace would not be..."

Luo Danqing stood up, and his face became rather serious.

"Sure." Bu Fang also nodded his head seriously, thinking that Luo Danqing was a sentimental person.

After saying all these, Luo Danqing left for the door. Donning a green robe, he strolled into the setting sun, his seemingly lonely shadow stretched with the setting sun.

Bu Fang leaned on the entrance of the restaurant and watched Luo Danqing leave.

An attack by the Royal Court Holy Grounds?

Would there be a strong expert that could really fight him? Bu Fang exhaled lightly as he recalled Luo Danqing saying he was worried Bu fang would die a terrible death.

No matter who was coming for him, he would knock them down with a wok. If one wok was not enough, he would use two.

If two woks were still not enough, then he would step in.

Bu Fang shrugged his shoulders in an attempt to exercise. Being lazy and having consumed too much Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs, he would soon become a fat pig if he did not work out.


Luo Danqing left the restaurant and strolled along the streets, his hands clasped behind his back.

The bustling Heavenly Mist City left him in a trance.

As the owner of the Pill Palace, he had always been at a position of superiority and hardly walked along the street at such a slow speed. Walking like this gave him a different kind of feeling.

In the past, people peddled elixirs on both sides of this street. Now, Luo Danqing noticed that apart from the small shops selling elixirs, there were other small eateries and restaurants.

As he walked along the street, the aroma of food permeated the air.

He was shocked at how Bu Fang's presence had caused the entire city to undergo such a major transformation.

On the other hand, outside the Heavenly Mist City, the air changed.

A divine raft emerged out of nowhere, and terror filled the air.

After the city was invaded by The Ancient Shura City, the level of defense had increased tremendously, with guards patrolling on the city walls.

The moment the divine raft appeared, the guards immediately noticed it.

A number of people glared at that divine raft, their breaths quickening.

However, in the next moment, an aura of fear emanated from that divine raft, turning the legs of the guards on the city walls to jelly.

In that instant, the eyes of the Chief Guard, an expert who broke through five shackles in the Divine Physique Echelon Realm, widened as he trembled all over.

That divine raft was like a hideous monster suspended above the city walls, with the head of the raft aiming directly at them.

A fearful aura filled the air, and the place instantly became quiet.

The sound of footsteps echoed out.

With the horrified guards still rooted on the spot, a clear sound of footsteps rang in their ears.

In the next moment, a human figure slowly walked out of the divine raft.

The man was clad from head to toe in gold-colored armor. With a blackish-green machete hanging behind his back, a fearful aura spread out, causing many guards to tremble.

"I have finally reached the Heavenly Mist City."