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The White Taotie held its swollen head up and bit down towards the spirit vessel's original location savagely and ruthlessly. The void where it bit down seemed to collapse into nothingness as countless energy particles scattered out, destroying its surroundings.

Many of the powerful individuals were all terror-stricken by that scene. They immediately avoided the area that this White Taotie had bitten down.

The White Taotie was roaring in rage as its fur fluttered around wildly with a terrifying fluctuation of energy permeating from it, causing space to tremble as though it was about to collapse on itself.

Its eyes were burning with frenzy as it repeatedly let out infuriated roars. It was filled with tremendous regret. One more step... and it would have been able to devour the Black Taotie, attaining the evolution that it had always wanted. However, its plans were all foiled by a human brat!

This made the White Taotie incredibly exasperated and jealous of that brat's fortune.


Clanging sounds were emitted from the clashing of chains. The black chains then shone with numerous glowing runes. In the next moment, countless black chains shot out from the Sunset Lake and wrapped around the White Taotie's body as it got dragged down unwillingly into the lake.

With a slight pull, the White Taotie began to struggle violently. However, the chains multiplied in numbers rapidly as they began to penetrate the White Taotie's body, rendering it helpless against the chain's pull.

The White Taotie then raised its head with reluctance as it let out aggrieved roars.


Soon, the roars died down as the leviathan-like White Taotie was finally dragged back into the Sunset Lake.

Everything seemed to return to its usual tranquillity.

Everyone held their breaths in, not daring to let out even a small one. They stared towards the Sunset Lake while their hearts quivered in fear.

Chu Changsheng's body tensed up involuntarily as beads of sweats formed on his forehead.

If the seal were rendered ineffective, incapable of restraining that White Taotie, the gargantuan beast would charge out of the lake, destroying the Valley of Gluttony along with its wake.

The Valley of Gluttony was already not what it used to be. With the Valley Master absent, and noticeably less strong individuals, the only one qualified to make his appearance was Chu Changsheng.

The overall strength of this valley was ranked amongst the last within the whole of Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Even a Saint Son from a sacred land had the guts to run rampant over the Valley of Gluttony.

If the Valley of Gluttony was at its prime, with the presence of a Divine Spirit Realm cultivator at its back, it would still be somewhat simple for them to handle this White Taotie. However... there was no one of the Divine Spirit Realm currently.

Chu Changsheng's strength was not a match for this White Taotie; that was why the crowd had a fear lingering within their hearts.

Luckily, a past Divine Spirit Realm cultivator of the Valley of Gluttony had left an extremely powerful seal that remained working till that day. It was the seal that had repressed this White Taotie, but it was common knowledge that... this seal would not be able to last much longer.

Chu Changsheng's face had become exceedingly grave. He only let out a sigh after a long time.

The Ancestral Alligator that was cornered under his feet began to peer narrowly towards the corner and stealthily crawled its way to afar as it violently dived into the Sunset Lake.

Regarding this shameless Ancestral Alligator, Chu Changsheng paid no heed to it. That crocodile had an uncommonly thick skin, but its battle prowess was somewhat lacking. Hence it would not pose a significant threat to the Valley of Gluttony. The White Taotie was still the valley's primary and most deadly threat.

The other elders dispatched from the sacred lands also heaved a huge sigh of relief. They looked at each other awkwardly with a somewhat strange gaze. Their primary goal in traversing to the Valley of Gluttony was to obtain the Taotie's soul. However, its soul was now missing, rendering their position as elders pointless.

A Valley of Gluttony without the Taotie's soul was a valley without value. It would be inevitable for them to be devoured by the sacred lands.

Moreover, the Saint Son of the Heavenly Spring Holy-land had disappeared within this valley. This was equivalent to giving the Heavenly Spring Holy-land an excuse to make their move on the Valley of Gluttony.

One could only imagine... the storm that was going to befall onto the Valley of Gluttony.

After all, there was only one Chu Changsheng... He may not be able to protect the entire Valley of Gluttony.

Above the Glutton God's Building, a faint blue array with shattered scars slowly made its appearance.

Chu Changsheng hung a loose robe over his robust body as he strolled at an astonishing speed, across the area filled with crushed glass.

Not long after, he then commented calmly:

"Due to this incident, the incomplete Glutton God's Banquet will be delayed by three days. Fellow individuals, please proceed back to your respective residences. We will meet again in three days."

Was the Glutton God's Banquet still going on?

Everyone stared at each other vexatiously. However, none of them rebuked what they heard. Chu Changsheng was in an exceedingly foul and edgy mood, and no one would act like an idiot to trigger the unthinkable.

All of them did as he wished.



A raging wind howled.

Under the night sky of Heavenly Mist City in the Pill Palace, two crescent-shaped moons resonated under the stars. They shimmered brilliantly under the starry sky, radiating waves of eye-catching luster, as though the entire night sky was transformed into the Milky Way. It was inconceivably beautiful.

Dazzling comets would streak past the night sky from time to time. The scene was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Candles were seen lit within the Cloud Mist Restaurant. Chopping sounds could be heard periodically from within the kitchen.

There was a tranquillising peace outside of the restaurant. The gentle autumn gale breezed past soothingly, and a rustling sound could be heard as it raked up some fallen leaves along its way.

On the second floor of Cloud Mist Restaurant, in Bu Fang's room, a violent gust of wind howled, swirling and stirring up the room's content, causing it to be in a mess.

Within the storm, some glowing white spots could be seen appearing. Those shimmering star-like spots began to cluster together, forming a somewhat mythical-looking transportation array.

Three figures strolled casually out of the raging storm.

Bu Fang's hair was fluttering uncontrollably. He wore no expression while his Vermillion Robe glimmered in radiance as he carried the unconscious Xiao Ya within his arms.

A pale-looking Nethery was beside Bu Fang. She wore a pitch-black dress and had an alluringly stunning figure, alongside with her pearl white long legs.

The wind finally stopped howling and dissipated away.

Three of them were finally back in Bu Fang's room.

Nethery's complexion was as pale as a sheet of paper. However, she still wore a curious expression as she observed Bu Fang's room, an incongruous light flashed past her eyes.

Bu Fang felt a spell of giddiness as he sat on his soft bed. He then placed Xiao Ya onto the bed and heaved out a long yet gentle sigh as he gave his temples a soft rub.

Nethery felt as though something was lacking as she stared widely towards Bu Fang.

"Bu Fang, I am hungry," Nethery said.

Bu Fang felt more relaxed and comfortable after giving his temples a slight rub. He then nodded slightly after hearing Nethery's remark.

Nethery had been of tremendous help for the trip this time around. She exhibited such an overwhelmingly strong cultivation level. Even though Lord Dog's strands of dog hair played a part, one must still give Nethery the credit she deserved.

Cooking up some dishes as a reward for her should be obligatory.

Xiao Ya was soundly asleep. The original Black Taotie that possessed her and was sealed within her body had dug its way into Bu Fang's body, causing her to degenerate into such a debilitated state.

Bu Fang laid Xiao Ya down onto his bed, covered her with a blanket and brought Nethery out of the room.

Both of them made their way downstairs.

Within the kitchen, the candles continued to burn steadily, causing Bu Fang to be slightly startled. He came into the kitchen and leaned against the door as he peered into it, only to see an enormous figure, meticulously honing and practicing her knife skills.

The kitchen knife danced around gracefully within her hands as ingredients were unceasingly minced into pieces. The texture of the minced ingredients was incredibly smooth and evenly cut.

Yang Meiji's knife skills seemed to have improved at an alacritous pace.

Bu Fang could not help but praise unremittingly within his heart.

After processing the large quantity of ingredients, Yang Meiji then placed the ponderous obsidian kitchen knife back onto the stove's knife holder. She wiped away beads of sweat forming on her forehead as she let out a soft sigh.

She was astounded as she turned around, only to see Bu Fang leaning against the kitchen door.

"Owner Bu?! You are back?" Yang Meiji's eyes shone brightly as she exclaimed excitedly. She had utterly no idea that Bu Fang would return without making prior notice...

Bu Fang stood up straight as he nodded gently. He then made his way to the already chopped up ingredients in front of Yang Meiji, extended his hands and began to conjecture the ingredients she had prepared.

"Not bad. Your knife skills have indeed improved tremendously. It looks like you have not been slacking off recently," Bu Fang praised.

After getting a few praises from Bu Fang, Yang Meiji felt somewhat embarrassed as she sheepishly scratched her head, letting out a soft giggle.

However, the scene flashed as Bu Fang began to berate and comment on her ingredients, causing Yang Meiji's smile to stiffen up uncontrollably as she nodded frantically in agreement.

Soon after, the dry-mouthed Bu Fang allowed Yang Meiji to go and take her rest.

Yang Meiji had a confused look as she left the kitchen and made her way back into her room to rest up.

The dry-mouthed Bu Fang stood up and strode toward the fridge. He then retrieved a cup of Sour Plum Juice from it, and with a casual wave, a porcelain bowl materialized in front of him as he poured the juice into it. Bu Fang then gargled down the Sour Plum Juice in a somewhat serene and comfortable manner.


The Sour Plum Juice glided down his throat and entered his stomach. The chilly yet soothing sensation had resulted in Bu Fang smacking his lips in appraisal irresistibly.

"Wonderful." Bu Fang let out a relaxed sigh as he continued to quaff down the remaining Sour Plum Juice.

This enabled his body to feel much more luxuriated.

The black belt that wrapped around his right arm was slightly loose. However, never did Bu Fang paid any heed to it. A stupendous amount of energy was required from the spirit sea's mental energy to activate it. Although it was a very effective tool in tackling enemies, its depletion of energy was too substantial.

He was making preparations to cook up a dish as a reward for Nethery. Oh... There's still Lord Dog.

If it weren't for Lord Dog's strands of dog hair this time around, Bu Fang would have been in a dangerous affliction.

The White Taotie's level of existence was not what the current Bu Fang could have handled alone.

A heap of green smoke engulfed his arm as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his grip. With a flick of his finger, the kitchen knife began to dance gracefully within his hands as Bu Fang then prepared the ingredients at lightning speed.


His knife skills had already reached an extremely unfathomable level. The way he handled the ingredients was like an art, a painting.

He waved his black-belt-wrapped arm as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged out of thin air.

Bu Fang was stunned for a moment as an idea came to him. Will this upgraded version of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok be of aid to the dishes he cooked?

He opened his mouth and spat out a fiery reddish-golden Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame. The flames raged on furiously as it burrowed into the wok.

Bu Fang's kitchen knife moved savagely as it streaked past the chopping board, sweeping all the prepared ingredients into the oil-filled wok.

After a series of stir-frying, an aromatic fragrance gushed outwards as the wok shone with a deep yellowish glow. The ingredient's spiritual energy was all retained perfectly.

He then poured a bowl of Dragon Blood Rice into the wok and began to cook it.

Bu Fang retrieved the purple essence crystal source and added a drop of the violet liquid into it... The energy-filled and crystal-clear essence then merged seamlessly into the dish.


He continued to stir-fry it furiously, causing piping-hot gas to gush out endlessly.

Bu Fang tilted the wok as he moved the Dragon Blood Rice into a pre-prepared porcelain bowl.

After pouring the heavenly spring water into the wok to cleanse it of the Dragon Blood Rice's smell, Bu Fang began to prepare Lord Dog's Sweet 'n' Sour Ribs...

After completing the dish, Bu Fang also poured a crystal-clear drop of energy-filled purple essence into it. Just as Bu Fang was garnishing the plate, he suddenly halted in place.

That was because the system's grave voice rang out within his spiritual sea.