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 Bu Fang held his hands behind his back as he stood serenely in the greyish spacial region within his spirit sea. He then calmly glanced towards the curled up Black Taotie.

It was finally time for him to take care of this moronic beast. Bu Fang began to ponder as his gaze toward the Black Taotie gradually became colder.

The Black Taotie had been initially repressed by the terrifying trio, rendering it immobile. However, now... the trio had already retreated back into the greyish spacial region, and the overwhelming pressure that permeated through the air had disappeared as well.

The Black Taotie's mind began to function as per usual again.

Black gas gradually seeped out from its pores as it spread its arms wide open, stretching each and every bit of its muscle. Those petrifying existences... had finally disappeared!

The Black Taotie's spirit beamed in joy as he morphed into its original savage-looking form. That black swirling vortex spun violently within its mouth as it gave Bu Fang a death stare, emitting a dense killing intent throughout the atmosphere.

Bu Fang sighed softly. After all, this was still his spirit sea, and his mental energy would be tremendously strengthened there, thus he had absolutely no fear whatsoever when facing this Black Taotie.

With a thought, a storm arose from this greyish spacial region.

In the next moment, the Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged within his hands.

The Black Taotie had a hint of ruthlessness flashing across its eyes. It made use of the absence of the three major powers as an opportunity to seize control of the human. It would then immediately leave this spacial region after capturing the human, and by then, not even the three major powers would be able to do anything to it.

The Black Taotie's plan seemed pretty solid.

However, he had gravely miscalculated a factor, and that was the Black Turtle Constellation Wok's power.

With a boom, that Black Turtle Constellation Wok smashed right onto the Black Taotie's body. It initially paid no heed to that wok, but the moment it got hit, a piercing pain penetrated his body, causing a temporary numbness to spread throughout it.

It was then pinned onto the ground by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

The energy had even resulted in the Black Taotie's body to enter a somewhat ethereal state...

"Eh? It's useful?" Bu Fang gave a strange glance towards the wok. He then proceeded to swing the wok against the Taotie's head once again.

The Taotie wanted to disperse itself into a cloud of black smoke, but the energy of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok was suppressing it. Its head then once again got heavily damaged by the wok's attack.

A piercing pain permeated throughout its body. It was as though millions of lightning bolts had befallen onto the Taotie, making it so miserably agonising that it wanted to howl out in pain.

With the wok in Bu Fang's hands, the Black Taotie had discerned that he was not able to work anything up against him...


The beast wanted to put a final resistance as it opened its unfathomably deep mouth with a violent vortex swirling within it.

Nonetheless, what came up was still the wok. Moreover, Bu Fang had even stuffed that Black Turtle Constellation Wok up his mouth.

Black Taotie felt absolutely disheartened. All of its teeth had been completely destroyed as it lay pitifully at a corner.

Bu Fang held the wok with one hand as he gave a sidelong glance towards the Taotie that was lying flat. He then walked up towards it and commented coldly, "Why are you so weak? That was all you have?"

The Black Taotie was speechless.

Bu Fang felt somewhat disappointed as he had initially planned to utilize this Black Taotie as a chance to hone his skills. Never did he expect that this Black Taotie was such a weakling.

There was completely no signs of its ferocity in the outside world.

When he thought of this, Bu Fang involuntarily swung out the wok, landing yet another vicious hit onto the Black Taotie's head, leaving it laying flat on the floor.

You have a wok, and that was what made you so powerful... The Black Taotie felt an overwhelming desperation welling up in his heart.

"System, I have already defeated this thing, how am I supposed to handle it after this?" Bu Fang inquired the system. He seriously had no idea on how to dispose of that Black Taotie.

The system kept silent for a moment and then emitted a low buzz within Bu Fang's head. Subsequently, Bu Fang trembled as he finally returned to his actual body. His dazed eyes gradually revealed a hint of divine light. Bu Fang then trembled slightly, further stabilising his body as he turned around to look into the distance.

Over there, Nethery was in a heated battle against the White Taotie!

The White Taotie's figure repeatedly charged and clashed while the white vortex within its mouth will shoot out terrifying energy projectiles out from time to time.

The dog hair within Nethery's hand was being incinerated by faint blue flames as if it would be reduced to ashes any moment by now.

However, that White Taotie remained as savage and feral as before. It had even increased the battle's pace by a considerable amount.


Afar, Chu Changsheng was half-naked, revealing his bulging and well-defined muscle with black tattoos wriggling on them. He launched a series of deadly punches onto the Ancestral Alligator's head, plummeting it onto the earth like a comet.

However, this Ancestral Alligator had a ridiculously thick and durable hide, granting him the ability to ignore Chu Changsheng's attack entirely. After the Ancestral Alligator fell onto the ground, it immediately got back up and charged upwards into the sky, masticating onto Chu Changsheng. Its tail whipped around wildly, scraping past the Glutton God's Building's array, producing countless bright sparks.

Chu Changsheng's battle with the Ancestral Alligator had reached a climax.

"Buzz... Extracting pure-blooded Taotie's energy. Please wait for a moment master..."

The system sounded off within Bu Fang's sea of thought with a solemn tone.

Bu Fang was startled. Pure-blooded Taotie's energy?

Bu Fang glanced towards the savage and feral-looking White Taotie. He reminisced the scene when the Golden Dragon and the others from his God of Cooking Set said that they paid no heed to the Black Taotie. They even said that the Taotie itself was a bastard of some sort. Perhaps these two black and White Taotie's bloodline weren't pure ones?

A dripping sound rang within Bu Fang's spiritual sea. The drops sounded rather calm and steady, making it evident that it was extracting pure-blooded energy from the Black Taotie's spirit.


The White Taotie had once again rammed against the faint blue array in front of Nethery.

Nethery's silky black hair fluttered gracefully as she let out a low pitched moan while she flew back to the spirit vessel.

Her blood-red little mouth opened gradually while she inhaled gently. As though Nethery had sensed Bu Fang's recovery, she then turned around to give Bu Fang a glimpse.

However, this glimpse had caused her to be astounded.

Bu Fang's aura had seemingly undergone a miraculous change. Nethery still could not comprehend the changes that occurred to Bu Fang.

The White Taotie stood in midair as its smooth and soft white fur fluttered around elegantly. It opened its mouth as a mythical type of energy began to congregate and swirl within its mouth.

Bu Fang squinted his eyes. Why the hell did that White Taotie want to swallow the Black Taotie? He then remembered the system mentioned something regarding the pureness of Taotie's energy, and perhaps the White Taotie wanted that?

Maybe... that was indeed a possibility.

The White Taotie's heated gaze burned with desire as a greedy look surfaced within its eyes. It swung its claws around in the empty space and instantly transformed into a white streak of light in the next moment, charging toward Bu Fang.

Nethery's brows knitted into a frown as she pinched her last strand of dog hair while extending her jade-like legs, wanting to stand in front of Bu Fang to defend him.

Nonetheless, she was halted by bu Fang.

Bu Fang pressed onto Nethery's shoulder and pulled her to his back.

Nethery was dumbfounded as she stared dazedly at the feather-robed Bu Fang walking ahead. What was he planning to do?

Not only was Nethery confounded by him, almost everyone present revealed a confused expression and had absolutely no idea about what was going on.

Perhaps Bu Fang wanted to resist against this White Taotie with his puny cultivation level?

That White Taotie was, in fact, overwhelmingly terrifying... Even the superior nether being beside Bu Fang had no means of finishing it, so how could a mere Divine Physique Echelon cultivator like him possibly resist against it?

However, Bu Fang paid absolutely no heed to the others as he only wanted to confirm a single hypothesis he had.

What exactly was that golden drop of liquid that the Black Turtle had previously bestowed upon him?

That drop of liquid had seeped into his body, causing him to have even more profound control over the usage of the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. Moreover...

Bu Fang glanced coldly at the incoming White Taotie as his mouth lifted into an arc.

Moreover... He felt as though he had attained the turtle's overwhelming pressure!

Green smoke engulfed his arms as the ancient and hefty Black Turtle Constellation Wok emerged in Bu Fang's hands.


At that instant, everyone felt as though Bu Fang's aura had undergone a momentous change.

What was going on?!

Everyone felt as though their eyes were blinded by something. Even the charging White Taotie froze there for a moment before its white fur stood up involuntarily.

Bu Fang injected his true energy into the wok and instantly, an ethereal form of black turtle had begun to materialise behind him. An overwhelmingly domineering aura and pressure had begun to seep out of Bu Fang's body.

The crowd didn't seem to have much of a reaction. However, the White Taotie's eyes bulged out as it quivered in fear.

Such pressure!


Bu Fang swung his Black Turtle Constellation Wok viciously against the emerging figure of the White Taotie. It was in an unconscious state and didn't even have a chance to attack before getting smashed away by Bu Fang's wok.

"Home run, perfect." Bu Fang sighed softly.


The White Taotie's body fell from the high heavens and crashed intemperately onto the surface. A deep crater was formed, and cracks could be seen rippling out from the point of contact.

The White Taotie then miserably flipped over as he scratched his head in confusion. Its material body had almost been dissipated into its initial ethereal form.

Nevertheless, everyone was utterly stunned by this scene. Everyone took a sneak peek towards Bu Fang with their mouth open like they were having constipation.

Some gaped while some had chills sent down their spines... They looked at Bu Fang as though they were staring at a monster.

"I am not blind, right?... A single wok smash had sent the legendary spirit beast Taotie... flying?"

Some mumbling went around the crowd. Some of them exhaled mouthfuls of cold air as their faces flushed dramatically. Where the hell did this kid muster his energy from to be able to send this White Taotie flying like that?

This was the legendary Taotie. Even powerful individuals with five-step soul ladders couldn't handle it! Why was it that this kid settled it with such ease!

The White Taotie flipped over pitifully and let out a piercing screech, as though it had been greatly enraged. It had just been sent flying by a mere Divine Physique Echelon cultivator.

Its high pitched screeched was accompanied by the massive ripples that filled the entire sunset lake.

If one were to look at it from above, they would be able to faintly make out an enormous figure beneath the lake, attempting to emerge from it.


"The extraction of the pure-blooded energy from the Taotie is completed. Does master want to merge with it?" The system's voice sounded within Bu Fang's spiritual sea in a somewhat grave tone.

"Merge? Will I become a monster or a freak after merging?" Bu Fang asked.

"No," The system then promised earnestly.

Bu Fang nodded slightly and replied, "Then let it merge."

The system no longer replied. In the next moment, Bu Fang felt a surge of black gas gushing out from the very pores of his body. That black gas circulated and completely deluged his right arm, attempting to merge with him profusely. The black gas then morphed into a black belt, wrapping tightly around Bu Fang's palms till his elbow. Only five of his smooth and white fingers were revealed, giving his hand a somewhat peculiar feel to it.

"Hm? That's the end of merging? The pure-blooded Taotie's energy just transformed into a belt?"

Bu Fang frowned as he clenched his fist. He instantly felt an overwhelming surge of energy stirring up from within his hands.


The White Taotie let out a savagely long howl as its eyes turned blood-red. It then stomped the ground with tremendous might, shooting out as fast as lightning towards Bu Fang's direction. The white vortex continued to spin ferociously within its mouth as it absorbed the surrounding spiritual energy, forming a gargantuan white energy ball.

This was an incredibly terrifying killer move. Even Nethery who stood behind Bu Fang had her facial expression changed dramatically.

"Be careful!" Nethery squeezed onto the dog hair within her hand and warned Bu Fang portentously.

However, Bu Fang was still amidst the process of observing the black belt tied upon his arm. He then felt the presence of the White Taotie forcing its way through the ground beneath him.

The savagely and hostile-faced White Taotie glared towards Bu Fang as the hysterical energy ball spun within its mouth, accompanied by an awe-inspiring magnitude storm!


Bu Fang stared into the White Taotie's eyes as though he was able to hear it shout in rage. Bu Fang frowned as he inhaled a deep breath. He then tightened the black belt around his arms while clasping firmly onto the wok.

A dim gold-like brilliance shone past Bu Fang's body.


A deafening bestial roar could be heard from Bu Fang's arms. It belonged to a pure-blooded Taotie that surged forth with immense power. The wok then shot out of his hands at an unnerving speed, seemingly capable of ripping open the air around it.