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 The White Taotie widened its jaw as the devastating vortex that swirled in its mouth began to leak huge amounts of energy, rumbling non-stop.

Its body was formed by the coagulation of numerous white light spots, and it had always been this way since the beginning of time. However, the current White Taotie had a body with substantial existence, one that seemed real and less ethereal.

The White Taotie was extremely different compared to the Black Taotie. After the White Taotie had materialised substantially, it looked somewhat more appealing and good-looking. It had a body full of smooth silk-like fur that fluttered around in a soothing yet random manner, which was oddly satisfying.

One should not let the White Taotie's innocent looks deceive them. It was, in fact, extremely brutal and ruthless. The terrifying light that flashed past its eyes time to time had caused many to stare at it with utmost caution.

The White Taotie glided through the air with its four limbs, appearing on the Tablet of Gluttony that lay behind the Gluttony Square. It remained stationary atop the tablet and stared intently towards the spirit vessel.

Within the vessel lay three figures, a man, a woman, and a little girl.

The White Taotie's ruthless gaze was fixed onto the man as it opened its gargantuan mouth, releasing an incredibly strong suction force originating from the white-colored vortex that was spinning within. That horrifyingly strong suction force had even absorbed most of the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy.

Bu Fang stood still, and his eyes were dim, with no expression whatsoever appearing on his face.

He single-handedly clasped onto the little girl's head as the pitch-black tattoos that scattered across her arms and body began to dissipate. With but a blink of an eye, the little girl Xiao Ya's body had been wholly voided of the ominous black tattoos.

Bam! Xiao Ya then tumbled onto the floor, passing out in the spirit vessel.

Nethery's obsidian eyes swept past Xiao Ya as she gently waved her hand, causing the spirit vessel to open up an entrance and Xiao Ya to float into it. With a soft boom, the vessel's entrance got sealed once again.

After Nethery finished doing this, she then glanced intently at Bu Fang. The latter remained in his stationary position, having no movement at all. However, his arms were entirely engulfed by the black gas, giving them an ink-like appearance.

Nethery's blood-red lips twitched a little as a chilly intent rose from her. Her silky black hair suddenly danced about as Nethery locked her death stare onto the White Taotie in the distance.

Her glass-like feet then stepped onto the spirit vessel's cold floor, and she began to levitate like a feather with her dress flittering about gracefully.

The White Taotie suddenly opened its mouth and let out a deafening roar as a flash of killing intent flashed past its eyes.

In the next moment, its claws viciously mauled onto the Tablet of Gluttony. This almighty and prestigious tablet that was made with god knows what materials had actually withstood the White Taotie's crushing grip.

The White Taotie instantly transformed into a white streak, charging in Nethery's direction with its four limbs wiggling about furiously. Energy began to coagulate within its mouth, forming numerous marble-like projectiles.


White projectiles shot out endlessly towards Nethery's position at a breathtaking speed.

Even more veins appeared on Nethery's face as she held onto the second strand of dog hair. Almost instantaneously, the thick and concentrated nether energy that was stored in the dog hair began to diffuse out of it, permeating into Nethery's body and allowing her to once again sense the immense power welling up within.

Hidden Dragon Continent had utterly underestimated Nethery's combat abilities.


With her body floating in midair, a faint blue array had once again emerged in front of Nethery. The array began to spin frantically. Nethery then casually waved her hand, causing all the white projectiles to congregate together. With another gentle wave, she sent the newly formed assembled mass of projectiles back to where it came from.

The White Taotie's figure flashed across rapidly as it dodged all the incoming projectiles flying towards it with ease.

"Nethery's Ghost Rush!"

Nethery's eyes had a tint of blue within it as she let out a violent palm strike.

The White Taotie widened its mouth unceasingly as though it had become a curtain that covered the skies, seemingly wanting to swallow the heavens whole. This leviathan-like mouth bit down onto Nethery as its teeth shone with a chilly intent!


However, the White Taotie's mouth had frozen in place as though an invisible force had halted it. Its eyes bulged out uncontrollably as its body was blasted back, ruthlessly landing onto the Glutton God's Building.

Glutton God's Building's array began to shake uncontrollably as if it was about to collapse. Many powerful individuals heaved a breath of cold air at a distance with a look of utter disbelief.

The woman... was that strong!

Liancheng's body began to feel waves of chill down his spine.

Yan Yu, who had attacked Nethery before, was entirely stunned. Luckily Nethery did not use this attack against him previously. Otherwise, he would probably have been reduced to minced meat.

The Celestial Saintess calmly swept her gaze over as she wore her elegant white dress, looking as innocent as a newly bloomed lotus. She had never planned to take part in this battle. Instead, she only observed it. From time to time, her brows would furrow into a frown as she peered towards Bu Fang that stood on the spirit vessel.


Within Bu Fang's spirit sea, the Black Taotie was in utter despair as it curled up tightly, not daring to let out as much as a single noise.

Golden Dragon, Ancient Black Turtle, Phoenix... These were the legendary godly beasts! All three of them would be peak-level existences throughout the whole world, not to mention in the Hidden Dragon Continent! This kind of existence... wasn't something a non-pure-blooded Taotie could compare with!

Spiritual beasts were extremely sensitive to external bloodline pressures. Needless to mention the Black Turtle or Phoenix, as just the Golden Dragon alone was able to force the Black Taotie to lay onto the floor like a little kitten.

The Black Taotie felt somewhat wronged. It merely burrowed into the spirit sea of a young man, wanting to ensnare this opportunity to recover a new body of its own. But never did it expect that... the human's spirit sea actually possessed so many terrifyingly strong beast's souls.

The feeling the Black Taotie had now was akin to capturing and sparring with a little brat, only to realize that he was a hidden expert. Furthermore, one who was able to get rid of him as easily as getting rid of an ant.

He wanted to escape, but the exit had been completely blocked up...

The Black Taotie was in a pinch as endless despondency welled up in his heart.

Bu Fang stood with tranquillity at his original spot while his feathered robe shone with an eye-blinding luster, emitting rays of immense radiance. By his side were the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok, hovering above the ground.

He paid no heed to the curled up Black Taotie as he lifted his head to gaze upon the three behemoth-like figures that seemed to blot out the heavens.

Even with the system's assistance, the crushing pressure still radiated out profusely. Bu Fang still felt an overwhelming pressure from the three figures that caused him to have difficulties breathing.

"This is our generation's little master?"

The gargantuan blazing bird had its gem-like eyes glued on Bu Fang as a gentle and soothing woman's voice rang out.

"That's right... Our little master, a newbie." The Golden Dragon extended its tongue and smacked its lips, revealing rows of glimmering pearl-white teeth while speaking in a strange manner.

Bu Fang's brows knitted into a frown as he observed these three towering beasts.

The Black Turtle lay there quietly, seemingly the most harmonious and gentle of the three beasts.

"Eh? A newbie... This sister loves newcomers the most." The Blazing Phoenix chuckled as it chirped elegantly.

The Golden Dragon's gaze shot towards the Phoenix, unveiling a look of scorn.

"Inter-species relationship will never end up well... You granny had better not cause any trouble for this newbie," the Golden Dragon replied with disdain.

The Blazing Phoenix had been utterly enraged, and even its feathers began to blaze with raging flames. The Phoenix then furiously turned around to look at the Golden Dragon and gnarled," You damned worm, you dare repeat it?!"

The Golden Dragon revealed rows of pearl-white sharp teeth, as though it was mocking the Phoenix.

"Alright, stop scaring our new master." The peaceful and serene Black Turtle finally intervened the childish bickering. Those enormous eyes rolled and landed upon the ant-like Bu Fang. "Hm... Little master, you seem rather calm," the Black Turtle said in a melancholic tone.

Bu Fang glanced towards the Black Turtle and chuckled, "If not, would you prefer if I was astonished?"

The Black Turtle was startled and immediately let out thunder-like laughter, causing Bu Fang's brown to twitch uncontrollably.

"This seems interesting. This little master seems to have some peculiar personality..."

The Black Turtle commented. Soon after, it averted its gaze towards the Black Taotie.

"A bastard soul of a Taotie. Master, how do you plan to handle it?" Black Turtle inquired.

"Eating sashimi-styled Taotie doesn't seem to be a bad idea... This thing loves to eat, hence its meat will be of excellent quality." The Golden Dragon explained while fondling his beard as he rushed towards the Black Taotie.

"You damned worm only knows how to eat... Didn't you know that braised Taotie meat is the best of delicacies?" The Blazing Phoenix rebutted while flapping its fiery wings.

Bu Fang felt speechless as he looked at both the Phoenix and the Golden Dragon. Even the Black Turtle felt somewhat helpless in this situation as he let out a soft sigh.

The Black Taotie couldn't help but begin to cry. What the hell was going on, where the hell was this place?! How was it that everything there was so unfriendly and mean? Why couldn't they talk harmoniously? They were talking about cooking its meat the moment they opened their mouths...

"Although this Black Taotie has an impure bloodline, he is still pretty unlucky to end up in the spirit sea. The three of us originally planned to ignore you due to your extremely weak cultivation base," the Black Turtle explained to Bu Fang wisely.

Bu Fang then nodded in agreement. He had some prior knowledge of the three beasts in front of him. They were the spirits of the God of Cooking Set. Earlier on, the system had also mentioned the existence of spirits residing in the God of Cooking Set. However, Bu Fang was too weak at that time for them to pay any attention to him.

"Since you are our newly ascended master, us old fellows will not let this bastard Taotie harm you... Therefore, I will lend you a portion of my strength," the Black Turtle said calmly.

Bu Fang was startled. In the next moment, he realized that the greyish spacial region had begun to fluctuate violently, as though something was boiling it. Suddenly, a drop of golden liquid appeared in front of Bu Fang.


The Black Turtle suddenly moved. He dragged along the enormous sky-scraping mountain behind him as he extended his leviathan-like claws that blot out the skies completely.

That enormous-looking claw came swinging in Bu Fang's direction and then gently tapped onto the golden liquid in front of him.


Instantaneously, that golden liquid burrowed into the region between Bu Fang's brows. He felt shivers as he opened his eyes. Everything seemed to be magnified and clearer as compared to before.

"Eh? Why are there no changes?" Bu Fang was dumbfounded, was this Black Turtle pulling his leg?

"This Taotie's fate will depend on you... You are truly too weak now. When you are sufficiently strong, we will then aid you in your conquest to the top..."

The Black Turtle's voice rang out as its figure gradually faded into the greyish spacial region.

"What is the point of helping him? Which one of our previous masters didn't attain the Heaven Trampling Stage? They were every bit more powerful than this little newbie master and didn't all of them failed at the final step?" The Blazing Phoenix chirped. Her voice wasn't excessively loud, but it still resounded like thunder in Bu Fang's ears.

"Shut up you old hag! Don't spill it. You will scare our little master. What he needs now is confidence!" The Golden Dragon reprimanded the Phoenix.


The Black Turtle let out a long sigh, "The both of you had better shut your trap..."

The voice gradually faded away along with its enormous body. Peace and tranquillity once again returned to the spirit sea.

Bu Fang was speechless... This was the first time that he had been described as clueless and insignificant. He had clearly been a cold and proud individual. However, according to what these spirit of the God of Cooking Set said, the road towards the pinnacle would be an incredibly tough one... The previous few masters all failed."

When one failed, it probably meant that their Dao vanished as well.


Bu Fang's heart had an invisible weight sitting upon it. However, he had quickly come to an epiphany on it. He would only have to give his best efforts and work hard to seek perfection towards his culinary arts.

Defend using soldiers, block out water using soil. Everything will follow its natural course of order.

Bu Fang had his hands behind his back as he suddenly realized this matter. He had instantly been enlighted, feeling satisfaction in his heart.

With a turn, his gaze fell upon the kneeling Black Taotie.

It was time for him to pass judgment on this moronic beast.