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 "This Taotie is not even at its full strength and yet it is so powerful... It really lives up to its reputation as a legendary spirit beast."

Rubbles tumbled away as an old man stood up from within it. His chest was drenched in fresh blood, dripping incessantly down onto the ground. A flame emerged from his palm as he slammed towards his chest, coagulating flesh and blood around that area.

He lifted his head and glared ruthlessly towards the distance.

Over there, Chu Changsheng was engaged in a heaven-shaking battle against Taotie. He held a mystical kitchen knife with one hand and swung viciously in all directions, producing terrifying shockwaves that radiated out in all directions!

Knife energy swept out savagely, cleaving towards Taotie's body and leaving behind numerous cuts and wounds all around it.

Moreover, a wound was inflicted onto the belly of Taotie, revealing the seal's origin.

That clothed black girl opened her mouth widely and let out a deafening roar, causing the Taotie's wounded belly to recover by itself instantly.

"But... The stronger it is, the better. That means that this Taotie will be able to fetch a higher price!"

That old man's mouth twitched as he laughed. Fresh blood was dripping down from the corner of his mouth as he instantly caught it with his palm. In the next moment, he began to draw upon his arms with his blood-filled palms. A savage-looking drawing was drawn using his blood-filled hands.

After completing his diagram, the old man's hands trembled slightly as a jade amulet appeared within it. He then crushed the amulet, causing waves of rich and concentrated energy to burst forth from the amulet. The diagram drawn on his hands then began to absorb the overwhelmingly rich energy frantically.


The old man's shirt blasted open as he began to emit a low and enraged growl. His arms were emitting an overwhelming fiery glow with a tint of golden, as though it was burning charcoal.

His fists slammed against each other, emitting many sparks that flew around randomly.

The old man took a step and immediately shot towards the Taotie that was at the heavens at an astonishing speed, emitting a dense and prominent killing intent. A six-step soul ladder emerged upon the old man's head as if it was a star shining brightly in the night sky.

The air instantly boiled up dramatically.

With a wave of his fists, a sea of fire materialized in front of him.

Chu Changsheng felt the old man's attack and immediately moved out of the way as though he had teleported. He then reappeared at a distant location, looking somewhat suspiciously at the scene.

"Blazing Sun Fists from the Rising Sun Holy Land, eh?" Chu Changsheng mumbled to himself.

The various sacred grounds of Hidden Dragon Royal Court have always been holy grounds for martial arts and each one of them had their own heritage of martial arts passed down from ancient times. Some of them were skilled in battling techniques and more.

For example, the Rising Sun Holy Land was specialized in close-combat martial arts. They possessed techniques such as Blazing Sun Fists, Heaven Splitting Kicks and many more!

Heavenly Holy Ground specialized in long-range attacks as well as numeracy. This particular holy land was also considered as one of the most mysterious and unfathomable ones.

One should not belittle the Blazing Sun Fists. Although its name was somewhat old fashioned, it was overwhelmingly dominant in terms of power. Both of the user's fists would blaze radiantly like a sun, and a punch like that would mimic the terrifying strength of a mini sun, incinerating everything in its way, reducing it to ashes.


Countless fist-like shadows with golden lights encircling it charged toward the Taotie, pinning it down into the earth's surface in just an instant.

That old man blasted up toward the galaxy and, in the next moment, he waved his hands and launched a punch downwards onto the surface.

A boom sounded off.

Waves of air roiled in all directions, causing the surface to look as if it had been overturned. Blazing flames incinerated past, spreading its burning intent across the lands.

The old man knelt on one foot in the crater, panting heavily while he looked exhausted.

He stood up in an unstable manner as he coughed up several mouthfuls of blood, looking somewhat debilitated as he grinned uncontrollably, revealing a look of excitement.

"Taotie... That's it?

Chu Changsheng levitated above the heavens, revealed a somewhat uneasy expression as he held a kitchen knife in his hand.

How could Taotie be dealt with that easily?!

As expected, in the next moment, everyone's expression changed drastically. The old man remained standing within the crater as the ground suddenly cracked. A dark, ominous hand extended from within and grabbed onto the old man's head!

That old man shivered as his eyes revealed a look of utter trepidation.

"How is this possible?! How can it still survive after receiving the full power of my Blazing Sun Fists?!"


The ground cracked open, and a black shadow rushed out furiously. It was the savage-looking Taotie.

Taotie's body was in a complete mess. Multiple wounds could be spotted recovering at a slow pace across its body. The ferocious Taotie charged out from the ground and opened its mouth wide. The black-hole-like mouth began to spin at an astonishing rate, dragging the old man into its mouth.

The old man's miserable moans could still be heard as he got utterly crushed and absorbed into the Taotie's mouth.

Dead... He was dead...

That old man who was in the Divine Soul Realm had been bitten to death just like that!

A terrifying aura began to scatter across the lands while the Taotie started to move around rampantly, widening its mouth as it began to grow rapidly in size. A petrifying suction force radiated from its mouth in a terror-stricken manner.

Red light flashed past the Taotie's eyes as it suddenly vanished into thin air, and instantaneously reappeared in front of Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng let out a heroic roar, and his eyes emitted a ruthless and merciless glow as he engaged in a deadly battle against the Taotie.

However, Taotie had soon beaten Chu Changsheng into the ground.

An awkward silence ensued the atmosphere as everyone stared in silence. They looked at the increasingly ferocious Taotie as chills were being sent down their spines. This was the legendary spirit beast, the hysterical and repelling spirit beast!

If even the grand elder wasn't his match, how would anyone present be able to subdue such a horrifying spirit beast?

Suddenly, everyone's heart trembled and they turned their heads towards the direction of Glutton God City in unison.



The Ancestral Alligator's enormous body came crashing downwards, terrorizing the countless guards and causing them to tremble in fear as they revealed petrified expressions.

"T-This... Why is this monster out here again? Didn't it get sealed by the grand elder?!"

"Q-Quick... Look at the monster's head!"

"What the hell is that... Ahhhh!"


The guards' hearts trembled. This Ancestral Alligator didn't stop in front of the city gates this time around. Instead, it began to charge towards the city walls, viciously landing its savage claws on them.

The whole city shook vigorously.

All the guards on the city walls trembled and were terrified till the point of soiling their pants.

The metal-like tail swept over, lashing towards the city walls.

Numerous guards exploded into clouds of gory blood as the tail swept over horrifyingly!


The Ancestral Alligator opened its teeth-filled jaws and let out an immense roar as its eyes began to whiten rapidly, with a strange glint glowing within it. The small white beast knelt down quietly above the Ancestral Alligator's head as it stared far into the horizon.

The small white beast then opened its mouth, producing a mini white whirlpool within it, coagulating into a glowing white ball.


The white ball shot out with shocking speed, landing onto the city walls.

The sturdy and seemingly unbreakable city walls began to crumble profusely, and even the defensive formation on it began to collapse uncontrollably.

The Ancestral Alligator then broke through the city walls and charged into the Glutton God City.


The Ancestral Alligator's body began to speed up unceasingly as its four legs crawled at a vicious pace. It then sped up towards the Glutton God's Building under the small white beast's instructions.

The crowd that had escaped from the tower immediately saw a gargantuan mouth the moment they left the tower. A terrifying Ancestral Alligator that was the size of a mountain came crashing towards them, causing the crowd to reveal terror-stricken expressions!

Why the hell there was a monster there!

An Ancestral Alligator in front, and a Taotie behind...

Right at that moment, many of them felt a sense of despair welling up in their hearts!

Some of them even closed their eyes to welcome death.

Only after a long while did they realize that this Ancestral Alligator actually paid them no heed. Other than those unlucky ones that got crushed under its foot, the rest of the crowd was somewhat considered safe. These people let out a heave of relief and began to scatter about seeking safety.

Of course, many powerful individuals were hovering alongside the Glutton God's Building, viewing the battles in awe.

The appearance of this Ancestral Alligator had made them take in a breath of cold air.

The majority of the powerful individuals felt a somewhat heavy feeling within their hearts. Regardless if it was an Ancestral Alligator or a Taotie, the appearance of these savage beasts could only spell disaster to the places they trampled upon.

Was the Valley of Gluttony going to get destroyed by these two ancient spirit beasts just like that?

The Ancestral Alligator slowed down as it began to climb and ascend its large body up to the Glutton God's Building. A barrier made out of light began to shimmer, protecting the tower with much difficulty.

The Black Taotie began to go berserk and swallow everything in its sight into the enormous black hole swirling about in its mouth.

Many powerful individuals that didn't escape in time got absorbed into the black hole and shredded into pieces.

Chu Mengsheng rose from the rubbles.


The black Taotie swung its claws viciously.

The spirit vessel that hung up high in the skies gawked down onto the battle below it.

Bu Fang and Nethery looked down from above as their face tightened, revealing a worrisome look.

Suddenly, Nethery and Bu Fang's brows frowned as they stared not far into the distance, where the Ancestral Alligator climbed atop the Glutton God's Building.

"That is the gigantic crocodile from Sunset lake," Bu Fang commented.

Bu Fang saw that atop the huge crocodile's head stood an entirely white, jade-like little beast. That little beast looked somewhat appealing and cute, but the similarities it had with the black Taotie seemed rather uncanny.

What the hell was that thing?!

"That little beast seems extraordinary!" Nethery said in a severe tone.

Suddenly, both of their eyes shrank. They realized that the little white beast had suddenly vanished from the Ancestral Alligator's head.

The next moment it made its appearance, it had materialised itself and was hovering in front of the Black Taotie.

The gigantic Black Taotie and a cute little White Taotie glared at each other in the air intently. Big eyes against small eyes...

The Ancestral Alligator lay atop the Glutton God's Building, unveiling a heavy and grave look within its eyes.

Chu Changsheng's white hair fluttered incessantly as it levitated miserably at a spot not too far away.

Instantly, Bu Fang's group suddenly felt their hearts tremble.

They realized that the little White Taotie had suddenly opened its mouth in front of the Black Taotie!


White spots began to inspissate in the white beast's mouth and in the next instant, the coagulated white ball shot viciously towards the body of the Black Taotie.

With a loud boom, the Black Taotie was pinned onto the ground.

The white beast that hovered above the air suddenly increased in size, revealing a look as savage as the Black Taotie. With a roar, it then charged downwards to the pinned-down Black Taotie and began to maul at it profusely.

The Black Taotie got suppressed entirely, being rendered immobile Black gas rapidly diffused out from its body.


The White Taotie lifted its head and let out a savage howl as the white vortex in its mouth began to spin expeditiously while it ruthlessly bit down onto the Black Taotie's head... It was as if it wanted to swallow the Black Taotie whole.

The black gas scattered lavishly throughout the area and into the White Taotie's mouth. The Black Taotie's material body had slowly begun to turn transparent, seemingly more ethereal as the little girl's figure gradually became more visible.

The crowd afar had their hearts palpitate vigorously.

What was going on? A Taotie suddenly appeared. Moreover, it was a White Taotie that wanted to swallow the Black Taotie whole...

Chu Changsheng's face changed dramatically.

"Damn! Stop him! That bastard wants to utilize the Black Taotie's energy to break its seal! If it succeeds in breaking the seal... The whole Valley of Gluttony will be finished!"

Chang Chusheng's markings on his forehead began to tremble as he held his kitchen knife and cleaved raveningly towards the White Taotie.


The White Taotie shook as a wave of sharp and refined knife energy blasted onto its body. The Black Taotie then used this opportunity to give the White Taotie a vicious headbutt and then transformed into a black blur, dashing up into the skies.

The little girl's body had turned entirely black, and even her eyes had become pitch-black. The black gas continued to radiate out unremittingly from her body without the black Taotie-like figure to materialize around her.


The little girl levitated above the skies as her black-hole-like eyeballs swept across the surroundings, suddenly locking onto Bu Fang.

"B-Big... Brother..." A faint voice was heard.

The next moment, the little girl's body began to move wildly and uncontrollably.

She then charged toward the black ship like a savage wolf, pouncing onto Bu Fang's direction.

Bu Fang's silky hair fluttered violently. His eyes squinted as he raised his hands, instantly grasping onto the little girl's head. His face instantaneously turned ugly as he repressed the little girl's energy.

Her body was emitting an endless amount of black gas. Like a snake, the black gas then dug towards Bu Fang's arms, following along the Vermillion Robe and trying to infiltrate his body.

Afar, the White Taotie opened its mouth and callously locked onto Bu Fang.

Chu Changsheng and the others all inhaled a deep breath and gazed towards Bu Fang who was standing on the black ship.