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 The way Wenren Shang had processed his fish dazzled people. Every time he patted the fish, bones would rise through the gaps between his fingers.

He casually threw the bones to the stove on his station.

Of course, besides the bones, this Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish still had many things that needed to be handled well.

The Sunlight Knife bloomed with shining light, sweeping through.

The fish scales flew out, scattering. This sort of fish scales was really sharp and tough, with the radiance of metal.

Wenren Shang's hand shook slightly and the fish scales congregated in his hand, spinning. Afterward, he threw them on the top of the table, together with the bones he had taken out.

Everybody screamed in astonishment. Worthy of being a chef among the Top 10 Chefs of the Tablet of Gluttony! His moves made people admire and respect him a lot!

After he finished removing the scales of the fish, the light in Wenren Shang's eyes changed again. He became more rigorous. He stretched his fingers, measuring the fish. Afterward, the Sunlight Knife crossed out swiftly. The fish meat was cut directly, with transparent fluid oozing.

His knife opened three spots on the fish. Then, Wenren Shang lifted the fish, with his eyes watching it.

Rattle! Rattle!

He used water to wash the fish, also cleaning the transparent fluid from its meat. Wenren Shang's fingers touched and pinched at the fish's head, drawing out a black fiber. When he finally pulled the black fiber out, Wenren Shang's stiff nerves finally relaxed.

He placed the fish down, showing a faint smile.

At that moment, the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish had been completely processed.

Wiping the water in his hands, Wenren Shang calmly checked Bu Fang, nodded to him.

"Got it?"

Everybody was somewhat dumbstruck. They exchanged looks. Wenren Shang's moves were really fast, so much that made people dizzy.

Processing the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish must be done meticulously. A mistake meant that the entire process would fail, and the fish would become a poisonous ingredient.

In the Valley of Gluttony, not many people were confident enough to deal with the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish like Wenren Shang.

Bu Fang squinted, caressing his Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife while grinning.

"I got 70 to 80%."

"Oh?" Wenren Shang arched his brows. 70 to 80%? The kid did possess keen eyes...

Wenren Shang chuckled. He talked nothing more but continued his work. This time, he didn't continue with the fish. He took out cooking ingredients from the cabinet under the stove. They were simple ingredients. However, they shared the same feature: they were full of spirit energy.

There was a common herb called Spirit Lingzhi. After Wenren Shang took out this medicinal herb, his knife directly cut the mushroom's cap into three parts. He used the fluid from the Lingzhi to smear the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish.

His Sunlight Knife moved, minced the ingredients and placed them around the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish.

After he got everything done, Wenren Shang slashed his knife against the cutting board.

He exhaled gently. His hand flipped and a bamboo stem rolled into it. He opened the lid and let the rich wine aroma permeate. His hand shook once. Instantly, the liquor inside the bamboo stem sprayed, gathering into a big drop.

Wenren Shang flickered his fingers and the drop of liquor exploded. Swish. It fell on the fish entirely. It looked like the dry ground after a satisfying rain. The fish became vivid and lifelike as if it was revived.

Bu Fang was still watching Wenren Shang's moves. Furthermore, now he knew what Wenren Shang wanted to cook. Steamed fish.

He's going to steam the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish...

Bu Fang squinted.

Wenren Shang moved his hand neither slow nor fast. A tender red light flew out from his hand, entering the stove and burning hard.

He put a steamer on the stove, carefully opened it and placed the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish inside the steamer.

Putting the lid on the steamer, Wenren Shang took a step back.

After a while, he took out a bamboo stem with his good liquor, then poured a good deal into his mouth.

"Your turn, little chef." Wenren Shang gulped his liquor, with his face satisfied. He glanced and talked to Bu Fang.

At this moment, the audience finally knew what Wenren Shang wanted to cook.

Steam? It was a good way to cook the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, though. For the time being, many people were waiting for Wenren Shang's food. However, as Wenren Shang had just said, people turned their looks toward Bu Fang. Many of them looked pensive and somewhat disdainful. Just a little chef and he wanted to challenge a chef at Wenren Shang's level! This kid would face a lot of difficulties to process the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish, anyway.

Processing the cooking ingredients was also an art. Especially, no mistake could be tolerated on such ingredient!

The Sixth Elder helped himself to a seat. He stroked the curved ends of his mustache, squinting and watching Bu Fang. He wanted to see if this boy could create another miracle.

He had done that to his knife skill and basic cooking... However, nothing was certain when one challenged a chef from the Tablet of Gluttony.

The Celestial Saintess sat on her high platform. Her long eyelashes shivered. When she eyed Bu Fang, her eyes seemed to have radiance.

Xiao Yue was also excited, leaning back on his chair.

The little girl was shoving some cooked vegetable into her mouth, with her big eyes gazing at Bu Fang with trust.

The Heavenly Spring's Sacred Son put on a dark face. His cold eyes glared at Bu Fang, but his body couldn't move yet. Chu Changsheng's power was still affecting him, pressing him so much that he wanted to vomit blood. The murderous aura swelled in him.

The chefs around were curious, concentrating on the match.

Ouyang Chenfeng narrowed his eyes, waiting for the next events.

Everybody's focus was on Bu Fang at that moment.

Jun Qingxiao admired and respected Bu Fang a lot. How could this young chef stay so calm? Wasn't he afraid? He was facing one of the Top 10 Chef of the Tablet of Gluttony!

"So it's my turn?" The corners of Bu Fang's mouth arched upward. He stroked the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife and grabbed it.

After a moment, his eyes became extremely sharp.

His hand shivered and a velvet rope appeared, which he used to tie his hair. Bu Fang then began to face the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish.

The way Wenren Shang processed the fish... Bu Fang had watched it once. Although Wenren Shang's moves were swift, it didn't hinder Bu Fang from getting the important points.

A clanging sharp sound arose when the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife was dragged across the station.


It was as fast as electricity when the knife cut the fish's abdomen and opened a thin and small fissure.

Bu Fang treated the fish's abdomen fast. His hand slightly shook and the fish was sent into the air.

The fissure on the fish's abdomen seemed to be mended instantly, making it perfectly intact again.

Seeing Bu Fang's moves, people were a little astonished. They took a deep breath, gawking.

His knife skill... His movement wasn't different from Wenren Shang's!

This little chef's knife skill... could match Wenren Shang's pace!

My God!

Many people were astounded.

The Sixth Elder stroked his mustache, squinting. How awesome kid's knife skill was... they hadn't seen yet!

Thud. The fish fell on his station. Bu Fang furrowed his brows, patting the fish meat. The fish bones flew out after each whip of his hand, falling down soon afterward.

Their moves were so similar! There was no difference, though... They used the same method to process the fish! This kid had learned from Wenren Shang's processing technique!

Wenren Shang had soon stopped drinking his liquor as he was watching Bu Fang in great astonishment.

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife spun in Bu Fang's hand. He grabbed it, and after the cyan smoke fumed, the knife disappeared.

The Heavenly Mountain Spirit Spring Water flowed, cleaning the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish. Bu Fang rubbed the fish's head, drawing out a black fiber.

"Seems like I'm done processing the fish."

Bu Fang rubbed the fish, feeling the elasticity of the fish meat. He couldn't help but grin.

"What dish you want to cook? Do you want to steam the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish too? If you cook that dish, you can't beat me." Wenren Shang calmed down. He gulped down another mouthful of wine, talking lazily.

Bu Fang looked at Wenren Shang oddly, "Why do I need to steam the fish..."

Then, in people's amazed gaze, Bu Fang took out some kind of insoluble paper.

Paper? What does this fella want to do? Why did he need paper?

He would use paper to cook?

Many people were a little skeptical. What kind of food used paper?

The Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife reappeared. The cooking spirit herbs were minced as Bu Fang's knife flashed. In just a blink, those ingredients were processed, falling on the sheet of paper.

Bu Fang placed the Heaven-Swallowing Spiritual Spot Fish on the paper together.

Radiance flashed in his hand when a white jade jar arose.

As soon as the porcelain jar appeared, people were stunned.

Xiao Yue jolted backward. He craned his neck, with his eyes bulging, then smacked his lips... Wasn't that the Ice Heart Jade Urn Wine?

The Celestial Saintess had divine light radiating in her eyes.

Bu Fang slightly lifted the lid of the white jade jar. Instantly, the thick aroma of wine diffused, flooding the entire Gluttony Square.

Everybody was touched. The smell of that wine had the aura of both ice and fire.

That wine wasn't ordinary! Its aroma made people thirsty.

Splash. Splash.

Bu Fang poured the cool wine on the fish's head and body. His hand shook and the paper sheet was folded.

Wenren Shang's eyes focused. He was very curious. What's kind of technique was that?

The Sixth Elder was somewhat perplexed. He had never seen this cooking method before.

Not only him, but also many other people were baffled.

Anyway, Bu Fang didn't care about them. He took one step backward and opened his mouth. A fiery gold-and-red flame flew out.

When the Sixth Elder saw the flame, his face twitched.