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 The gold flame embraced a smaller red flame, burning hard with terrifying energy. The scorching heat made many people change their visages.

The mustached old man was so indignant that his face twisted...

Didn't this kid say that he couldn't spit it out? What's that toy everybody was beholding?

Was it a fake Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame?

However, the old man got a hold of himself after the burst of anger. He observed the red flame inside the gold flame, and his face turned more serious. He was indeed surprised and somewhat frightened.

That flame... It was a new Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame, one created by the combination of the two Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame! He could still sense the aura of the Valley of Gluttony's Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame!

"What's that kid doing? He has fused my flame. It seems I can't take it back anymore!"

The old man shifted in agony. The curved ends of his mustache rose continually as his mouth twitched.

Chu Changsheng also saw the flame Bu Fang had spit out. His calm eyes had a gleam of surprise. Using the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame to cook? How could he control that fierce and savage flame?

Chu Changsheng had always been curious about the little chef that had defeated Zhou Tong and Wen Renchou. Although he knew Bu Fang's cooking talent wasn't bad, he hadn't seen much of it. Perhaps, this day he would finally have such a chance.

The Sixth Elder took a deep breath, and the agony in his face subsided. Now, he was eyeing Bu Fang as if he was admiring a precious gemstone.

"I must keep this kid in our Valley of Gluttony. You ate our flame and want to run... It's never gonna happen!" The Sixth Elder calculated in his mind.

The flame burst and rolled, entering the stove, a special one of the Valley of Gluttony. It was a good stove indeed, as it could endure that terrifying heat. It wasn't going to be melted by the Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame.

Green smoke wound around Bu Fang's other hand. The Black Turtle Constellation Wok arose. Although it was heavy, the wok had an archaic and calm aura to the others.

The Heaven and Earth Obsidian Flame vigorously burned under the Black Turtle Constellation Wok.

Bu Fang carefully placed the Paper-Wrapped Fish into the wok to roast it.

The Black Turtle Constellation Wok wasn't just a wok. It was a part of the God of Cooking's set. It could serve in various tasks of cooking tools, so it wasn't a problem to act as an oven.

Otherwise, Bu Fang would need to find an oven, which would be really annoying.

Wenren Shang and Bu Fang had put their processed Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish into the woks.

Everybody became curious. They exchanged looks as they didn't know who would win this match.

"Of course, Chef Wenren will win! Didn't you see his water-flow-like moves?"

"Well then, the little chef's knife technique to process the fish wasn't bad!"

"Chef Wenren is from Top 10 of the Tablet of Gluttony. How could he be defeated by an anonymous chef!"


The audience clamored as they had their own opinions.

Wenren Shang didn't mind them. He continued drinking liquor from his gourd, feeling the burning sensation when the liquor ran down his throat.

Bu Fang was playing with his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife. The kitchen knife continually moved between his slender fingers, sparkling light.

The way Wenren Shang had processed the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish made Bu Fang contemplate. He knew there were so many cooking ingredients he hadn't known in this world.

And, if he didn't study and practice the methods to process them, he couldn't prepare them for his food.

"Hey system... Do you have... anything that could help me understand how to process most of the cooking ingredient?"

Bu Fang stood at his spot, looking a little bewildered as he was asking the system inwardly.

The system stayed silent for a while before Bu Fang heard its serious voice. "Yes, the system can provide the host with the Food Ingredients Encyclopedia. However, at your current cultivation base, you can check only the first third of the Encyclopedia."

The system's words made Bu Fang perplexed for a while, but joy arose within him instantly. It had such a function? It did have the Food Ingredients Encyclopedia then...

Worthy of the system that supports me to become the God of Cooking who tops the food chain in this fantasy world! My close friend!

"After you complete the current mission, the system will give you the Food Ingredients Encyclopedia," the system told him, then went silent.

Then, Bu Fang pulled himself together. His vision became bright and clear and the noise of the surroundings echoed in his ears.

Wenren Shang took his last sip of wine. He stood up and went to the stove. He opened the wok, and immediately white smoke rolled with the steam, torrentially rising up into the sky.

Wenren Shang's Steamed Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish was finished!

A special and distinctive smell of fish spread out, filling the Gluttony Square. Everybody squinted, taking in the delicious aroma.

From the steamer, countless tiny glowing dots were flying around. People took in the smell and when they saw the steam, it looked like a fish swimming leisurely.

Light curtains descended, cascading on the Steam Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish that Wenren Shang had just taken out of the steamer. The image was projected in the spacious screen of the Gluttony Square.

It was the steaming hot steamed fish. The fish was cut open, revealing the white and fulgent meat with the moving energy. The fish skin seemed to have a gray coat with dazzling sparkling light. A shining color appeared on the fish meat. People could smell the sweet aroma of Lingzhi and the juice of the spirit herbs.

This steamed fish was basically perfect.

The heat was well-controlled. The fish's mouth slightly opened, fuming heat, which was calm and tender like the water.

The porcelain bowl had a layer of steaming hot orange fish soup added with wine.

The Lingzhi he had cut into three pieces scattered around the fish. With the smell of Lingzhi, the taste of the fish would be much better.

At first glance, many people heard their stomachs gurgle.

This steamed fish... was too perfect!

Gurgling noises could be heard everywhere in the Gluttony Square. It was worth the fish dish by one of the Top 10 Chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony... His attainment... wasn't ordinary, indeed.

Although they hadn't had a chance to eat it yet, looking at it was enough to rise their sensation.

Cleaning the dabs of food around the porcelain tray, Wenren Shang took a deep breath. The aroma of the food entered his nostrils, making him sober.

"My dish is completed."

Wenren Sheng held his steamed fish single-handedly, with his calm eyes looking at Bu Fang.

"Celestial Saintess, Heaven's Pivot Saint Son, can you co-judge with me in this match?"

Chu Changsheng was sitting cross-legged. He lifted his head, looking at the Celestial Saintess and the Heaven's Pivot Saint Son on their high platforms. This time, there were two Saint Sons and one Saintess from the holy lands of the Hidden Dragon Royal Court joining this feast. The Heavenly Spring Saint Son was extremely haughty, so Chu Changsheng didn't want to care about him.

Actually, if nothing had happened, the Heavenly Spring Saint Son would have become one of the judges. However, since he had courted trouble himself, let him just stand and watch.

The Heavenly Spring Saint Son changed his visage. He gritted his teeth, with his body shivering.

However, under Chu Changsheng's pressure, he couldn't move a finger.

The Heaven's Pivot Saint Son, Liancheng, was quite surprised, but naturally, he wouldn't refuse this request.

The Celestial Saintess gave a gentle nod. Her long white dress fluttered as she glided from the high platform. Slowly, she landed on the arena.

Chu Changsheng looked at the two of them, then rose his hand. Immediately, two high platforms arose from the battle arena. They were the seats for the Celestial Saintess and the Heaven's Pivot Saint Son.

They came and sat on their platforms.

Liancheng wore a grin as he felt really contented. This seat should belong to the Heavenly Spring Saint Son, but now, it was his. This surprise delighted him much. He cocked his head to look at the Celestial Saintess. Even though the other was wearing a veil, he could still see her beautiful hidden appearance.

Wenren Shang slowly brought his food over.

He placed the dish in front of Chu Changsheng. With a tender smile, he respectfully bowed to Chu Changsheng.

"Great Elder, enjoy."

Chu Changsheng lifted his head to check Wenren Shang. He caressed his long beard, nodded and then picked up his chopsticks. His chopsticks touched the table once before he grabbed a piece of delicious fish meat.

Chu Changsheng slowly chewed and swallowed the fish. His face didn't have any special emotion.

Right after that, Chu Changsheng's pupils shrank. His clothes suddenly ballooned, and his hair rose. Eventually, he exhaled.

"It's indeed the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, what a delicacy! The fish meat is fresh, smooth and soft with the special flavor of fish. Together with the full-energy Lingzhi and the taste of good wine and herbs, it tastes so thick and special... Delicious!" Chu Changsheng commented. His hair fell back, and his clothes didn't balloon anymore.

However, on the high platforms, many chefs on the Tablet of Gluttony were frightened.

"The Great Elder's clothes had ballooned! It seems that food is really delicious...:

"You should know that not many dishes could touch the Great Elder. Not many!"

"Wenren Shang... He will win. His food won the Great Elder's favor."


People were discussing clamorously. They all looked at Wenren Shang with admiration.

Liancheng was curious. He reached out his chopsticks and picked up the fish meat, taking it to his mouth. The fresh, soft and smooth fish seemed to melt on his tongue like running water. The food savor left Liancheng immersed in it.

"Excellent!... So delicious! So delicious!" Liancheng appraised continually. It was the food made of Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish! It seemed Liancheng's reaction wasn't beyond Wenren Shang's estimation. He grinned and his eyes turned to the Celestial Saintess, waiting to see her reaction.

The Celestial Saintess's pretty eyes didn't look at Wenren Shang. She rose her chopsticks and picked the fish meat. Gently, she removed her veil with her hand, which in turn still covered her mouth. After tasting the food, she put on the veil again. It made many people regretful as they wanted to see her gorgeous beauty.

"True... Really delicious."

The Celestial Saintess placed her chopsticks down elegantly. Her voice was like the oriole singing in the empty valley arose.

Her reaction seemed... a little too normal? Everybody turned a little skeptical.

A little far from them, Bu Fang rose his hand, patting the Black Turtle Constellation Wok. A low thud echoed and the wok opened up. Bu Fang rose his hands to pick up the Paper-Wrapped Fish from the wok.

The swelling paper bag appeared in people's vision, giving them an unknowing shock.

What the heck was that peculiar bag?

Was it... edible?

Under the suspicious gaze of the audience, Bu Fang's Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife moved. Swish. The paper bag was cut open.

A rich fragrant immediately deluged like a bomb!