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 Home run... bulls**t!

That young chef had used a wok to pound away an expert from one of the holy-lands. Was he crazy? Wasn't he afraid that the expert would get up and attack him?

Chu Changsheng and the others wore awkward faces. No one had ever expected that the young chef would take action.

Still, the important point was that he used a wok to hit and send away an expert from a holy-land. They could even see clearly that at the moment the black wok and the old man's face made contact, his face distorted and his teeth flew out.

Bu Fang held the Black Turtle Constellation Wok with gold light moving on it. His hair was flying as he was looking indifferently to somewhere far away.

Rocks and dust scattered everywhere on the ground. A figure sprung up from that mess. That figure was tattered and damaged badly, and his head was almost flat. He crawled out of the ruins, trembling. He lifted his head and grinned, looking at Bu Fang who was standing on the Netherworld Ship

"Kid, you used a wok to hit me?" The old man's eyes were filled with rage as he said coldly.

Bu Fang stood on the front deck of the Netherworld Ship, with his face unconcerned. He didn't bother to open his mouth and answer the old man.


A shrill that shook people's eardrums reverberated. A dark shadow plunged like lightning.

As the old man had just steadied his body, the shadow blew him away. His body hit the ground hard and cracked it.

Taotie descended. Another claw of its came. Instantly, the terrifying energy gathered and blasted away.

The old man leaped up from the ruins, with his true energy surging. He then stepped into the air. A long sword appeared in his hand, which looked like it was made of crystal.


Radiance bloomed as though it could tear people apart.

The sword light darted toward Taotie.

"It's the Wavering Light's sword energy of the Wavering Light Holy Ground," somebody took a deep breath.

However, what happened at the next moment terrified them.

As Taotie was facing the horrible sword energy that could wreak havoc, it opened its mouth, revealing a vortex that looked like a black hole in its mouth. Countless wisps of sword energy were absorbed, vanishing.

"The black hole! That's the black hole that had swallowed the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son!"

Someone screamed in fear, shaking like a leaf.

Chu Changsheng and the others were baffled. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was eaten up? By that black hole? That meant he was dead. No doubt... Any creature being dragged into that black hole would be dissolved instantly.

That black hole was Taotie's strongest feature.

As Taotie looked more corporeal, Xiao Ya couldn't be seen anymore.

Chu Changsheng and the others calculated how serious this event was. If they waited until Taotie's soul awakened fully, it wouldn't be easy to cope with it!

At that time, unless they got some expert at the Divine Spirit Realm, no one could beat that Taotie!


Taotie roared, with its repressed aura finally bursting out. Pieces of rock on the ground were smashed under the pressure.

"Guys, take action! We shouldn't let that filthy animal get rid of the seal!"

Chu Changsheng said with a serious face. Right after that, the robe he was wearing was torn apart. He swiftly stepped forward, soaring like a dragon.

His speed was as fast as lightning, moving grumblingly.

A dazzling golden bowl emerged and flew toward Taotie.

The other old men also took action.

In just a split second, the formidable true energy surged, rising up into the air as the soul ladder emerged above their heads. Those fogies had six-steps soul ladders, which was incomparably powerful.

Moreover, they all had a shining star above their heads. With the starlight, they were enhanced further. It was the star boost that belonged exclusively to the Three Heaven Mansions!

A big axe was wielded with a power that could shake the sky. A butcher knife came horizontally, blade energy exuding. They were all the experts from the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Thus, they were obviously formidable! As they got such power, they were sent to be the Elders in the Valley of Gluttony. Without power, they couldn't get a slot in the valley under Chu Changsheng's influence.

Many experts had taken actions at the same time. The surging energies weaved like a light net, attacking Taotie.

Taotie was now almost tangible. Its savage claws pounded on the ground, cracking it. It opened the mouth where countless wisps of energy were congregating. Energies in different colors gathered, becoming an energy ball holding constant explosions within.


The energy ball was shelled, darting toward Chu Changsheng's team.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Blasts of explosions continually struck, releasing a terrible hot air and shockwaves torrentially in the sky.

Many people had to retreat fast, stepping away from the center of the battle. The clash at such a level wasn't something they could endure.

As Bu Fang and Nethery stood on the Netherworld Ship, the ship released ripples of energy, shielding the shockwaves.

"Congratulations on accomplishing your current mission. Do you want to return?" Right at the moment when Bu Fang was excitedly watching the battle, the serious voice of the system arose. It made Bu Fang a little surprised.

Return? So his current mission was done?

However, the battle down there hadn't ended yet. He wanted to know what would happen to Xiao Ya. He wasn't in a hurry to come back so he refused the system's option.

After Bu Fang refused it, the system didn't say anything else.

Meanwhile, the battle underneath had become so fierce. Terrifying explosions constantly echoed. It was lucky that the Glutton God's Building had a strong protection formation. Otherwise, those furious attacks would wreak the building in just the blink of an eye.

From a far distance, many experts were looking with awe. The master of the Grand Barren Sect and the master of the Wind and Thunder Pavilion kept silent. A battle at such level wasn't something they could join.


All of a sudden, a man was struck out from the center of the battle. His body was blown and plowed a ditch on the ground.

That expert was bleeding, and his face was ashen. He raised the weapon in his hand to check and found many holes on it, but he didn't know when it had happened.

Taotie rampaged. The experts were struck out, falling on the ground.

Only Chu Changsheng was still wielding his golden bowl, fighting bravely and bloodily!

In this moment, that monster had completely become the real Taotie. Its power was more intimidating. Chu Changsheng had to bear a wave of terrifying pressure. He thought he couldn't resist any longer.

The others were already baffled. There were so many Divine Soul Realm experts, but they couldn't deal with that beast. Furthermore, that monster was actually the transformation of a gluttonous little girl!


Chu Changsheng's golden bowl stopped Taotie's claw. He was pinned on the wall, with his white hair fluttering.

Taotie opened its mouth, accumulating energy. It aimed at Chu Changsheng's head. If it could shell that energy attack, let alone Chu Changsheng, even the Glutton God's Building's protection formation behind him would be cracked!

Chu Changsheng felt the danger. Dazzling light shot out from his eyes, and the lines on his forehead moved, expanding to his entire body. His eyes turned while. A sword light emerged in just the blink of an eye.

Instantly, the Taotie's claw pressing him was cut off.

He kicked the beast in its stomach, blowing it away. The shell being condensed in Taotie's mouth shot out in the wrong direction, darting toward a high platform far from them.

Many experts at that platform couldn't dodge. The shell burned them into ashes.

Taotie shrilled. It cut arm slowly wiggled, and a new arm grew from the cut section.

Chu Changsheng's eyes radiated a white halo. He was clutching a kitchen knife that looked overbearing. That kitchen knife was half a circle without a handle. The middle section was cut hollow and wounded with cloth strips to be the handle.

Anyway, that kitchen knife was so sharp that it could chop off Taotie's arm.


Outside the Glutton God City, the Sunset Lake seethed, gurgling as if it was boiling up. Right after that, it splashed grumblingly when a mountain-like figure leaped up from it.

Water bubbles fell and shattered, revealing the unusual Ancestral Alligator. At this moment, its eyes were white, dazzlingly white. It was completely different from the previous blood-red ones.

A small, white beast stood on the Ancestral Alligator's head. That little white beast was actually formed of small light dots. It wasn't a tangible entity.

The little beast controlled the Ancestral Alligator. Looking at Glutton God City, it opened its mouth, which had a white, revolving vortex.

Strange noises reverberated. However, the Ancestral Alligator seemed to understand what they meant, and slowly swam toward the shore.


At the moment they touched the seal Chu Changsheng had set up, the little white beast shelled a jet of white energy, and the formation shattered grumblingly.

The Ancestral Alligator continued to swim. Shortly, it reached the shore.