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 The jade talisman glowed brightly as its hand was moving, pointing at Bu Fang.

At first, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son saw the little chef, who could arise his murderous aura. Then, he saw a beautiful lady in black. She looked pretty but cold with her indifferent face. At first glance, she gave people a distant feeling as if she refused to make contact with people. It seemed she got wisps of dark air moving around her body.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son saw her. Slowly, his eyes squinted. His mouth with the trickles of blood curved into a cold grin.

"Chu Changsheng, Chu Changsheng... The little chef you have offended me to protect wants to court death himself. What can you do? I don't think you would ignore the biggest taboo to continue to protect that brat!"

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son turned excited, and his aura began to surge.

That girl was a Netherworld creature, there was no doubt. The spirit talisman had never been wrong. Since the Netherworld creatures had different auras from the native creatures of this continent and they got dark energy around their bodies, once the talisman detected that, it would alert the owner immediately.

It seemed that chef was close to that Netherworld creature. Surely he had cooperated with the Netherworld creature.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son stretched his body. He was subdued for such a long time that his neck went stiff. And now, his bones and joints crackled continually.

"You court death... A Netherworld creature dares come to the land of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court."

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's eyes were very cold but he was actually really excited when he gazed at Nethery.

Nethery felt that. She turned and looked at the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son with her indifferent face.

The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son grinned, looking at her with his eyes bright.

Bu Fang also noticed Nethery's eyes. He turned around and glanced at the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son.

"No need to mind him. It's just a dummy," Bu Fang said casually.

"Oh!" Nethery exclaimed with her emotionless face and turned around and stooped paying attention to the other man.

Xiao Yue halted his wine drinking, and he had almost choked on it.

Even though he couldn't bear to see the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son because that man was too haughty... You guys, could you avoid talking directly in front of him like that?

Of course, with the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son's cultivation base, if he was paying attention, even with such a distance, he could hear what Bu Fang and Nethery had spoken.

He was a little speechless... They said someone was a dummy... looking right at him.

Xiao Yue could see how outraged the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son would become.

Of course, the little girl didn't understand what they were talking about. She was holding a steaming hot bowl of soup, pouring it into her mouth. The oily soup overflowed from the corners of her mouth. The little girl ate so much that her lips looked glossy.

Nethery was curious while looking at the girl. She was a little surprised... Why did this girl look like Lord Dog when she was eating?

"Is it delicious?" Nethery asked the little girl.

The little girl shoved more food into her mouth, looking at Nethery. This beautiful sister knew big brother. So, she wasn't really vigilant. With a mouth full of food, she replied, "Delicious." Her voice wasn't clear though.

Nethery's eyes immediately brightened. Her slender, creamy arm extended and she directly grabbed a handful of food from the kid's bowl.

Nom nom.

Nethery reached out, took the food and shoved into her mouth. Her exquisite brows furrowed. Not Bu Fang's food... A little hard to swallow. Just so-so.

Munch munch...

Xiao Ya was horror-struck when she saw the beautiful sister taking her food. Big sister, I thought we got an agreement, but you took my food. We can't be friends anymore! I'm still a kid!

While Xiao Ya was still bewildered, Nethery had finished one dish instantly.

The waitress in the chef coat standing not far from them started to sweat again. She was shivering. Deep in her eyes, she showed that she didn't want to love anyone anymore during this life.

Why... Why would another gluttonous girl appear?!

Poor chef, poor me!

The Celestial Saintess checked Nethery. Then, her eyes resumed its calmness.

At the same time, the others had just looked at them for a while before turning back to the challenging battles on the Gluttony Square.

This time, it was Jun Qingxiao's match. He had challenged a chef ranked lower than seventieth on the Tablet of Gluttony. At this moment, they were cooking vigorously on the arena.

After Bu Fang's match, people didn't dare to look down on any challenger anymore. Ghosts knew if they were morbid like Bu Fang or not! He had almost defeated Wenren Shang, one of the Top 10 Chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony!

One should know that Wenren Shang's cooking skill was really awesome.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged, with his indifferent eyes watching the arena.

He looked at Jun Qingxiao who was cooking, slightly raising his brows. Actually, through the short time Bu Fang had had contact with Jun Qingxiao, he was able to notice the man's talent. His cooking attainment wasn't low. As Bu Fang could see, at least, he would belong to the Top 50 Chefs of the stele. He had around the skills of a first-grade chef.

Anyway, Jun Qingxiao was a little soft. It seemed he had never experienced such an imposing atmosphere. When he encountered a strong opponent, he often got nervous. He couldn't perform his best, and somehow he didn't have confidence. If a chef weren't confident, he couldn't show his real talent. Being confident was the necessary element for a chef to show his cooking talent.

Bu Fang studied Jun Qingxiao and hoped that the young man could realize his weak points after this championship. If he could overcome them, he would be able to break the bottleneck and increase his cooking attainment.


Outside the Glutton God City, the giant bell-like eyes of the alligator gazed at the city. It stayed put, pressing its formidable aura, which seemed ready to explode any minute. The giant body like a mountain lay there, giving people an incomparable pressure.

Chu Changsheng glided to the city gate tower. His white hair fluttered disorderly in the wind, and his loose robe flew, making some wind-blowing noises.

"Green Teeth Ancestral Alligator?" He clasped his hands, standing on the city wall. He couldn't believe in his eyes. "This monster was sealed under the Sunset Lake, wasn't it? How could it escape... The seal is broken and can't imprison it anymore?"

Chu Changsheng's eyes turned sharp. The aura on his body expanded, resisting that brutal aura.

Many people on the city wall felt numb, constantly shaking. Facing such a giant monster, they were so panic-stricken.

The Sixth Elder gasped. Ancestral Alligator? This monster had broken... the seal? How coincidental was that?

That kid Bu Fang had carved the white radish into the shape of the Ancestral Alligator. And now, that alligator came there. Could there be some cunning plot there?

Ancestral Alligator... Not many people from the Valley of Gluttony had seen that monster before, yet that kid Bu Fang could carve the Ancestral Alligator. Could it be a coincidence?

Coincidence my ass!

Furthermroe, recalling that Bu Fang had just cooked the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, the Sixth Elder's handlebar mustache shivered. He had almost plucked his mustache! Was it true that the kid Bu Fang had just wandered to the Sunset Lake, so he learned about the Ancestral Alligator? Was it true that the kid had lured the Ancestral Alligator out here?

Of course, Chu Changsheng wouldn't mind so many things like that. He stood on the city wall, with his face still cold. His aura continually rose. Shortly, it had reached the level that made people feel unbearable.


A light burst above Chu Changsheng's head. It was as bright and dazzling as a scorching sun. A moment later, that light had turned into a shiny, golden bowl. The golden bowl hovered, releasing light everywhere, together with a frightening pressure.

The Ancestral Alligator was lying still. However, at the moment it saw the golden bowl, its eyes turned red like blood. Opening its mouth, the beast roared ear-piercingly, rising tornados. The tornados howled, breaking a lot of trees in their way. The broken tree trunks hit the city gate hard, shaking the studded bronze doors grumblingly.

"Evil monster... How dare you! Get back to the Sunset Lake!"

Chu Changsheng focused on it, shouting. He took a step forward. The golden bowl revolving above his head slowly landed on his hand.

The Ancestral Alligator roared and hissed. The scales in its entire body rose as it angrily patted its claws on the ground. The mountain-like body began to move.

The beast started to storm toward Glutton God City.

Chu Changsheng floated in front of the city wall, with his eyes deep and profound. With the golden bowl in his hand, he began to recite some mysterious but magical melodies. His long robe flapped, making him look like a deity.

He threw the golden bowl away. It spun in the air. Swoosh. It seemed that the air shattered.

The Ancestral Alligator cried. A terrifying energy column shot out from its mouth, hitting the golden bowl.

The bowl clanged at the impact.

Chu Changsheng focused and the golden bowl returned to his hand. He slowly breathed out.

"You thick-skin monster... You won't come back if you don't get hit!"


Chu Changsheng's robe sudden blasted, revealing his torso, which had so many black lines. Those black lines began to move, releasing a formidable power. At the moment Chu Changsheng's clothes were ripped, his aura changed abruptly. He was like a deity at first, and now, he was as savage as a wild beast.

The golden bowl enlarged in his hand. He shot out like a cannon ball, brutally darting toward the Ancestral Alligator.

The Ancestral Alligator roared indignantly.

However, this time, Chu Changsheng appeared directly in front of it, pounding with his golden bowl.


The scales by the Ancestral Alligator's mouth were pounded broken, scattering.

The pain hit it instantly, throwing the Ancestral Alligator into a frenzy. The sharp and pointy tail swept away like a divine whip, cracking even the void.

Chu Changsheng now got eyes like those of strong beasts. He rose his hand with a lot of black lines, patting that tail away.

"I told you to get off... Don't you understand human language?"

Chu Changsheng stood on the alligator's head, with his figure cold.

Right after that, he rose the golden bowl and pounded again.


At Gluttony Square, the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son slowly got up. Standing behind him, Chi Ji was surprised as she didn't know what he wanted to do. Chu Changsheng had given him a lesson. And now, as he wasn't here, would the Saint Son want to cause more trouble?

Chi Ji rolled her eyes, following her master.

However, she noticed that, when the man stood up, his lance reappeared.

Boom. His terrifying aura spread out.

Everybody was startled. They immediately turned to the Heavenly Spring's Saint Son, whose eyes looked like those of a dragon. The corners of his mouth arched upward, and his eyes were full of killing intent.

"Colluding with Netherworld creature... You little chef, let's see who comes to rescue you this time! Even if Chu Changsheng was here... He couldn't save you!"