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 Sweat beaded Jun Qingxiao's forehead. He was trembling in excitement.

It was the first time he competed against a chef on the Tablet of Gluttony. Since he was a kid, his teacher had taught him cooking. However, he had never competed against anyone besides his teacher. He had never tasted the victory.

He failed every time he competed with his teacher. As he had no solution, he became desperate. All that caused him to lose his self-esteem, even though the distance between him and his teacher had been shortened and that he knew he could have a chance to defeat his teacher.

Anyway, facing his teacher, he still had a shadow in his heart.

His teacher recognized that. Thus, he let him leave. He made him go out to experience and regain his confidence.

His teacher told him that his cooking level was much beyond his peers, and even if he had to face a chef on the Tablet of Gluttony, he was competent enough to compete with them.

He had always believed in his teacher, in every word he had ever told him.

However, he had bumped into Bu Fang...

What the... Teacher lied to me... What "beyond your peers"? My peers got beyond me!

His super knife skill, his special heat control skill, and even the way he cooked looked fabulous...

He thought the gap between him and Bu Fang was too big, almost unimaginable.

Anyway, he wasn't a fool. He knew that the gap between them was actually because Bu Fang was abnormal. Who would ever think that an anonymous chef who bumped into you on the way, saying that he was in a hurry, was actually in a hurry...

However, at that moment, it was his stage. The dream to challenge a chef on the Tablet of Gluttony had finally come true! Now, it was time to fulfill his dream! He had to rise higher and increase his confidence!


A kitchen knife that looked somehow savage appeared in Jun Qingxiao's hand. It was a strange kitchen knife with two handles at two ends and a curved blade in the middle. The light of that sharp blade looked really frightening. This intimidating kitchen knife didn't... fit Jun Qingxiao's silly-smiling face.

Seeing the knife, Bu Fang was somewhat surprised.

Many people also gasped in surprise. They were startled because of that strange knife, indeed.

"Is that a kitchen knife? It looks so strange..."

"I used to see this kitchen knife! It's the masterpiece of Grandmaster Cui. He's an expert in forging knives in our Valley of Gluttony."

"I thought that knife was just a legendary item. Is that the real one?"

It seemed some of them had seen the knife. They discussed boisterously. Many chefs on the high platforms took a deep breath when they saw Jun Qingxiao's knife.

Grandmaster Cui was one of the best blacksmiths in the Valley of Gluttony. His kitchen knives were all their favorites, to the point that their supply never met the demands. Many chefs offered a large sum of money to ask for his knife, but they were all rejected.

However, now, people saw such imposing and brutal knife in the hand of a young chef.

His hand moved. The kitchen knife that was like a massive butcher knife spun in his hand as if it had become a windmill. His hair was blown by the wind. The cooking ingredients flew disorderly. At that moment, Jun Qingxiao's eyes became very sharp. His cooking ingredients had turned into small cubes, falling neatly on his table.

During the process, each cut of his was applied with sufficient force, and it produced the same shape of cut ingredients. His knife skill had deeply surprised people.

As soon as he entered his "cooking mode," Jun Qingxiao's aura changed instantly. His weak posture disappeared as his mind was immersed in his cooking. His opponent was a second-grade chef, who ranked lower than 50 on the Tablet of Gluttony.

However, among the second-grade Chefs, he was also a chef that the others shouldn't underestimate. His knife skill was not bad, but what really surprised people was his stir-frying techniques. His movement was as smooth as drifting clouds or running water. When he stirred his food, the delicious aroma diffused, stunning people.

Even though Jun Qingxiao got Grandmaster Cui's knife... this challenger didn't seem to gain the upper hand. The difference between their competencies was really big.


In the sky.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son hovered upright. He had caught the eyes of many experts, and most of them were from outside the valley. Except for the experts from the Holy-lands, there were guests from the forces like the Grand Barren Sect or the Pill Palace.

When Luo Danqing, the Palace Master, saw Bu Fang and Nethery beside him, he knew it wouldn't turn right.

It was easy to understand why Bu Fang was there. No matter what, Owner Bu was a chef. He needed to study cooking methods. But... why was Nethery there too?

A woman from the Netherworld showed up in the areas under the control of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Was she seeking death? It was like bringing lard to the cat!

From the posture of the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son in the sky, he seemed to be planning to attack Nethery...

Those stupid people!

Luo Danqing sighed. He thinned his lips but didn't dare to stand up and give a hand. Even though Bu Fang was the benefactor of the Pill Palace, Luo Danqing didn't have the courage to face a Saint Son of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court. Actually, the enemy was too intimidating. With his realm, he couldn't be of help even if he joined. Being only at the Peak of Divine Physique Echelon, when facing the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son, he would be smashed into minced meat under one strike of the latter.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son wanted to take action. It made many people gasp. Did he want to seize the chance when the Great Elder wasn't there, killing Bu Fang? Wasn't he afraid of Chu Changsheng's anger? He was moving against the Valley of Gluttony!

Many experts found it hard to understand, frowning.

Although the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was haughty, Chu Changsheng had stated that he would protect Bu Fang. And now, if the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son wanted to take action anyway, he wouldn't be giving a damn about the Valley of Gluttony's pride. He would be trying to ignite the war between the Valley of Gluttony and the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son grabbed his long lance. His aura was very sharp as e gave a faint smile to Bu Fang. He floated, striding in the void. His hand wielded the lance. Instantly, the lance tore the void, hissing and roaring while darting toward Bu Fang at a horrible speed.

Xiao Yue changed his visage. He gulped down the last drop of the Ice Heart Jade Um Wine in the bottle. Patting the table, he stood up. The long sword on his back cried out, shooting up into the sky. Buzzing noises echoed as the sword energy expanded. Many streaks of sword energy arrayed into a circle in the sky, attacking the long lance.

"Xiao Yue, of the Heaven's Pivot Holy-Ground? I had nothing to say when Chu Changsheng stopped me, but who are you to stop me? I want to kill someone. Where does your courage come from to stop me?"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes rolled as his murderous aura surged.

The long lance crushed its way through thousands of jets of sword energy.


The long sword was sent backward, and Xiao Yue grabbed it. He vomited blood, with his face ashen.


The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's murderous intention was beyond Xiao Yue's calculation. How could he be so formidable?

"Owner Bu is a friend of mine. The Great Elder of the Valley of Gluttony also protects him. Why do you still want to take action... Do you really want to instigate the war between the Valley of Gluttony and the Hidden Dragon Royal Court in such a stupid way?

Xiao Yue wiped the trickle of blood on the corner of his mouth. His bright eyes gazed at the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.

The lance didn't stop. It roared and cried like an intimidating beast.

Everybody paled.

Xiao Yue had brought out a sharp question. Although the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son was a Saint Son, he couldn't represent all the Hidden Dragon Royal Court, or even his own Heavenly Spring Holy-land...

But if that alone could start the war between the Valley of Gluttony and the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... the consequence wasn't something the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son could bear alone.

However, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son seemed completely unafraid. He grinned, with his mouth curved brutally.

"This man colluded with the Netherworld creatures on the land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court... I'm a member of the Royal Court so, of course, I have to try my best to capture the Netherworld creatures and kill the ones who have betrayed our Hidden Dragon Royal Court!" The Saint Son's eyes opened wide, shooting light. He shouted and his voice reverberated.

Hearing him, everybody changed their countenance.

Netherworld creatures? This little chef had colluded with a Netherworld creature? Was it a joke? Heavenly Spring's Saint Son... Were you telling a joke? Even though you want to kill that chef, you certainly don't need to make up such a groundless excuse, right? If you say there's a Netherworld creature, why didn't you mention that earlier? Why did you have to wait until Chu Changsheng left? Even with this excuse, you won't be able to hide your fear of Chu Changsheng!

Of course, some experts of the Royal Court changed their faces. They hurried to pick their own spirit talismans. When they activated the spirit talisman, it glowed and the beam of light directed them to Nethery, the Netherworld Woman. Their eyes immediately moved through Bu Fang to look at Nethery.

At that moment, Nethery was still delightfully seizing Xiao Ya's food.

The two girls, one little and one a little bigger, were eating until their cheeks were plump, with their lips oily... There was no manner left in them.

Everybody felt speechless.

Was that a Netherworld creature?

What's wrong with their spirit talisman? Or maybe the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son had done some trick to force them to attack the woman and Bu Fang?

Anyway, no matter what, the talisman showed the location of the Netherworld creature.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's lance was pointing at Nethery, and trying to kill Bu Fang, by the way. The lance tore and pressed the air, moving terrifyingly.

Bu Fang arched his brows, still sitting cross-legged on the high platform. The wind howled and flapped like the sharp razors cutting his cheeks.

On the arena of the Gluttony Square, the match was still vigorous. It wasn't affected a bit. However, a terrifying battle was taking place in the sky of the Glutton God's Building.

The long lance swept horizontally, being fiercely thrust toward Bu Fang.

Bu Fang took a deep breath. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok appeared in his hand. He had prepared well. If he couldn't deal with it, he would summon all of his true energy, making it into a great, breathtaking battle!

However, everybody was stunned right after that, because right when the running-wild lance was about to reach that square face, Nethery had appeared in front of him unknowingly. Her fair arm swung right in front of the lance.

Energy waves rippled.

Nethery was still chewing. Her thick black hair fluttered. Her icy-cold face lifted up, and her eyes looked at the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son directly.

"I heard that you want to capture me? Kill Bu Fang? Who are you? How dare you talk so arrogantly?"