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The little girl got her head clasped by Bu Fang, and that pitch-black skin that got blackened by the dark tattoo-like markings began to twitch. The dark tattoo looked as though it had come alive; it then began to wriggle about like a worm.

The little girl let out an anguished howl as all her limbs began to swing around wildly.

Black gas gushed out from the pores of her body, materializing into a little snake that burrowed towards Bu Fang's arms.

Xiao Ya's skin began to regain its lost complexity, slowly revealing a white and tender skin...

Bu Fang frowned as his feathered robe emitted a glistening glow, fluttering about unceasingly. The fiery red glow began to scatter across his body, attempting to suppress the black gas.


A warm heap of gas began to rise as Bu Fang felt a burning intent radiating from his arm.

He flicked his sleeves and realised that his arms had turned completely pitch black, similar to Xiao Ya.

"What the hell is this thing... Scram!"

Bu Fang's face instantly turned icy cold. A Chef's hands should never be trifled with, and thus this black gas had utterly incurred Bu Fang's wrath.

Nethery stood beside Bu Fang as a surge of nether energy permeated out from her body.


Green veins surfaced upon his face, and the black gas ferociously burrowed its way towards Bu Fang's eyes.

"That is the beast's spirit, and it is looking for its next host. Unfortunately, It has already chosen to reside in you." Nethery's eyes revealed a hint of graveness and solemnness.

This beast's spirit was remarkably stalwart, and Bu Fang might get consumed and transformed into a savage and evil spirit beast if he were to be slightly careless.

Bu Fang ignored Nethery as he gave his arm a death stare where the black gas continued to burrow incessantly.

The black gas residing in Xiao Ya's body had entirely gone burrowing for Bu Fang's arm.

Not far, the White Taotie's gaze had locked onto Bu Fang's body.

Chu Changsheng and the others had also turned to look at Bu Fang.

"They are from the Netherworld?!" Many of the powerful individuals frowned involuntarily the moment they saw Nethery standing beside Bu Fang.

Some of the grand elders within the crowd said with an icy chill tone, "Beings from the Netherworld had the guts to come to the heart of our Hidden Dragon Royal Court... They really have no regards for their lives!"

Nethery raised her head as though she had heard their conversations. Her veins had bulged entirely out from her ears to her eyes, and her pitch-black eyes looked as if something terrifying was lurking within.

"Shut up!"

Nethery said coldly as her dark silky hair burst forth savagely in all directions, completely ensuing the surroundings in darkness.

The White Taotie's limbs moved slowly across the skies as it turned around with his mouth wide opened, revealing a white whirlpool that was spinning around ferociously within its mouth. That spinning vortex looked as unfathomable as ever as if it was about to swallow everything in existence.

The White Taotie gradually extended its claws, tapping the space in front of it and causing an enormous tsunami-like ripple to surge out everywhere. The next moment, that White Taotie instantly charged toward Bu Fang's direction. It moved as fast as lightning.

Nethery stretched her neck, and the dog hair on her wrist began to flutter furiously, as a thick and dense nether energy began to spread out profusely. She lifted her hands as a ray of nether energy coagulated in front of her, materialising into an array.


A loud rumble ensued the area.

The galloping White Taotie instantly got repressed by an invisible force, getting knocked back into the distance. After spinning in the air for a few rounds, the white spots of light scattered around, and only then did the White Taotie regain his stability.

He opened his mouth wide open as the glow in his eyes began to shine even brighter.

"It is a superior nether being from within the Netherworld!" Chu Changsheng heaved in a breath of cold air as he looked unbelievably at Nethery.

The few grand elders were shocked for a moment before unveiling looks of excitement upon their faces!

"Superior nether beings! If we capture one of the superior nether beings from the Netherworld, it will be considered a noble deed too! Attack!!"

Instantly, the few grand elders let out a war cry in unison, materializing their soul ladders above their heads. Numerous six-step soul ladders appeared and shone like glistening stars in the night skies, lighting up the area around them.


These elders then made steps as big as a comet, instantaneously reappearing at a distance while they slaughtered their way to Nethery.

Nethery's pitch-black eyes swept coldly across the few elders as her dress fluttered violently without any presence of wind, further emphasizing her undoubtedly exquisite figure.

A thick and concentrated nether energy surged out from the dog hair on Nethery's wrist. Moreover, a strand of dog hair was suddenly set ablaze, and blue flames danced upon it gracefully.

Under Nethery's feet was a faint blue array with immense energy that spun at a leisure pace.

"Nether's Might!"

Nethery raised both her hands and calmly opened her mouth as her lips turned into an ink-like color. In the next moment, an invisible force started to radiate from her hands.

The few elders that were dashing towards Nethery at high speed suddenly froze in place as they felt a terrifyingly crushing force acting upon their bodies. That invisible and formless force caused their hearts to quiver uncontrollably in fear.


As though the invisible force erupted abruptly, lashing out towards the few elders, they were sent flying like cannon balls and landed ruthlessly onto the Glutton God's Building. The building's arrays began to shake and tremble at a rate visible to even the naked eye. When the elders struck the Glutton God's Building, the invisible force began to increase dramatically in power once again.



An awe-inspiring pressure suppressed them incessantly as they coughed out blood profusely. Their bodies were pushed against the building brutally. One of the elder's eyes almost bulged out of his eye sockets.

"Impossible! How is it possible for a mere superior nether being to use mystical energy to attack?!"

The dog hair had been reduced to ashes, and Nethery's body had visibly grown weaker as the array beneath her feet dispersed into thin air.

Nethery's body landed onto the spirit vessel as her crystal-like legs gently stepped onto the vessel's wooden floor, and a chilly intent began to diffuse throughout Nethery's body.

Only two dog hairs were left...

Nethery turned around to look at Bu Fang only to see him frown in a somewhat uneasy manner. Bu Fang's eyes stared intently at the ink-black arms while staying motionless.


By using Nethery's weakness as an opportunity, a white blur sped past with its mouth wide open, revealing a pale-white spinning vortex that harbored a stupendous amount of energy.

Chu Changsheng vanished as he took an enormous step, only to reappear in front of Nethery, forcing the White Taotie to a retreat with his mighty sword slash.

His eye-catching muscles flexed artistically as Chu Changsheng looked at Bu Fang strangely.

The White Taotie had once again been forced to a retreat. Its eyes began to burn with fury as it let out a long and deafening howl. The Ancestral Alligator that lay atop the building had also simultaneously released a high-pitched screech as it rushed in from the building.

"You bastard! Scram!!"

Chu Changsheng glared wrathfully towards the Ancestral Alligator as a golden bowl emerged from his hands. He then threw the golden bowl towards the Ancestral Alligator's direction with all his might.

That golden bowl howled with vigor as it immediately expanded in size, landing a blow on the crocodile's head with a loud "gong", causing it to plummet down onto the ground.

The collapsed Ancestral Alligator swayed its nimble limbs and stood up on all fours. It then opened its jaws widely and munched towards Chu Changsheng.

In that instant, Chu Changsheng had also run out of ideas on how to deal with the crocodile's tough hide.

The White Taotie's eyes glared with a merciless glow as it let out a human-like snicker, then began to pounce frantically in Bu Fang's direction.

Nethery then let out a soft sigh with a dog hair within one of her hands...

"System, do you have any idea how to get rid of this damn thing?" Bu Fang inquired the system with a solemn tone.

"An unknown energy had been detected infiltrating the host's body. Should it be directed into the spirit sea?" The system replied in a somewhat grave tone.

Bu Fang was startled as his brows knitted together. Spirit sea? What the hell was that?

"What is this spirit sea?" Bu Fang questioned curiously.

The system was silent for a moment as though it had no intentions in answering Bu Fang's mindless question, but eventually gave him an answer.

"This spirit sea is the storage place of the host's mental energy, and within it exists a type of spiritual energy that is related to master's mental energy..."

Bu Fang was once again startled by the information. There was actually such a thing... How was it that he had no idea that his mental energy had, in fact, originated from there.

"Direct it," Bu Fang ultimately still made his decision.

He had a premonition that if it weren't directed, the black gas would cause his arm to explode miserably.


After Bu Fang gave his command, he felt that everything in his vision had straightaway entered a miraculous spacial region.

The black gas within his arms had also begun to resist violently.

Bu Fang recovered from his blurry vision after a brief while and realized that he was afloat in the middle of this greyish space.

"So this is the spirit sea, eh?" Bu Fang was in a daze... How could it look so ragged?

"The Host's spirit sea has just been created, and it is natural for it to be in such a ragged state... Begin guidance for unknown energy," the system's solemn tone rang out beside Bu Fang's ears.

In the next moment, Bu Fang realized that a heap of black and savage-looking gas was floating in front of him. The gas then subsequently morphed into the figure of the Black Taotie.

The instant the Black Taotie sensed Bu Fang, its bloodshot eyes glimmered with a deep glow as it snapped open its jaw and charged towards Bu Fang.

Bu Fang frowned and summoned the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife into his hands with just a single thought.


Why was there a Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife there? Bu Fang felt somewhat suspicious because he did not expect his subconscious summoning to work. Wasn't that his spirit sea?

After its appearance, the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife began to dance in Bu Fang's hands as it slashed against the Black Taotie.

A loud boom was heard.

That Black Taotie was slain with just a single slash!

The black gas immediately congregated back together, forming the Taotie's figure at a distance. The newly formed Black Taotie then looked at Bu Fang in a somewhat strange manner.

"Eh? So powerful?" Bu Fang was astonished. This Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife of his was actually this overpowered? Maybe because it was in his spirit sea... and due to that he was invincible?


Suddenly, Bu Fang felt a deafening dragon's roar. However, the roar did not originate from his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. Instead, it came from somewhere behind his back.

Bu Fang turned around abruptly and realized that within the greyish gaseous object, an enormous golden figure slowly transpired out.

That was a dragon...

An awe-inspiring and majestic golden dragon...

That dragon's eyes brimmed with wisdom as it calmly gave Bu Fang a sidelong glance. The dragon then turned around with its gaze landing on the cloud of black gaseous Taotie.

"The current master is too weak... This kind of absurdity had actually dared to cause a ruckus here."

The golden dragon spoke with a hoarse voice of an old man.

Bu Fang was flabbergasted as the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife within his hands shot upwards into skies, emitting an eye-blinding radiance.

On Bu Fang's other hand, green smoke surged and dissipated as the radiant Black Turtle Constellation Wok also began to float up.

Within the greyish space, a deep rumble was heard as a gargantuan figure with a sky-scraping mountain behind its back began to slowly emerge.

Bu Fang's mouth twitched... That was a black turtle?

"Master is still a youth... please refrain from having high expectations. Take it slow, no rush... We had been in deep slumber for tens of thousands of years already. Why the rush?" Another old and hoarse voice rang out. It was from the turtle.

Following the appearance of these two behemoth-like creatures, a crushing pressure permeated through the entire spirit sea.

Against a pressure of this level, the Black Taotie had curled up into a ball, becoming incredibly docile.

Where was this place?

What the hell happened?

The Black Taotie revealed a dumbfounded look.

Spirit sea... Spiritual energy... Weren't those the spiritual entities from the God of Cooking Set?

Bu Fang's mouth twitched as his feathered robe began to shine with a fiery glow that seemingly lit up the whole place.

A bird-like screech could be heard from the greyish region as a blazing phoenix was seen approaching from afar.

The Black Taotie gaped in astonishment and instantly covered its mouth.

Golden Dragon, Ancient Black Turtle, Fiery Pheonix... Where the hell was this place?!