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 Outside the Glutton God City, the terrifying pressure expanded. Black clouds came, covering the sky.

Chu Changsheng's upper garment exploded. A golden bowl was radiating dazzling golden light above his head, sending energy to him, making the lines on his body move like tadpoles.

His rumbling appearance could make people shiver.

As his fist pounded, terrifying energy blasted. The giant alligator cried, spinning its body to get rid of Chu Changsheng.

Chu Changsheng steadied his body in the void. A red air diffused from him, and the golden bowl above his head continued to move. The radiance fell from it like a curtain.

"This disgusting beast does have thick skin... Really tough!" Chu Changsheng's eyes twinkled. His long white beard flew in the wind.

On the city wall, the guards were so frightened. Even the Sixth Elder had to take several deep breaths.

Chu Changsheng was really powerful, but he couldn't defeat the beast... It was really tough.

The Green Teeth Ancestral Alligator had blood-red eyes. Its claws pounded on the ground, shaking the entire place. The beast looked enraged but it didn't look like it wanted to attack the city. It seemed to be waiting for something.

What was it waiting for?

Chu Changsheng and the others didn't have the answer.

Anyway, Chu Changsheng didn't need to know that. He knew that what this beast was waiting for... wasn't something good!

His two fists touched. Chu Changsheng opened his eyes wide, exhaling. His breath was like sword energy, swishing in the air and dashing far away. The golden bowl was dazzling, sending its falling radiance down.

Chu Changsheng accumulated the power of his entire body. He wanted to strike one more time.

However, after a moment, a terrifying aura shot out of the Glutton God City. The black air soared up into the sky, covering everything!

Boom! Boom!

Chu Changsheng shivered inwardly. He turned around to look at the Glutton God City, and saw a black air column soaring up into the sky.

"Damn! What happened?!"

Chu Changsheng's face changed immediately. A bad premonition flooded him!


On Gluttony Square, Bu Fang was startled. He turned around and found black smoke continually fume from the little girl standing by him.

The little girl was still chewing while her eyes gazing on the food flying disorderly around. From her eyes, she looked so furious.

"Calm down."

Bu Fang thought of something. With a stern face, he placed his palm on the girl's head, sending his torrential true energy to help her subdue the black smoke. That old man Chu Changsheng had told him not to disclose that this little girl got Gluttony's soul in her body at any cost. Although Bu Fang didn't know the reason for that, he thought he'd better help her.

Sizzle! Sizzle! Sizzle!

Bu Fang's true energy suppressed the dark smoke, making it sizzle like melting ice. The little girl's ferocious face slowly subsided.

Xiao Yue was bewildered. Timely, he caught a glimpse of the little girl's anomaly.

"What happened?" Xiao Yue asked, with his face extremely stern. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son wanted to kill Owner Bu, and Xiao Yue wasn't strong enough to stop the other.

"Nothing. It's the wrath of a gluttonous kid." Bu Fang patted the kid's head, talking calmly.

Wrath of a gluttonous kid... Xiao Yue kept silent. He studied the little girl whose eyes were glued to the scattering food around, and the corners of his mouth twitched.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son strike failed. He was bewildered. His body made exploding sounds as he glided through the air, trying to dodge the attacks from the woman.

The long black hair struck across the sky, cracking the void.

On the ground, Yan Yu slowly stood up. The tender smile on his face had vanished.

"A Netherworld creature... dares to wanton in the Valley of Gluttony! Kill it!"

He stomped one feet on the ground. Everybody could feel a strong tremor as if the place was about to collapse. Yan Yu soared up into the sky. A five step soul ladder emerged above his head. His terrifying power gushed out, attacking Nethery, who was standing on the Netherworld Ship.

Nethery's black eyes rolled. Her long hair rose, turning into a giant palm that covered the sky. The giant hand flew across the sky, slamming on Yan Yu.

Yan Yu shouted. His chef robe billowed out around him. Instantly, a kitchen knife flew across the sky. A clanging sound arose. The kitchen knife moved like electricity, cutting the giant hand into two pieces.

"It's the Shadow Cut Kitchen Knife!"

When someone saw this, they screamed in surprise. The Shadow Cut Kitchen Knife ranked third in the Valley of Gluttony...

It was utterly powerful! The knife was so fast that the victim couldn't even feel it, and it could even cut shadows!

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The kitchen knife spun in the sky. In the next moment, Yan Yu's body reappeared in front of Nethery. He rose his hand with the knife, with his murderous aura gushing!

"A creature from the Netherworld... only comes to my Valley of Gluttony to die! Why don't you go to hell? Die!"

The kitchen knife swept like an electric current, so fast that no one should be able to track it down.

Nethery's eyes turned completely black, and even her sclera was black. She saw the slash, and her hair flew. A moment later, after hissing, Nethery's green veins bulged on her creamy face, heading toward her eyes. The pit-black circulation looked even more terrifying.

"Get lost!"

It was like ten thousand people shrilling at the same time, like an ultimate. It seemed the voice had become something material. A massive phantom arose behind Nethery.

Pop! Pop!

Terrifying power fell in torrents, grumblingly hitting Yan Yu.

Yan Yu's kitchen knife emerged, which was some sort of thin, leafy kitchen knife. It halted in the sky as the terrifying energy hit it and then sent it backward.

Yan Yu puked blood as he was hauled, pounding on the ground.

The ground was dented, cracking in circles.

The entire square gasped as they were startled.

The Top Chef Yan Yu was blown away...

"A Great... Great Void Realm Netherworld creature?"

Struggling to get out of the wreckage, Yan Yu was full of disbelief.

In the air, because of Yan Yu, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son finally had the chance to evade the attacks from the black hair. The lance in his hand vibrated, pushing the black hair away. He stepped out, appearing above Xiao Yue's group.

"Die!" hissed the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son coldly.

Then, the long lance slashed down.

Bu Fang's eyes shrank. His hand shivered and the Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared and swelled up, shielding them.

The lance with the terrifying true energy pounded on the black wok. Instantly, a deafening rumbling noise echoed. It sounded like a giant bell got hit, booming unceasingly. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok was pounded, falling from the sky to the ground loudly.

The Celestial Saintess raised her brows. Seeing the Black Turtle Constellation Wok flying away, she slowly stood up, attempting to stop the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's murderous intention.

From the other high platforms, the experts of the Grand Barren Sect and the Pill Palace stayed silent. Luo Danqing wanted to take action. However, seeing the murderous aura around the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son, he sighed in regret. What good was it if he took action?

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son held the lance horizontally, descending from the sky. The golden armor on his body was shattered, and even his golden crown was cracked by Nethery, but his murderous aura had never ceased.

Great Void... Yeah, Nethery's full power was at the Great Void Realm, a powerful existence. Normally, the Netherworld creatures didn't dare to enter the Hidden Dragon Royal Court's grounds. However, she was a Great Void Realm existence.

However, even though she was an existence at such level... when she entered the Royal Court's territory... someone would sweep her out!

Bu Fang had colluded with the Netherworld creature. He had hidden something. He must be killed!

The lance swept over, rising a howling gust of wind with it. Pressure increased. It turned into a jet of light, aiming at the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. All of a sudden, the wok trembled and flipped. Then, it turned into black smoke, dispersing.

However, after the black smoke from the Black Turtle Constellation Wok dispersed, a darker smoke fumed near them one more time.

Bu Fang and Xiao Yue were blown away by such mysterious force. When they steadied their bodies, they turned to see the little girl. Bu Fang was stern, while Xiao Yue was dumbstruck.

Such a terrifying power gushed from that little girl!


The black smoke gathered instantly, congregating above the little girl's head. It turned into a phantom of a giant beast with a savage mouth that could swallow the heaven and earth. The little girl hovered inside the phantom, with her face ferocious. She looked mysterious when her body was covered with moving, tadpole-like black patterns.

The black smoke spread, surrounding everybody.

Bu Fang exhaled deeply. This pressure was more terrifying than the previous one. What was that Gluttony's soul after all?

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was startled when he saw the phantom of a giant beast that came out of thin air.

Where did that beast come from? Why were beasts running wild that day?

A moment later, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes focused. Murderous intention gushed again. Who cares what monster you are... Who stops me must die!

The lance shook and revolved. Sharp gusts of wind expanded. The five-step soul ladder appeared above his head. A star in there bloomed with radiance.


The phantom beast roared, which shook everybody. Then, the phantom struck with its claw. It slammed the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.

Boom! The Saint Son's lance and the black smoke claw met.


The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes enlarged as he was filled with fear.

The lance was broken under the claw, turning into many pieces that scattered in the sky. Nonstop, the black smoke claw hit him, squeezing him in the air. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son couldn't even struggle. Deadly energy swallowed him.

"It... What kind of beast is it!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was scared, with his face twisted.

On his high platform, Chi Ji was really frightened when she saw that. The invincible Saint Son in her eyes was captured by a beast! That horrible mouth seemed able to swallow everything.

The beast's claw shook. Then, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son felt his body being thrown up into the sky.

He wanted to flee.

However, the giant beast opened its mouth...

It seemed like a jet-black, bottomless cave-like mouth...

"Ahhh! No... No, don't eat me! I'm the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son! I'm the future of the Heavenly Spring Holy-Land!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son found himself flying toward the black cave, with his heart shivering in fright.

He was scared. He tried to struggle. He cried, begging for mercy... However, he didn't even have the guts to do anything...

Everybody was gawking and dropping their jaws as the giant beast phantom swallowed the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.