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 "It's urgent! A monster is attacking the city!"

A heart-rending scream came with infinite fear. A figure approached swiftly. He was a guard of the Glutton God City.

At that moment, he was covered in sweat, and his face was aghast. Although he had arrived fast, he was stopped outside the Glutton God's Building. However, his voice had reached the people inside clearly.

"What? A monster's attacking the city?"

When Chu Changsheng was about to announce the final result, he was attracted by the scream. He turned around and spotted the guard standing far away.

"What has happened?" Chu Changsheng asked solemnly. His voice calmed the guard down.

The surrounding people were bewildered. A monster's attacking the city? What's going on? Where would a monster come from? Why would it attack the city?

Many experts exchanged looks. A monster dared attack the Valley of Gluttony? No matter what, the Valley of Gluttony wasn't weaker than the Holy-lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court.

Did that monster eat the tiger's liver or the leopard's gallbladder?

When the Sixth Elder heard the guard's report, his face changed immediately. He seemed to recall something, with his boastful mustache shivering.

Chu Changsheng seemed to have the same thought, with his brows furrowing. He stood up, and his long robe flew behind him when he got out of the Glutton God's Building shortly.

"Go! Lead the way!" urged Chu Changsheng.

"The championship continues. Yan Yu will be the judge for the remaining matches." Chu Changsheng turned around, glancing at the others. Then, he strode forward, disappearing with the guard.

On a high platform, the pressure upon the Heavenly Spring Saint Son disappeared. He lifted his head, with his face dark and uncertain.

Everybody looked at Chu Changsheng disappearing, feeling a little speechless.

Great Elder... At least you should tell us the final result before leaving! It's really annoying to stay curious, you know!

However, it seemed Chu Changsheng didn't get their thought. He disappeared swiftly, leaving people in doubt.

The Sixth Elder raked through the place, then followed him. His brows furrowed as he got a bad premonition.

As soon as the three of them left the Glutton God's Building, they headed directly to the city wall.

On the wall, a guard respectfully led in the front. Chu Changsheng and the Sixth Elder slowly followed him. Suddenly, Chu Changsheng halted. He frowned, looking at a direction where a girl in a long black dress had just glided past.

"Eh? This feeling... A Netherworld creature?"

Chu Changsheng's eyes seemed to radiate some beams of light as he watched the girl's graceful figure. However, it seemed he didn't pay much attention and continued to move forward.

The giant alligator lay outside the Glutton God City, with its eyes glued to the city.

Chu Changsheng came to the city wall and saw the giant beast out there immediately. Seeing the colossal beast, Chu Changsheng's face turned stern. His heart was racing in his chest.

"Green Teeth... Ancestral Alligator?"


From one of the highest platforms in Gluttony Square, a plump and tender man stepped out. One of his hands pressed on his high platform to lower its altitude. It boomed when it landed on the arena.

This man was Yan Yu, the top chef of the Valley of Gluttony. He ranked first on the Tablet of Gluttony. He was a special-grade chef.

With a strong aura, he glanced at Bu Fang and Wenren Sheng, smiling. "Guys, take a seat and rest first. The Great Elder will announce your match's result when he comes back. And now, the challenge continues!"

Wenren Shang gave Yan Yu an indifferent glance, grinning. However, he actually didn't smile. He took a sip from his gourd, snorted, turned around and left. He shook and swayed as if he was drunk. He didn't look full of spirit as when he cooked.

It could be seen that Wenren Shang had no good feelings for Yan Yu.

Yan Yu smiled at Wenren Shang's back as he was walking away, still with a tender face and a smile. A moment later, he turned to Bu Fang and gave him a nod.

Bu Fang arched his brow, glancing at Yan Yu. He talked nothing, just turned around and walked away.

"Owner Bu! Over here!"

Xiao Yue waved at him from a high platform. Bu Fang was surprised but he didn't ignore him. His feet stepped on the ground and he flew up toward Xiao Yue.

He landed by Xiao Yue, who looked so happy.

"Owner Bu, your cooking attainment is still awesome and morbid as usual!"

"Big brother, you're awesome!" The little girl's mouth swelled with food as she waved her hands, talking to Bu Fang.

"You're still eating?" Bu Fang was bewildered. His eyes shifted from girl's plump cheeks to the mountain-like pile of dishes.

"I'm hungry... I'm not full yet. I want to eat more." The little girl battered her round and big eyes, sniggering. Bu Fang didn't talk more. He frowned but still rubbed the kid's head. This little girl got the Gluttony's soul in her body. It was understandable that she always ate a lot.

"Then you should eat more."

The kid nodded and continued chomping.

Bu Fang sat cross-legged on the high platform. Xiao Yue approached him, smiling brightly.

"Hey, Owner Bu... I wonder if you still have some wine? The wine you used to cook recently, the one with sweet fragrance," asked Xiao Yue.


This dude wanted wine?

Bu Fang turned to Xiao Yue. He remembered the first time he met this young man. He came to Bu Fang because he was attracted by his wine. Bu Fang didn't say a word. His hand flipped, and a porcelain bottle appeared. It wasn't a white jade bottle, but this one contained the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine.

"Here," Bu Fang casually threw the bottle. Xiao Yue caught it.

Xiao Yue was so happy, with his eyes sparkling. He looked as though he was about to explode. He laughed and slapped the bottle. The bottle stopper flew away.

A rick wine smell permeated, winding around.

Gulp! Gulp! Gulp!

Xiao Yue opened his mouth, pouring wine for himself. The cool wine ran from his mouth to his throat. Xiao Yue gobbled, then wiped his mouth vigorously.

"Ha ha ha ha! So good! I like this familiar taste!"

Xiao Yue's eyes were full of memories.

Bu Fang eyed Xiao Yue, grinning. He sat down cross-legged, and all of a sudden, he felt a wisp of cold air behind his back.


Bu Fang was bewildered. He turned around to see a figure sitting behind him, but he didn't know when she got there.

"Bu Fang, I finally found you."

The emotionless Nethery looked at Bu Fang and sat down right next to him.

Bu Fang gawked, looking at Nethery. His face was dumbstruck.

"You... Why did you come here?" Bu Fang found it a little hard to understand. Why was this woman there?

"Lord Dog said that you would be in danger. He told me to come and save you..." Nethery glanced at Bu Fang, talking sincerely.

Save me...

Bu Fang studied Nethery emotionlessly. Nethery also looked him in the eyes emotionlessly.

They looked at each other like that.


Xiao Yue had just poured himself some wine. Seeing Bu Fang and Nethery gawking at each other, he spat the wine out instantly.

What's going on?

Was this girl a ghost? Why I didn't recognize when she came?

Bu Fang was a little speechless. Lord Dog asked Nethery to come here to save him. However, in the best-case scenario, Nethery was as strong as someone at the peak of the Divine Physique Echelon Realm. At best, she would be someone who had a one-step soul ladder.... How could she save him?

If he were in danger, this girl could do nothing with her presence.

"You don't believe me?" Nethery squinted, looking at Bu Fang.

Then, Nethery swung her slender arm. It turned out that she had several strands of dog hair in her hand.

Bu Fang saw the dog hair, but his face was dumbfounded.

"You took Lord Dog's hair?" asked Bu Fang skeptically.

"With Lord Dog's hair, Nethery can perform my real competence on this continent for a short moment..." Nethery answered honestly. She looked at Bu Fang, with her face a little silly.

The dark energy in Lord Dog's fur could help her use her real power.

Bu Fang wore an emotionless face. Would it work?

"It seems I should take more hair from Blacky..."

While Bu Fang and Nethery were talking, the Celestial Saintess suddenly had her eyes on Nethery.


Nethery was surprised but she still wore an indifferent face.

On the high platforms, many people had noticed the girl who had come out of nowhere. They were all surprised.


The Heavenly Spring's Saint Son with his gloomy face was sitting on his high platform, but his face changed all of a sudden.

His hand flipped, and a jade talisman arose, shining beautifully.

"What? A Netherworld creature? Where?" The Heavenly Spring Saint Son's pupils enlarged. He turned to the direction the jade talisman had pointed. He saw Xiao Yue, the one that had maddened him... and a woman in a black dress!