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 A chaotic storm howled.

The air was emitting a high-pitched screech due to the friction. That screech almost ruptured everyone's eardrums as they involuntarily frowned while muffing up their ears.


Granules on the ground cracked and crumbled.

Bu Fang's arm that was wrapped in the black belt had a sudden surge in energy level. Black gas gushed out unceasingly as the Black Turtle Constellation Wok shot out at speed countless times faster than before.

The wok spun and flew out, glistering with an eye-blinding glow. A dim and faint gold luster could be spotted upon Bu Fang's body from time to time. His Vermillion Robe fluttered savagely under the wind's influence.

The White Taotie opened its mouth wide and aimed its swirling ball of immense energy towards Bu Fang. Its eyes glowed with an overwhelming intent to kill and slaughter; it had truly desired to massacre Bu Fang!

Suddenly, the White Taotie was flabbergasted.

That's because while it prepared its strike from underneath the spirit ship, when the swirling ball of death within its mouth had not yet been shot out, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok already smashed furiously right upon its head.

A series of deafening and eye-catching explosions ensued the skies.

The ball of energy got ruptured and destroyed by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, causing a terrifying ripple of energy to spread out rapidly.

The White Taotie's figure got washed away by that wave of energy remnant. It then crashed viciously onto the walls of the Glutton God's Building, causing the tower to shake at a magnitude visible to the eyes.

Mechanic sounds could be heard from the spirit ship that levitated above the skies that moved at a relatively slow pace.


The Black Turtle Constellation Wok flew back into Bu Fang's belt-wrapped hands. Black gas continuously seeped out of Bu Fang's arms as he stared expressionlessly at them, while his heart shook slightly in astonishment. The power level of that arm had dramatically increased... It was indeed worthy of being the pure-blooded Taotie's energy.

Bu Fang smirked and tilted his head to glance at the miserable White Taotie that was recovering from the ruined rubbles. The White Taotie no longer had its previous materialistic and life-like body. Instead, it had begun to disperse into spots of lights bit by bit, as though it was about to vanish any moment now.


The White Taotie gaped open its mouth and let out a savage and feral roar toward Bu Fang. It was like a warning, a declaration of war. It wanted to instill fear into Bu Fang's heart. The White Taotie had been utterly enraged. A murderous intent began to spread throughout the lands, causing everyone present to have their hearts quiver in fear while they looked on gravely.


The White Taotie stomped its limbs against the wall as it charged out instantly at a speed almost invisible to the naked eye, towards Bu Fang's direction.

Bu Fang held the wok with one hand as the obsidian-colored belt fluttered wildly. He took a step out towards the White Taotie's direction.

Nethery was dumbfounded. She felt that the Bu Fang now was somewhat strange and different compared to the Bu Fang she knew... This oddness remained inexplicable to her. She stared intently at Bu Fang's arms, where a persistent heap of black gas seeped out from.

That energy had even caused her heart to tremble slightly.

Space itself shook as the White Taotie shot towards Bu Fang at speed comparable to lightning. It disappeared in the blink of an eye, only to reappear in front of Bu Fang. The White Taotie then raised its claws and mauled towards Bu Fang's head.


A claw accompanied by a petrifying roar!

However, Bu Fang's response was instead a wave of his wok.


That Black Turtle Constellation Wok spun at a hysterical speed as smashed towards the White Taotie's head. It was then reduced into a semi-unconscious state while it was sent away flying.

The wok then returned back into Bu Fang's hands. The black gas still scattered profusely all over his arm, giving Bu Fang the feeling of a herculean and substantial strength that seemed impossible to use up.

Bu Fang then moved his legs to make his way towards the White Taotie. Even though he wasn't moving at an astonishing speed, it was this kind of nonchalant pace that truly instilled fear and consternation into people's hearts.

That was true trepidation!

How was it possible for this little chef's aura to have heightened up to such a terrifying level, exerting such overwhelming pressure!


Bu Fang held the wok in one hand as he ruthlessly slammed it against the White Taotie's head. The White Taotie was slammed into an insentient state as it took a few steps back.

"Didn't you want to eat me? Come!"


Bu Fang said calmly as he then waved his wok ferociously against the White Taotie's chin.

The White Taotie subconsciously took multiple steps back in the air.

"Continue to act tough!" Another streak of wok light smashed towards it.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Innumerable wok smashes came crashing down onto the White Taotie, causing its body to become increasingly transparent and ethereal as though it was about to dissipate and vanish at any moment.

The White Taotie had finally known fear as it saw Bu Fang once again raise his wok mercilessly. It was so terrified that it scrambled wildly among the skies, fleeing away with its utmost effort.

What the hell... The White Taotie had not been able to endure the kid's black wok! A tremendous pressure was radiating out from the wok, coupled together with the hysterical and peculiar aura that seeped out from the kid...

It made the White Taotie so enraged that it wanted to vomit blood.

The White Taotie began to escape. However, Bu Fang had never planned to let it off so easily. With a single wave, he began to cruise through the air at an astonishing pace.

At this moment, the scene above the heavens had suddenly turned somewhat outlandish to behold.

Everyone was speechless as they raised their heads to glance into the skies, not knowing what kind of expression was suitable for this situation.

A legendary spirit beast, the Taotie, was, in fact, getting chased by a human brat with a wok in his hands.

Not a hint of the previous ferocity and dominance could be seen from the Taotie as it was in an utterly miserable state... Before, the White Taotie's domineering aura and terrifying presence had shocked the heavens. However, all of it had been reduced to dust.

Xiao Yue sat there with a sword beside him as he gazed towards Bu Fang with a complex expression. "Boss Bu will always be Boss Bu... The things he does will always exceed our expectations."

The Celestial Saintess' eyes beamed gently as though she couldn't resist the laughing intent that was about to burst out onto her face.

Nethery sat atop the spirit ship's railing, hanging both her legs down as they swung elegantly through the air.


Bu Fang extended his hands, pinning the White Taotie onto the walls. He then went ahead to smash the Black Turtle Constellation Wok against its head.


The array of the Glutton God's Building shook violently along with the White Taotie.

"I heard you were pretty damn savage! How about you continue on!" Bu Fang pressed onto the White Taotie's head as he raised his black-belt-bound arm into the air along with the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

A deep gold shimmer glistened and enveloped his body while emitting a devastating pressure onto the White Taotie, rendering it motionless.

Boom! Boom! Boom!!

Bu Fang ruthlessly hacked downwards with his wok, almost destroying the White Taotie's head.

Suddenly, Bu Fang's wok flew high up into the air and delivered a final brutal smash.


The entire building shook together with its array as crevices could be seen forming across it.

That White Taotie let out an anguished howl before its body imploded, filling the skies with a series of bright white spots. Those white spots gradually levitated up as they made their way towards Bu Fang. They radiated a warm and passionate aura, capable of allowing one to feel as though they were inundating themselves under the ocean.

White Taotie... Bu Fang had beaten it to death with just a single wok!

The scene where the White Taotie burst apart had genuinely astonished every single one present as their faces were filled with nothing but disbelief.

Such overpowering White Taotie, and yet it got beaten to death with a wok!

Oh my god!

What the hell was going on?!

Silence ensued the crowd, leaving only the sounds of people breathing heavily.

Bu Fang clenched his fist as he watched the bright white spots dissipate into the air. He then ceased waving the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

"So weak. It died after just a few wok smashes," Bu Fang pouted his lips as he commented.

Everyone was speechless.

Chu Changsheng held the golden bowl in his hands as he repressed the Ancestral Alligator. He stared intently at Bu Fang, sensing the awe-inspiring pressure radiating from the latter's body, causing him to feel somewhat perplexed and unable to explain it.

Something was wrong with this kid.

That black belt on his arm... He felt a familiar aura permeating from that, an aura similar to that of a Taotie. Perhaps this brat had conquered and absorbed the Black Taotie's soul?

"It's over now." Bu Fang twisted and stretched his neck.

The aura permeating from his body began to diminish rapidly, and the black belt on his arm became tranquil once again.

Bu Fang boarded the spirit ship, feeling a stroke of giddiness as he stood precariously. A thought then surfaced in Bu Fang's mind... When using the Taotie's arm, he would only be exhausting his mental energy. If that were the case, his mental energy would only last five wok strokes. Any more than that would be too much for his spiritual sea to handle.

He then sat on the spirit ship with beads of sweat forming on his forehead as he breathed heavily. The sweats looked like signs of him being completely depleted of his mental energy.


The silence lasted for a moment before everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

News of Bu Fang extirpating the White Taotie had been passed down rapidly. Everyone present gave Bu Fang a gaze that had a hint of respect within it.

"Where is the little girl?" Bu Fang asked Nethery who was standing beside him.

"In the ship," Nethery replied.

Bu Fang stood up and casually strolled to the ship. As expected, he saw the little girl snoring without a care for her appearance. Bu Fang initially thought that this little girl would have died if she lost her Black Taotie.

From what it seemed, other than slight fatigue and exhaustion, nothing out of the norm had appeared to happen to the little girl. He patted the girl's head and then carried her out of the ship.

"System, what needs to be done is finished. We can prepare to return now," Bu Fang mumbled within his heart.

The system did not immediately reply. After a while, a harsh voice began to sound off in Bu Fang's head.

"The abrupt mission has been completed. Preparing for the return trip. Three, two, one... activating the array. The host shall begin his return trip in approximately ten seconds," the system informed.

Just as the system's voice vanished, Bu Fang felt rays and specks of bright sparks emerge above his head, congregating together like a painting.

None of the people present understood what the bright sparks above Bu Fang's head were. However, soon after, the majority of them began to recognize the array above his head. That was a transportation array...

Bu Fang was planning to be transported away?

Was he planning to run after acting all tough?

The few powerful individuals from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court that had hidden within the Valley of Gluttony began to radiate their immense valorous pressure as they stared intently at Bu Fang.

"You can't leave just yet! Hand over the soul of the Taotie!" A red-faced elder roared in fury.

Although Bu Fang had previously administered some terror into their hearts by using a wok to destroy the White Taotie utterly, the current him no longer had any of that gallant aura. He was currently exceedingly weak due to the aftereffect of using a secret art of that level. Now was the perfect timing for the others to seize the soul of the Taotie. If they were able to lay their hands onto the soul of Taotie, whatever the price they had to pay would have been worth it.

"Soul of Taotie? You guys are referring to the black belt around my arms? I am just standing here, come and take it," Bu Fang said calmly as he waved the loose black belt around.

The few elders instantly revealed a somewhat enraged expression as they glared greedily towards the belt in Bu Fang's hands.

However, before the elders could even make their moves, the whole Valley of Gluttony began to tremble violently.

Chu Changsheng's face changed conspicuously and he glanced towards the Sunset Lake's direction. Most of the powerful individuals flew into the air to have a better view of what was happening far away.

As they reached a certain altitude, their face instantly reddened...

From within the lake, waves rolled unceasingly as an enormous silhouette that was easily the size of the entire lake began to charge out from it.

Splash, Swoosh!

Sounds of numerous ice chains clashing against each other could be heard the moment that behemoth-like monster stood up, blotting out the entire sky. Each of its limbs and neck had been sealed and restricted by a series of locks and chains.


The behemoth-like creature roared, stirring an enormous storm from the lake.

Bu Fang glimpsed toward the beast and realized that the similarity this creature had with the previous White Taotie that he had defeated was somewhat uncanny.

"This is the White Taotie's true body?! The actual legendary spirit beast?!" Bu Fang inhaled a deep breath while the others were terror-stricken...

Even Chu Changsheng also gaped in astonishment.


"The transportation array had been completed; preparing for transportation."

Bu Fang glanced towards the gargantuan beast as he let out an antagonising roar towards it. The white spots that congregated around his body began to fall onto the ground as a terrifying storm howled past him.

Bu Fang had begun his return trip!

Suddenly, that behemoth-like White Taotie that covered the skies let out a roar that shook the heavens as it charged in Bu Fang's direction, breaking the many chains and seals that restricted its movement.