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 Chapter 68: I Want My Capacity... to Be Larger

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"Eh? Ah! Owner Bu... You want to eat at Immortal Phoenix Restaurant?" When Xiao Xiaolong heard Bu Fang's words, his eyes immediately widened and his expression became a little strange.

Xiao Yanyu and Ouyang Xiaoyi could not understand either. From their point of view, Bu Fang's culinary skills completely trounced the chefs of Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. What was he planning by going there?

"There's naturally a reason that Immortal Phoenix Restaurant was able to become the number one restaurant within the imperial city. Furthermore, this great chef needs to learn as well. The sea can hold waters from a hundred rivers, it's only great... because of its capacity." Bu Fang simply said. He turned around and headed in the direction of Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

"The sea can hold waters from a hundred rivers, it's only great... because of its capacity." The corner of Xiao Xiaolong's mouth was twitching. He suddenly felt that there's something wrong with Bu Fang on that day.

"Xiaoyi, don't you think there's something strange with Owner Bu today? I feel that he has an impure objective for going to Immortal Phoenix Restaurant!" Xiao Xiaolong moved closer to Ouyang Xiaoyi and whispered in her ear.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was slightly confused as she puzzledly asked, "Strange? Not at all, what's so strange? You can only improve by learning more. This makes a lot of sense. Grandpa often says this to Xiaoyi as well."

Xiao Xiaolong twitched his mouth as he thought, "Fine, there's no point in talking to you."

The three of them hurriedly followed after Bu Fang and headed toward the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

With regards to the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, Xiao Xiaolong and the others were naturally familiar with it. Before Bu Fang's store appeared, the place they went the most was the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. It was the number one restaurant within the imperial city after all and the taste of its dishes were definitely worthy to be recognized.

Of course, that was only true when not being compared with Bu Fang's dishes.

"Owner Bu, since you're going to the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant, then do you know its rules?" Xiao Xiaolong took a few more steps and was walking alongside of Bu Fang.

"Rules? What sort of rules?" Bu Fang was slightly puzzled as he turned his head and looked at Xiao Xiaolong.

The corner of Xiao Xiaolong's mouth was twitching. He knew it. He was sure that Bu Fang's decision to go to Immortal Phoenix was made on the spur of the moment. However, even though he was dumbfounded, he still educated Bu Fang about certain things.

"As the number one restaurant within the imperial city, the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant has three floors. The quality of the furnishing and attendants are different for each floor. The first floor is the general area for ordinary customers and the price of the dishes are not high. People from families that are slightly well-off can dine there a few times per month.

"The second floor is the distinguished guests area. The Immortal Phoenix Restaurant put in a little effort on the furnishing. The attendant is also changed from a male waiter to a pretty waitress in a brocade dress. Just based on the service quality, it's already one of the best among the imperial city and even the entire empire. Furthermore, the dishes on the second floor are far more expensive than the first floor and the taste is much better as well.

"The third floor is the supreme area. All of the services are top-notch. Be it the furnishing or the attendants, it's undoubtedly number one within the imperial city. Only those with a distinguished status can step onto this floor."

Xiao Xiaolong explained to Bu Fang. He introduced the different operating styles of the three floors.

After hearing his explanation, Bu Fang narrowed his eyes and nodded. The owner of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant had some brains after all. By having different operating styles based on floors, it would cause the customers to feel a difference in status and encourage expenditure. Customers from the general area would choose to go to the distinguished guest area due to the issue with face. On the other hand, customers that had been to the distinguished guest area would be unable to return to the general area due to the fear of losing face. This would increase the profits of the distinguished guest area and their earnings would definitely be bountiful.

"The dishes from the supreme area on the third floor should be the best, right? Are you qualified to enter?" Bu Fang suddenly asked after thinking for a while.

"Since it's the supreme area, only the most respectable people in the Light Wind Empire can enter. The children of court officials like us are not qualified. Some time ago, Sun Qixiang wanted to forcibly enter and was threw out by a sixth grade Battle-Emperor that was keeping watch," Xiao Xiaolong said.

After hearing his words, Bu Fang began to frown. "Even you're not qualified to enter that supreme area?"

"Only His Majesty, the Minister of the Right, my father, General Ouyang and others with similar statuses can enter," Xiao Xiaolong said while ambiguously mentioning the background of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

While the two of them were chatting, they already reached the beautifully furnished entrance of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

"Oh my, isn't this young master Xiao? It's been a while since I've seen you. Are you here to eat today? Hurry, hurry and come in."

When the four of them reached the entrance, a voluptuous, attractive middle-aged woman approached while swaying her hips as her enchanting voice filled with happiness rang out.

Xiao Xiaolong elegantly smiled and nodded. "It's been a while, elder sister Chun. Your figure has become even more sensual."

The attractive middle-aged woman called elder sister Chun immediately covered her smile and as she laughed, her chest began to lively bounce. Despite the freezing temperature, she was still exposing a snow white area at her chest and did not seem to be bothered by the weather in the slightest.

The attractive middle-aged woman was smiling as she guided them into the interior of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant.

Bu Fang did not say anything. He only glanced at elder sister Chun's body once and indifferently looked away. His expression was solemn as he stepped into the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant. Once he entered, he could feel the popularity of the restaurant.

The first floor was a vast hall with tables neatly set up. People were heartily having their meals at each table. From the expressions on their face, it was evident that they were very satisfied with the food.

"Young master Xiao, is there only four of you? Are we going to the distinguished guest area?" Elder sister Chun's hips were swaying as she guided them. As they walked, she turned around to chat with their group.

"Yes, there's four of us. Elder sister Chun, arrange a table for us." Xiao Xiaolong nodded and was about to reply, when Bu Fang suddenly spoke up and interrupted him.

"Wait, let's eat at the general area first. Arrange a table for us."

"Eh? We're going to eat at the general area?" This time, it was not only Xiao Xiaolong, even Xiao Yanyu and Ouyang Xiaoyi were surprised.

"Yes, of course. You can go ahead to the distinguished guest area if you want. In any case, I'll head there after I've finished eating at the general area," Bu Fang added.

With this, the gaze of Xiao Xiaolong and the others became contemplative. Xiao Yanyu's lips, that were hidden under her veil, were even slightly curled up as she thought, "This Bu Fang... is trying to cause trouble."

"Alright. Elder sister Chun, prepare a table for us at the general area first," Xiao Xiaolong said to elder sister Chun with a smile.

Elder sister Chun's pretty face was filled with suspicions. Her red phoenix eyes[1] shifted toward Bu Fang and quickly moved away after a single glance. She charmingly said, "Very well, come with me."

Under elder sister Chun's arrangement, they were able to quickly sit down at a vacant table.

Bu Fang was sitting upright as he removed the scarf coiled around his neck and his cashmere overcoat. His expression was solemn as he reached out his finger and brushed it against the surface of the table. An oily sense of feeling instantly emerged and his finger was stained by a jet-black grease.

"The hygiene is terrible and poorly affects my appetite," Bu Fang coldly evaluated.

Xiao Xiaolong, who had just sat down and was prepared to make an order, suddenly froze and bewilderedly looked at Bu Fang.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Xiao Yanyu were blinking as they looked strangely at Bu Fang.

That voluptuous elder sister Chun was extremely embarrassed as she resentfully cursed in her mind, "This is the general area, the hygiene is naturally bad! Why are you so picky when you chose to come to the general area!"

"Bring me all of the dishes in the general area that you think are first-rate," Bu Fang expressionlessly said to elder sister Chun while seated down.

"All of the first-rate dishes? There's ten first-rate dishes in the general area. Each dish costs five hundred silver coins. Are you sure you want all of them?" Elder sister Chun suspiciously looked at Bu Fang.

It was not that she did not trust Bu Fang, as he had arrived with Xiao Xiaolong after all. Xiao Xiaolong was the son of Great General Xiao Meng and would naturally have a lot of money. If the young man in front of her was Xiao Xiaolong's friend, he would naturally be well-off as well. However, if he did not lack money... what was he doing in the general area?

"Elder sister Chun, just serve the dishes. He lacks everything but money," Xiao Xiaolong said to her with a chuckle.

Since Xiao Xiaolong had already spoken, elder sister Chun went to arrange for the dishes to be prepared.

Once elder sister Chun was gone, Xiao Xiaolong made eyes at Bu Fang and said, "Owner Bu, are you planning to try all of the dishes in Immortal Phoenix Restaurant?"

The corner of Bu Fang's mouth widened into a smile as he indifferently glanced at Xiao Xiaolong and said, "That's right, I am here to find fault and cause trouble today."


[1] Red phoenix eye() - This is used to describe an eye type where the outer corner inclines upwards. An example of an actress with the red phoenix eye is Liu Yifei ().