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 A bite to swallow heaven and earth. A bite to make energy revolve.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was swallowed by a giant phantom within one bite. A black vortex was spinning within that giant mouth that looked able to swallow the whole sky.

It was irresistible. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was dragged into that black vortex. The terrifying sucking force had cracked his armor and even his clothes, crushing them into powder.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was screaming pathetically, he shrunk, disappearing.

The giant beast phantom closed its mouth after swallowing the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. The entire scene quieted down. Everybody was bewildered, watching that massive phantom.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son... was swallowed up?

The Saint Son of a Holy-Land, a very arrogant existence... was eaten within one bite.

Nothing remained...

Everybody felt a chill down their spines, and their bodies went stiff. That little kid had turned into a giant beast, which was terrifying beyond their imagination. They thought that the girl could eat much more than usual... However, not only she ate much more than usual, but she could actually eat anything!

Xiao Yue was dumbstruck when he saw the scene. He slumped on his broadsword, shivering.

Was she still that cute little girl? Why had she to turned into an ancient and terrifying giant beast like that? She had swallowed the Saint Son with one bite! It happened so fast that he couldn't react.

After a moment of silence, the Glutton God's Building had an uproar.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was killed in the Valley of Gluttony... Oh God, something big would happen soon.

Chi Ji was numb, kneeling on the high platform. She was deeply baffled, looking at the one who had just swallowed her Saint Son-the giant beast created by black smoke.

What kind of beast was that?!?

The little girl was discernible inside the black smoke. Strange symbols were moving around her body. Her mouth opened on her ferocious face. However, she looked as if she was in a terrifying agony.

A black smoke column shot up into the sky from the beast.

It grumblingly entered the clouds, making a cloud vortex in the sky covered with dark smoke.


Outside the Glutton God City, Chu Changsheng's face changed dramatically. He looked at the black column reaching the sky, having a grimace.

"Gluttony's soul... Why has it awakened? Moreover... It's more terrifying this time!"

The Sixth Elder lifted his head, and his pupils shrank as he remembered something. His entire body damped in sweat.


The lantern-like eyes of the Green Teeth Ancestral Alligator saw the black light column, sensing the energy from it. It roared instantly, and its aura changed greatly. Previously, it balled its body, lying there peacefully. And now, it was so hot-tempered and savage! The alligator patted the claws on the ground, leaping and dashing toward the Glutton God City.

"Indeed! That animal is waiting for the Gluttony's soul!" Chu Changsheng paled. He raised his golden bowl, stepping on the air and dashing toward the Ancestral Alligator.

"Stop! You filthy animal!"

Shouting, Chu Changsheng's energy rose. However, only the iron-whip tail of the Ancestral Alligator answered him.

Boom! The tail swept horizontally.

Chu Changsheng's eyes rolled, with his body slightly swelling as lines danced on it. Right after that, he raised his hand, and the golden bowl immediately turned into a flow of golden light, darting toward the Ancestral Alligator's tail.

Thud. The Ancestral Alligator's tail was pounded backward, sending some sparks into the air, leaving the beast enraged. This time, its eyes turned bloodshot. Its giant mouth opened up, biting at Chu Changsheng on the city wall.

"You want to take Gluttony's soul with only you here, filthy animal?"

Chu Changsheng turned his neck, with his face cold. He stomped on the city wall, and his body rocketed. While flying, he accelerated.

A punch of his was full of heaven and earth spirit energy. Together with the nature's prestige, it became a giant punch, walloping at the Ancestral Alligator's opened mouth.

The Ancestral Alligator was blown backward, facing the sky.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Light glowed in waves. Chu Changsheng continually hit the Ancestral Alligator as if it was a mountain-sized punchbag.

Eventually, Chu Changsheng grabbed the Ancestral Alligator by its tail, then savagely pounded it on the ground and dragged it toward the Sunset Lake.

The alligator's giant body was dragged on the ground, grumblingly crushing everything in its way.

All of a sudden, Chu Changsheng's face changed again. He turned to check the Glutton God City.

Thin jets of light shot up into the sky from everywhere. They were magnificent in many colors. They seemed to respond to that black light column.

"Damn! Those old fogies have woken up..."

Chu Changsheng's face turned colder. He sped up, dragging the Ancestral Alligator toward the Sunset Lake. Shortly, they arrived at the lake. The shores were chaotic as trees and bushes were all crushed.

Seeing Chu Changsheng with his grim face, the Ancestral Alligator opened its mouth, trying to be ferocious. Chu Changsheng's hand shook. The golden bowl enlarged instantly, and Chu Changsheng grabbed it single-handedly, brutally pounding with it.


The entire Sunset Lake was shaken, rippling.

"Filthy animal, if you don't behave, even if I have to spend several days, I will skin you alive!" Chu Changsheng pounded with his bowl one more time, snorting. However, it seemed that he still felt annoyed, so he pounded several times more. He hit the alligator until it became bewildered, lying still.

Chu Changsheng's green veins bulged on his forehead. Right after that, he swung his hand.

The mountain-like Ancestral Alligator was actually hurled away, spinning several times in the air.

It fell grumblingly in the lake like the bomb! Water bubbles were sent high in the sky. Furious waves torrentially swarmed. The calm Setting Sun became boisterous shortly!

The Ancestral Alligator struggled inside the water, trying to get out one more time. Its eyes gazed at the black smoke over there, with its red eyes yearning.

Unfortunately, Chu Changsheng pounded the bowl on the Ancestral Alligator's head one more time. The animal slowly slid back into the water. Gurgling, more bubbles arose.

Chu Changsheng cried, crossing his hands. A jade talisman was thrown out, hitting the lake. A layer of invisible energy expanded from it instantly, sealing the Ancestral Alligator.


The water bubbles in the lake exploded as the giant alligator tried to crawl out, opening its mouth to bite Chu Changsheng.

However, after booming loudly, the Ancestral Alligator's head hit on the light curtain, but this time it couldn't get rid of the seal.

"Be nice and stay there."

Chu Changsheng swept his cold eyes toward the Ancestral Alligator. His hand moved and a loose robe flew out, spinning. He put it on and headed toward the Glutton God City. His face was extremely dark.


Noises of the air tearing apart arose. Right after that, experts dashed out from every corner of the Glutton God City.

"Those fogies... They noticed Gluttony's soul!"

On the Glutton God City's wall, the Sixth Elder watched Chu Changsheng return. His long robe flapped, and his face happy.

However, the excitement on his face vanished when he saw more shadows coming. Seeing them, his face changed again.

"Second Elder, Third Elder, Fourth Elder, Fifth Elder!"

They all wore cold faces, and their intimidating aura expanded continually. The four landed on the city wall, with their faces cold and arrogant.

The Sixth Elder's eyes turned cold. Different from the other native Elders of the Valley of Gluttony, those were from the potent forces of the Royal Court. They were the fangs and claws staying in the Valley of Gluttony.

Moreover, they were really powerful, with their main mission being to keep control over the Valley of Gluttony.

"Long time no see. Great Elder, you're still mighty..." said an old man with shiny slick-back hair. He smiled at Chu Changsheng. He was the Second Elder of the Valley of Gluttony and had formidable power.

The other elders also clamored, greeting them. Those came with bad intentions and conspiracy. However, they shared the same feature: when they looked at that black light, their eyes were distinctively excited.

Apparently, they had been waiting for that black light for a long time.

The Third Elder squinted, with his face glowing. "Gluttony's soul. We've been seeking it for a long time. Finally, we got it.


The black hue in Nethery's eyes subsided. She resumed her beautiful and lively posture. She was curious looking at the little girl who had become a giant beast from ancient time.

Bu Fang took a deep breath. He knew it was really serious. Chu Changsheng said that he must never let the little girl burst out. However, Bu Fang couldn't control that.

A china wine bottle appeared in his hands. Chu Changsheng had given him that bottle. With a stern face, Bu Fang stepped out, leaping up into the sky and flying toward the shadow creature, Gluttony.

The little girl inside Gluttony's belly twisted. Blood oozed from her eyes, mouth, and nostrils. As her blood was running, the creature became clearer.

Bu Fang shook one hand and opened the lid, still with his face indifferent. The bottle was hurled toward the giant beast.

What was he doing?

Many people took in a cold breath when they saw Bu Fang's move. They thought Bu Fang was courting death himself. He wanted to kill himself!

The giant beast was enraged. It had swallowed the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son within one bite. Bu Fang was just a little chef, so what could he do?

Would he be swallowed, too?

Many people had envisioned Bu Fang's end.

Gluttony opened its mouth wide, and the black vortex inside opened and sucked harder.

Bu Fang's face was serious. He looked at the wine bottle he had just thrown, slowly raising his hand. His formidable mental force gushed, turning into a divine dragon.

Gluttony roared!

Bu Fang's pupils shrank. His mental force shook the bottle, cracking it!


Pieces of the broken bottle scattered, and the murky, yellow wine sprinkled like light rain on Gluttony.