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 "Great Elder, are you alright?"

Loose rocks tumbled down as Sixth Elder slowly crawled out of the rubble, his expression looking very unpleasant. His handlebar mustache stood on end, and his hair was disheveled.

When he saw the wide gaping hole on Chu Changsheng's chest, he became alarmed.

Was that old man from the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds so strong that he could heavily injure Chu Changsheng?

"I'm fine. That old man's injuries are way worse than mine," Chu Changsheng said nonchalantly. A bright light shone in his hands, and he covered the gaping hole on his chest with his palm. True energy shot out, and a hissing sound could be heard.

In the next instant, the flesh in his chest began to writhe and slowly formed towards the center, closing the wound.

After releasing his hand, a scary-looking scar appeared on his chest.

"Sixth Elder, for the next few days, I might be leaving the Valley of Gluttony for some time. You shall be the host for tomorrow's Glutton God's Banquet." Chu Changsheng said, his deep gaze staring in the direction outside the Valley.

Sixth Elder was taken aback. What? How was he going to host the Glutton God's Banquet?

Although he had the capabilities to do so, he paled in comparison to Chu Changsheng.

Those at the holy grounds were slightly intimidated by Chu Changsheng, but if it were him, the level of intimidation would be much less. Even though he was an Elder, his status was a far cry from Chu Changsheng's.

"Do not worry about anything else and just host. Believe in yourself. There is no way you can get any worse." The muscles on Chu Changsheng's face jerked as he retrieved a big cloak. Donning the cloak, he then walked to Sixth Elder's side, gently patting him.

Sixth Elder's expression suddenly changed.

Chu Changsheng was right. The situation now was already very undesirable, so how much worse could it get?

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court had already released those ferocious minions a long time ago, targeting the Valley of Gluttony. They could not retreat any further.

They had already known the location of the White Taotie, and yet they had not attacked. Perhaps they were waiting for the inheritance of the Valley of Gluttony.

Once they had learned the location of the inheritance, the Valley of Gluttony would lose its value, and the army troops from the Royal Gardens would begin their attacks.

Chu Changsheng sighed. How could he not understand the situation?

However, he would also feel helpless if it were him. The only thing he could do now was to find an heir to the inheritance.

And, for him, the most suitable heir was the little girl Xiao Ya.

"As the daughter of the head of the Valley of Gluttony, Xiao Ya was naturally the best candidate, or else I would not have sealed the Spirit of the Black Taotie in her body." Chu Changsheng sighed as he stood on the city wall.

The sleeves of his cloak fluttered slightly as the wind blew at him.

"Sixth Elder, it is all up to you," Chu Changsheng said.

After finishing his sentence, he leaped down and landed in the Glutton God City. Looking like he had shrunk to an inch, he walked away and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Sixth Elder was stunned.

Even though the Great Elder's words made sense, he was unsure if being the host and ordering people around were a good choice. Sixth Elder's handlebar mustache shuddered at the thought.


The Cloud Mist Restaurant was extremely popular these few days.

Many experts were visiting the Pill Palace. The Cloud Mist Restaurant was, after all, a rising name in the Heavenly Mist City recently.

Heavenly Mist City was now the capital city of the Pill Palace, with numerous experts and alchemists gathered in this city.

Before, the Pill Palace had little diversity in terms of restaurants in the Heavenly Mist City, but due to the existence of the Cloud Mist Restaurant, multiple nameless restaurants were popping out everywhere.

Many experts and alchemists no longer shunned restaurants. Instead, they frequented them.

Naturally, the taste of the dishes in these random restaurants could not measure up to the actual Cloud Mist Restaurant, since Owner Bu, the legendary dark horse, was the main chef there.

Owner Bu's culinary skills were well-known to be top-notch, and anyone who had tasted his dishes could attest to that.


Heavenly Mist City, Star Tower

Scintillating lights shone continuously at the apex of the pagoda.

Suddenly, a bouquet of light shot out from the peak of the pagoda straight to the heavens. The sight shocked many onlookers.

In the next instant, carriages could be seen entering outside the Heavenly Mist City.

One of the carriages belonged to the master of the Pill Palace, Luo Danqing. Many people know him and could not help but be suspicious.

Those who knew the situation were even more bewildered.

Was the master of the Pill Palace not supposed to be at the Glutton God's Banquet? Why was he back so soon? And judging by this, he came back in a rush. Could something bad have happened?

Once Luo Danqing's carriage entered the Pill Pagoda, the ray of light from the pagoda slowly diminished. In the next moment, Luo Danqing strolled out from the pagoda, floating in the air with his hands clasped behind his back. His hair was floating haphazardly in the wind, and his gaze was thrown far out towards the direction of the Cloud Mist Restaurant. There was a strange light glinting in his eyes.

He was present at the Glutton God's Banquet, and he had witnessed with his own eyes how Bu Fang stirred up trouble at the banquet.

Because he had witnessed it, he could not help but be seized by feelings of shock and hesitation.

What was Owner Bu doing at the Glutton God's Banquet?

Not only did he offend the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, but he also incurred the wrath of the Black Taotie and even caused the fall of Heavenly Spring Saint Son. In the end, he even battled the White Taotie and escaped with the Soul Of Taotie.

He was completely disrespecting the Sacred Lands!

Given how the Royal Gardens Holy Grounds cared about face, they would definitely not let Bu Fang go. He could imagine the forces that would be descending on the restaurant soon.

And those forces would definitely not be weak.

Luo Danqing inhaled deeply, feeling completely helpless.

He did not have the authority to save Bu Fang. However, he could not surrender Bu Fang to them as well. When Pill Palace was in a crisis, Bu Fang stood out to save them all.

Now that Bu Fang was in danger, Luo Danqing thought that he could not bring himself to give Bu Fang up. However, if they did not surrender him, the Pill Palace could be facing another threat of extermination.

Their opponent was no longer just the Ancient Shura City. It was the full Hidden Dragon Royal Court!

What should he do?

Luo Danqing revealed a look of intense internal struggle.


Cloud Mist Restaurant was boisterous as usual. Business was booming, and there was a long queue outside it.

When Luo Danqing appeared, he was recognized by many people. Loud exclamations of surprise could be heard as the customers fought to give up their seats for him. This caused Luo Danqing to feel slightly embarrassed.

Usually, he would have rejected the seats offered by these people, but since he needed to meet Bu Fang today, he entered the restaurant immediately.

He did not see Bu Fang. Instead, he saw Nethery, who was reclining on a chair. Her long white legs were stretched out, and her beautiful face was relaxed as she rested below the Path-Understanding Tree.

He also saw the little girl who swallowed the Heavenly Spring Saint Son in one gulp on the day of the Glutton God's Banquet.

The little girl was wearing a floral dress and sported pigtails. She was bustling about in the restaurant in high spirits and taking orders from the customers.

It was hard to imagine that the cute little girl before his eyes was that dark existence who swallowed the Heavenly Spring Saint Son in one go.

He swallowed nervously.

Luo Danqing still held reservations as he looked at Xiao Ya again before finding a seat.

Xiao Ya seemed to have not recognized Luo Danqing. Since she was too engrossed in eating in the Glutton God's Banquet, she probably did not pay attention to anyone there.

"Sir, what would you like to order? The menu is behind you." Xiao Ya bounded up to him, her face rosy from exertion as she inquired.

Luo Danqing's eyes constricted as he gave her a long hard look.

"May I know if Owner Bu is in?" Luo Danqing asked with a scholarly tone.

"Owner Bu's in the kitchen. You looking for him? You need to order some dishes first. That's his rule," Xiao Ya replied.

After bustling around in the restaurant these past few days, she seemed to have understood the workings of the restaurant. Since she worked in a restaurant while in the Valley of Gluttony, it was natural that she would be able to pick this job up fast.

"Hmm? Then give me a Treasured Pagoda Meat." Luo Danqing nodded his head as he picked off the first dish at the top of the menu.

"And while you're at it, please let Owner Bu know that the master of the Pill Palace, Luo Danqing, has something to say to him." Luo Danqing added after he finished ordering.

Xiao Ya nodded and turned to walk towards the window.

Xiao Ya then relayed Luo Danqing's order and message to Bu Fang. Bu Fang, who was cooking in the kitchen, was stunned after hearing her words.

"Okay, got it. Bring this dish out please, and let the master of the Pill Palace know to wait for a while," answered Bu Fang.

After giving his orders to Xiao Ya, Bu Fang spun his kitchen knife around in his hands, causing the ingredients to fly around everywhere.

Luo Danqing swallowed heavily. This was his first time in Bu Fang's restaurant. Prior to this visit, he had heard from others about how amazing and magical his restaurant was and how delicious his food was. Now that he was here physically for the first time, he could truly feel a different air in this place.

Among the popular restaurants he had visited before in the Valley of Gluttony, the Cloud Mist Restaurant was, indeed, the most unique.

His gaze shifted and fell on the reclining Nethery. It was unimaginably terrifying that this woman was a living spirit of the Netherworld. She could even be a Great Void Ranked existence.

According to the Divine ranking, the Great Void Rank could be equivalent to an existence who had already solidified eight to nine stairs of the soul ladder.

Even Chu Changsheng, the consummate expert of the Valley of Gluttony, had only solidified seven steps of the soul ladder.

And that fat dog, Blacky, was an existence not weaker than that Netherworld woman.

This restaurant seemed to have an unusual relationship with the Netherworld.

At that point, Luo Danqing could feel a headache growing. The Netherworld had a tense relationship with the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.


A Spirit Raft floated slowly across the void, and the space around it seemed to tremble and undulate with large ripples.

A moment later, the raft shot across the sky like a shooting star, with a trajectory that no one could exactly pin down.

Suddenly, the Spirit Raft stopped and hovered in the void, and a figure clad in gold armor stepped out from it.

"The Heavenly Pill City and the Heavenly Shine City of the Pill Palace are already under the jurisdiction of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds. There's one Heavenly Mist City left. Originally, the Amethyst Elder said to let you go, but now with the issue of the saint, you can't blame anyone. Since that's the case, we will take over the Heavenly Mist City as well. The Amethyst Elder has been coveting the Star Tower for a long time."

The expert in gold armor muttered, and in the next instant, the eyes beneath his gold helm shone a crimson red.

With a buzz, the Spirit Raft shot outwards.

"After dealing with the kid, we will take over the Heavenly Mist City. You can only blame all this on that kid who doesn't know where he stands."