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 "I heard you want to capture me? And kill Bu Fang? Who are you? Why are you so haughty?"

The clear and cold voice lingered on Gluttony Square, making many people bewildered. Then, they saw the slender figure raise her white hand to resist the long lance. Invisible waves of energy spread.

This woman... could stop the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's lance?

How could she do that?

And was this woman the Netherworld creature the Saint Son's mentioned?

Xiao Yue clutched his chest, with his mouth bleeding. His pupils shrank when he saw Nethery standing in front of him. He couldn't believe that.

Bu Fang was still sitting at his table, with his face calm. He seemed not bothered, turning to look at them.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son squinted. He coldly assessed Nethery. This Netherworld creature told him that he was haughty? Funny indeed...

No Netherworld creatures dared to appear in the territory of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. It was a forbidden land to Netherworld creatures. This Netherworld creature came to the land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, and she dared say he was haughty?


Nethery's pushed her hand. Black energy was emitted forward, sending the lance backward. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son caught it in midair.

His golden armor dazzlingly bloomed with radiance. The terrifying aura expanded from his body. Holding the lance with both hands, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son roared, with his murderous aura shooting everywhere.

"Who dares stop me? Joining the Netherworld creatures... I can't forgive it! Die!" He roared like a thunderclap, which shook people's eardrums. The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son stepped on the void, gliding like a shadow through the sky. He reappeared in front of Nethery and furiously wielded his lance, slashing at the enemy.

His intimidating and brutal aura made many people narrow their eyes.

So tremendous! Worthy of being the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. Although Chu Changsheng had subdued him with only one palm, it wasn't something to feel embarrassed about. He was Chu Changsheng, anyway.

In this moment, the power that the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was showing scared people. No matter what, he was the Saint Son of one of the Holy-Lands. He was astonishingly talented, and his fighting power was superb.

Crack! Crack!

Nethery lifted her head, craning her neck, which was like a swan's neck, and swallowed the food she got in her mouth. She still had a dab of some vegetable on her red lips, which looked a little seducing. She glanced at the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. Her slender hand moved again, and the same dark energy rose, colliding with the long lance.

Many hovering platforms were shaken because of their battle.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's pupils shrank. That Netherworld creature was so strong. No wonder why she wasn't afraid!


The cooking battle on the Gluttony Square was still lively like a raging fire.

Jun Qingxiao's dish was about to be completed. The fragrance of food was permeating from his pot.

On the other side, the chef on the Tablet of Gluttony facing him was now covered in sweat. He seemed to be frightened, though. The chef looked up to check Jun Qingxiao, with his eyes so grim. The latter's cooking skills had pressured him, making him scared. He thought he would lose...

That kid came well-prepared!

After a while, the cooking competition finished. They had completed their dishes, pouring them out of the pots. The food was steaming-hot, with attractive aromas.

Jun Qingxiao's dish was a colorful one. He had treated and cooked the ingredients, making them fulgent like crystals or gemstones. The fragrance slowly arose, filling Jun Qingxiao's nostrils. He couldn't help but narrow his eyes.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged on Xiao Yue's high platform. He was looking below them to see the other people cooking. However, by him, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was still wielding his lance to attack.

He didn't mind at all. As Nethery was there, and as she had Lord Dog's fur... he wasn't fearful.

Jun Qingxiao's cooking talent wasn't bad. Bu Fang's face turned focused. However, that kid lacked self-esteem. Thus, this cooking battle was for Jun Qingxiao to build the confidence in his cooking talent.

If Jun Qingxiao could win, his confidence would rise as he could get over the fear of the chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony. Once he could get over his fear and regain his confidence, his kid would be able to show more of his cooking talent.

Not far from him, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son felt so aggrieved. His attack hadn't gained anything. Why was that woman so powerful?


The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes were cold. He opened them wider and, a moment later, they turned brutal. Grabbing the lance tight, he swept it horizontally toward Nethery. The terrifying power made the air explode.

Nethery's hair fluttered disorderly in that pressure. Her hand flipped and the dog hair flew, winding around her wrist.

"Fierce Sun Breaking Slash!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son roared and dashed forward. The steps of the soul ladder arose above his head. Above his soul ladder was a massive star, where a shadow hovered.

His terrifying aura erupted. The lace bloomed in a golden light, slashing forward!

Nethery felt her heart racing. This attack was really intimidating. She didn't dare to act recklessly. After a moment, she retracted her hands, squinting. The void twisted and collapsed as a huge black ship appeared from nowhere.

Crack! Crack!

The void shattered. A moment later, the Netherworld Ship drifted out.

Everybody shuddered. They felt chilled, shivering when they lifted their heads and saw the Netherworld Ship.

Nethery dashed and leaped up, falling on the deck.

The lance didn't cease moving. It furiously aimed at Nethery and attacked the Netherworld Ship directly!

Boom! Boom!

The Netherworld Ship and the lance impacted.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's body was blown backward across the air, hitting and crushing many high platforms along his way to the ground.

Everybody was watching as he fell on the ground. The cooking battle was stopped because of this incident. People were very curious, turning around to find the source of the incident.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son slowly stood up from the ruins. His armor was still shining, but they could also see that the Saint Son was already tired. After all, when was the last time a Saint Son from a Holy-Land was hurled to the ground mercilessly like that?

He had completely lost his face.

"Inevitably... I will kill you!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's golden crown cracked, and his hair was disheveled. The murderous aura gushed. He shot up like a cannonball again.

Nethery stood on the Netherworld Ship. The dog fur glowed dazzlingly in her hand. It had freed her from the intimidating restraint. It was the restraint of the Hidden Dragon Continent that had tied her down, preventing her from using her real power. However, with Lord Dog's mystical hair, her fighting competence was recovered almost sufficiently.

Her black dress flew, with her long hair rising. Nethery stood quietly on the tip of the Netherworld Ship. It seemed she had fused with the world around her, which gave her an unusual and formidable aura.

Everybody took a deep breath.

She was a real Netherworld creature. Such thick dark energy... Everybody could feel that. For the time being, many people became puzzled. They hesitated whether they should help the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son subdue that Netherworld creature or not.

However, thinking about the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son being struck from the sky to the ground, their faces twitched.


The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was blown away and pounded to the ground one more time. His body fell grumblingly, with his armor broken into small pieces.

"And you said you wanted to capture me? Dare to kill Bu Fang?

Nethery held the dog hair in her hand, standing on the Netherworld Ship. She floated slightly, with her eyes turning completely dark. Her long hair fanned, growing longer.


Her long hair suddenly launched, appearing right in front of the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son. Just like a black lance, her hair pierced through the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's body.

However, that figure slowly faded and disappeared. Apparently, it wasn't the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's real body. It was just a phantom. While her long hair twisted the phantom broken, Nethery's black eyes searched through the sky.

All of a sudden, her thought flickered. Tufts of her long hair like the lance shot out, twisting and aiming at a direction.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

They collided with something, then turned to another direction.

Her hair was booming and attacking continually.

The space in the entire Glutton God's Building was almost wrecked.

However, on the ground, Yan Yu, the chef in charge of the championship, was still pretty calm, enjoying the food. After he had finished tasting it, he used a handkerchief to wipe his mouth.

"The winner of this match is Jun Qingxiao," he said calmly.

Liancheng and the Celestial Saintess didn't say anything as they also agreed with him.

The chef whose name was on the Tablet of Gluttony paled. He lost?! How could he lose?


A tuft of black hair suddenly hit the ground, shattering a stove.

Rocks flew everywhere, hitting the judges.

The Celestial Saintess and Liancheng used true energy to stop the rocks, but Yan Yu didn't. A rock hit his face. Picking the rock from his face with a smile, he lifted his head to watch the two who were fighting angrily in the air, and a murderous aura arose from the bottom of his eyes.

The more the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son fought, the more terrified he became. He hadn't expected that the woman's cultivation was so fierce. He could feel he was about to be subdued.

However, he was the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son... How could he be subdued, and moreover, be subdued by a Netherworld creature!

"Get lost!"

The lance swept horizontally, exploding against the black hair in the sky and creating an opening.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes locked on Bu Fang, with his murderous aura gushing.


He wanted to kill Bu Fang with one strike. He didn't care about the others. He couldn't kill the Netherworld creature, but Bu Fang must die! The target was only him. Previously, Chu Changsheng had stopped him. And now, that woman with her long black hair did the same.

This time, however, he wanted to see who would help him!


The lance struck. The high platforms cracked. Rocks scattered everywhere.

The long sword in Xiao Yue's hand had become a giant one. He moved Bu Fang and the little gluttonous girl, taking them away from the attack. Thus, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's attack didn't succeed.

However, he had exploded a lot of food.

Bu Fang stepped on the flying sword. He frowned as he suddenly had a bad premonition. He turned and found the little girl Xiao Ya with black smoke around her body. Her face turned ferocious...