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 He looked with disbelief at the terrifying existence that had almost broken all of its chain and seals restraining it as it climbed out from the Sunset Lake!

That horrifying aura spread out uncontrollably, causing everyone to tremble obstreperously. That pressure had already far exceeded everyone's expectations...

Many chains and seals that were restraining the White Taotie's body had already been broken. Its head then swung forward, impeding the sun's rays. A petrifying swirling white vortex appeared within its mouth as though it was about to swallow the mountain veins whole.

Its eyes that were the size of a building glanced towards Bu Fang who was standing atop the spirit ship.

This gargantuan White Taotie's true body should have a combined soul and thought with the cloned White Taotie that got destroyed by Bu fang's wok as the gigantic Taotie had a somewhat similar gaze.

Greed and desire could be seen from the Taotie's eyes. It was a desire to seize the soul of the Black Taotie within Bu Fang's body.

However, an enormously thick chain had kept its body bridled, and it had no means to escape its suppression.

An ear-deafening boom covered the whole valley and caused it to palpitate in turbulence as though it was about to crumble at any moment.

That expansive mouth munched viciously towards Bu Fang's direction, attempting to halt his transportation process.

If Bu Fang were to be transported away, the Black Taotie's soul would be gone too. That White Taotie wanted to assemble the pure Taotie's blood, and this last step would be the most crucial and vital of them all. Hence, it would not tolerate failure! It had to stop Bu Fang at all costs! It had to make this human stay and prevent him from escaping!

Glowing white spots congregated above Bu Fang's head, shining with a bright brilliance.

Nethery and Bu Fang were both in their weakened state. Even though they had Lord Dog's help, Nethery had exerted too much strength on this continent. This resulted in her getting repressed and restricted by this continent's laws and jurisprudence, becoming slightly weakened.

Bu Fang's mental energy and spirit sea had nearly been debilitated.

Although his mental energy was exceptional, the sudden burst in power was sufficient to overwhelm even the White Taotie. It was safe to assume that Bu Fang had called forth a power equivalent to a seven-step soul ladder cultivator.

Furthermore, the fact that Bu Fang's cultivation level was merely at the Divine Physique Echelon that had broken a supreme chain had to be factored in as well.

The existence of a seven-step soul ladder cultivator was considered the top of the hierarchy even within the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's sacred grounds. They were considered the existence of utmost importance.

However, the current White Taotie's true body was an even more terrifying existence compared to them. The surrounding spiritual energy of heaven and earth had begun to roil in turmoil due to this fellow's presence.

This White Taotie's true body was definitely more powerful than that of a seven-step soul ladder cultivator... It might be entirely possible for it to be at the peak of a nine-steps soul ladder realm!

That kind of existence... was an incredibly horrifying existence!

The swirling white vortex that spun within the White Taotie's mouth began to emit unsettling ripples. That white "hole" was no doubt the White Taotie's most powerful ability. That mouth then swallowed the white hole.

Bu Fang felt chills being sent down his spine as he began to shiver involuntarily.

He had no idea whether or not he would be able to get transported away safely the moment the mouth opened. If he was unable to, Bu Fang had no idea what to do. It was entirely possible for him to get shredded into pieces by that white hole.

Chu Changsheng gaped at Bu Fang, seeing that he wasn't trying to hide at all... Chu Changsheng's eyes immediately shrank.

"Seek cover! The Taotie's mouth can even shred space itself! You guys might get eaten up even during the transportation process!"


Chu Changsheng's words caused Bu Fang's eyes to shrink considerably. It was able to swallow space itself? What the hell could that thing not devour...

Bu Fang knitted his brows into a frown as he felt a slight giddiness surfacing from his head. After overexerting himself, his entire body felt somewhat debilitated... Yet, he could not be devoured. He gritted his teeth as he tapped into his spirit sea, attempting to squeeze out every last drop of mental energy he had to reactivate the Taotie's Arm and Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

However, at that moment, Nethery leaned towards Bu Fang, emitting a netherworld-smell that drilled into Bu Fang's nose, causing him to look over in suspicion. Nethery then expressionlessly passed a strand of dog hair towards Bu Fang.

"The Lord gave me three strands of dog hair. The first two were meant for me while this last strand was for you..." Nethery said solemnly. "Moreover, Lord said to only give you if it was necessary... He was afraid that once you got back, you would pluck away all his silk-like fur." Nethery continued earnestly.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. What the hell... Did he look like someone that would just randomly pluck away a dog's fur? What about the faith and trust between humans and dogs?

Bu Fang pouted as he extended the palm with the Black Taotie belt. Nethery then placed a silk-like glistening strand of dog hair onto Bu Fang's palm.


The heavens had darkened while the swirling white vortex came crashing down as if it would engulf entirely the Glutton God's Building. Due to the immense pressure, the majority of the people had already been forced to their knees with ashen faces.

That Ancestral Alligator that had got overpowered by Chu Changsheng was already lying down flat, quivering in fear. The White Taotie's presence had apparently instilled tremendous fear into its heart.

Perhaps the White Taotie had done incredible and horrible stuff to it.

Bu Fang pinched onto the strand of dog hair as he looked on with doubt, pondering to himself about its use. He was in dubiety. He brought the strand of dog hair to his face as he scrutinized it solemnly.

In the next moment, that strand of dog hair suddenly burst into flames, emitting a glistening blue flame.

Bu Fang was startled. The strand of dog hair vanished along with a deep buzzing sound.

"It disappeared?" Bu Fang was in a daze as he turned around the look at Nethery, wanting to question her. However, Nethery also revealed a face of doubt and uncertainty.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched. The transportation array above his head was already completed as its energy began to scatter across the lands.

Nevertheless, the White Taotie had landed as well.


Right at that moment, everyone was brought into a daze. They saw countless amounts of energy congregating in a space at an astonishing speed, instantly filling the skies.

Under everyone's perturbed gazes, the energy materialized into a figure that blotted out the heavens... It was a gigantic dog's paw.

The paw was undeniably chubby and fat, as though it was purely made out of meat. It appeared at the side of the White Taotie and ruthlessly swept out towards it.


The White Taotie's mouth was viciously slapped as a dumbfounded look appeared on its face. That slap had instantly dissipated the swirling white vortex. A few of its tooth had even got beaten out of its mouth.

What the hell was going on?!

Who the hell dared to slap this Taotie?!

The White Taotie was utterly infuriated as its body struggled violently. The various chains and locks that restrained it began to emit loud and ear-deafening clanging sounds.

An earth-shaking roar ensued the area as the White Taotie glared savagely toward the enormous fat dog's paw!

What was that thing!


The paw once again landed a vicious slap onto the Taotie's face. Its head was beaten into a mess as its behemoth-like teeth fell out like boulders, landing onto the ground with a loud boom.

Bu Fang and Nethery maintained their cold faces as they saw this scene unfold in front of them. So that strand of dog hair could actually transform into a dog's paw...

"As expected of the Lord, lazy as hell," Nethery commented coldly as she pouted her lips.

"That lazy dog had 'this' up his sleeve... He even had something like that." Bu Fang was utterly speechless.

Other than Bu Fang's group, the others all gaped in amazement.

What the hell was going on?

How did that dog's paw suddenly appear out of thin air? Moreover... why was this dog's paw so plump and fat?

The White Taotie's true body was such a terrifying existence, and yet, that paw still gave it two tight slaps with no means of resisting it... Which major power was behind this attack?!

Everyone present was bewildered by such turn of events. Only major powers could execute such an awe-inspiring attack.

Perhaps some of the ancient hidden cultivators of the Royal Court intervened... with their paws?

Chu Changsheng stared at the dog's paw flabbergasted as he inhaled a breath of cold air. He seemed to believe that major powers from the Royal Court had a very high possibility of intervening. Even though the Royal Court had the highest authority and greatest power on that continent, most of the monstrous and ancient major powers within it... weren't humans!

Most of them were other beings!

Liancheng initially quivered in fear. However, upon the dog's paw appearance, he immediately trembled in excitement as he thought that this was the Royal Court major power's intervention.

Those elders from the Royal Court that had been planted in the Valley of Gluttony were all exhilarated as their eyes gleamed with hope.

The White Taotie had been wholly dominated by two slaps from the dog's paw.

When it finally came around, the White Taotie's fur burst up involuntarily! It opened its mouth as numerous energy spots amassed within it, morphing into a massive energy ball with many lightning bolts encircling in. It looked absolutely and domineeringly terrifying, and even space itself was about to crumble in the face of this vast mass of energy!

The White Taotie was utterly enraged; this dog's paw had prevented it from its stroke of fortune!


The energy continued to amass within its mouth, but soon, the White Taotie gaped dumbfoundedly...

Before the energy ball even had the chance to blast out, the dog's paw once again swept out ruthlessly.


It had slapped this Taotie two times and now a third time? Weren't it tired?!

The White Taotie attempted to dodge it. However, the dog's paw seemed somewhat cursed or poisoned... It had no way but to face the attack head-on.


The White Taotie's face unveiled a look of despair as the energy ball within its mouth was quelled by that vicious slap, with its face slapped to a side.


White-colored liquid poured down unceasingly onto the ground, splattering randomly. It was like the White Taotie's saliva, and yet it also looked like its fresh blood...

Three dog swipes had utterly destroyed that White Taotie.


The wind grew stronger by the minute.

The transportation array's energy descended and engulfed the entire spirit ship within it.

Bu Fang grinned as he glanced into the space that was fading and becoming increasingly blurry, towards the White Taotie that was absent-minded as it contemplated its life choices.

"Bite me... Bite me if you can!"

Bu Fang let out a soft sigh while provocating it with a calm expression.

Simultaneously, the crowd had also noticed Bu Fang's group that was enveloped by a wind capsule.

Everyone was confounded. Suddenly, they all charged towards Bu Fang frantically like barbarians!

"Stay for this old man!! Leave that... that spirit of the Taotie!!" The red-faced elder overwhelmingly released its true energy.

A white-haired elder charged over elegantly like a swan as well.

Many of the powerful individuals made their way there, attempting to stop Bu Fang.

Afar, the Sixth Elder with an eight-like beard had a constipated look across his face as tears gradually welled up within his eyes.

"You rascal. If you want to leave, at least spit out this old man's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame!!"

Above the heavens, the dog's paw eventually dissipated after lashing out three vicious swipes.

The White Taotie gradually lifted its swollen face as a baleful aura radiated from its gaze, emitting a muffled yet enraged roar!!


Under the radiance of the transportation array, a raging storm howled as space twisted and turned furiously.

The spirit ship vanished.

Numerous powerful individuals had their bodies wrapped with a horrifying amount of energy as they strode through the air, attempting to stop Bu Fang. Nonetheless, they all ended up in failure. Gazing towards the empty void in front of them, the dominant individuals began to scratch their heads in rage and fury.

The Sixth Elder fell onto the ground with a loud "tut" sound. His heartbreak was then made apparent to everyone.

We had agreed to give each other a helping hand, but why did you leave the moment you got what you wanted?

What about the most fundamental trust between humans?!