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 The Heavenly Spring Saint Son was dead.

The news arrived at the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds in the Hidden Dragon Royal Court quickly.

A great Holy-Land's Saint Son fell outside of the land. This was an utter humiliation to the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds.

The Saint Son represented the entire Holy-Land. He was the embodiment of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds, and now, he had been killed.

Not even his corpse remained.

After someone described the events of what led to the death of the Heavenly Spring Saint Son to the experts of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds, it was clear that the culprit was not someone from the Valley of Gluttony. However, to these experts, just the fact that the Saint Son died in the Valley of Gluttony was enough for them to assign the blame to the valley.

Originally, the relationship between the Valley of Gluttony and the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds was not friendly, but now that something like this had happened, the Holy-Lands would naturally delegate many experts to deal with the Valley of Gluttony.


Outside the Valley of Gluttony.

The space warped, and a golden warship gradually emerged from the rippling space. Accompanying the arrival of the warship was the sound of deep booms.

On the warship, a flag depicting the constellations was flapping about. This was the standard of the Heavenly Spring Holy Grounds.

An elder stood on the deck of the warship with his hands clasped behind his back. Behind him, a platoon of Golden Armor Guards was waiting to be dispatched.

The Golden Armor Guards that the Heavenly Spring Saint Son brought were all dead. Even two of the servant girls were lost.

At that moment, the Red Concubine was prostrating on the deck of the warship with an expression of terror on her face.

"You mean that the Saint Son wanted to kill a small chef, but in the end, he was counter-attacked and got eaten up by the Black Taotie?" With his hands clasped behind his back, the elder's voice was authoritative as he asked the Red Concubine, who was trembling on the floor.

The Red Concubine nodded her head hurriedly. She did not dare to tell a single shred of a lie.

That time, she witnessed with her own eyes how the Heavenly Spring Saint Son was consumed and how his body was minced up by the Black Taotie.

That scene was like a recurring nightmare, and it still sent shivers down her spine whenever she recalled it.

"Preposterous! A Holy-Land Saint Son, falling in such a humiliating way. If the Amethyst Elder knew of how the Saint Son died, he would surely be blowing his top." The elder exhaled lightly.

In the next instant, the warship begun heading towards the Valley of Gluttony.

While space warped around the ship, the air rippled continuously as the warship traveled along its trajectory.

"Has anyone been sent out to run a background check on the little chef? Isn't the little chef not someone from the Valley of Gluttony?" The elder asked.

A man clad in gold armor appeared and answered, "I have already checked on him. The little chef isn't a native chef from the Valley of Gluttony. Instead, he is a chef from beyond the valley. He has a restaurant in the Heavenly Mist City of the Pill Palace."

"Pill Palace? Are you sure it's the Pill Palace?" The elder's eyebrows creased as he turned to ask doubtfully.


The situation in the Pill Palace was now interestingly tense.

Black Crow held the God-Slaying Bow and planned to level the Pill Palace together with the Shura Army, but in the end, the bow was broken, and the army perished.

The entire Shura Army was almost completely routed, as if the Pill Palace had a kind of demonic sentience.

After the Amethyst Elder got wind of this, he immediately dispatched the Shadow Demons out to deal with the living spirits of the netherworld within the Pill Palace. However, there did not seem to be any news on that end.

In fact, during the battle of the Valley of Gluttony, some netherworld spirits seemed to have appeared.

What kind of relationship did that little chef have with the living spirits of the netherworld?

These thoughts ran through the elder's mind in an instant.

"No matter the case, we have to visit the Valley of Gluttony to mete out justice first. I haven't seen the Valley of Gluttony's Chu Changsheng for a long time. Today, I will have to exchange some pointers with him. As for the little chef, possessing the spirit of Taotie, together with the crime of causing the death of a Saint Son, was unforgivable. He cannot be allowed to live."

"Golden Sabre, bring fifty Golden Armor Guards along with you to capture the little chef. As for the living spirits of the netherworld, take the God-Slaying Sabre," the elder said with his hands clasped behind his back.

The man clad in gold armor was taken aback for a moment before saluting and moving off.

A while later, a small spirit raft descended from the warship.

The spirit raft was crafted from glass, and many intricate magical arrays were imprinted on its surface. The arrays glittered brightly, and with a flash and a boom, it sent the raft propelling outwards.

The elder watched on as the spirit raft disappeared, his lips curving into a smirk.

"It's time to finally settle things with Chu Changsheng."


Rays of dawn sunlight shot in through the window.

The warm light shone on the slumbering Xiao Ya, causing her eyes to twitch slightly. With a twist of her body, her arm was lifted to cover her face.

She opened her eyes slowly as her blurry surroundings gradually came into focus.

White ceilings, soft bed, and a warm blanket....

And that comfortable, warm sunshine.

After taking in everything with her eyes, she seemed to be slightly dazed. She climbed up from her bed, her braid a little messy.

"Where am I?" Xiao Ya thought to herself bewilderedly as she looked around the room.

It was clean and tidy. This room was a very simple one.

"This bed's so comfortable. I feel like lying on it a little more." She began bouncing on the bed, the softness of the quilt left her smiling.

Xiao Ya stepped off the bed bare-footed. On the other side of the bed, there was a large and unusual pair of shoes.

Xiao Ya slipped her feet into the shoes, dragging those large shoes with her as she sauntered towards the window.

After opening the window, several clamorous voices drifted into her ears.

"Oh! Owner Bu is finally back. I've waited for such a long time. I've craved for your food so much!"

"We can finally eat Owner Bu's food again! I'm so happy."

"Why's this queue so long?! The people in front, move!"

Xiao Ya poked her head out and saw the long queue downstairs. A crowd was gathering at the entrance of the restaurant, talking to each other rowdily.

So lively!

Xiao Ya was shocked. Was this restaurant owned by some great chef?

As a kitchen helper for such a long time, Xiao Ya was naturally aware of what the presence of a crowd meant.

However, she had really not seen such a bustling and lively scene before, so she was taking some time to get used to it.

A long shirt was draped over her. Compared to her height, the shirt was too long, and the sleeves were hanging emptily by her side.

She pulled the sleeves of the shirt up to reveal her palms and tied a knot to shorten the length of the shirt, creating a makeshift skirt before heading out of the room.

She walked down the stairs slowly. On the left, there was a kitchen with heat and smoke rising into the air, while on the right was the bustling scene of the restaurant.

Xiao Ya stood at the bottom of the stairs and thought for a while before turning her head to look into the kitchen, thinking to find out who was the great chef running this kitchen.

However, before she managed to stick her head into the kitchen, a figure walked out from it, and a fragrance assaulted her senses.

When An Sheng felt her enormous chest getting attacked, she was so startled that she almost dropped the dish she was holding. Fortunately, her reflexes were nimble, and she stabilized the plate immediately.

After stabilizing the dish in her hand, An Sheng then looked at the culprit who knocked into her with some displeasure.

"Hmm? A little girl? Isn't this Owner Bu's shirt? Eh?! This girl came out of Owner Bu's room?!"

An Sheng looked at Xiao Ya, her beautiful features darkening as she exclaimed in shock.

Xiao Ya stood mute in shock at this big sister, whose breasts were almost as large as her head. This big sister's eyes were so scary.

Was there such a big sister on the Tablet of Gluttony?

There did not seem to be someone like that. If there really was a big sister with such a big chest, then even without culinary skills, she should be well known.

"Little girl, an important place like the kitchen cannot be entered so casually," said An Sheng as bent down slightly to Xiao Ya with a smile on her face. She then walked hurriedly towards the restaurant. Although An Sheng was curious, she was still rushing to serve her dish.

Xiao Ya was even more bewildered. The kitchen was off-limits?

However, she shrugged off what the big sister said. As someone who had been working in the kitchen for such a long time, how could she give up an opportunity to explore this kitchen based on simply what the big-chested big sister said?

Hence, Xiao Ya rolled up her loose sleeves again before poking her head into the kitchen.


Again, Xiao Ya bumped into someone.

Compared to the softness from before, it felt like she was hitting a rock this time. With a thump, Xiao Ya sat down abruptly on the staircase.

Yang Meiji was holding a dish in her hands, and after being bumped into by Xiao Ya, she gave the latter a cursory look before telling her with a smile, "Little girl, you can't enter the kitchen."

After speaking to Xiao Ya, Yang Meiji turned and headed towards the restaurant.

Xiao Ya was completely stunned.

Why was this big sister so weird?

Exactly which great chef's restaurant did she stumble into?

Suddenly, a figure emerged from the kitchen again. Recognizing this figure, Xiao Ya's eyes widened slightly.

Wasn't this big brother Bu Fang?

Bu Fang's hands were wet from cooking. After seeing Xiao Ya, he was startled momentarily. He nodded and said expressionlessly, "So you've woken up. The shirt doesn't seem to fit very well, but it's alright. I'll get Yang Meiji to make you a new set later."

Because of her transformation into the Black Taotie, her clothes were ripped up by the terrible energy released. Bu Fang then gave her one of his shirts to wear.

"Since you've woken up, come over for a meal," Bu Fang said. After wiping his hands dry, he then raised his hands to rap on Xiao Ya's head gently.

Seeing that it's Bu Fang, Xiao Ya could finally set her mind at ease. She followed behind Bu Fang, waddling around in her oversized shoes and shirt.

As soon as she stepped inside the restaurant, Xiao Ya was felt confused and disorientated.

This explosive ambience rooted her on the spot.

It was so lively. How could there be so many people?

"Owner Bu! Morning!"

Some customers were eating, but stopped to greet Bu Fang as he passed by. Bu Fang gave a slight nod to acknowledge these greetings.

"Aiyo, Owner Bu, it's been such a long time. Your culinary skills have improved. This Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup is truly delicious!" Nangong Wuque said while he waved a piece of pig's trotters in Bu Fang's direction as he walked past.

A smile tugged on Bu Fang's lips as he continued on.

In an instant, Xiao Ya's figure appeared on an empty seat at Nangong Wuque's table.

Once Xiao Ya joined the table, she eyed the Buddha Jumps Over The Wall Soup on the table and sniffed it deeply. There seemed to be a rumbling from her stomach as she looked at the dish on the table.

"Sit here for a while. I'll whip up an Egg-Fried Rice for you." Bu Fang petted Xiao Ya's head, then looked at Nangong Wuque and turned towards the kitchen.

Xiao Ya swallowed heavily and nodded her head.

Nangong Wuque shot a curious look in Xiao Ya's direction, his eyes smoldering.

Could this little girl be the type that Owner Bu likes? No wonder Owner Bu did not favor Nethery. Turns out that he was into these kinds of girls.

Nangong Wuque gave a sign inwardly as he felt sympathy for his sister. Being too beautiful was a sin also.

While Nangong Wuque was sighing, Xiao Ya asked timidly, "Big brother, can I... Can I try some?" She blinked her big watery eyes at him while she asked pitifully.

For a moment, Nangong Wuque was speechless. His heart then softened, and he replied, "Go on. Go ahead and try."

How much could one little girl eat? He then asked the Big B*obs An to bring an extra bowl for him.

He concluded that this girl must have some unusual relationship with Owner Bu, and it would do him good to treat her well.

However, when Nangong Wuque turned to look at Xiao Ya again, he was so shocked that he almost wet his pants.