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 Bu Fang's move had shocked people!

What was he doing? Why did he spray wine onto that beast?

Up to that moment, many people had recognized the beast. And because they had recognized it, they were more terrified. The reason why the Valley of Gluttony had that name was that it actually had the Taotie, a formidable gluttonous beast in legends, popularly known as Gluttony. It was an existence that could destroy everything.

According to the Valley of Gluttony's legends, the Taotie included the White Taotie and the Black Taotie. Furthermore, it was said that the Black Taotie was dispersed in the battle with the first Master of the Valley of Gluttony, while the White Taotie was sealed in the bottom of the Sunset Lake by many experts. It was also the reason why the Sunset Lake had become a rich land, and the Glutton God City was built.

The cooking ingredients in the valley were nourished by the White Taotie's essence, being full of spirit energy. Many spirit beasts had delicious meat because they had drunk the water in the Sunset Lake.

The little girl in front of them was emitting terrifying black smoke, which had transformed into something that could swallow the world. It sparked the memory of that legend in people's heads.

Every household in the Valley of Gluttony had a statue of the White Taotie. They would worship it yearly to pray for good weather for crops.

The Black Taotie and the White Taotie didn't look different. Thus, they knew the giant beast in front of them was actually... Taotie!

Bu Fang stepped on the void, and his mental power surged. His hair fluttered in the wind, but his face was still emotionless.

The wine bottle exploded, spraying wine like a rain curtain covering Taotie's soul.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

Black smoke arose instantly.

At the moment the Soul-Restraining Wine was sprayed on the giant black beast, it began to erode the beast made of black smoke. The immense black smoke sizzled like melting ice.


The little girl's eyes also had black patterns, which were moving along with the ones on her face. Her entire body twisted strangely as her mouth horribly stretched open. She cried at Bu Fang.

Her cry made the black smoke spread again.

The beast parted its mouth, and the vortex inside aimed at Bu Fang, trying to swallow him.

Everybody changed their faces.

Bu Fang slightly frowned. No use?

Indeed... The stuff from that fogy Chu Changsheng wasn't reliable.

Bu Fang's hand shook. Black smoke revolved around it and the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand, full of true energy. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife radiated dazzling golden halo, and a dragon cry echoed, shooting up into the sky.

The dragon roar and the Taotie's cry clashed.

The Taotie was a little bewildered.

Bu Fang held the knife in one hand. His hand flipped, and the food he had previously prepared was brought out, hovering around him. As those dishes floated, the heat fanned together with rich fragrance and spirit energy. That energy mingled mid-air, creating a magical formation.

As the Gourmet Array was activated, energy began to congregate in Bu Fang's body, giving him sufficient energy.

He slashed seven times in a row. The blades created from his energy were shining and powerful! Each of his slashes was stronger and more surging with knife energy than the previous.

Nethery's transparent feet tiptoed and floated up, hovering by Bu Fang.

"She got a formidable beast's soul sealed in her body," said Nethery coldly.

After sending the Overlord Seventh Blade, Bu Fang felt his true energy somehow empty. He exhaled, carrying the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife on his shoulder and turning to look at Nethery beside him.

"Do you have any method to suppress that Taotie's soul?" asked Bu Fang.

Nethery floated in the void as three thousand strands of her black hair rippled. She slightly shook her head, "I'm not strong enough. I can't do that... If Master were here, he could, I believe."

"Blacky?" Bu Fang's mouth twitched. If that Lord Dog was there, it would be much simpler. This Taotie's soul would be smashed broken under one paw!

Anyway, Blacky wasn't there with them. Talking could do nothing.

"Just dodge it first." Nethery's face was tranquil but cold. She rose her white hand, placing it on Bu Fang's shoulder. Black smoke fumed and they disappeared and reappeared on the Netherworld Ship.

Rumble! Rumble! Rumble!

The blade energy of the seven blades slashed on Taotie. However, it just opened the mouth and the revolving black vortex inside it swallowed the blade energy, making it vanish.

The black smoke that fumed due to the Soul-Restraining Wine stopped dispersing. Xiao Ya was completely crazy. Her entire body had almost turned black. Black lines covered her skin, dyeing her black.


A long terrifying roar made people's hearts shiver.

On the ground, Yan Yu was scared. With his own eyes, he had seen the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son being swallowed. He was so scared he didn't have the guts to deal with that beast. Moreover, it was Taotie. Regarding that beast, Yan Yu had an instinctive fear.

The Heavenly Spring's Sacred Maiden's white dress floated as she flew away and landed far from the scene. She was surprised and yet vigilant, looking at Taotie.

Liancheng stood on his high platform like a gentleman. He deeply admired the Taotie's soul.

The Glutton God's Building was now a chaotic scene as people were running wild in panic.

Taotie had appeared. The legendary formidable beast had appeared. They had to run immediately. If they didn't run... should they wait for their death there?

The legendary first master of the Valley was magnificent and unmatched in his generation like a God. However, in the great battle with Taotie, he was wounded severely. How could they have the power to deal with that terrifying beast?

Didn't everyone see the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son being swallowed in one bite?

Bu Fang stood on the Netherworld Ship, looking at Taotie, which was congregating more energy to materialize, and he couldn't help but frown.

"More intimidating auras are coming from over there..." Nethery turned and looked to the far distance. It was in the direction of the city wall, also where Chu Changsheng had left for.

Chu Changsheng was back?

With wind-tearing noises, several jets of light were flying fast toward them. As the light faded, it revealed deity-like old men. After those shadows arrived, Chu Changsheng came in a loose robe. He strode forward, with his face extremely dark.

Right when he arrived at the Glutton God's Building, he saw Taotie, which was almost materialized. Chu Changsheng's face changed instantly.

"Can't believe it's like that now... What happened?" Chu Changsheng's eyes scanned the crowd and then stopped at Bu Fang. "Did you use the Soul-Restraining Wine I gave you?" questioned Chu Changsheng.

Bu Fang shouldered the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife, glancing at Chu Changsheng. He found the old man's voice so annoying.

"Your stuff didn't work." Bu Fang answered indifferently. Then, he turned to the little girl, who had become the Black Taotie.

Chu Changsheng's white beard rose. With a gloomy face, he turned to the old men by him, who were showing their greedy faces. They made him grimace even more.

"It's the Taotie's soul! We've been searching for a long time... Finally found it! Hahaha!"

"Finally, I can leave this Valley of Gluttony... With the Taotie's soul, I can return to the Wavering Light Holy Ground!"

"As soon as I get the Taotie's soul, I will return to the Rising Sun Holy Land. The Sacred Master will reward me greatly!"


Those fogies had hot eyes, except for Chu Changsheng and the Sixth Elder... Those Elders were the members of the holy lands from the Dragon Hidden Royal Court. They were sent to work in the Valley of Gluttony, and they always wanted to control Taotie's soul.

If a force got it, and the Sacred Master got fused with Taotie's soul to absorb its energy and supernatural power, he would become very formidable. Furthermore, the balance of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court could be broken.

The Hidden Dragon Royal Court had seven great holy-lands with arranged like the Big Dipper. Each of them was named after a star.

The Heavenly Spring, the Heavenly Secret, the Heaven's Pivot, and the Heavenly Hold Ground were the Four Sacred Heavens of the Royal Court.

The Waving Light, Rising Sun, and Ancient Jade were the Three Heaven Mansions of the Royal Court.

The four holy-lands of the Four Sacred Heavens had a good relationship, while the relationship between the three holy-lands of the Three Heaven Mansions was much better. Nevertheless, the Three Heaven Mansions and the Four Sacred Heavens had a competitive relation. They were the factor that divided the Royal Court.

If any of them got Taotie's soul, it would break the balance they had tried to maintain. Until that time, it would be perpetual war, and the flames of war would reach the sky.

A very long time ago, the Valley of Gluttony used to be an entity that wasn't weaker than the Four Sacred Heavens and the Three Heaven Mansions. However, as time flew, currently, there weren't many experts in the Valley of Gluttony, and the number of them was even smaller than that in one of the holy-lands.

The Taotie's soul hidden in the Valley of Gluttony was what every holy-Land had always wished for.

"Chu Changsheng, you moron, how long have you been hiding this Taotie's soul? Isn't it just running wild now?"

The red-faced man sounded excited, with his body shivering. Immediately, his tremendous aura spread out. The soul ladder arose above his head, with a shining star within.


Even the void was shaken.

The red-faced man appeared in front of the Black Taotie, blowing. Thousands of wisps of energy congregated into this blow, which had so many drawings on it.

The little girl Xiao Ya was perceptible in Taotie's belly. She looked ferocious, with her body twisting bizarrely. As she was roaring and hissing, the Taotie was doing the same. Its shrill turned into a black shockwave, hitting the red-faced old man.

Boom! Boom!

The terrifying impact sparked in the sky, illuminating the place as if it was in broad daylight.

Dust arose.

A shadow emerged.

The Taotie raised one claw, grabbing the old man and shoving him onto the Glutton God's Building.


He was bumped hard onto the building.

Bang... Some buzzing noise echoed as the protection formation of the Glutton God's Building was activated. The light-blue light waves descended, saving the Glutton God's Building from harm.

The old man was pinned on the wall, with his eyes wide open.

Taotie roared and hissed, pounding against the old man.

The old man was almost smashed. The formation of the Glutton God's Building trembled.

The Taotie grabbed him and threw him forcefully. The old man was hurled away, breaking several high platforms in his way to the Netherworld Ship.

Nethery's hair fanned as she rose her hand.

However, Bu Fang stopped her.

"Leave it to me," said Bu Fang deliberately.

Nethery was a Netherworld creature. Once she took action, her dark energy would burst out, and the newcomers could spot her. It would cause unnecessary trouble.

Bu Fang stepped forward, standing on the front deck of the Netherworld Ship. Nethery was skeptical but she glanced at Bu Fang with an emotionless face.

Exhaling, Bu Fang took out a velvet rope to tie his hair.

Black smoke fumed from his hand. The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife disappeared, being replaced by the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

He sent his true energy to the wok, which instantly turned dazzlingly bright in a golden hue. Bu Fang held it with one hand.

The red-faced man was beaten up and sent flying toward the Netherworld Ship. He wasn't dead yet. When he opened his eyes, he saw a young chef holding a wok while standing on a giant black ship. He was looking at him with an indifferent face.

"What the heck is that?" The old man was a little bewildered.

Right after that, the old man found the young chef wield the black wok toward him!


The old man's face and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok impacted. He wanted to cry. His face wasn't broken by Taotie, but this wok had almost smashed it. He vomited blood and his flying trajectory changed. He was sent directly to the ground with a loud thud.

The ground was hit, creating a deep hole...

Bu Fang still held the wok, exhaling.

"Home Run, perfect!"

In the air, many experts, including Chu Changsheng, watched this scene with a dumb look on their faces.